Immortal Mortal Chapter 179 - Alien Flying Ship

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One month later, Mo Wuji and Ren Tianxing arrived back at the Heaven Seeking Palace. In this month, Mo Wuji did not cultivate but he had obtained far more than he could while cultivating.

All his various misunderstandings and queries regarding cultivation were detailedly answered by Ren Tianxing.

As Mo Wuji and Ren Tianxing entered the Heaven Seeking Palace, they felt like there was something amiss; the Heaven Seeking Palace seemed to be filled with a solemn and anxious atmosphere. Every cultivator they saw would walk by quickly, and most of them had a heavy expression on their face.

"Senior apprentice brother, what has happened in the Heaven Seeking Palace?" Mo Wuji grabbed a cultivator who was scampering with his head down.

This cultivator seemed to be thinking of something, and to suddenly be grabbed by Mo Wuji infuriated him. As he lifted his head and saw Ren Tianxing, he immediately bowed and said, "Smith Summit inner disciple, Zeng Youkai, greets senior apprentice brother Ren."

His angered expression instantly changed into one of respect; one could clearly see the position Ren Tianxing had in the Heaven Seeking Palace.

Ren Tianxing grunted, "Did something happen in Heaven Seeking Palace? Why is the atmosphere so tense?"

The cultivator hurried replied, "One year ago, an alien flying s.h.i.+p landed in the Ming Han Empire’s capital…"

"Alien flying s.h.i.+p?" Ren Tianxing and Mo Wuji uttered at the same time; this was their first time hearing about this.

Zeng Youkai hastily explained, "Yes, alien flying s.h.i.+p. It came from outer s.p.a.ce; it’s not from our continent, nor from the Great World. How do I say it, it’s…"

Zeng Youkai seemed to be looking for a comprehensive explanation, but his vocabulary was limited. He thought for a good half a day, but he still wasn’t able to think of a proper phrase.

"I understand, continue." Ren Tianxiang’s expression had also turned serious. In the past month, he had chatted with Mo Wuji, and Mo Wuji had guessed that the Lost Continent was merely a planet in the vast universe. In the vast universe, there could be countless of other planets which were like the Lost Continent.

From Zeng Youkai’s description, he suddenly felt as though Mo Wuji’s words had come into reality; this alien flying s.h.i.+p might belong to cultivators from other planets. Unfortunately, Mo Wuji and him rode on his small flying magic treasure back to the Heaven Seeking Palace, and did not pick up on this news.

Mo Wuji was also shocked inside. In actuality, Mo Wuji did not find the fact that there were other planets to be strange. After all, he came from a planet outside of the Lost Continent, i.e. Earth. It was just that Earth was a technology haven without cultivators. However, he had just discussed with Ren Tianxing the possibilities of countless other planets, and he did not expect for it to actually happen in front of his eyes.

Naturally, he knew about the Great World that Zeng Youkai mentioned; it was the other half of this planet. However, to get there, one must traverse across the Five Elements Desolate Domain.

Mo Wuji wasn’t really concerned about this; he was only concerned about that alien flying s.h.i.+p. If this flying s.h.i.+p could travel through s.p.a.ce to land on the Lost Continent’s planet, then could it also travel to Earth?

As he thought of this, he shook his head. He was overthinking things. With his measly cultivation, even if this alien flying s.h.i.+p was presented to him, he wouldn’t be able to fly it back to Earth.

"Yes!" Zeng Youkai replied and continued, "After discovering the Lost Continent, that flying s.h.i.+p was extremely excited. After they alighted, they immediately occupied the Ming Han Empire capital. Thereafter, they continued to expand their reach by occupying the rest of the Ming Han Empire’s territory…"

Ren Tianxing replied quizzically, "How did such a thing happen? Didn’t the Ming Han Empire’s empire protecting sect step in?"

Zeng Youkai answered bitterly, "Didn’t step in? The sect sent people over, but not only did they not destroy those barbarians from the alien flying s.h.i.+p, they were even counterattacked. Eventually, the Ming Han Empire’s empire protecting sect, the High Yuan Sect, and Ming Han Empire’s other Quasi-Heaven sects, such as the Sky City, Misty Sword Gate and the Hundred Smiths Sect were all decimated. Even more Earth and Xuan sects were destroyed…"

Mo Wuji exhaled a breath of cold air. He had never visited the Ming Han Empire, but the High Yuan Sect and the Misty Sword Gate had reverberating reputations. They were no worse than the Heavenly Temple; they actually got annihilated by the alien cultivators? How was it possible for Ren Tianxing and him to not have heard of such a huge event?

Zeng Youkai continued, "It was because of these incapable b*stards; they requested the help of our Heaven Seeking Palace, and they let our Dean Fei Ming perish in the Ming Han Empire…"

"What? You said Dean Fei perished in the Ming Han Empire?" Due to his impatience, Ren Tianxing grabbed Zeng Youkai’s arm.

Zeng Youkai cried out sharply in pain; Ren Tianxing loosened his grip but his expression became more serious, "Dean Fei is a True G.o.d Stage expert, how was it possible for him to perish?"

Zeng Youkai didn’t mind Ren Tianxing’s bearish actions, but replied in a downcasted manner, "Those barbarians are far too impressive, and their flying treasures are constantly landing within the five empires. Not only Dean Fei, but many of our Heaven Seeking Palace’s senior apprentice brothers and sisters have fallen in the battlefield. I’m also heading towards the battlefield, and I was on my way to exchange my contribution points for some pills."

