Immortal Mortal Chapter 154 - Heaven Seeking Palace

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Mo Wuji made another visit to the Heaven Seeking Palace encampment, and discovered that there were truly registration signs there, leading to the hall where they had the pill refiners’ interaction session.

The doors to the hall were wide open, with many people going in and out.

Mo Wuji entered the hall and saw two application signs. The left was the registration site for outer disciples, while the right was for inner disciples. At this moment, there was no one registering, clearly, the key period for registration was over.

Mo Wuji was about to fetch the jade token Granny Linglong gave him when he heard a slightly pleasantly surprised call from behind him, "Senior apprentice brother Mo, you're also here to register?"

The one speaking was a lady dressed in grey robes, the lady looked delicate and pretty, and she wore a pleasant smile on her face.

"It's you?" Mo Wuji could roughly recognise this lady. Previously, when he went to find Granny Linglong, this lady was by Zuo Shaoyi’s side, she should be Zuo Shaoyi's older sister. When Zuo Shaoyi saw him, she looked as though she had seen a ghost. He would never expect her sister to take the initiative to call him "senior apprentice brother", and even with such pleasant surprise.

Actually, Zuo Shaoyi's older sister was much prettier than Zuo Shaoyi. It was just that she seemed to intentionally dress herself older than she actually was, and also tried to look inconspicuous by wearing grey robes.

Even though he wasn't clear of the situation, Mo Wuji still bowed, "Yes, I came to try my luck."

"I'm Zuo Shaoying…"

Before she could even finish her sentence, a hand pulled her to the side, and a cold voice could be heard, "Mo Wuji, don't think that you're amazing just because you're acquainted with senior apprentice sister Mu. Sister, if such a person comes to talk to you, you can just ignore him."

Zuo Shaoyi had walked over, and Mo Wuji could not help but frown. This woman was truly loathesome. He was too lazy to explain as he turned and tried to leave.

"You're Mo Wuji, the trashy pill refiner who climbed from that Formless Blade Sect?" Another pride filled voice could be heard. This voice had an imperious tone, as though he was talking to an ant.

Mo Wuji turned to see a young man dressed in purple robes. This fella was standing by Zuo Shaoyi's side and had a face like a horse. Most importantly, he did not even recognise this person. He was flaming in his heart; he could tone down for the sake of Yan'Er but he really couldn't care about anything else. He clearly did not know who this horse face was, but this horse face had a mouth full of sh*t.

"Oh, you're that onion ah. Just because you ate a gold plated xiang, then you'll also be a xiang? And you even present yourself in front of a crowd? Idiot, even if you're a xiang, you can't even compare to a pile of sand." Mo Wuji did not hold back and simply let loose.

"Very good. I, Ju Qijian, want to see how big your b.a.l.l.s are." The horse faced man was more infuriated than Mo Wuji; he had never seen such an arrogant ant. Just because he could enter the Heaven Seeking Palace's outer sect, then he deserved to be arrogant?

"Senior apprentice brother Qijian, you recognize him?" Zhen Shaoyi asked.

Ju Qijian? Why does this name sound so familiar? Mo Wuji soon recalled where he heard this name from. Wasn't this Ju Qijian the Formless Blade Sect's Seventh Sword Summit Lord? Initially, he wanted to stay in the Seventh Sword Summit, but after knowing that the Lotus Sword Summit was nearer to the Hanging Sword Cliff, he decided to choose the Lotus Sword Summit.

Ju Qijian replied disdainfully, "This person is a guest pill refiner from the Formless Blade Sect. I never expected that his b.a.l.l.s were big enough to cover the sky, as he wanted to stay in my Seventh Sword Summit. Eventually, he seemed to know what was good for him; after hearing that the Seventh Sword Summit was mine, he did not dare go up…"

Mo Wuji's eyebrows twitched, could this fella paste any more gold on his face? Him not staying at the Seventh Sword Summit had nothing to do with this Ju Qijian. More accurately, he chose the Lotus Sword Summit because of its proximity to the Hanging Sword Cliff.

"Ha Ha, Brother Mo, you called this fella a xiang, but what is a xiang ah?" A loud laughter could be heard, seemingly helping Mo Wuji.

Seeing Hou Yucheng walk over, Mo Wuji thought in his heart: This fella really comes at the right times.

"Ya, Wuji, what's that? Ha Ha, I'm already a Heaven Seeking Palace outer disciple." Following behind Hou Yucheng was Zhen Shaoru. His loud and boisterous att.i.tude was still the same.

"It's what comes out of your a.s.s when you eat too much…" As Mo Wuji was about to complete his sentence, he suddenly felt something wrong. With Zhen Shaoru's talent and contribution to the Heaven Seeking Palace, how could he simply be an outer disciple?

Hou Yucheng chortled, Mo Wuji's words were really snideful. On the other hand, the other disciples in the hall looked at Mo Wuji with contempt, looking down on his low level humor.

Ju Qijian's face had long turned green. If this wasn't the Heaven Seeking Palace registration site, he would have used his magic treasure and shred this Mo Wuji into pieces.

Zuo Shaoyi coldly said, "All talk and no action. If he really has guts, then why didn't he stay in Senior apprentice brother Qijian's summit?"

Mo Wuji was thoroughly annoyed with this woman, "What does my living area got to do with you? The air on the Seventh Sword Summit is especially manly, and this old man likes it. OK?"

"Shaoyi, let's not continue. Just now, I…" Zuo Shaoying wanted to pull Zuo Shaoyi away.

