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Xue Tongsi hesitated for awhile before speaking, "His skin colour was dark, his face had a scar on it, and he dressed like a monk… When I saw him, his body was full of wounds, seemingly without any part unharmed. To save Yan’Er, he even got his right chest pierced through by the alien True Lake Stage expert…"

The reason behind his hesitation was that Xue Tongsi was not sure that Mo Wuji wasn’t Rogue Cultivator 2705. After all, this was just speculation on her part. Regardless whether that was true, after hearing Xue Tongsi’s words, a sense of respect arose within all the ten floors of cultivators. After hearing Xue Tongsi’s words, an image of the situation then appeared before everyone’s eyes. They could only imagine how a rogue cultivator had obtained so many points through actual life and death battles, not through some critical hits on the enemy.

"I believe that he must have put his life on the line to obtain that many points...." Xue Tongsi added this last sentence, which cemented the respect everyone had towards Rogue Cultivator 2705.

"To obtain points by putting one’s life on the line, I, Liu Man, have a lot to learn from him." A good while later, a muscular man then said pa.s.sionately.

"That’s right, I chose the path of cultivating. Since there’s alien cultivators invading my home, if I don’t put my life on the line, what justification do I have to stay on this land to cultivate? If a rogue cultivator can do this much, why can’t the disciples of various sects do that same?"

"I share the same sentiments. That rogue cultivator can save people, risk his life to kill alien cultivators. I am ashamed of myself."

"If he really is a Transcending Mortality Stage cultivator, I believe that the Rogue Cultivator 2705 is even more respectable. As compared to the rank 1 senior Xi Yixuan, rank 2 and rank 3 seniors Feng Luojian and Gou Zihan, he his much more hot-blooded."

A pale faced scholar sat at a corner on the 10th floor, and was rather shocked after hearing the discussion of the crowd. He never imagined that he would be propelled to such fame, and since the moment he entered Yan City, all he could hear was discussions about Rogue Cultivator 2705.

The pale faced scholar was Mo Wuji. After leaving Thunder Fog Forest, he took a month of recuperation to recover fully. He did not want to interact with Senior Jinwen, hence he changed his appearance from a monk’s to a scholar’s.

In his heart, he was rather amazed with Xue Tongsi for being able to guess that he was Rogue Cultivator 2705.

The reason for Mo Wuji’s visit to this place was not to get more contribution points, but instead, it was because his cultivation level could not progress any further since his wounds had recovered. After a month of continuous closed door cultivation, he remained at Transcending Mortality Stage Level 1. Even if he used Heaven grade spirit stones now, it would not help his cultivation level to improve a single bit.

Since his cultivation was paused, Mo Wuji believed that this was due to something wrong his cultivation technique. The Immortal Mortal Technique probably could not continue to increase his cultivation level beyond the Transcending Mortality Stage.

Another issue was that he did not know much about the Transcending Mortality Stage too.

Thus, Mo Wuji wanted to use his contribution points to exchange for a cultivation technique in Yan City. It should not have been a problem to find a cultivation technique to continue on from the Immortal Mortal Technique within the Hundred Sect Alliance which comprised of tens of thousands of sects.

"Mr Hou, even if you escape to the ends of the earth, my Lei Clan will not let you go…" A flurry of footsteps broke the discussion about Rogue Cultivator 2705.

Following which, five to s.e.x people burst out, led by a man with a head of messy hair, and some blood stains on the corner of his mouth. Behind him were five young cultivators, which included one female.

The five of them encircled the youth in front of them, and a look of hopelessness appeared in his eyes. He knew that there was no escape for him.

From one side, Mo Wuji observed the young man, feeling that he looked a little familiar.

Seeing that most of the cultivators in the ten storied hall was storing at them, the six people that rushed in bowed respectfully, "Everyone, I am Yu Lin Lei Clan’s Lei Chenghe. This guy's Hou Yucheng. Back in the Thunder Fog Forest when we were escaping after sustaining injuries in the battle with the alien cultivators, my Lei Clan saw that the Five Great Empire’s people were injured from battle, and fought bravely to save them. But who would have known that this guy was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. After his wounds were healed, he raped Lei Clan’s Yanji’s fiancee, Xiujie…"

"Lei Yanjie? Isn’t that the number one genius disciple of Great Evolution Sect? The Lei Yanjie with Supreme Lightning Spiritual Roots?" A man from the crowd exclaimed.