Ren Tianxing said furiously, "Don’t tell me all those that died were from the Heaven Seeking Palace? What about the five empire’s other sects?"

"It’s not just the Heaven Seeking Palace, other sects have also sent their experts to the battlefield. Our Dean Feng is now leading the Heaven Seeking Palace, and is dispatching disciples to the battlefield," Zeng Youkai replied.

Ren Tianxing couldn’t be bothered to continue questing Zeng Youkai but sprinted towards the sect’s main hall. Mo Wuji hastily followed after him. For such a huge event to happen, no one would be spared.

The sect’s main hall gathered disciples throughout the Heaven Seeking Palace; Mo Wuji did not recognise a single one of them. On the other hand, as Ren Tianxing entered, many people immediately went to greet him.

"Everyone be silent. This time, we will be fighting in the Thunder Fog Forest Battlefield. True Lake Elder, Zhu Yueshan, will be leading…" An elder walked to the front of the hall and silenced the individual chatter.

Mo Wuji was familiar with the Thunder Fog Forest; he had visited it back in Cheng Yu State. However, he also knew that the Thunder Fog Forest was vast and extended across many empires. It definitely wasn’t that small segment which he had explored.

At the moment, Mo Wuji did not care about the Thunder Fog Forest, nor the battle with the alien cultivators, but Yan’Er. Seeing Ren Tianxing converse with other cultivators, Mo Wuji decided to leave the main hall and visit the Pill PaG.o.da.

With such a big event in the five empires, that Dao Gao’s Jin Yu probably wouldn’t continue to care about a mere outer disciple like him.

As Mo Wuji was about to leave the main hall, he saw Yan’Er walk in with a middle-aged woman. Behind them, was a young lady. Mo Wuji had seen this young lady many times before, she was one of the twins by Granny Linglong.

"Greetings Pill Master Jinwen." Unexpectedly, as that middle-age woman entered the hall, many disciples went over to greet her. Even the elder who called for silence also clasped his hands and greeted her.

Mo Wuji did not put any of this to heart as his gaze landed on Yan’Er. He had not seen Yan’Er for a year, and she had become slim and graceful, like a freshly bloomed flower. The scar on her face had disappeared, and her looks were increasingly moving.

However, Mo Wuji’s heart was in a jumble. This was clearly a familiar face, but he felt a sense of unfamiliarity. Just now, Yan’Er’s eyes had landed on him, but it continued to sweep past him.

Yan’Er’s entire body was rippling with spirituality; even Mo Wuji who did not have spiritual roots could feel her spirituality.

Yan’Er had successfully built her spirit, and her level wasn’t low either. Mo Wuji suddenly felt both pain and joy in his heart. He wished for Yan’Er to build her spirits, but he also did not want her to truly forget him.

"Yan’Er, you’re already in Spirit Building Stage?" With single step, Mo Wuji landed by Yan’Er’s side and asked with a hint of pleasant surprise. If Yan’Er had truly built her spirits, then Yan’Er’s cultivation speed was simply astounding, it was even faster than him. One had to know, he had opened 100 meridians.

"Who are you?" It wasn’t Yan’Er who replied, but the middle-aged woman beside her.

Mo Wuji hurriedly said, "I’m Yan’Er’s friend, outer sect disciple Mo Wuji. May I ask this senior is?"

The middle-aged woman frowned and said coldly, "Then move out of the way. Don’t block the road."

Mo Wuji also frowned. Who is this woman, why is she so rude?

"Yan’Er, do you remember me?" Even though he was dissatisfied with this middle-aged woman, Mo Wuji continued to question Yan’Er.

According to what Granny Linglong suggested, he should spend more time with Yan’Er before she advanced into the Spirit Building Stage. However, during his first visit, Yan’Er was in a critical moment for her closed doors cultivation.

He could only leave and visit when Yan’Er had emerged from the closed doors. Unfortunately, there was the Jin Jiuzhen incident, causing him to be unable to return to the sect for a period of time.

However, Yan’Er’s cultivation was truly too fast. It was just a year, but Yan’Er had actually successfully built her spirits.

Yan’Er’s brows slightly knitted as she she looked at Mo Wuji in doubt. She did not understand why Mo Wuji was calling her with such affection. He even said that he was her friend. Since when did she get such a friend?

"Get away!" Seeing how Mo Wuji did not know his place, the middle-aged woman grunted and lifted her hand, sending a push towards Mo Wuji.

Even though Mo Wuji’s reaction was fast and he tried to dodge in the shortest time possible, he was still affected by the force of her palm and he almost tumbled on the ground.

"Pill Master Jinwen, how could stoop so low and treat a junior like this?" Ren Tianxing immediately walked over and said coldly.

The middle-aged woman clearly recognised Ren Tianxing; she merely snorted and pulled Yan’Er away.

"Who’s that woman?" Mo Wuji lamented in his heart.

Ren Tianxing smiled ruefully and said softly, "She’s Granny Linglong’s first disciple, s.h.i.+ Jinwen, Tier 6 Earth Pill Refiner, an expert at True Lake Stage Level 9.

Mo Wuji stared at the middle-aged woman with his eyes wide open. She’s actually Yan’Er’s senior apprentice sister? Did this woman spend her lifespan on a dog? Granny Linglong was so young and beautiful, how could her first disciple be this middle-aged woman?

Mo Wuji was soon to recover; this was not the time to rant about the middle-aged woman. As he thought of this, Mo Wuji took a step forward and pulled that twin, "Senior apprentice sister, you didn’t tell Yan’Er about me?"

Immortal Mortal Chapter 179 - Alien Flying Ship

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