Immortal Mortal Chapter 153 - Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner

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"Pill Master Mo, you are back," The moment Mo Wuji entered Yu Zhi’s house, he stood up to greet him as if he had been waiting for Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji forced a smile as he replied, "Brother Yu, I shall start my preparation to help you concoct the Body Constructing Pills. Please follow me."

"Many thanks, Pill Master Mo," Yu Zhi knew that he should not keep pressing Mo Wuji for it and that he could tell Mo Wuji was feeling a little dejected but the Body Constructing Pill was really too important for him.

Having brought Yu Zhi to his house, Mo Wuji asked both Yu Zhi and Fei Bingzhu to wait outside his room as he entered his own room to retrieve his storage bag and pill furnace. Mo Wuji took out a bunch of spiritual herbs as he started by concocting the Earth Yuan Pill.

The Earth Yuan Pill was also a Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pill and it was in fact the lowest grade pill out of all the Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills. It could be used to replenish a cultivator’s elemental energy.

Back when Mo Wuji first started to learn to concoct Tier 4 pills, he chose the Earth Yuan Pill.

Previously when Mo Wuji first tried to concoct the Earth Yuan Pill, he always fell through before the complete purification of the ingredients. This time round, Mo Wuji could easily purify and extract the medicinal essence before starting the fusion of the essence...

The final step of condensing the pills was completed without any difficulty and within an hour, Mo Wuji managed to retrieve a batch of Earth Yuan Pills from the furnace.

Mo Wuji looked thankfully at the 12 Earth Yuan Pills on his hands as he finally advanced to become a Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner. This was despite the fact that he was actually confident of concocting a Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pill even before this as he could clearly sensed the advancements in his cultivation level, spiritual will and his understanding of the Pill Dao.

One must know that he used a red firestone and a very basic pill furnace to concoct these pills. Even so, he managed to concoct the Earth Yuan Pill without any difficulties at all. Using his spiritual will, his pill techniques in the pill furnace was like a fish in the water. Whether it was purification, extraction, fusion or retrieval, he did not face any hiccups or used much of his strength at all.

This could perhaps be the true way of pill refinement. If he was to partic.i.p.ate in the Five Elements Desolate Domain Pill Compet.i.tion now, he was 90% confident that he could achieve first place.

The fact that he finally advanced to become a Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner made Mo Wuji finally feel a little better. Within the five big empires, a Tier 4 Pill Refiner was definitely regarded very highly. Yan Qianyin was a Tier 4 Pill Refiner who was well respected by Formless Blade Sect Head, Gu Ran. As for Mo Wuji, he was definitely worthy of the t.i.tle of a Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner.

After keeping his pill furnace, Mo Wuji walked out of his house.

Yu Zhi was the first to welcome him as he looked anxiously at Mo Wuji, wondering about the progress of the Body Constructing Pills’ concoction.

Mo Wuji gave Yu Zhi a pat on his shoulder, "Brother Yu, do not worry as I’ve just did a preliminary test to confirm I can definitely help you concoct this pill. The only drawback was that the conditions here are too poor, hence, I will be heading out to purchase an orange firestone."

Mo Wuji did not dare to take the risk of using a normal red firestone to concoct as the Body Constructing Pill was more valuable than the Earth Yuan Pill after all. He would not be able to face Yu Zhi if he was to fail to concoct the pills.

"Pill Master Mo, I have a yellow firestone here. Does it work?" Yu Zhi took out a pale yellow stone from his own storage bag as he asked.

Even without touching this stone, Mo Wuji could feel the blazing fire burning from within the stone.

This was Mo Wuji’s first time seeing a yellow firestone. After grabbing the yellow firestone from Yu Zhi, he stared at it for a few moments before exclaiming, "What a marvellous stone..."

He immediately said with a lot of conviction, "Brother Yu, the yellow firestone is two grades higher than a normal red firestone which even the orange firestone is not comparable to. Using the yellow firestone, I will definitely be able to help you concoct the Tier 4 Body Constructing Pills."

Yu Zhi always had his doubts on whether Mo Wuji was actually capable enough to concoct the Body Constructing Pills. However, Mo Wuji’s a.s.suring words coupled with his interaction with Mo Wuji till today made him believe that Mo Wuji was not a person who would say things he did not mean.

Mo Wuji could tell that Yu Zhi still had his doubts hence, he simply said, "How about you follow me in?"

"Thank you Pill Master Mo," The moment he heard Mo Wuji’s request for him to follow him in, he agreed instantly because the Body Constructing Pills were as important as his life to him.

After bringing Yu Zhi into his room, Mo Wuji brought out his pill furnace and ignited the yellow firestone simultaneously. He did not start concocting the Body Constructing Pills straightaway but started with the Earth Yuan Pills again.

Yu Zhi sat by the side as he watched Mo Wuji so nervously that he did not even dare to breathe out loud.

This time round, Mo Wuji spent an even lesser amount of time to produce a batch of higher quality Earth Yuan Pills. If it was not for the heavy exhaustion of the yellow firestone, Mo Wuji wanted to continue concocting a few more batches of Tier 4 pills to practice his techniques.

Yu Zhi recognised the Earth Yuan Pills and as he saw Mo Wuji producing the Earth Yuan Pills so comfortably, his confidence in Mo Wuji increased tremendously.

The yellow firestone was not only valuable, it was also very hard to obtain which was why Mo Wuji did not dare to waste such an ideal resource. After concocting just one batch of Earth Yuan Pills, he immediately took out the ingredients for the Body Constructing Pills.

After cleaning the furnace a few times, Mo Wuji started to purify the ingredients accordingly.

