Immortal Mortal Chapter 322 - Obstruct And You Die

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Chapter 322 - Obstruct and You Die

The black robe man with a red ribbon on his wrist was indeed the Solitary Red Knot who helped Mo Wuji escaped the Universal Hall. Ever since his brother had been killed by the Universal Hall’s enforcer and Xia Clan, Mo Wuji was considered to be the fella he admired the most. To dare act against an enforcer from the Enforcement Hall, this was the first guy he met after his brother.

Furthermore, he felt that Mo Wuji was much more intellectual than his brother because at least Mo Wuji gave himself s.p.a.ce and opportunity to turn the tides in his favor. Perhaps if he wanted revenge, Mo Wuji would be his best person to partner. However, the pity was that even before this partners.h.i.+p could be established, Mo Wuji already surrounded by such strong forces.

Even if he was the one who was surrounded like that, he would have no chance of surviving.

"I think it’s a little too much? I mean 500,000 contribution points was indeed not little but to cause such a commotion…"

"One look and I could tell that you know nothing at all, go and find out what is the Half Moon Immortal Palace. Those who went out to search for the 500,000 contribution points thief all had over a few millions contribution points themselves. Only you would believe such things."

"I have no idea what the Half Moon Immortal Palace is but I know that the Single Horn Battlestage all along had a great reputation in the Universal Hall. Now that they were cheated off 500,000 contribution points, how can they just let it go? This wasn’t about the 500,000 contribution points but the reputation of the Universal Hall itself so why would I not believe?"

"I think I’ve heard that, whoever can bring Mo Wuji back to the Xia Clan, they will reward 1000,000 contribution points and also recommend him to enter the Star King Mountain’s Warring Star Hall. The person would also be given an opportunity to enter the to enter Xia Clan’s secret domain to cultivate.

The Solitary Red Knot heard the discussions of the crowd and his heart turned even colder not only for Mo Wuji but himself too. Even the Star King Mountain was controlled by the three big clans so how would he have his chance to avenge his brother? He had even heard that the Stargazing Hall joined in and the Stargazing was under direct orders from the Star King Mountain’s Star Lord. Even the Star Lord had already made his move so why would there be any more pure land on the Star King Mountain?

At this moment, a man wearing a golden robe walked down from the s.p.a.ce and suspended in midair before shouting, "Fellow friends, I believe a lot of people recognise me so I will not hide the fact that I belonged to the Yan Clan. Back when Yan Yangdong and Mo Wuji were having their duel on the Deathmatch Battlestage, Yan Yangdong was plotted to death by Mo Wuji. I didn’t think much about it because one could use any method to kill the opponent so even if Mo Wuji managed to kill him using dirty techniques, that’s his capabilities and my Yan Clan would definitely not be after him because of this.

But now, even if my Yan Clan was exterminated by Mo Wuji and was wrongly accused by everyone, my Yan Clan had to capture Mo Wuji and burn his bones to ashes. Does everyone know what kind of person was that Mo Wuji who just ascended the Universal Board? I don’t know how to say it but perhaps everyone would understand when they look at this visual recording."

The golden robe man waved his hand after he finished and a huge array display screen appeared in front of everyone.

The display screen showed Mo Wuji standing in the universe and a flying s.h.i.+p stopped not too far away from him. There were three people on board the s.h.i.+p and everyone could guess that there should be a couple bringing a young girl.

The girl was extremely cute as she jumped out of the s.h.i.+p and walked towards Mo Wuji with her parents watching her caringly.

"Big brother, may I ask if you lost your way? Why don’t you follow us because we are on our way back to the Universal Hall?" The innocent and naive young girl lifted her head and asked.

Mo Wuji didn’t even look at that young girl as his face remained emotionless.

The young girl saw that Mo Wuji didn’t reply so she continued, "...Then I shall leave now…"

After finis.h.i.+ng, this girl turned around and walked off. At this same moment, Mo Wuji acted and smashed this little girl’s head into pieces behind her back.

After which was the devastating cry of the young girl and the recording ended.

The golden robe man’s eyes were filled with despair, "Does everyone understand why my Yan Clan had to kill him? He isn’t human but an animal. That’s right, this young girl was a disciple of my Yan Clan and it was a pity that she was so innocent and naive to go out with her parents to gain universe experience and was met with such tragedy. My Yan Clan shall vow that whoever could bring Mo Wuji back to the Yan Clan shall be granted the opportunity to cultivate freely in my Yan Clan’s spirit jade pool. The remaining rewards would also be 10 times the reward now as well as the chance to enter the Star King Mountain’s Star Cloud Hall..."

"Kill him now!"

"B*stard, how could such a person still be alive?"


"We won’t be pleased till he’s killed."

After the visual recording was released, more and more cultivators at the first level of the Universal Pier became enraged. Initially, there were already a lot of cultivators who retrieved the universal radiant sword signal but there were even more now.

The moment this recording was released, there was an increased surge of cultivators who wanted to capture Mo Wuji in just half an incense’s time.

Out of the 10 big halls in the Star King Mountain, 8 had already joined and even more big sects were starting to join. Very soon, over tens of big or small sects who wanted to capture Mo Wuji had reached. Additionally, even very small sects and some family clans had joined the gang to capture Mo Wuji.

The Solitary Red Knot let out a long sigh as he turned and walked out of the Universal Pier.

