Immortal Mortal Chapter 197 - Da Shixiong! (Big Senior Apprentice Brother)

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Mo Wuji a.n.a.lysed the situation; if he chose to enter alone, based on his and Hou Yucheng’s power, it would be hard to break through the encirclement of so many people. Perhaps, only through revealing his ident.i.ty would he have the chance to save Hou Yucheng.

The entire ten floors turned silent for a brief moment before a flurry of discussion filled the hall. No one had met Rogue Cultivator 2705 before but not anyone could simply impersonate him. After all, it would be immediately discovered if the impersonator wasn’t able to take out any evidence. With so much reverence towards Rogue Cultivator 2705, anyone who dared to impersonate him was simply looking for death. Unless it was an idiot, no one would be willing to impersonate Rogue Cultivator 2705 under this kind of conditions.

Anyone who was able to drink in this teahouse definitely wasn’t an idiot. Thus, when Mo Wuji declared that he was Rogue Cultivator 2705, although no one believed him completely, they did not have much doubts.

Lei Chenghe instantly realised that it was highly possible that Mo Wuji was not an imposter; the Green Dragon Saber in his hand shone with saber light as he shouted, "Imposter! Kill him!"

Before the four others from the Lei Clan could do anything, a beam of bright light lacerated through the air, blocking the Green Dragon Saber’s saber light.

Charging along with this light beam was a green skirted lady; it was the Heaven Seeking Palace’s Xue Tongsi.

"Who are you? You’re going to protect them? I’m Yu Lin Lei Clan’s…" Lei Chenghe did not recognise Xue Tongsi, but Xue Tongsi was able to block his saber light with a simple beam of light, dispersing his elemental energy. Clearly, her cultivation was no lower than his.

Xue Tongsi directly interrupted Lei Chenghe’s words as she said coldly, "Just a Yu Lin Lei Clan, don’t think you’re big enough to cover the sky and spout your Yu Lin Lei Clan name. If you disagree with me, then you can go to the the Heaven Seeking Palace Dao Gate and find me, Xue Tongsi."

When Lei Chenghe heard that Xue Tongsi was a Heaven Seeking Palace Dao Gate’s disciple, he instantly did not dare continue to act arrogantly. Hou Yucheng was also an inner disciple in the Heaven Seeking Palace, but Hou Yucheng’s position did not count for much. Moreover, he was standing on the moral high ground, so even if he killed Hou Yucheng, the Heaven Seeking Palace would not demand for the Great Evolution Sect to be held accountable. After all, Hou Yucheng’s crime was raping and killing the Great Evolution Sect’s number genius, Lei Hongji’s fiancee.

"The Heaven Seeking Palace is one of the best dao holylands in the Five Great Empires. Don’t tell me you’re going to ignore this reputation just for a brute?" Even though he did not dare strike out again, Lei Chenghe did not intend to let the matter rest.

Xue Tongsi laughed coldly and she said in a clear, refres.h.i.+ng tone, "Number 1, the Heaven Seeking Palace is the number one dao holyland in the entire Five Great Empires, it’s not simply one of the best. Next time, before your Yu Lin Lei Clan speaks, you better remember to wash your mouth clean and don’t pollute the air with your disgusting words. Number 2, whether or not he is a brute is not up to you to decide."

Lei Chenghe’s face changed multiple times within that short instant. Everyone knew what he was implying; in his eyes, the Great Evolution Sect and the Heaven Seeking Palace were comparable existences. To think that someone from the Heaven Seeking Palace would flat out reject his words.

In reality, in all these years, the Heaven Seeking Palace is indeed the number one dao holyland. No other sect would dare say that they’re better than the Heaven Seeking Palace. The reason why Lei Chenghe had the b.a.l.l.s to say that it was one of the best was because the Great Evolution Sect was temporarily Rank 1 in the Contribution Point Board.

"Dao friend Xue, what do you mean? Are you saying that I’m lying?" Lei Chenghe’s tone immediately became serious.

