Immortal Mortal Chapter 323 - Exchange It With Your Lives

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Chapter 323 - Exchange it With Your Lives

As he whipped out his Tian Ji Pole, Mo Wuji was only facing the Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator and he didn’t even take a glance at the two True Lake Stage cultivators.

A fierce, murderous looking Mo Wuji begun his charge towards him. The Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator grinned as he held his Thousand-layered Gong and charged towards Mo Wuji too, "I will hold him back, kill…"

"Bang! Boom!" Mo Wuji’s Lightning Flash went up against this Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator’s Thousand-layered Gong as an intense explosion of elemental energy continuously exploded in s.p.a.ce.

This Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator could feel a surge of elemental energy, which was certainly not any weaker than his own, coming back at him which made his heart turned cold. No wonder he could kill Yan Yangdong because his strength was simply unbelievable for his cultivation level.

Wait, didn’t he use a steel pole just now? How did it become a series of exploding lightning?

"Boom! Boom" Two continuous blood fog appeared and this Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator’s body gave a violent shudder. There was suddenly an indescribable fear in his heart and this fear was actually towards a True Lake Stage cultivator which made him extremely embarra.s.sed.

Previously, the rod was clearly directed at him yet it landed on his two partners instead. Moreover, during this period of time, he didn’t feel any elemental change of the surrounding air. What ability is this?

At this moment if he still didn’t know that Mo Wuji had already planned to kill the two cultivators first, he was really an idiot. Mo Wuji had long planned to kill the two True Lake Stage first before fighting him seriously.

The pole shadow instantly killed two elementary True Lake Stage cultivators yet Mo Wuji maintained his serious face. The killing intent around his body was even sharper as his Tian Ji Pole struck again, this time towards the Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator.

"Dang dang dang!" This Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator could not hide but could only use his Thousand-layered Gong to fend off Mo Wuji’s Tian Ji Pole forcefully.

Waves after waves of insane elemental energy gushed over and it made this Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator furious at himself because he was after all still in the Nihility G.o.d Stage, how could he be afraid of a True Lake Stage?

After he eradicated his fear from his heart, the Thousand-layered Gong turned into an illusionary Gong shadow covering the sky and locking Mo Wuji as its target.

Mo Wuji’s Tian Ji Pole acted like it split up because wherever the opponent’s Gong Shadow was, the Tian Ji Pole would always seemed to be able to strike the heart of the gong.

Initially, Mo Wuji was still worried that his pole technique might not be sufficient but afterwards, he was totally indulged in the carefree swaying of the pole. The Tian Ji Pole in his hands was almost like another life. He was able to use the most simple method, most frugal amount of elemental energy to sway his Tian Ji Pole. He felt like he wasn’t in a battle but creating art on a piece of white paper.

Perhaps, this was the true essence of the Nirvana Pole Shadow. Under the effects of the Nirvana Pole Shadow, the opponent’s technique was almost like a toddler learning how to walk.

"Bang bang bang…"

Elemental energy was exploding in the universe continuously and Mo Wuji was fighting with even greater ease while the opponent seemed like he was trap within his pole technique, unable to help himself. As long as he caught hold of the opportunity, Mo Wuji would be able to catch the opponent off guard and strike him where he was the most vulnerable.

So what if he was in the Nihility G.o.d Stage? Mo Wuji was still able to use a pole technique to trap him.

However, this Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator, who was fighting Mo Wuji, was feeling more fearful as the fight dragged on. At the start, his Thousand-layered Gong Shadow was still able to completely enveloped Mo Wuji and he thought that Mo Wuji would be bounded by him as time pa.s.sed.

But now, the one bounded was himself and as time pa.s.sed, the s.p.a.ce he could control was getting smaller and smaller. It was like an invisible hand that was trying to grab tighter onto him.

"Hurry up and leave," The moment this thought developed, it extended and spread across his mind like a wild vine. However, he didn’t expect that the moment he made his decision to leave, he was already a dead man.

Once the Nirvana Pole Shadow was executed, it would not miss even the smallest of s.p.a.ce. The next moment, the Tian Ji Pole broke his defence and pierced through his forehead just like a long lethal sword.

This was neither Mo Wuji’s first time killing a Nihility G.o.d Stage nor his last time killing one so his heart didn’t feel anything. Presently, he was just standing in the universe, staring at the increasing number of cultivators surrounding him.

The time he spent killing the two True Lake Stage cultivators and the Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator was not too long. However, in this short period of time, he was already surrounded everywhere as more beams of universal signal sword radiance was shot out and more individuals started to join the crowd.

Initially, Mo Wuji was resolute on escaping no matter what however, he had calmed himself down and there was only dense killing intent in his heart. In fact, it wasn't just too long ago that he depended on a pole technique to kill a Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator.

"Mo Wuji, I used to admire you for being able to ascend the Universal Board despite being only at True Lake Stage and I thought you were a true warrior. However, I’ve misjudged you because not only did you not hold any regards for the laws of the Universal Hall, you actually acted against an innocent, young girl. I, Xue Jiuyang, swear that if I didn’t kill you and avenge the little girl, I would stop cultivating for the rest of my life. Everyone help me control the array as I must personally kill this animal…" A man filled with beard said as he rushed out of the crowd and charged towards Mo Wuji.