He knew that Mo Wuji would certainly be meeting his doom. He had already done what he could but at this point, there was simply nothing he could do.

His cultivation level might only be in Great Circle of the True Lake Stage but his true strength was not in terms of his cultivation level but his ability to disguise and create s.p.a.ce portraits or visual recording.

The tape that the golden robed man took out was indeed real but he could tell that there were traces of it being cut short. Even though he had no idea why Mo Wuji would act against a small girl, deep in his heart, he believed that Mo Wuji was not such a person.

A person who was willing to act against the Universal Hall Enforcer for a friend naturally valued emotions and friends.h.i.+p hence, he didn’t believe that a person like Mo Wuji would be so brutal. Moreover, he understood Yan Clan’s meaning behind this which was to tell everyone to bring Mo Wuji to the Yan Clan after capturing him.

Yan Clan was willing to reward so handsomely so as to tell those who captured Mo Wuji that even if they were to get the half moon key, they wouldn’t be able to enter the Universal Hall so they might as well exchanged it with some valuable treasures instead.

"Grandfather, this person is too brutal. I want to join the rest to enter the universe and kill this sc.u.mbag," At a corner of the Universal Pier, a young girl, who was about the same age as the girl in the visual recording, was enraged as she watched the tape with her fist clenched.

Standing beside the young girl was an elder with a rickets back.

The elder touched this girl’s hair lovingly before saying, "Your grandfather is old, shall we head back first? We can come back when your cultivation level is higher."

"Yes, I will definitely work hard to cultivate so that I would be able to kill that sc.u.mbag as soon as possible," The young girl said each word very clearly.

The elder didn’t reply the young girl but only thanked the continuous playing of the visual recording.

Others might not recognise the young girl that Mo Wuji killed but he would never forget. This girl was called the h.e.l.l’s Angel and even though she looked like a young child, she was already over hundred years old. Because this woman specialised in using the fresh blood of young, immature girls in addition to her extraordinary technique, she was able to maintain her 10 years old girl appearance. This technique allowed one to extend her youth but the only drawback would be that the cultivation progress would be extremely slow.

Over 200 years ago, his daughter was sucked dry of her blood by this demon. Even though this h.e.l.l’s Angel looked different every time she appeared, he would never forget her demeanour movement as it would forever be etched deep in his heart. The h.e.l.l’s Angel cultivated a type of blood aura sword and coupled with her looks of a small girl, an average person would not be able to escape her clutches. Back then, he was indeed shot by the blood aura sword and if not for San Yisheng’s aid, he would have cease to live on this world.

He knew that the scariest thing about this young girl was not her methods of killing someone but her method of escaping. He was unable to help avenge his daughter hence, was extremely thankful for Mo Wuji’s help to kill her. In actual fact, he still had no idea how Mo Wuji was able to kill this h.e.l.l’s Angel.

This was because this h.e.l.l’s Angel only needed a split moment to escape. Additionally, the h.e.l.l’s Angel had an incredibly powerful force backing her.

As much as he was appreciative of Mo Wuji, he didn’t dare to tell her granddaughter the truth.

Mo Wuji’s flying s.h.i.+p speed was already at its limit but he soon realised that he had a decreasing amount of s.p.a.ce to escape.

It was like everyone in this universe knew that he was escaping so all of them came to chase after his head. There were countless of radiant sword signals being sent out every moment and a continuous flow of people appeared in front of him to obstruct him.

If he continued to escape with his flying s.h.i.+p any further, he would soon be trapped and with nowhere to run anymore

Mo Wuji was always very straightforward and direct so he would do things the moment he thought of it. He immediately kept his flying s.h.i.+p and his entire body a.s.similated into the wind and escape out of the crowd like a s.p.a.ce shadow.

"He is using the Wind Escape Technique…" Those after Mo Wuji didn’t take very long to recognise his technique.

In less than half an incense worth of time, there were radiant sword signals shooting out into the universe again. The brilliant radiance and positioning of the flying s.h.i.+p made everyone charged towards Mo Wuji.

The majority of people here knew that they wouldn’t receive much credit even when Mo Wuji was eventually captured. However, the eight big halls of the Star King Mountain, 19 big sects of the Zhen Mo Continent and the countless smaller sects had already announced to reward those who partic.i.p.ate in trapping Mo Wuji. Whether the reward was big or small, it was dependent on how effective or useful each individual was in trapping Mo Wuji.

Even if you didn’t make any attack, you would be making a contribution just by standing there to block his way.

With his Tian Ji Pole tightly in his hand, Mo Wuji knew that he might not be 100% sure that he could escape all these with his Wind Escape Technique. His Wind Escape Technique was not that strong to be able to bring him out of the vast universe in one move and everyone here was out to catch him so anywhere he appeared, signals would be sent out.

Two True Lake Stage cultivators and one Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator saw the appearance of Mo Wuji and signalled to each other immediately before charging towards Mo Wuji simultaneously. Their eyes were filled with excitement just like a shark smelling the scent of blood.

The trio knew clearly that as long as the three of them could exchange one blow with Mo Wuji face to face, even if Mo Wuji managed to escape, they would still be rewarded handsomely.

"Kill!" Mo Wuji’s entire body was enshrouded with killing intent as he charged towards the three people who were also charging at him. He need not feel hesitant since everyone around him wanted to capture him.

Presently, there were only four words in his heart, Obstruct and you die.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 322 - Obstruct And You Die

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