Immortal Mortal Chapter 1214

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Chapter 1214: No Matter Who It Is

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“My Lord, I am sorry. That devious person must have lied to me. I didn't think that there wouldn't even be a Dao Law of the Universe here…” Tian Hen's face was filled with fear as he saw Mo Wuji staring blankly at the spatial chasm in front of them.

Tian Hen was sure that Xia Ruoyin wouldn't be able to collect the Dao Law of the Universe. Since it wasn't here, it must mean that Xia Ruoyin had lied to him.

Mo Wuji waved his hand, “She didn't lie to you. There was indeed a Dao Law of the Universe here. However, it has already been extracted.”

Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Tian Hen heaved a sigh of relief. But instantly, he felt confused. If the Dao Law of the Universe was no longer here, then why was Mo Wuji not leaving?

Indeed, Mo Wuji wasn't leaving. He could sense a familiar aura here. Although the Dao Law of the Universe had been extracted, a broken immortal cave treasure remained. Even though many years had pa.s.sed, Mo Wuji still had a faint impression of it.

After scanning the insides of the cave treasure for an entire ten breaths of time, Mo Wuji suddenly stepped into the spatial chasm.

“My Lord…” Tian Hen anxiously cried out. By the side, Kun Yun pulled on Tian Hen and shook his head, “Tian Hen ah, you're not bad to actually recognize Brother Mo as your Lord. However, you don't understand Brother Mo. When Brother Mo does things, he doesn't appreciate nagging or criticisms.”

“Brother Mo?” Tian Hen pointed at Kun Yun and scolded, “You were addressing him by Grandpa Mo previously. In the blink of an eye, it suddenly becomes Brother Mo? How shameless can you be?”

Kun Yun chuckled, “Brother Mo and I have gone through life and death experiences together. You won't understand even if I explained it to you. Besides calling Grandpa Mo, I also called him Big Brother Mo. Do you know what life and death mean? It means that we were just kidding around. In the past, Brother Mo even called me by Brother Kun and Senior Kun… Forget it, you wouldn't understand. This is a firm bond. Otherwise, why would Brother Mo offend the Tao Tie to help me? Hehe.”

How could Tian Hen not understand what Kun Yun was saying? This fella was p.r.o.nouncing the fact that he called Mo Wuji by ‘Brother Mo', while himself, Tian Hen, had to address Mo Wuji by ‘My Lord'. This was clearly telling him, Tian Hen, that he should not put on airs here.

Although he wanted to cough blood out of depression, Tian Hen could only sigh. He didn't dare to go overboard in front of an ant-like Kun Yun. Currently, he still hadn't ascertained the relations.h.i.+p between Mo Wuji and Kun Yun. If their relations.h.i.+p was very good, then it wouldn't do him any good to offend Kun Yun.

“There's no need to worry. Since you are following Brother Mo, I will cover you.” Kun Yun chuckled and patted Tian Hen's shoulders.

“Kun Yun, I am a Throned Sage. You are merely a G.o.d. Be careful of your actions.” Tian Hen's face turned dark.

He recognised Mo Wuji as his Lord. However, that didn't mean that any random person could pat his shoulders. After all, he was a Throned Sage.

Kun Yun continued seriously, “Do you know why Brother Mo and I have such a close relations.h.i.+p? It's because I have helped Brother Mo cover his back. The things that Brother Mo usually does… Erm, the things that he doesn't really want to do will be pushed onto me…”

What kind of person was Tian Hen? He didn't even need for Kun Yun to finish speaking before coming to an understanding, “Dao Friend Kun Yun, I understand. So you are really Lord Mo's friend.”

‘Right, right. Your guess is correct… You are right. The relations.h.i.+p with Brother Mo and I could be the number one relations.h.i.+p in the entire universe. In the past, Brother Mo went back to the G.o.d Burial Cave to save me. He even disciplined Min Yuan on my behalf. I wanted to give him 1000 creation-level spiritual veins but he was bent on rejecting it. Ai…”

Tian Hen interrupted Kun Yun's words again, “So you help cover Lord Mo's back. Oh right, you mentioned it just now as well. No wonder why Lord Mo asked you about the Tao Tie Pot when you met. So that pot belongs to the Lord. I even thought that it belongs to you.”

Kun Yun wanted to rebut. However, after thinking that he wouldn't be able to retrieve the pot anyway, he directly said, “You are right. That pot belongs to the Lord. I am merely carrying it for him.”

Mo Wuji claimed that he would get the pot back. However, Kun Yun knew that was impossible. This was even with the help of Tian Hen. The Sage Dao Conference couldn't be compared to Tao Tie; even a hundred Tao Ties could only cower in front of the Sage Dao Conference.

Tian Hen nodded seriously, “So the Tao Tie Pot belongs to the Lord.”

With that, Tian Hen didn't speak any further. Kun Yun didn't know exactly how strong Mo Wuji was, so he probably believed that Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to s.n.a.t.c.h back the Tao Tie Pot. However, he, Tian Hen, knew Mo Wuji's methods clearly. He, Tian Hen, might not be able to s.n.a.t.c.h back the Tao Tie Pot but Mo Wuji definitely could.

