Immortal Mortal Chapter 1212

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Chapter 1212: Mortal Halberd

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As he waited for Tian Hen's Sage aura to stabilise, Mo Wuji frowned. He was also a Sage, but when he stepped into the Sage Stage, he felt as though he was missing something. Now that he could personally witness Tian Hen stepping into the Sage Stage, he was sure that he was indeed lacking something.

It wasn't because the Sage Stage didn't have a Lightning Calamity. Instead, it was because he could tell that the Sage Stage wasn't the peak of the Dao.

“Thank you, my lord.” After Tian Hen's aura stabilised, the first thing he did was to thank Mo Wuji.

After borrowing the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth to step into the Sage Stage, Tian Hen's admiration towards Mo Wuji grew deeper. This was because he was still unable to discern Mo Wuji's exact cultivation. In his eyes, Mo Wuji was still an ordinary-looking mortal.

“Tian Hen, have you heard of what's above the Sage Stage?” Mo Wuji waved his hand and said.

Above the Sage Stage? Tian Hen jolted but he promptly answered, “According to rumours, there are three people that were close to going above the Sage Stage. They all wanted to control this universe but they ultimately failed. In this universe, the Sage Stage is the peak. There is nothing above the Sage Stage.”

“Who are the three?”

“One of the three is Luo, the one that previously fought with the Lord. This person's talents are exceptional and he obtained the nine Dao Laws of the Universe. Not only that, he was able to fuse with the Sword of Fortune. The Sword of Fortune's sharpness is incomparable. After fusing with the Sword of Fortune, his accomplishments would be unsurpa.s.sable and no one would be able to defeat him…”

Mo Wuji chuckled, “Tian Hen, you are wrong. Luo's greatest failure was fusing with the Sword of Fortune. Otherwise, his accomplishments would be higher. It is because he fused with the Sword of Fortune that he is confined in this universe.”

When Tian Hen heard Mo Wuji's words, he was slightly stunned. As a Sage, his intelligence was naturally not something that ordinary people could compare to. In the blink of an eye, he understood Mo Wuji's words and he immediately bowed towards Mo Wuji, “My Lord's words are like a blow and a shout. It has allowed me to understand more about the traces of dao.”

Mo Wuji nodded, “There's no need for you to worry. You borrowed the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth to validate your Dao and you have a G.o.d Throne. In the future, you will still have a chance to improve further. This is completely different from Luo. Luo is one with the Sword of Fortune. He probably wanted to take a shortcut but the Dao has no shortcuts. Choosing to fuse with the Sword of Fortune was his mistake. The only way he could advance any further is to gather all nine Dao Laws of the Universe. But now, he would never have that opportunity.”

After stepping into the Sage Stage, Mo Wuji understood more about the enigmatic principles of the universe.”

“Yes.” Tian Hen was delighted. He believed that Mo Wuji would not lie to him. He never thought of exceeding Mo Wuji. However, how could he not feel happy knowing that he had greater room for growth than Luo?

“The other two people are Guang Yezhang and Wu Liang. These two also failed in their attempts to transcend the Sage Stage. Thus, in this universe, there is no one above the Sage Stage. At the same time, no one knows what is above the Sage Stage.” Tian Hen finished respectfully.

Mo Wuji didn't ask any further. He retrieved the Primal Mothersteel, “Your fire is impressive. It is actually able to injure me. Take it and let me have a look.”

What Mo Wuji wanted to do was to use Tian Hen's Samadhi True Fire to melt the Primal Mothersteel. If it still wasn't enough, then he could only think of ways to advance his Scholar's Heart.

When Tian Hen heard Mo Wuji's words, he fearfully brought out a ball of flames and said, “To atone for my acts against the Lord, this fire shall be given to the Lord.”

“I do not want this fire. Can you try whether it is able to melt this material of mine.” Mo Wuji opened his palm and threw out the hill-sized Primal Mothersteel.

“This is Primal Mothersteel?” Tian hen finally recognised this hill-sized thing. The reason why he didn't immediately recognise it was because his Samadhi True Fire had injured Mo Wuji. There was another reason. Never in his imagination would he have thought that there would be Primal Mothersteel the size of a hill.

“That's right, this is Primal Mothersteel.” Mo Wuji smiled and answered, then he gestured for Tian Hen to use the Samadhi True Fire to burn the Primal Mothersteel.

Tian Hen hurriedly said, “My Lord, the Primal Mothersteel cannot be melted with the Samadhi True Fire.”

Mo Wuji frowned. If even the Samadhi True Fire couldn't melt the Primal Mothersteel, then what use did he have for this hill-sized Primal Mothersteel?

“My Lord, it's said that the Primal Mothersteel is a treasure that formed when the primordial chaos first split apart. It could be inscribed with Dao Laws…”

When Mo Wuji heard this sentence, his eyes sparkled. Since this was a treasure that could be inscribed with Dao Laws, then could he use his Mortal Dao Laws to turn this Primal Mothersteel into a halberd?

