Immortal Mortal Chapter 333 - Heaven Calamity Stone

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Chapter 333 - Heaven Calamity Stone

Mo Wuji hung his Tian Ji Pole behind him as he dragged the jade coffin out of the aperture of the Extreme Frost Sea.

The matured scene of the universe made Mo Wuji recalled the scene when Cen Shuyin was carrying him into this same Extreme Frost Sea’s aperture as she narrated her childhood to Mo Wuji.

After all these years, Cen Shuyin and himself finally made it out again. The difference this time round was that Cen Shuyin was inside this jade coffin.

"Shuyin, I will quickly find a smaller world and bury you with many fresh flowers around you. In the future, I will definitely bring you next to your mother so you will never be lonely again," Mo Wuji gently stroke against the jade coffin as he murmured to himself.

Only after a while, Mo Wuji kept the jade coffin inside his storage ring because while travelling across s.p.a.ce, he would meet any type of s.p.a.ce beasts at any moment so it would be inconvenient for him to be holding the jade coffin like this. There was no life in the storage ring, no flowers or trees and this was why he was unwilling to put the coffin in the storage ring from the start.

After letting out a sigh, Mo Wuji finally took out his round flying s.h.i.+p. Shuai Guo could sensed that Mo Wuji wasn’t feeling very happy so it didn’t speak much as it hid in a corner of the flying s.h.i.+p alone. Mo Wuji was not in the mood to bother about Shuai Guo so he retrieved his spatial positioning ball and ignited the flying s.h.i.+p towards the aperture to leave the Extreme Frost Sea.

The grade of his spatial positioning ball was not high so it still couldn’t display any positioning. Back then when he killed all six of the Worldly Immortal Stage experts, they must have had a truck load of good items but the pity was that the moment the laser canons were shot, even he couldn’t control the extent of its power. All six Worldly Immortals were already burnt till even their ashes were no longer around, let alone the storage rings on their body.

After flying in s.p.a.ce for another two consecutive days, Mo Wuji finally came to a halt. If he wanted to advance to the True G.o.d Stage, returning to the Zhen Mo Continent would still be the best option available. The s.p.a.ce might be vast but the dao rules here were extremely blur so it might not be that easy if he wanted to advance into the True G.o.d Stage here.

However, returning to the Zhen Mo Continent would definitely entail a huge war. The moment he was recognised, someone would definitely find trouble with him. Given his strength now, he was indeed a lot stronger as compared to when he was chased after previously. However, if a real expert came along, Mo Wuji’s strength would still be a distance away. After all, Mo Wuji hadn’t even stepped into the True G.o.d Stage.

When he was in the True Lake Stage, he was able to kill a Nihility G.o.d Stage expert because these two stages belonged to the Earth Realm. Being in the Nihility G.o.d Stage himself didn’t mean that he could kill a True G.o.d Stage. Perhaps he could defeat a True G.o.d Stage expert but for him to kill one, it was simply too hard for him at his current stage. After all, the True G.o.d Stage belonged to the Heaven Realm and one had to go through the Six-Nine Lightning Calamity to reach that stage.

Just when Mo Wuji was trying to find someone in s.p.a.ce to get a more complete spatial positioning ball, a dazzling light radiance was shot out from far away. It looked like a round ball but also looked like a piece of ma.s.sive s.h.i.+ning stone. What made Mo Wuji surprised was that this light radiance that shot through the s.p.a.ce brought along an indescribable dao aura.

Mo Wuji looked suspiciously at the round ball which disappeared far into the s.p.a.ce as he was wondering what exactly could that be. Because even if a meteorite had some radiance on it, it would never emit a dao aura. That was an occult aura that he knew he would never be able to grasp hold of yet a strong desire to obtain it.

Mo Wuji sensed the shadows of flying s.h.i.+ps flying by using his spiritual will and these flying s.h.i.+ps were evidently headed towards that brilliant stone that pierced through the s.p.a.ce.

That must a treasure! Mo Wuji confirmed that in almost an instant because if it wasn’t a treasure, others wouldn’t fly towards it in a hurry the moment they saw it.