Without waiting for Xue Tongsi to speak, Mo Wuji chuckled by the side, "Lei fella, you know in your heart whether you’re lying or not. You claim that you’re speaking on behalf of the Yu Lin Lei Clan, but why would such a scandalous matter of Yu Lin Lei Clan’s woman being raped be announced in front of such a loud crowd?"

Mo Wuji directly stopped Lei Chenghe, who was trying to explain himself, as he continued, "Don’t say it’s because you want everyone to understand why you’re pursuing Dao Friend Hou. Because when I hear this reason, this old man here simply wants to puke. If I’m not wrong, you should be jealous of that Lei Hongji, right? On the surface, you act like you’re helping him. But in reality, you’re throwing sh*t up his head. Oh that’s right, your Lei Clan are filled with useless sh*t. It’s normal to see you Lei dogs bite one another."

Mo Wuji did not have a high opinion of the Yu Lin Lei Clan. He suspected that Lei Chenghe was pursuing Hou Yucheng because Hou Yucheng had something good in his hands. With this, Lei Chenghe could spoil Lei Hongji’s reputation and obtain some benefits from Hou Yucheng.

"You’re talking sh*t…" Lei Chengfu was infuriated. Unfortunately, with Xue Tongsi blocking his way, he did not have any ways to deal with Mo Wuji.

Xue Tongsi did not even care about Lei Chenghe’s anger, she clasped her fists towards Mo Wuji and said, "Dao friend, you claim that you’re Rogue Cultivator 2705, but do you have any proof?"

The reason why she was so polite was because she felt that Mo Wuji looked a little similar to that black faced monk.

Mo Wuji fetched his jade token and said, "This is my contribution point jade token. If you don’t trust me, you can have a closer look."

Any cultivator who could stand here was an elite; their cultivations naturally weren’t low. Even though Mo Wuji’s jade token was small, the moment he took it out, all of these cultivators could clearly see what was on it.

"Rogue Cultivator 2705, Contribution Points: 12076, Rank: 6"

The contribution point jade token brought a slight l.u.s.ter which integrated into the surrounding naturally. This showed that this contribution point jade token was a genuine jade token. This would mean that the scholar in front of all of them was indeed 2705.

"So brother is truly Rogue Cultivator 2705. Please accept my, Hou Yucheng’s, greetings." Seeing that the person who helped him was his idol, Rogue Cultivator 2705, Hou Yucheng’s was pleasantly surprised, and immediately bowed in courtesy.

In his eyes, Rogue Cultivator 2705 was much stronger than these Lei Clan dogs in front of him. A rogue cultivator only had himself to depend upon, but he managed to charge up to the top 6 of the Hundred Sect Alliance’s contribution point rankings. This wasn’t luck, but true ability and resilience.

"Greetings Senior 2705…"

"Senior, you have always been my role model. Seeing senior today, I can see that you’re truly a dragon among men…"

"Senior 2705, I represent my Golden Crow Sect to formally invite senior to join our sect…"

"May I ask how do we address senior?"

After verifying that Mo Wuji was Rogue Cultivator 2705, the Lei Clan people were cast aside as the crowd went forward to greet Mo Wuji. If it was possible, some of this people would love to take photographs with Mo Wuji, or even ask for his autograph.

Only Xue Tongsi looked a little desolate; she really hoped for 2705 to be that black faced monk. Unfortunately, this fella had took out his contribution point token, but clearly this person wasn’t that black faced monk.

Mo Wuji clasped his fists, "Thank you various dao friends for your support. I’m Ming Xinghe, dao friends can directly call me Xinghe. I met Dao Friend Hou several times before, Dao Friend Hou is compa.s.sionate and warm hearted, magnanimous and broad minded, how could he be the brute as those people said? Let’s look from a different perspective, everyone take a look at the Lei Chenghe fella’s face, then back as Dao Friend Hou. It’s clear who is the rapist is."

Mo Wuji still have many enemies, like that Jin Yu and Honest Qi, who were hunting him down. Thus, Mo Wuji could not casually reveal his name and origins.

"Ha Ha…" Mo Wuji’s words induced laughter in all ten floors of the teahouse. Lei Chenghe’s appearance could not be considered disgustingly bad, but when compared to Hou Yucheng, it was simply horrendous.