He was also sure that Kun Yun would definitely ask for the Tao Tie Pot after Mo Wuji s.n.a.t.c.hed it back. He wanted Kun Yun to say these words so as to stop Kun Yun's mind from wandering.

The Lord even gave the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth to him. Who knows whether the Lord would give the Tao Tie Pot to Kun Yun?

In reality, Tian Hen was really overthinking things. Mo Wuji gave him the Furnace but he definitely wouldn't return the s.n.a.t.c.hed Tao Tie Pot to Kun Yun.

Although their relations.h.i.+p was not bad, it wasn't as solid as Kun Yun had said. Otherwise, Mo Wuji would have already returned the Seven Buddha Spade to Kun Yun. As for helping Kun Yun to deal with Min Yuan in the Resting Land of G.o.ds, it was simply a pa.s.sing act. At the same time, he wanted Kun Yun to give 200 creation-level spiritual veins as remuneration. Kun Yun's bragging about Mo Wuji rejecting his 1000 creation-level spiritual veins was completely bullsh*t.

Mo Wuji stood in the depths of the spatial chasm. He stared at the broken cave estate. Inside the cave estate, there were two corpses.

He slowly entered the cave estate, bent down and touched the two corpses. At this moment, his eyes turned slightly red.

This was because he knew who these two corpses were. One was his aunt, Mo Xiangtong, while the other was definitely Aunt Eleven.

Many years ago, Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven disappeared with an immortal estate in Sky Seas. After which, there was no longer any news about them. Today was the day that Mo Wuji finally met them again. However, what he saw were their corpses. It was also today that Mo Wuji understood why Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven were able to obtain the immortal estate.

After staying in silence for a long time, Mo Wuji lifted his head. His eyes were full of killing intent.

This wasn't an immortal estate but a G.o.d estate. More accurately, it was an intermediate-grade G.o.d equipment.

The reason why Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven could obtain this G.o.d equipment wasn't because they were impressive enough to earn the recognition of the G.o.d equipment. Instead, it was because this G.o.d equipment was meant for two people who hadn't cultivated before.

This intermediate-grade G.o.d equipment was hiding an item. The past Mo Wuji did not know what this item was, but after stepping into this G.o.d cave estate, he knew that a Dao Law of the Universe was previously hidden here.

Within this G.o.d cave estate, there were boundless cultivation resources and a Dao Law of the Universe. Even if Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven's talents were horrible, they could easily ascend to the Immortal World, and afterwards, to the G.o.d World.

Others could not ascend but they could. The reason was the Dao Law of the Universe.

The Laws of Ascension were not perfect. However, this did not affect the people that possessed a Dao Law of the Universe. Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven were confined in this G.o.d cave estate. The only thing they could do was to continuously cultivate and bring the G.o.d equipment with them as they ascend.

Finally, they ascended into this galaxy. At that point, their utility was gone. This was because they had already brought hat Dao Law of the Universe from a mortal planet to this place.

The expert that left that G.o.d equipment in the mortal planet didn't care about the G.o.d equipment, nor did he care about fostering two disciples. He simply wanted the people in the G.o.d equipment to bring the Dao Law of the Universe here.

The moment Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven brought the G.o.d cave estate here, their mission was complete.

“Hu!” Mo Wuji roared in depression. He lifted his head and faced the deep s.p.a.ce. No matter who made use of his aunt, Mo Xiangtong, and his good friend, Aunt Eleven, he definitely wouldn't let go of him.

Mo Wuji closed his eyes. Although that Dao Law of the Universe had already been extracted, he could still sense its aura within the cave estate.

He had three Dao Laws of the Universe. Even Luo might not have as many Dao Laws of the Universe as he did. As long as he could find a trace of this Dao Law's aura, he would be able to find out who made use of Mo Xiangtong and Aunt Eleven.

Four hours pa.s.sed. Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes. His spiritual will had pa.s.sed through multiple galaxies. Even with his sea of consciousness hurt, he did not stop his spiritual will. Eventually, his spiritual will arrived outside a floating continent.

Outside the floating continent, there were several words engraved: Universal Sage Dao Conference.

Mo Wuji retracted his spiritual will and his killing intent. The Universal Sage Dao Conference. He had originally intended to pay a visit to that place. Now, that intention was stronger. No matter who it is, he would kill him.

Retrieving two jade boxes, Mo Wuji placed Mo Xiangtong's and Aunt Eleven's corpses in them. After which, he swept his hand and kept this broken cave estate.

Mo Wuji returned to the outside of the spatial chasm.

“My Lord, did you find out who took the Dao Law?” When Tian Hen saw Mo Wuji come out, he came and asked respectfully.

Mo Wuji nodded, “I did. Come, let's go to the Universal Sage Dao Conference.”

Although Mo Wuji looked calm, Tian Hen and Kun Yun could sense his sharp killing intent.

“Good, good. Brother Mo, I just came from the Universal Sage Dao Conference. Let me lead the way.” Kun Yun smiled and said.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 1214

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