Immortal Mortal Chapter 1213

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Chapter 1213: The Coerced Tao Tie Pot

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“Ah, Kun Yun, you seem to get more run down every year. When I saw you last time, you still had a pot on you. Now, you don't even have that pot and you look incredibly miserable.” Mo Wuji landed in front of the escaping Kun Yun and laughed.

Kun Yun's character was not bad. Compared to Meng Ye and Heng Zuo, he was many times better. This was why Mo Wuji was willing to help.

When Kun Yun heard Mo Wuji's voice, it was as though he had heard a heavenly aria. He hurriedly moved to Mo Wuji's side, “Brother Mo, Big Brother Mo, no, Grandpa Mo, you must help this brother. That fella is a madman…”

Before Kun Yun could continue any further; the person pursuing Kun Yun had already appeared in front of Mo Wuji.

This was the first time Mo Wuji saw such a stoic man. He was close to 3 meters tall, his shoulders were wide, his face was round, his ears were big and his skin was black as though he had been dipped in ink.

There was no need for Kun Yun to explain; Mo Wuji could already guess it. He asked, “Kun Yun, this fella should be one of the 12 G.o.d Emperors, Tao Tie, right?”

Kun Yun anxiously nodded his head and said, “Right, that's him. This fella seems to have gone crazy. I already said that the Tao Tie Pot isn't on me but he still chased after me through several galaxies. If I hadn't seen Brother Mo, I would soon die under this fella's hands.”

Tao Tie's voice was very hoa.r.s.e, “Kun Yun, no matter who you met, you will undoubtedly die today…”

Tao Tie's voice stopped suddenly. He saw Tian Hen rapidly moving over. The moment Tian Hen arrived, Tao Tie's eyes squinted and he retreated by at least 300 meters. Then, he looked at Tian Hen warily, “Tian Hen, I didn't think that you would be able to find the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth and re-validate your Sage Dao.”

Tian Hen laughed faintly, “So it's one of the 12 G.o.d Emperors, Dao Friend Tao Tie. Long time no see. It seems as though Dao Friend Tao Tie's cultivation has improved. That's truly worth joy and celebration.”

Although Tian Hen was a Sage, he still had some reservations towards the Tao Tie. This fella could be called a true battle maniac. As long as this fella whips out the Tao Tie Pot, he definitely wouldn't be much weaker than a Sage.

“Sage Tian Hen, you intend to interfere with this matter? Kun Yun is merely a G.o.d…” As Tao Tie spoke, he focused his attention on Tian Hen.

He wasn't afraid of Tian Hen, but if a Sage like Tian Hen were to interfere, then he could only retreat.

Before Tian Hen could speak, Mo Wuji asked, “Kun Yun, where's your Tao Tie Pot?”

Kun Yun seemed to be unable to hear Mo Wuji's words. He stared at Tian Hen with a pale face and he subconsciously moved backwards. He never imagined that he would meet the recovered Tian Hen in a place like this. If this fella wanted to kill him, a mere pinch was more than enough.

“Kun Yun, I'm asking you about the Tao Tie Pot.” Mo Wuji raised his voice.

Kun Yun pointed at Tian Hen and said, “Brother Mo, this fella is Sage Tian Hen…”

Wait, something's not right. Tian Hen was a Sage. However, he did not flare up when Mo Wuji interrupted him. Instead, he seems to be smiling. What's going on?

Mo Wuji walked to Kun Yun's side, clapped his shoulders and asked again, “Where is your Tao Tie Pot?”

“This Dao Friend, the Tao Tie Pot clearly belongs to me, Tao Tie. Since when did it become Kun Yun's?” Tao Tie could also sense that something was amiss. Mo Wuji had interrupted Tian Hen's words but Tian Hen did not seem angered. Instead, Tian Hen was smiling towards Kun Yun. Something was clearly wrong.

Kun Yun tried to suppress his fear for Tian Hen as he explained, “Brother Mo, I did lose the Tao Tie Pot. However, this fella also didn't return me the Seven Buddha Spade.”

Mo Wuji looked at Tao Tie and chuckled, “Tao Tie, you probably didn't change form previously. But now that you managed to change into the human form, does it mean that you can be unreasonable? You haven't returned the Seven Buddha Spade to Kun Yun, so what rights do you have to ask Kun Yun for the Tao Tie Pot? It's a trade, after all.”

“How do you know that I haven't returned the Seven Buddha Spade to Kun Yun?” Tao Tie shot a wary glance towards Tian Hen as he replied Mo Wuji in an unkind tone.

He had reservations towards Tian Hen, but that did not mean that he needed to fear Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji laughed coldly, “If you dare to swear that you have returned the Seven Buddha Spade to Kun Yun, then I will help you retrieve your Tao Tie Pot today.”

The Seven Buddha Spade was in his Mortal World. Mo Wuji did not believe that there was a second Seven Buddha Spade in this universe.

Tao Tie harrumphed coldly, “This is a matter between Kun Yun and I. It's none of your business.”

“Tian Hen, teach this brat a lesson. Slap him and throw him into a spatial tear.” Mo Wuji originally wanted to be reasonable with Tao Tie. Since this fella didn't know how to behave, then there was no need for him to remain polite.