Even though the story could not be judged based on looks alone, it had to depend on who was the one speaking. It was Rogue Cultivator 2705 after all. A vagabond who fought hard for his homeland against the alien cultivators by himself; the role model for countless of other rogue cultivators and sects. His words naturally carried much weight.

Lei Chenghe’s entire body was trembling, his face swelled in anger but he didn’t dare do anything. The situation had been completely upended by Mo Wuji; now, it wasn’t the five Lei Clan members against the two, Mo WUji and Hou Yucheng, but the five against the entire Immortal Jade House.

"Let’s go." Seeing that Hou Yucheng could not be killed, Lei Chenghe directed his four clan members as he turned and left.

Hou Yucheng inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. He was incredibly grateful towards Mo Wuji. If not for this Rogue Cultivator 2705, he would have been brought away by Lei Chenghe and died a painful death.

Mo Wuji flicked his wrist and a steel pole appeared in his hands, "You framed Dao Friend Hou, and you even intended to kill him to steal his fortune. Now that your ruse has been exposed, do you think you just leave like that? Since when was there such a good thing in life?"

If it was the newly transmigrated Mo Wuji, he definitely wouldn’t have pushed the matter further and let Lei Chenghe leave. But now, Mo Wuji had learnt of an important life lesson; here, no one would think that you were being polite or saving trouble, they would only think that you’re a coward.

Seeing the steel pole in Mo Wuji’s hand, a flash of light streaked across Hou Yucheng’s eyes and his face was instantly filled with colour. He finally understood why this Rogue Cultivator 2705 would stand up for him, turns out 2705 was Mo Wuji. He had always known that Mo Wuji was far from ordinary, but he never expected that in a short one to two years, Mo Wuji had actually become such an expert.

All this was secondary, the most important thing was that he had made a right judgement of Mo Wuji, he had truly befriended the right person.

"It’s really you." Xue Tongsi’s eyes also shone with radiance, "Senior Xinghe, have we met before? Were you the one who risked your life to save Lady Yan’Er, and even helped Senior Jinwen to kill that True Lake Stage hook nose?" At the very first instant, Xue Tongsi spammed Mo Wuji was a barrage of questions.

Mo Wuji smiled faintly, clasping his fists, "That’s right. I was that black faced monk with a scar of my face. Previously, I had changed my appearance."

By the side, Hou Yucheng was chuckling. Mo Wuji did not only change his appearance then. Even now, he was under disguise.

Xue Tongsi smiled radiantly as she turned to face the crowd, "See, I was right."

Listening in on the conversation between Mo Wuji and Xue Tongsi, the crowd instantly became more lively.

"Senior Xinghe, you really helped Pill Master Jinwen kill a True Lake Stage expert?"

"Senior Xinghe, when you were surrounded by hundreds of alien cultivators, how did you fight your way out?"

"Would Senior Xinghe need to fight his way out? Senior Xinghe must have ma.s.sacred those alien ants one by one, before slowly walking out."

The crowd surrounded Mo Wuji, and various questions and words of adoration bombarded over.

Xue Tongsi raised her hand to quell the crowd, speaking loudly, "Various Dao Friend, not only did Senior Xinghe fight to protect our homeland, he pitted his life to fight the alien cultivators alone. He is a person who does not fear death, risking his life to save a stranger. Cultivators of our generation should treat Senior Xinghe as a target of emulation. I, Xue Tongsi, would like to announce in front of everyone, that from today onwards, Senior Xinghe, is my Da s.h.i.+xiong!" (Big senior apprentice brother)

"From today onwards, Senior Xinghe is also my Da s.h.i.+xiong." Many cultivators in the crowd voiced out.

Da s.h.i.+xiong? Mo Wuji suddenly felt his b.a.l.l.s hurting. Do I look like a monkey? [1]

[1] Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, was the Da s.h.i.+xiong/senior apprentice brother among the disciples taken in by Monk Xuanzhang in journey to the west.. The other disciples were Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 197 - Da Shixiong! (Big Senior Apprentice Brother)

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