Immortal Mortal Chapter 1208

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Chapter 1208: The Road Beneath His Feet

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

The moment he stepped into the spatial tear, Mo Wuji tried to enter his Mortal World. However, he soon discovered that after he extracted the two artificial Dao Laws from his Mortal World, his spiritual will had completely collapsed. Not only did his sea of consciousness's spiritual will collapse, his spirit storage channel's spiritual will had collapsed as well. This was due to the crumbling of his dao foundations.

At this moment, he couldn't even enter his Mortal World.

The attack of the five Sage-level experts together with Mo Wuji's Great Art of Destruction seemed to tear this entire s.p.a.ce apart. The only thing Mo Wuji could do was to curl up his body and let himself be swept away in the spatial tear.

Although his dao foundations were destroyed, his physique foundations were still there. His physical body might seem as though it had been cut into three different pieces, but as long as it wasn't completely destroyed, it would still recover slowly.

“Bang!” After an unknown amount of time, Mo Wuji traversed through the atmosphere and landed on the hard ground.

Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. With his immensely strong Sage Physique, such an impact definitely wouldn't do anything to him. At the very least, his life wouldn't be endangered.

Although his injuries were extremely serious, Mo Wuji still didn't move. He could sense that this should be an extremely low-levelled world. Not only was the elemental energy of a lower level, it was also extremely spa.r.s.e. It was the kind of elemental energy which couldn't even reach the level of spiritual energy. He could not depend on the elemental energy here to heal his injuries.

An entire day pa.s.sed before Mo Wuji finally struggled and climbed up.

On the surface, he did not seem to have any injuries. However, only he knew that his injuries could not be healed in a place like this.

There was no need for him to inquire for him to know that this place was like Earth – a place deficient in elemental energy and was unsuitable for cultivation.

After climbing out of the deep crater that he formed, Mo Wuji saw a murky dark sky which did not even have moon light.

He was currently on a small mount. The small mound was spa.r.s.ely scattered with wild gra.s.s.

Mo Wuji's current mood was calm. He was very clear that if there weren't any external influences, he might never be able to leave this mortal planet.

Compared to the mortals here, he possessed an endless lifespan. However, no matter how long his lifespan was, he would not be able to recover his dao foundations. He could only be like a firm rock, slowly depleting his lifespan till it finally ends.

Perhaps, after countless years, Han Qingru, who was cultivating in his Mortal World, would realize that something might have gone wrong and think of some method to escape his Mortal World. However, Mo Wuji knew that without his help, no one would be able to leave his Mortal World.

Besides accepting his fate, there was nothing else he could do.

Time pa.s.sed bit by bit. As he stood on this small mound, Mo Wuji didn't make a move. From an expert at the pinnacle of the Quasi-Sage Stage, he had fallen to such a state. From today onwards, he was truly going to become a mortal.

Familiar faces flashed through his mind. The final race in his mind was actually a thin, yellow-haired girl.

If not for Yan'Er, would he have lost his sense of love and trust in this second life?

If he was still in that tiny city with Yan'Er, would she still be going out to set up the stall every night? And use the bits of bronze coins that she earned to buy him a bowl of rice?

Young Master…'

That call seemed to be right in front of his eyes but that Yan'Er would only exist in his memories. So many years had pa.s.sed. Mo Wuji wondered whether she was still cultivating and whether she had entered the Immortal World…

A smear of red appeared in the distant sky. Following which, the red started to turn faint gold. The surrounding darkness also started to get dispersed by the gold colour and a faint silhouette was formed. Slowly, a red sun started to rise from the corner of the sky.

It was merely the rise of a red sun but Mo Wuji seemed to enter a daze.

How many years had it been? Besides running for his life and cultivating, the only other thing he had done was to search for cultivation resources.

Today, he could finally do something which wasn't related to cultivation, which was to watch the sun rise. When was the last time he actually saw a sunrise?

His memories were a blur but Mo Wuji still tried hard to remember. Oh right, he finally remembered. There was the time when he managed to obtain research funding. He was truly happy and he invited Xia Ruoyin to Mount Tai to watch the sunrise with him.

However, Xia Ruoyin rejected him, saying that the sunrise wasn't something amazing to see and that they would be better off enjoying a western cuisine.