Could this be the Heaven Calamity Stone?

As he thought of the Heaven Calamity Stone, Mo Wuji became excited. Even though he didn’t receive much resources during his time in the sects, he had acquired quite a bit of spoils. There were a lot of victory goods including the various Heaven and Earth grade treasures and the Heaven Calamity Stone was the one treasure almost everyone yearned for.

Heaven Calamity Stone usually appeared in s.p.a.ce or the endless void s.p.a.ce as its entire body would emit light radiance of spirituality. However, Mo Wuji wasn’t too sure that the white light he saw earlier on was the same spirituality.

If that was truly the Heaven Calamity Stone, it would definitely be what he needed desperately.

The Heaven Calamity Stone was able to allow cultivators to undergo tribulation and even received sufficient pure spiritual energy to advance. This was actually not the Heaven Calamity Stone’s most important usage because things like heavenly tribulation could occur even without the use of a Heaven Calamity Stone as long as one was strong enough coupled with a change of venue to undergo tribulation would usually suffice.

The reason why the Heaven Calamity Stone was highly sought after was because after the Heaven Calamity Stone was used for tribulation, the stone would perish and the user who underwent tribulation would be able to gain insights of a sacred art.

Having something like a sacred art was like having a great killing machine of the legends. Even the highest grade of magic skill would not be comparable to the sacred art.

How did the three big clans of the Star King Mountain started up? Wasn’t it because they received sacred arts from the Half Moon Immortal Palace? Rumours were that what they received were pseudo-sacred arts. If pseudo-sacred arts were able to allow the three big clans to gain a foothold in the Star King Mountain and become a top grade force in the Zhen Mo Continent, what would happen if one were to receive the real sacred art from the Heaven Calamity Stone?

Heaven Calamity Stone had existed in s.p.a.ce for an extremely long time and it’s spirituality aura was formed by absorbing and condensing the spiritual energy from both heaven and earth. Something like this must be used immediately at sight and must not be kept in the storage ring. The moment it was kept in the storage ring, that heaven and earth spirituality would immediately dissipate and it would be equivalent to obtaining a piece of trash.

Moreover, there weren’t a lot of storage rings which were capable of storing a Heaven Calamity Stone.

Therefore, cultivators who had yet to undergo lightning tribulation could only stare at this Heaven Calamity Stone. The Heaven Calamity Stone was most suitable for cultivators in the Great Circle of the Nihility G.o.d Stage or the Great Circle of the True G.o.d Stage.

If a Worldly Immortal were to undergo tribulation with the Heaven Calamity Stone, it would awake the use of sacred art for the Worldly Immortal expert too.

However, there were already extremely little experts in the Great Circle of the Worldly Immortal Stage and even if there were these few, they would be in closed doors performing their own dao technique. How many of them would actually have time to wander in s.p.a.ce? Only the Nihility G.o.d Stage and True G.o.d Stage cultivators would have the highest possibility to see the Heaven Calamity Stone.

After guessing that the stone that flew by could be the Heaven Calamity Stone, Mo Wuji immediately turned the direction of the flying s.h.i.+p and headed towards that direction in the greatest speed possible.

He definitely had to get the Heaven Calamity Stone on his hands.

After several days, Mo Wuji knew that his current prospect of obtaining the Heaven Calamity Stone was not great at all. The Heaven Calamity Stone was not only spotted by himself but by almost everyone here in the s.p.a.ce too. There were even some cultivators from other places who had received the signals and hurried here.

Mo Wuji kept his flying s.h.i.+p immediately and said to Shuai Guo, "Hold on to my shoulder because I am about to increase my speed."

Shuai Guo heard and immediately threw its body onto Mo Wuji’s shoulder. Mo Wuji kept his flying s.h.i.+p and as a slight wind blew past him, they immediately disappeared from their original position.

Mo Wuji’s Wind Escape Technique was at the pinnacle of level 6 and he was also at the peak of the Nihility G.o.d Stage. Even though his Wind Escape Technique had to drop one level to be used in s.p.a.ce, his speed was still incredibly great. Eventually, there were automatically some faint wind blowing from his back to ignite his technique as he no longer had to use his elemental energy to do so.