As he thought of this, Mo Wuji directly grabbed the Primal Mothersteel. His Mortal Dao Laws started flowing, and in an instant, his dao laws had covered the entire hill-sized Primal Mothersteel.

The moment Mo Wuji felt as though he could change this little hill according to his dao will, he knew that his heart state had risen by a huge level.

That's not right. This shouldn't be called the heart state. It should be a Dao State.

Previously, he thought that he needed fire to melt and refine materials. Now, he knew that his own dao laws could also be used to refine materials.

Tian Hen was at a loss for words as he stared at Mo Wuji turn this hill-sized Primal Mothersteel into a halberd. He was slightly stunned. Forging equipment could be done like this? Using one's own dao laws to forge an equipment? This was the first time that he felt that his Sage Dao was deficient. At the very least, he could not do such a thing.

One Mortal Dao Law after another was sent by Mo Wuji into the Primal Mothersteel. As the Mothersteel slowly turned into a halberd, its aura got stronger and stronger.

Mo Wuji's heart was increasingly filled with excitement. He felt as though he was creating a whole new universe. The moment this halberd was born, it would definitely be the most terrifying attack-type treasure in the universe.

Even though Luo's Sword of Fortune was amazing, it couldn't do anything to his halberd.

Because Mo Wuji's Mortal Dao Laws continuously flowed into the halberd, the halberd's primal aura gradually dissipated. It started to look more and more like an ordinary piece of steel.

Mo Wuji suddenly had an idea. He lifted his hand and sent a Dao Law of the Universe into the incomplete halberd.

The halberd released a loud cry and it was completed.

An ordinary-looking halberd floated in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji grabbed this halberd in his hands. This halberd looked as ordinary as the broken hoe that he held right after he stepped into the Sage Stage.

However, it was filled with majestic and boundless power. Mo Wuji did not suspect that if he attacked with this halberd at his full power, this universe would be cleaved in half.

“From now on, you will be called Mortal Halberd.” Mo Wuji looked at the halberd contentedly for some time before keeping it.

Logically, it would be a better fit to call this halberd the Primal Halberd. However, Mo Wuji felt that this halberd was formed due to his Mortal Dao Laws, so it would be called the Mortal Halberd.

Tian Hen stared in a daze as Mo Wuji kept the halberd. His heart was rolling in shock. This was the first time he saw a person use a Dao Law of the Universe to forge an equipment. If he hadn't seen it personally, he would have thought that the person was bragging.

This was a Dao Law of the Universe… This thing could be used to turn a person into a Sage. It could also be used to allow a Sage to take a step forward in his Dao. But now, it was actually used casually to make a weapon. This was simply…

Oh, that's right. If Mo Wuji was a simple person, why would he, Tian Hen, treat Mo Wuji as his Lord?

As he thought of this, Tian Hen immediately regained his calm. He hurriedly went forward and said, “Congratulations my Lord on obtaining a peerless weapon.”

“Tian Hen, since you will be mixing around with me, I will directly say it. You aren't the only Sage that calls me by ‘Lord'. There is also Huan Ti. Huan Ti joined me before you, but I still haven't given him a supreme treasure of fortune. Thus, you should rejoice for my act.” Mo Wuji spoke in an indifferent tone.

Tian Hen jolted. Of course he knew about Huan Ti. That fella possessed the G.o.ds Tower and was no weaker than him. He thought that he was the first Sage to follow Mo Wuji, but from the looks of it, he was not.

Without waiting for Tian Hen to express his loyalty, Mo Wuji continued, “I will dismiss the fact that you previously destroyed multiple cities in G.o.d Continent. But from now on, if you dare to unreasonably kill a cultivator or mortal, or destroy a city, then your death date would come. I have a sect called Mortal and my Dao is the Mortal Dao. My ideology is ‘One's Dao can differ, but all Men are equal'. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Tian Hen will deeply remember the Lord's teachings.” Tian hen hurriedly bowed. In his heart, he was thinking about the Mortal Dao. Many years ago, there seemed to be a fella that mentioned this Dao. He didn't think that many years after that, he would actually meet the progenitor of the Mortal Dao. This progenitor was even his Lord. No wonder why his Lord looked like an ordinary mortal. This was actually the natural state of the Mortal Dao.

“Eh, I see an old friend. This fella didn't seem to make many improvements.” After saying that, Mo Wuji took a step out.

Tian Hen hurriedly followed after Mo Wuji. He also saw the person that Mo Wuji was talking about. Kun Yun, one of the 36 G.o.ds. If this was the past, he would be too lazy to care about such an ant. But now that his Lord Mo Wuji recognised this ant, then things were different.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1212

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