Eventually, they went to eat a western cuisine or some other cuisine. He had forgotten the exact details. The important thing he remembered was that he ultimately didn't go to watch the sunrise. Today should be the first time that he saw a sunrise.

The sun slowly climbed up the sky, transforming into a blinding, round disc.

“Hey, looking at the sun like that will burn your eyes.” A sudden voice woke Mo Wuji up from his thoughts.

Mo Wuji turned his head and saw a middle-aged man with a hoe on his shoulder. He should be a farmer.


The middle-aged farmer stared at Mo Wuji's ragged clothing. The blood stains of Mo Wuji's clothes had already turned black.

“May I ask where this is?” Mo Wuji didn't understand the meaning of the farmer's words and he clasped his fists to ask a question.

Seeing Mo Wuji clasp his fists, this middle-aged farmer seemed slightly shocked. He hurriedly placed his hoe down and spoke in great detail.

Mo Wuji sighed. This was definitely a different plane. If he still had his spiritual will, he only needed a simple sweep to gather all the language information here and he would be able to speak calmly.

Mo Wuji didn't continue questioning this middle-aged farmer and walked down the small mound. He arrived by the side of a creek and cleaned himself up. Although his clothes were still tattered, he could barely pa.s.s off as a wanderer.

Skirting pa.s.s the creek, Mo Wuji saw the sight of a busy farm.

As he gazed pa.s.s the area, all he could see were farmers hard at work. They were either seeding, or ploughing, or harvesting…

Every single person was working hard and every single person carried hopes of reward.

Mo Wuji stopped and went into a daze again.

In the past, he was also one of the countless people like this. He continuously worked hard for his own rewards and personal gain. Ultimately, he obtained the solution to open meridians. When he came to this second life, he made use of that solution to start the Mortal Dao.

Back then, he didn't even have a chance to cultivate. Still, he used his own hard work to walk to the peak of the entire universe. Although he was pursued countless times and he was plotted against countless times, he still managed to reach the top.

Today, he possessed a Sage Physique, countless techniques and he even created his own Immortal Mortal Technique. Now, his dao foundations had merely been damaged and his dantian and meridians were destroyed. How could he be worse than when he didn't have anything at all?

Was this a regression of his Dao? Or did his mind start to grow weak?

He could enter the Dao as a mortal, which means that he could recover his dao foundations in a mortal world.

That previous feeling of depression instantly faded and a sense of pride replaced it. Facing the vast sky, Mo Wuji released a loud road.

He will stand back up and walk back to the top of the universe.

The farmers in the distance all subconsciously went alert when they saw Mo Wuji roaring for no apparent reason.

Fortunately, Mo Wuji went silent again after that long roar. This caused the farmers to calm down.

Mo Wuji, who had just recollected his confidence, did not think of how he could recover his dao foundations. At this moment, he actually felt hungry.

He possessed unlimited longevity and a Sage Physique. He would actually feel hungry? How many years had it been? He had actually felt hunger again.

“Little brother, are you alright?” That previous middle-aged man walked over and looked at Mo Wuji with worry.

Mo Wuji could see this man's concerned look and he could guess this man's intentions. Mo Wuji smiled and shook his head.

“How about I help you get some clothes?” This middle-aged man saw that Mo Wuji's clothes were damaged badly and were barely hanging on, so he made a warm offer.

A refres.h.i.+ng enlightenment appeared in Mo Wuji's mind. Mo Wuji immediately shook his head and said, ‘I will go now. Thank you.”

Regardless of whether that man understood, Mo Wuji turned and left. He did not walk very fast but his strides were big. In a short time, he had pa.s.sed that mount.

Mo Wuji had always been a stranger here. Now that he was leaving, no one cared much about it. At the very most, they would watch as Mo Wuji left.

At the very beginning, Mo Wuji was still wondering whether he could find a quiet place to ruminate on that insight. But after walking for half a day, his dao revelation channel had already connected with his thoughts.

He had no intention of stopping. He only continued to walk ahead one step at a time.

Whether it was a plain or a swamp, or a desert or a th.o.r.n.y forest…

Nothing could stop Mo Wuji's footsteps and nothing could stop his enlightenment. At this moment, the road beneath his feet was his Dao. His Dao was extending right beneath his feet.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1208

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