Immortal Mortal Chapter 201 - Extreme Mortal Stage

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"Sect Head Du?" A sudden but uncertain voice interrupted Du s.h.i.+qing's train of thoughts.

Du s.h.i.+qing turned to see a shop a.s.sistant donned in a certain merchant house’s uniform. He was not acquainted with this shop a.s.sistant.

"You called me?" Du s.h.i.+qing stared doubtfully at the shop a.s.sistant.

The shop a.s.sistant’s mouth widened into a grin, "So it really is senior. Someone got me to pa.s.s this letter to Senior Du."

With that, the shop a.s.sistant respectfully stuffed the letter into Du s.h.i.+qing’s hands.

Du s.h.i.+qing subconsciously accepted the letter and asked, "You sent this?"

"This I do not know. I’m just the runner." With that, the a.s.sistant turned and left; soon, he had disappeared.

Du s.h.i.+qing looked at the mysterious letter and opened it. At the very next instant, he was pleasantly surprised, "Senior Du, junior is Rogue Cultivator 2705. Because junior had offended another party, I dare not head towards Yan City, which was why I had someone pa.s.s this letter to senior. I wish to meet with senior, and ask Senior Du for advice. If Senior Du is willing to meet junior, please go to the Yin Tomb Beach, junior will be there waiting. If Senior Du is not willing to meet junior, please ignore this letter. If junior does not see senior, I will leave. Rogue Cultivator, Xinghe!"

In Yan City, there were few cultivators who did not know the Yin Tomb Beach.

The Yin Tomb Beach was 500 to 1,000 kilometers away from Yan City. Legends said that it was a battleground of the ancient cultivators. It was said that an Yin cultivator, who was close to ascending, was undergoing closed doors cultivation. However, a cultivator war took place, causing this Yin cultivator to fail in a critical moment of his cultivation, bringing his spirit channels into disorder and corrupting his cultivation.

On that very day, the Yin cultivator rampaged with anger, and before he died, he suddenly exploded, slaughtering all the cultivators who were battling there. Ultimately, his body, which was made of Yin energy, descended on that very land.

After the Yin cultivator fell, the land became enfolded with Yin energy, and even Yin Beads were condensed.

As time pa.s.sed, the place became an Yin-filled beach. Because there was no spiritual energy, and the high possibility of experiencing cultivation corruption here, few cultivators were willing to visit this place over the countless of years. At the very most, they would only pa.s.s by this place. Even the purest of Yin cultivators would not cultivate here. No matter how rich the Yin energy was, it would still be useless without spiritual energy.

Thus, the Yin Tomb Beach came to be a place which was known by all, but visited by none.

Du s.h.i.+qing was currently searching for Rogue Cultivator 2705. Rogue Cultivator 2705 had exchanged for his Tian Ji Sect’s Immortal Mortal Technique, which was a matter that would affect the Tian Ji Sect’s future. How could he not be worried? Now that the other party took the initiative to look for him, Du s.h.i.+qing did not hesitate to rush over.

However, as Du s.h.i.+qing was walking by the Yan City entrance, he paused and pa.s.sed the letter to the city guard, requesting the guard to help him pa.s.s the letter to the Tian Ji Sect during a change in s.h.i.+fts.

A few hours later, Du s.h.i.+qing appeared in the periphery of the Yin Tomb Beach.

It was exactly as the legends said. Even at the periphery, Du s.h.i.+qing could feel the rich and cold Yin energy. Over in the distance, there were even condensed clouds of Yin energy.

The Tian Ji Sect cultivates Yang techniques. However, Du s.h.i.+qing’s cultivation was limited, so he could not help but stimulate his spirits.

The entire area was empty and devoid of life. This induced some doubts within Du s.h.i.+qing; since that Rogue Cultivator 2705 had called him out, 2705 should already be here waiting for him.

As Du s.h.i.+qing was still confused over the bleakness of the place, a soil tomb slightly far from him exploded open. A hoa.r.s.e voice sounded over, "Sect Head Du really came."

Following the voice, a short figure jumped out from the soil, landing a few meters away from Du s.h.i.+qing.

When Du s.h.i.+qing saw this tiny figure, a trace of disappointment flashed through his eyes. Soon, Du s.h.i.+qing concealed this trace of disappointment; it didn’t matter what Rogue Cultivator 2705 looked like, he had spent more than ten thousand contribution points to purchase the Immortal Mortal Technique, so he definitely wasn’t an ordinary person.

As the exalted Du s.h.i.+qing, how could he judge others based on looks?

However, when Du s.h.i.+qing clearly saw what the other party looked like, his heart skipped a beat and he finally made sense of the situation, "You’re not Rogue Cultivator 2705…"

He had seen a portrait of 2705 before, 2705 was a pale faced scholar. However, this person was clearly not a scholar, and he was incredibly strong.

"Ha ha…" That short cultivator chortled, "Sect Head Du is indeed wise. I’m indeed not Rogue Cultivator 2705, the reason why I invited Sect Head Du here is to seek your advice on something."

Feeling that the other party’s cultivation was even higher than his, Du s.h.i.+qing’s eyes revealed an imposing expression, "Sir, please speak."

The short cultivator said indifferently, "The Tian Ji Sect does not have any outstanding talent, but yet it was able to climb the Hundred Sect Alliance’s contribution points ranking, charging into the top 100, even into the top 50. Ostensibly, the Tian Ji Sect’s Dao is deep and vast. However, after some investigation, something from the Tian Ji Sect must have been exchanged away using a large amounts of contribution points. There are only a few people who could use so many contribution points to exchange for Tian Ji Sect’s thing. Now, with a mention of 2705, Sect Head Du had arrived. It looks like my guess was right. The one who gave Tian Ji Sect the contribution points should be 2705, right?"

