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Granny Linglong was extremely satisfied with Mo Wuji's att.i.tude and she continued, "Yan'Er lost her memory due to the failed spiritual transfer. If she cultivates under me, her abilities will improve, and her consciousness will become stronger. However, this would mean that her memories from the past would become more distant, and even eventually disappear."

Mo Wuji was momentarily shocked still. If Yan'Er loses her memories, will she still be the same Yan'Er?

"Senior, is there no other way?" Mo Wuji asked with a hint of unwillingness.

Granny Linglong shook her head, "It's not as though there is no other way. But there's one thing I can confirm with you: the higher her cultivation, the harder it would be to regain her memories. By the time she reaches the Spirit Building Stage, the shadows of her past will completely disappear. Perhaps if my grasp over the Pill Dao takes a step forward, I might be able to recover her memories. But I know my own capabilities. It would be very, very hard for my Pill Dao to improve, unless I choose to leave the Lost Continent."

Mo Wuji sank into silence. Granny Linglong's proficiency over the Pill Dao could be considered the highest in the entire Lost Continent. If even Granny Linglong finds it impossible, what about others?

"Senior Linglong, if one day, senior's Pill Dao makes a breakthrough, will you be able to recover her memories?" Mo Wuji held a bit of expectation as he asked again.

Granny Linglong sighed, "That would be impossible. With her talent, she will definitely reach Spirit Building in a short time. Once she is in Spirit Building, even the mightiest of pill refiners cannot help her find her memories. Unless you don't let her cultivate, and even if you do that, her memory will still fade away gradually, it's just a much slower process. Furthermore, to treat her, you would need to allow her to cultivate."

"May I ask how far senior is in the Pill Dao?"

Granny Linglong turned to gaze towards an empty s.p.a.ce with a misty look in her eyes before she said desolately, "I'm a Tier 7 Heavenly Pill Refiner."

She really isn't a Tier 6 Earth Pill Refiner, but a Tier 7 Heavenly Pill Refiner? Mo Wuji's heart trembled. Previously, he was was simply speculating over Granny Linglong's tier, and didn't truly know whether she was a Tier 7 Heavenly Pill Refiner. He guessed that not even Mu Ying knew about Granny Linglong's level. If Granny Linglong makes a breakthrough, what realm would that be? A Tier 8 Heavenly Pill Refiner, how great would that be?

Yan Qianyin did not lie to him. Within the five empires, only Granny Linglong might be capable of saving Yan'Er's life.

Mo Wuji looked at the clueless Yan'Er by his side, inhaled deeply and made his decision; he bowed towards Granny Linglong and said, "Senior, please help. As long as Yan'Er's life can be saved, nothing else is important."

Even if Yan'Er couldn't regain her memories, he still had to save her.

Granny Linglong nodded towards Mo Wuji, "You’re not bad. How about I give you this opportunity, before Yan’Er reaches the Spirit Building Stage, you should interact with her more, talk to her more, and chat about the past. This is the only way for her to find her memories before the Spirit Building Stage."

"But my spiritual roots are poor, and I'm completely unable to enter the Heaven Seeking Palace, much less the Heaven Seeking Palace Pill PaG.o.da…" Mo Wuji said helplessly.

Granny Linglong laughed gently, "On the account that you helped me find the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower, I will help you one more time."

With that, Granny Linglong sent a jade token into Mo Wuji's hand, "Take this jade token to the Heaven Seeking Palace, and say that I allowed you to be a Heaven Seeking Palace outer disciple. When the time comes, you can bring the jade token to find Yan'Er. This is as much I can help you with Yan'Er."

"Many thanks Senior." Mo Wuji received the jade token and bowed respectfully and excitedly. He was just worrying over how he could enter the Heaven Seeking Palace and visit Yan'Er, and now Granny Linglong helped him out. How could he not be happy?

When a person reaches a certain stage, his magnanimity would also reach a certain stage.

Compared to that Jing Feilan, how many times stronger was Granny Linglong? But when she wanted to take Yan'Er in as her disciple, she still seeked his opinion. At the same time, Granny Linglong did not mind his inferior spiritual roots, and allowed him to visit Yan'Er, and even found him a way to recover Yan’Er's memories. She didn't even say any heart wrenching words

Even though this was his Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower taking it's effect, it also had something to do with Granny Linglong's magnanimity.

"If you have any other requests, please feel free to say them. I will help you to the best of my abilities," Granny Linglong asked once more.

"Senior helped me save Yan'Er, and even allowed me to enter the Heaven Seeking Palace as an outer disciple. That's already more help than I could ask for. If I were to ask for anything else, then I would be far too demanding. My wish has already been fulfilled by senior, I have no other requests," Mo Wuji replied sincerely.

He was also clear that one must not be too greedy. If he asked for too much, he would only call for disdain.

"Who is Yan'Er to you?" Granny Linglong was a little touched with Mo Wuji's selflessness.

"Yan'Er was my servant, but in my heart, she's my only close one," Mo Wuji looked at Yan'Er and spoke with a tinge of melancholy. He was truly worried that Yan'Er's memories of him would completely disappear.

Ever since he came to this world, Yan'Er was the only one he truly cared for. One woman stabbed him in the back, while one girl took care of him at the expense of her own happiness. It was only through these experiences, that he knew how precious and lucky he was to know the latter.