Back then, Tao Tie almost swallowed him whole. Although Mo Wuji did not place that matter to heart, there was no need for him to show courtesy to such a belligerent person.

“Yes, my Lord.” With that, Tian Hen directly punched towards Tao Tie.

With this punch, the s.p.a.ce around them was sealed by Tian Hen's Sage Dao Laws.

My Lord? Tao Tie jolted. Mo Wuji was Tian Hen's Lord?

Tian Hen's fist was already coming over. There was no time for him to continue thinking any further. Tao Tie immediately whipped out a huge alms bowl as he tried to defend against Tian Hen's surging dao ripples.

“Boom!” Violent dao ripples swept over. This s.p.a.ce seemed to sink in. Tao Tie coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood. His figure swiftly flashed and he disappeared.

The reason he could deal with Sages wasn't because he was awesome. It was because his Tao Tie Pot was awesome. Now that he didn't have both the Tao Tie Pot and the Seven Buddha Spade, how could he fight against Sage Tian Hen? Moreover, there was that fella that Sage Tian Hen addressed as ‘Lord'. If that fella was also a Sage, then he, Tao Tie, would be the one that gets eaten.

Kun Yun was in a daze as he thought about the two words, ‘My Lord'. That was when he saw Tian Hen's fist cause a concave-shaped dent in s.p.a.ce. Soon, he discovered that this dent was only outside Mo Wuji's domain; it couldn't even penetrate into Mo Wuji's domain.

Kun Yun inhaled a breath of cold air. His time with Mo Wuji was the longest. When he first saw Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji was only a Heavenly G.o.d ant. But in his following encounters with Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji seemed to have a qualitative change from the previous time.

Today, he discovered that Mo Wuji had already gone beyond the realm of his admiration. Even Sage Tian Hen's powerful dao laws couldn't pa.s.s into Mo Wuji's domain. If Mo Wuji wasn't a Sage, then what could he be?

Oh right. The reason Tian Hen could re-enter the Sage Stage was definitely because Mo Wuji returned the Furnace of Heaven and Earth to Tian Hen. However, Tian Hen was a cunning and devious person. Tian Hen might not be genuine when he addressed Mo Wuji by ‘My Lord'. He, Kun Yun, definitely needed to find an opportunity to warn Mo Wuji.

Wait, Mo Wuji would need a warning from him? Kun Yun slapped his head. He had interacted with Mo Wuji for so long. When had Mo Wuji suffered a disadvantage? Even that fake Sage Min Yuan could only drink Mo Wuji's foot-was.h.i.+ng water. Why would Mo Wuji need to be afraid of a reckless person like Tian Hen.

He, Kun Yun, had been overthinking things.

“Kun Yun, why are you slapping your head for no apparent reason?” Mo Wuji clapped Kun Yun's shoulders and spoke in a caring tone.

Kun Yun laughed ruefully, “Brother Mo, if you want to do anything to me, a 100 Kun Yuns still wouldn't be enough.”

“Besides your G.o.d spiritual veins, there's nothing much that really catches my eyes.” Mo Wuji chuckled. He knew that Kun Yun had no small amount of G.o.d spiritual veins.

Kun Yun sighed, “Brother Mo, I don't even have half a G.o.d crystal on me.”

“What happened?” Mo Wuji asked questioningly. He was clear of Kun Yun's wealth. Although this fella's cultivation wasn't amazing, his wealth was quite substantial.

“Brother Mo, you should have heard about the Sage Dao Conference, right?” Kun Yun asked.

Mo Wuji nodded, “That's right, I have heard of the Sage Dao Conference.”

“I was forced to place my Tao Tie Pot on auction. However, it didn't manage to get sold. However, that's not bad enough. The Sage Dao Conference actually accused me of drawing in trouble with my Tao Tie Pot, forcing me to compensate for their damages.” Kun Yun sighed, “I could only compensate them. After which, I immediately fled. Along the way, I was discovered by Tao Tie.”

“I heard that the Sage Dao Conference's reputation is not bad. Why did it force you to sell your pot?” Mo Wuji asked in confusion.

He had heard about the Sage Dao Conference from the Underworld Sage. According to the way the Underworld Sage described it, the Sage Dao Conference should be a fair place.

Kun Yun laughed coldly, “The Sage Dao Conference is fair because the things it sells are too lowly. My Tao Tie Pot is a supreme treasure of fortune. The moment it appeared, it would be eyed on by countless people. If I didn't put it up for auction, I would have undoubtedly died.”

“Since I have nothing much to do, bring me to the Sage Dao Conference.” Mo Wuji chuckled. As he was speaking, he took out the Underworld Sage's communication bead and sent a message.

Since the Tao Tie Pot had been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the Sage Dao Conference, then he would s.n.a.t.c.h it back. That was something that belonged to him.

By the side, Tian Hen hurriedly said, “My Lord, let's go take a look at that Dao Law. It's not far from here.”

“Alright. Get on. We will go collect that Dao Law of the Universe before heading to the Sage Dao Conference.” Mo Wuji whipped out the Time Plate.

Kun Yun's reaction was fine. However, when Tian Hen saw that Mo Wuji had brought out another supreme treasure of fortune, he sighed deeply. Compared to this Lord of his, his years had truly been wasted like a lazy dog.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1213

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