"Apologies, I’m not privy of this matter." Du s.h.i.+qing replied calmly.

The short cultivator laughed maniacally, "Sect Head Du, whether you know about it doesn’t matter. Now, I only hope for you to help me do two things. One, tell me who 2705 is, and where he had gone to. Two, what did 2705 exchange for from your Tian Ji Sect? Why did it need so many contribution points?"

"I said, I don’t know. If there’s nothing else, I will take my leave." Du s.h.i.+qing took a few steps backward.

The short cultivator grinned, "Leave? Now that you’re here, unless you make things clear, you will never leave in your entire life time."

Du s.h.i.+qing laughed calmly, "I understand, you should be from the Lei Clan. Only the Lei Clan would be so shameless."

"That’s right, I’m the Lei Clan’s Lei Mang. You, Du s.h.i.+qing, might be a sect head. But if I, Lei Mang wants to kill you, I don’t really need to spend much effort." The short cultivator said severely.

His Lei Clan did not find any traces of 2705, but found some clues from the change in Tian Ji Sect’s rankings.

Du s.h.i.+qing laughed once more, "I, Du s.h.i.+qing, might not have a high cultivation, but I’m not someone who would be threatened by a demon like you."

Liu Mang did not get angry, but stared at Du s.h.i.+qing with contempt, "After I kill you, I will kill everyone in your Tian Ji Sect, including your disciples and your adopted daughter."

Du s.h.i.+qing’s tone remain calm, "With your Yu Lin Lei Clan’s culture, this is indeed possible. I don’t find that weird."

"You’re not worried that your sect gets destroyed, nor the death of your disciples and loved ones?" Lei Mang stared at Du s.h.i.+qing quizzically.

Du s.h.i.+qing laughed gently, "My Tian Ji Sect will not be destroyed. It’s not something a tiny Lei Clan can do. My Tian Ji Sect’s teaching is: Tian Ji Sect disciples will only stand to their death; they will not kneel while they’re alive. Tian Ji Sect’s disciples will not be threatened. Your tiny Lei Clan does not have the rights to force my Tian Ji Sect to yield and kneel."

Liu Mang’s face swelled to an incredibly ugly extent; he shouted in rage, "Do it."

Tens of beams of lights shot towards Du s.h.i.+qing from all four directions. Thereafter, multiple figures came pouncing towards him.

"Kacha!" The Heaven grade spirit stone in Mo Wuji’s hands disintegrated into dust. This was the second of the three Heaven grade spirit stones he obtained from that woman’s storage ring.

To increase his rate of cultivation, Mo Wuji gritted his teeth to use this partially-used Heaven grade spirit stone.

Following the disappearance of this Heaven grade spirit stone, Mo Wuji broke through Transcending Mortality Stage Level 6, advancing into Transcending Mortality Stage Level 7.

Over the past six months, Mo Wuji had directly jumped six levels of the Transcending Mortality Stage. Even though this cultivation pace could not compare to the mutant five element spiritual root, Yan’Er, it was definitely a bullet train compared to majority of cultivators in the same stage.

Mo Wuji clearly knew why his cultivation could rise so fast, besides the high density of the advanced grade spiritual energy tempering room, the Tian Ji Sect’s Immortal Mortal Technique was indispensable. Of course, there was a more important reason: the Heaven grade spirit stone.

For his last Heaven grade spirit stone, Mo Wuji truly could not bear to use it. He intended to keep to to when he reached Transcending Mortality Stage Level 10 to advance into the Extreme Mortal Stage.

If it was as the legends said, an Extreme Mortal Stage cultivator could fight to a standstill with a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator; it was definitely worth it. At the very least, he didn’t to run away with his tail in between his legs every time he encountered a Yuan Dan Stage expert.

Even without the Heaven grade spirit stone, the rate Mo Wuji absorbed spiritual energy was terrifying. The rich spiritual energy in the entire advanced grade spiritual energy tempering room trembled, forming a spiritual energy whirlpool leading into his body.

However, a fast rate of spiritual energy absorption did not equate to a fast pace of cultivation.

One month pa.s.sed, two month pa.s.sed…

Three months later, Mo Wuji finally broke through Transcending Mortality Stage Level 7 and advanced into Transcending Mortality Stage Level 8.

Mo Wuji felt a little helpless. Despite the richness of the spiritual energy, and the combined efforts of all his 101 meridians, he still took three months to advance from Transcending Mortality Stage Level 7 to Level 8. When he thought about the past, he did not even take six months to reach Level 7 from Level 1.

The key difference was that he used the Heaven grade spirit stone previously.

Retrieving his final Heaven grade spirit stone, Mo Wuji hesitated for a long time before muttering to himself, "Just use it. A spirit stone is only useful when it actually becomes your power. The future can wait."

Clenching the Heaven grade spirit stone, the spiritual energy whirlpool around Mo Wuji became increasingly clear. Mo Wuji’s previous slow cultivation burst with rapid speed.

Half a month later, Mo Wuji advanced into Transcending Mortality Stage Level 9.

One month later, Mo Wuji reached the Great Circle of Level 9. A spirit ring which could not be seen nor touched developed within his body. At almost the same instant this spiritual ring was formed, Mo Wuji broke from the shackles of Transcending Mortality Stage Level 9, breaking through into Level 10.

That spirit ring must definitely by the sign of the Extreme Mortal Stage, Mo Wuji was indescribably excited and celebrated in his heart. He was sure that the spirit ring which seemed to override everything had something to do with the Extreme Mortal Stage. Other’s spirituality could be seen with their eyes because of their spiritual roots. However, he had mortal roots and depended on himself to cultivate to this extreme stage. Thus, his body developed a ring of spirituality which could not be seen nor touched.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 201 - Extreme Mortal Stage

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