Granny Linglong sighed, "For your own servant, you used your Channel Opening Stage cultivation and risked your life to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain and find the Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal. Perhaps you are the only person in the entire Lost Continent who would do that."

With that, she looked at Mo Wuji with a gentle gaze and said in a warm tone, "Why don't you go back first. Yan'Er can stay here with me. You can visit me whenever you want."

Mo Wuji thanked Granny Linglong once more. Thereafter, he nagged at Yan'Er, telling her to be careful and take care of herself well before he left unwillingly.

He knew that when he leaves, the Yan'Er he meets in the future might be a complete stranger. Nonetheless, he would still do what he did.

For Yan'Er’s life, nothing else is important. Yan'Er was already so old, but she did not truly live a single day for herself. If Yan'Er truly lost her memories, then she could live for herself; she did not need to treat herself as other's belongings, nor did she need to live as a servant.

Regardless of the outcome, he would always protect this girl who lived for him for more than 10 years.

Seeing the distant Mo Wuji's lonely and desolate figure, Granny Linglong stroked Yan'Er's head and said, "Regardless of what happens, you must not forget him. Remember, he's called Mo Wuji. He is a man with poor spiritual roots, yet risked his life to save yours. Furthermore, he did not ask for you to remember him. He just wants you to live on!"

Granny Linglong sighed as Yan'Er looked at her quizzically. Mo Wuji made his acts sound casual, but as a Heavenly Pill Refiner, how could she not understand the difficulty Mo Wuji had to go through to obtain the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower? For any 10 cultivators below the Yuan Dan Stage to even attempt to grab the Soul-prolonging Flower, nine will die and only one would survive.

Mo Wuji could only cheat little kids with his story about how he easily found the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower. There was only one condition to obtain the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower, that is to sacrifice your life. Up to now, she still didn't know how Mo Wuji did it. He actually survived and obtained the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower. However, since he didn't talk about it, she would not ask. After all, everyone had their own secrets.

"Wuji, where's Yan'Er?" Seeing Mo Wuji's lone figure, Zhen Shaoke, who was awaiting Mo Wuji's arrival, asked anxiously.

"Fortunately, Yan'Er's spiritual roots were not bad, so Granny Linglong decided to take her in as her personal disciple, allowing Yan’Er to have an opportunity to live on," Mo Wuji replied.

The matter with the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower is too huge. Despite his good relations.h.i.+p with Zhen Shaoke, he would not casually mention it. Moreover, this affair had no influence on Zhen Shaoke, so why would he needlessly put himself in danger?

He heard that all cultivators who obtained the Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal had all disappeared. According to Granny Linglong, his Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower was far more valuable. If this affair gets exposed, could he retain his peaceful and stable life? If he knew that the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower was so valuable, he might not have brought it to Granny Linglong. Fortunately, Granny Linglong was not like the rumours. She was indeed hard to move and request, but once she accepted his request, she would be especially accommodating.

Furthermore, Granny Linglong did not specifically instruct him not to leak the matter of the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower; he could tell that Granny Linglong wasn't one of those scheming seniors.

He believed that Granny Linglong herself would not talk about the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower. If she did not talk, nor did he, then no one would know that he ever possessed the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower.

Zhen Shaoke heaved a sigh of relief, "That's good. Yan'Er is such a cute, young girl. If anything happens to her, I would also be upset."

With that, Zhen Shaoke hurriedly added, "Oh right, I forgot to tell you, Shaoru had become an inner disciple in the Heaven Seeking Palace."

Mo Wuji nodded; Zhen Shaoru said that he obtained something good, and now the Heaven Seeking Palace was accepting disciples. As long as Shaoru offered it up, he would naturally have a chance of becoming a disciple.

"You don't have to worry about Yan'Er. Granny Linglong is definitely the number one pill refiner in the Lost Continent. As long as she acts, there's a good 80 to 90% chance that nothing bad will happen to Yan’Er.

If you are willing, you can temporarily stay in the Nine Moons Pill House, I can help you get the status of an elder…" With Shaoru joining the Heaven Seeking Palace, Zhen Shaoke’s mood was high. Now that Yan'Er could be saved, Mo Wuji could also stay in his Nine Moons Pill House.

Others might feel that Mo Wuji's talent was bad, and that he did not have a good future, but he did not feel so. He felt that Mo Wuji was definitely not an ordinary Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner. Asking Mo Wuji to be the Nine Moons Pill House Elder, it wasn't Mo Wuji who was at the advantage, but Nine Moons Pill House.

Mo Wuji replied apologetically, "Granny Linglong gave me a jade token, promising me a place in the Heaven Seeking Palace as an outer disciple. I guess I won't be going to the Nine Moons Pill House."

"Ah!" Zhen Shaoke was momentarily at a loss, before he said gleefully, "Wuji, that's good ah. I will not be at the Heaven Seeking Palace, and I was just worrying about that brainless Shaoru. Now that you're going there too, you two can take care of one another."

Zhen Shaoke was secretly shocked at Yan'Er's talent. Not only did Granny Linglong accept Yan'Er as a disciple, she even promised Mo Wuji a place as an outer disciple in the Heaven Seeking Palace. What ridiculous talent was that?

Immortal Mortal Chapter 152 - Live For Herself

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