Lei Chenghe bowed respectfully once again, "That’s right, Yanjie had the good fortune of entering Great Evolution Sect, and within the sect, he is already one of the ten great legacy disciples."

Once Mo Wuji heard that this cultivator was Hou Yucheng, he suddenly understood what was going on. No wonder this guy looked familiar to him, so it was Hou Yucheng.

He also understood why Hou Yucheng could not use the sect to oppose Yu Lin’s Lei Clan: as the Lei Clan had a Lei Yanjie who entered the Great Evolution Sect, and was one of the ten great legacy disciples in it. While Hou Yucheng was an inner disciple of Heaven Seeking Palace, but an inner disciple could only do that much. After all, he bought his position with a Flower of the True G.o.ds, and did not fulfil that requirements of an inner disciple in the first place.

Keeping his lips tightly closed, Hou Yucheng did not bother replying with a single word. Or you could say that nothing he said would have any use.

Seeing that the crowd gave a look of reverence, Lei Chenghe carried on even louder, "This guy repaid kindness with vengeance. After raping Xiujie, he killed her brutally to shut her up. On top of that, as Xiujie’s mother and elder sister were witnesses to what he had done, he killed the both of them too. To kill again...such acts…will enrage both man and G.o.d…"

At this point, most of the cultivators around were riled up due to their sense of justice. What Hou Yucheng did was beyond wicked. Cultivators were always very clear about kindness and vengeance, and very few would do such acts of betrayal.

Lei Chenghe did not stop there, as he added on with more fury, "I only discovered after the incident, that he was originally a demon from the Sky Demon Sect. I don’t need much help from everyone here today, but I hope that you will block this rascal off when he tries to run away."

"Don’t worry, we won’t allow this sort of b*stard to escape even if brother Lei did not say anything." Some people from the crowd immediately responded.

Mo Wuji furrowed his brows. While he did not completely know Hou Yucheng’s character, but there was one thing that he was sure of: Hou Yucheng definitely was not a rapist and murderer, much less do such things to his benefactor. Why would a handsome and das.h.i.+ng man like Hou Yucheng do such a preposterous act? He was not short of women.

The Yu Lin’s Lei Clan was no stranger for Mo Wuji. Back at the auction, he had fought for the Seven Styles Sky Lightning with them. The guy back then was a man named Lei Mang, and from his tone during the auction, Mo Wuji knew that this was not a good guy. This Lei Chenghe probably was a bird of the same feather from the Lei Clan too.

Hou Yucheng suddenly burst out laughing, and peeled away his mask to reveal his handsome face, "This is not the first time that the Lei Clan is bullying others. The Lei Clan rescue me, Hou Yucheng? My a.s.s! You know for yourself why your Lei Clan is framing me. I have done nothing against my conscience, and even if the Lei Clan kills me today, I have brothers who will seek revenge on my behalf."

"Mr Hou, don’t try to give yourself a better name. You must have many friends in the Sky Demon City outside of Sky Demon Sect. Why haven’t a single one of them spoken up for you yet? Let me tell you why. Because the things that you’ve done are extremely inhumane, and even people from your sect can’t look beyond it…"

After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, Lei Chenghe waved his hand, "Go, take this man before the grave of Xiujie and sacrifice him…"

This was the moment that he chose to strike, as Lei Chenghe thought that he had said enough, and continuing on would just serve to ruin the perfect scenario before him.

Without another word, a fan appeared in the hand Hou Yucheng. Even if he knew that he was outmatched, he still had to put up a fight.

"I’ll like to see who dares to make a move!" A voice filled with killing intent rang out.

All of the people turned their gazes to the source of the voice, as the pale scholar stood up.

The initially frightened Lei Chenghe calmed down after seeing that there was no spirituality from Mo Wuji, and said, "Whoever dares obstruct the revenge of Yu Lin’s Lei Clan will die. Even a small ant dares to speak up for this demon, you must be tired of living. Do you think that you’re Rogue Cultivator 2705? Kill him…"

The moment the last word left Lei Chenghe’s mouth, a green dragon saber flew out.

Mo Wuji calmly looked at Lei Chenghe and said, "You’re right, I’m Rogue Cultivator 2705."

Immortal Mortal Chapter 196 - You’Re Right

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