This Xue Jiuyang, fella said his piece so gloriously as if he wanted to finish Mo Wuji personally. However, at the moment he charged towards Mo Wuji. there were already over hundreds of cultivators charging over. Help Xue Jiuyang hold the array? Who did he think he was?

Mo Wuji was like a treasure chest and everyone wanted to kill him so much so that even landing a strike on him would be an honourable act.

To be able to kill a cultivator ranked on the Universal Board, could you guess how big an honour it would be? Injuring a sc.u.mbag who killed a small girl mercilessly, how big a glory would one receive? As long as one could kill Mo Wuji, he would be removing harm for all the cultivators, gaining recognition for the Universal Hall and getting fame for oneself.

Only idiots would let this opportunity slip away after knowing the benefits of killing or injuring Mo Wuji.

Behind the hundreds of cultivators charging towards him were another few hundred more but Mo Wuji chose to shut his eyes and at that moment, his heart was at peace.

It was just like the time he was at his research lab as he was only focused on his Channel Opening Solution with no sound and n.o.body around to disturb or interrupt him.

Even if a few million more people were to charge at him now, he was still alone at this moment.

Tranquility could only be achieved in an indescribable realm and at this moment, a mad amount of killing intent was constantly emitted from Mo Wuji’s body.

Mo Wuji didn’t choose to continue escaping because he knew that it would be extremely difficult if he were to depend on his Wind Escape Technique to escape the ma.s.s surrounding from all four directions. The moment he appeared, someone would sent out the signal so no matter how strong his elemental energy was, there would still be the moment he would exhaust all of it.

He lifted his leg and took a step forward. When his first step landed successfully, the Boundless Lightning Rain covered the entire sky and fell on his enemies. His Tian Ji Pole also turned into a pole shadow as it was swung against them. After his Nirvana Pole Shadow killed the Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator, it reached yet another sublimation and every strike if the pole shadow managed to emit a fierce killing intent.


The same moment Mo Wuji charged towards the crowd of cultivators, his killing intent completely expanded outwards. As the lightning bolts fell, those enemies below the True Lake Stage were all struck by these lightning bolts and very few survived.

After the True Lake Stage cultivators were struck by the lightning bolts, Mo Wuji’s Tian Ji Pole seemed to have came to life by backing up the lightning bolt with another strike of the pole.

Mo Wuji’s entire body and the Tian Ji Pole had already merged into one to kill a lot of enemies under the aid of Boundless Lightning Rain.

No matter who or how many people wanted his life, they had to exchange it with their lives.

As he took away a person’s life, countless of attacks would land on his body simultaneously. Even though his Revolving Star Pa.s.sage Technique had already reached the Zhuan Stage, his injuries were still acc.u.mulating.

The more people he killed, there would be even more injuries on Mo Wuji’s body and his heart would be even heavier too.

Out of those that were surrounding him, there were almost no True G.o.d Stage cultivators around and most of them were True Lake, Nihility G.o.d and even some below Yuan Dan Stage.

Only these low level cultivators would be scurrying everywhere in s.p.a.ce waiting for their opportunity to strike. For the stronger True G.o.d Stage cultivators, they would come over immediately after they locked their target.

Now that he was this target, just because there were no True G.o.d Stage experts yet didn’t mean there would not be any True G.o.d Stage experts coming over later. If a Worldly Immortal were to arrive, he might not be able to make his move before being killed.

"This man is inhumane and vicious, his elemental energy would eventually have a limit. Let’s work harder and kill him together…" Within the crowd, a Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator was struck on the head by Mo Wuji’s lightning and cried out instantly.

"Bang!" Just as he finished this sentence, Mo Wuji’s Tian Ji Pole had already struck the back of the cultivator’s head from a bizarre and unexpected angle.

Even though this cultivator was killed, his words were put to effect as even more cultivators came charging forward at him and Mo Wuji finally felt the strain.

He wasn’t a G.o.d but only a True Lake Stage. No matter how strong his violet elemental energy lake was, it belonged only to the True Lake Stage only. Some experts in the elementary stage of the True G.o.d Stage just arrived, only made one move and was able to create two more blood holes in his chest and broke a few more bones in his body.

Mo Wuji, who’s entire body was covered in blood and several broken bones, suddenly let out a devastating cry like a wolf’s howl. If he were to die today, Mo Wuji had to find a bunch of scapegoats. The Scholar’s Heart was swaying slightly in his sea of consciousness and it’s insane temperature was about to explode out.

He knew that he was still unable to use his Scholar’s Heart to kill because if he were to release the Scholar’s Heart completely without fear, the Scholar’s Heart might eventually returned to the wild before covering the sky and behave b.e.s.t.i.a.lly. Everyone here, including himself, would disintegrate into ashes under the rage of this Scholar’s Heart.

Some experts in the advanced stage of the Nihility G.o.d Stage could feel the threat from Mo Wuji’s body as they subconsciously took a few steps back. Mo Wuji’s glare turned ice cold and even some experts in the elementary stage of the True G.o.d Stage who just arrived here could feel their imminent death from Mo Wuji’s glare. They initially wanted to capture Mo Wuji and leave but now that Mo Wuji was emitting such terrifying aura, even they were a little hesitant now.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 323 - Exchange It With Your Lives

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