Zuo Shaoyi snorted and interrupted Zuo Shaoying's words, "Sister, I already told you before. Don't go close to this kind of people, seeing his vulgar appearance really disgusts me."

"Mo Wuji, I have remembered you. I hope that you can live happily in the Heaven Seeking Palace." Ju Qijian glared at Mo Wuji pugnaciously and threw out that sentence before leaving with the Zuo sisters. He did not even put Hou Yucheng in his eyes; when placed in front of the Heaven Seeking Palace, the Heaven Demon Sect did not count for much.

"Wuji, hurry and register," Zhen Shaoru said excitedly by the side. He did not bother about that Ju Qijian; he only scared if both he and Mo Wuji could successfully be accepted into the Heaven Seeking Palace.

Mo Wuji asked doubtfully, "Shaoru, why are you an outer disciple? Shouldn't you be an inner disciple?"

Zhen Shaoru chuckled, "You think it's so easy to enter the Heaven Seeking Palace's inner sect? Not only does your cultivation need to reach a certain level, you would need to go through various tests. Unless you can be like Hou Yucheng, and offer a Flower of the True G.o.ds."

Mo Wuji looked at Hou Yucheng in shock, he did not expect that in his two months confinement in the ice mountain, Hou Yucheng actually obtained a Flower of the True G.o.ds.

Hou Yucheng snickered, "Brother Mo, don't look at me with that gaze. I only found the Flower of the True G.o.ds by chance. Hurry and register. I believe that with your capabilities, you will soon become a disciple of the inner sect."

Hou Yucheng had no doubts over how Mo Wuji obtained his registration qualifications, he did not even ask Mo Wuji where he obtained it from. It was as though it was totally natural that Mo Wuji could become a Heaven Seeking Palace outer disciple.

Mo Wuji was extremely ecstatic. Both Hou Yucheng and Zhen Shaoru were his friends, and now that they were both going to the Heaven Seeking Palace, he wouldn't be that lonely there.

"Rogue cultivator, Mo Wuji, registering for Heaven Seeking Palace's outer sect." Mo Wuji retrieved his jade token and placed it on the counter. The recording disciple saw Mo Wuji's jade token and almost stood up in shock. He carefully sized Mo Wuji up before carefully recording Mo Wuji's name. He then pa.s.sed a "Outer Disciple Mo Wuji" jade token to Mo Wuji.

If he could, he truly wanted to ask Mo Wuji what was his relations.h.i.+p with Granny Linglong.

Three days later.

Except for a few permanently stationed merchant houses, the various houses and sects have left the Five Elements Desolate Domain gathering venue.

Mo Wuji and Zhen Shaoru bid their farewells to Zhen Shaoke before leaving on the Heaven Seeking Palace's gigantic flying s.h.i.+p. Fei Bingzhu, Tao Ao and Xiong Xiuzhu, the three of them followed Zhen Shaoke to the Nine Moons Pill House. Thereafter, they followed Zhen Shaoke's arrangements to the Heaven Seeking City.

Compared to Zhen Shaoke's flying magic treasure, the Heaven Seeking Palace's flying s.h.i.+p was a huge giant. Even an outer disciple like Mo Wuji was allocated his own room.

Perhaps he was restricted by the Heaven Seeking Palace sect rules; Ju Qijian did not come to bother Mo Wuji. Besides the occasional meet ups with Hou Yucheng and Zhen Shaoru, Mo Wuji spent most of his time silently in his room, cultivating his spiritual will.

He was really eager to start brewing his channel opening solution, but he truly did not dare do so. After all, there were Heaven Realm experts on this flying s.h.i.+p such as the Second Dean Feng Zhenqiu. If someone discovers the purpose behind his drug, then he would be screwed.

Three days later, Mo Wuji suddenly felt a tremor beneath his feet, followed by sounds of chatter outside.

"Wuji, we're here. Hurry up!" The loudmouth Zhen Shaoru called out.

We've arrived? Mo Wuji remembered that when he first went to the Five Elements Desolate Domain with Zhen Shaoke, he took a good half of a month. But now he had arrived in just three days?

Mo Wuji hurriedly left his room. As he stood on the flying s.h.i.+p deck looking onto the Heaven Seeking Palace, he was truly transfixed.

The Heaven Seeking Palace was like a planet hung up within the white clouds. Beneath the white clouds, a towering gate was revealed.

The entire sect was shrouded within the clouds, and no buildings could be seen, giving off an extremely surreal and mysterious feeling. The Heaven Seeking Palace wasn't truly Heaven, but to the transfixed Mo Wuji, it was f*cking awesome.

"Stop staring. There's nothing much to see here. When we enter the sect, you will realise it's not much different from other sects." Hou Yucheng walked over and laughed gently.

"Who asked me to have been stuck in a well for all my life." Mo Wuji laughed in return.

The first to alight were the Heaven Seeking Palace elders and deacons, followed by the disciples who entered the Five Elements Desolate Domain. The last to alight were the new disciples like Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji was searching within the crowd, trying to find the figures of Granny Linglong and Yan'Er. Disappointingly, they were long gone, and he didn't get to see them. He didn't even see the twins who were with Granny Linglong.

At the same time, he did not see the Second Dean, Feng Zhenqiu. However, he did get to see Pill Master Ming Ning and Mu Ying.

"Let's go," Zhen Shaoru pulled the blank Mo Wuji and followed the crowd of new disciples.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 154 - Heaven Seeking Palace

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