As compared to Earth Yuan Pill, Mo Wuji was actually more familiar with the Body Constructing Pill. This was because he had this pill formula in his pill manual and as for the actual steps to concoct the pills, he could tell if there was any changes in steps at one glance.

Mo Wuji purified the the ingredients very professionally before starting to fuse the essences.

Comparing with the Earth Yuan Pill, the Body Constructing Pill required much more effort from the pill refiner. Even though Mo Wuji had not concocted the Body Constructing Pill before, because of his familiarity with the pill formula coupled with the perfect combination of his spiritual will and pill techniques, it seemed as though he was born to concoct this pill.

Seeing how Mo Wuji purify the ingredients so smoothly without any hiccups, Yu Zhi’s confidence grew yet again.

In the end, he totally forgot that he was the one who pleaded for the pills as he was simply too amazed by Mo Wuji’s majestic hand techniques.

After an hour, only when the scent of completed pills emerged did Yu Zhi realised that he was here for the pills. At this very moment, he was so excited as he stood up clenching his fist extremely tightly.

Even though he knew nothing about pill refinement, he knew Mo Wuji had reached the most crucial step as he was about to complete his concoction. At the same time, his heart felt an indescribable fear, a fear that Mo Wuji would fail to complete it.

As the scent got more concentrated, Mo Wuji suddenly stopped his repet.i.tious hand techniques. Yu Zhi’s heart almost jumped out of his mouth as he witnessed this moment.

Just as he thought that there was something wrong with this batch of pills, a batch of gorgeous looking pills fell gracefully like a rainbow into the jade vase beside Mo Wuji’s hand.

Yu Zhi looked anxiously at the jade vase and he would have grabbed it at the first moment if not for his respect and grat.i.tude for Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji retrieved a handful of light red coloured pills to sniff and when he was satisfied, he placed them back into the vase before handing the entire jade vase to Yu Zhi saying, "Brother Yu, by the stroke of luck, 12 Body Constructing Pills have been successfully concocted."

"Many thanks Pill Master Mo. From today onwards, you shall be my greatest benefactor," Yu Zhi could no longer contain his grat.i.tude as he fell on his knees.

Mo Wuji hurried to help Yu Zhi up, "Brother Yu, we are brothers hence, there is no need for this. Hurry go save your wife as I continue to make full use of the flame to concoct more batches of pills."

Yu Zhi nodded his head before turning his back, preparing to leave. Sometimes, actions are better than words to show grat.i.tude.

"Pill Master Mo, will you still be staying in Nine Moons Pill House after this?" Just as he reached the doorstep, Yu Zhi turned to ask this.

Mo Wuji shook his head as he answered, "I am now a Heaven Seeking Palace’s outer sect disciple. If you still need to concoct any pills, you can find me at the Heaven Seeking Palace."

"All right," Yu Zhi did not question any further as he sped out of the room.

The moment the firestone was ignited, it could not be stopped halfway. Naturally, Mo Wuji would not want to let this yellow firestone go to waste just like that. After concocting yet another batch of Body Constructing Pills, he took out the ingredients for the Earthly Soul Protecting Pill.

Even though concocting the Earthly Soul Protecting Pill might be tough, it should not be much tougher than the Body Constructing Pill. With his strong spiritual will and hand techniques, he successfully concocted two batches of Earthly Soul Protecting Pills.

As the yellow firestone’s flame died down, Mo Wuji decided to stop any more concoction.

After keeping the furnace and cleaning up the place, Mo Wuji walked out of his house. Other than Fei Bingzhu, Mo Wuji also saw Tao Ao and Xiong Xiuzhu standing outside his door.

Mo Wuji understood the situation very quickly. Xiong Xiuzhu was specifically hired to take care of Yan’Er and now that Yan’Er was left under the care of Granny Linglong, there was nothing for Xiong Xiuzhu to do now. Xiong Xiuzhu and her husband were probably worried about their own future hence, coming over to ask Mo Wuji.

Seeing the duo’s uneasy eyes, Mo Wuji hurried to say, "Brother Tao and Sister Xiong, please do not worry. I am intending to open a small shop to sell various pills in a cultivation city near the Heaven Seeking Palace. I would probably be too busy to tend the shop which is why I intend to let Bingzhu take charge while the two of you a.s.sist him…"

"Haha, Wuji’s thinking was just the exact opposite of mine. My Nine Moons Pill House was intending to open a new outlet in the Heaven Seeking City. If Wuji was intending to open a shop, you can simply leave this matter to me," Zhen Shaoke’s clear voice could be heard from a distance away.

Mo Wuji was pleasantly surprised as he heard Zhen Shaoke’s words. He wanted to put all his energy and focus on opening more meridians and advancing to the next cultivation level. He would definitely not have enough energy to open and managed a shop. Other than helping himself fight for more cultivation resources, his main reason to open a shop was to help Fei Bingzhu and the couple. Now that Zhen Shaoke voluntarily chose to do this, it was considered to be a tremendous help to Mo Wuji.

"Shaoke, I would have to trouble you then," Mo Wuji did not stand on ceremony as he needed this help.

"Many thanks young master, many thanks Young House Master," Xiong Xiuzhu and Tao Ao were both very pleased as they were already very close with Fei Bingzhu so being able to work beside him would be very pleasurable.

"Wuji, leave this matter to me. I will discuss it further with Bingzhu. You should hurry report to the Heaven Seeking Palace because it would be very troublesome if you were to report late even if you have Granny Linglong’s jade token," Zhen Shaoke hurried to remind Mo Wuji as his purpose here was exactly to rush Mo Wuji.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 153 - Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner

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