Was he about to break into his Wind Escape Technique Level 7?

Af the thought of this, Mo Wuji felt weightless and he felt like he had turned into a blanket of indistinct smoke as he fluttered away.

He really did break through into level 7 of his Wind Escape Technique and Mo Wuji’s long term frustration of not being able to break into the True G.o.d Stage was finally relieved by a little.

Since he was not able to step into the True G.o.d Stage, it was fantastic news that his Wind Escape Technique was able to advance.

After he reached level 7, Mo Wuji’s speed was even quicker so much so that he flew past flying s.h.i.+ps after flying s.h.i.+ps. However, no matter how many flying s.h.i.+ps he flew past, there was always another flying s.h.i.+p in front of him.

Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan the surrounding and he realised that most of the cultivators on board the flying s.h.i.+ps were in the Nihility G.o.d Stage Level 9. There were even some Nihility G.o.d Stage Level 8 cultivators increasing their speed to go ahead.

There was still one more benefit to undergo tribulation on the Heaven Calamity Stone and that was even if one hadn’t undergo the lightning tribulation, as long as his cultivation level was not too far away, you could induct the lightning tribulation on the Heaven Calamity Stone too. Simultaneously, one’s cultivation level would progress into the advanced stage of the Great Circle in the shortest possible time.

The only thing Mo Wuji could rejoice about was the fact that he hadn’t seen any experts in the Great Circle of the True G.o.d Stage. There were in fact two True G.o.d Stage experts but both of them only just stepped into the Heaven Realm not too long ago. The reasons why these fellas would be looking for the Heaven Calamity Stone was definitely to gift it to more suitable people to use as stepping stone for further cultivation.

The Heaven Calamity Stone in s.p.a.ce was naturally for people to use for tribulation so as long as the person chasing it had reached a certain level of cultivation and speed, the Heaven Calamity Stone would naturally slow itself down intuitively. This slowing down didn’t mean a complete halt but it would be a speed which many average cultivators would still be unable to catch up with.

After executing his Wind Escape Technique for three consecutive days, Mo Wuji could finally see the Heaven Calamity Stone from far away. Now that his Wind Escape Technique was at level 7, Mo Wuji’s speed had already exceeded the Heaven Calamity Stone’s speed.

Seeing Mo Wuji getting closer and closer to the Heaven Calamity Stone and just as he was near to the stone, an extremely dour voice was heard, "The small kid in front, stop right there for master. The Heaven Calamity Stone is not for an ant like you to mess with," Shuai Guo, which was standing on Mo Wuji’s shoulder, heard this and his eyeb.a.l.l.s were rolling everywhere. This fella addressed himself as master, he should be pretty strong to address himself like this?

Mo Wuji appeared as though he didn’t hear anything as he took a step forward, ready to step onto the Heaven Calamity Stone.

Just as Mo Wuji was about to step onto the Heaven Calamity Stone, a cold radiance pierced through s.p.a.ce and was shot directly through Mo Wuji’s back.

A type of killing intent diffused with death immediately invaded Mo Wuji’s spiritual will and as much as Mo Wuji wanted to step onto the Heaven Calamity Stone, he had no choice but to stop in his tracks.

His Tian Ji Pole turned into endless pole shadows to clash with that cold radiance. There was a violent explosion of elemental energy and the s.p.a.ce was temporarily blasted into shadows of radiance by the clash of elemental energy.

As if it could sense Mo Wuji’s sudden decrease in speed, the Heaven Calamity Stone actually stopped all of a sudden. When a ma.s.sive stone with a three meters radius was suspended in mid air and emitting faint spirituality aura, even a clueless person would be able to tell that this was definitely a great item from heaven.

Obstructing Mo Wuji was a fellow who was also in the Great Circle of the Nihility G.o.d Stage and he looked incredibly strong too. Mo Wuji knew that if he wanted to undergo tribulation on the Heaven Calamity Stone peacefully, he had to first get rid of this guy.

This Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator actually had the same thoughts as Mo Wuji as both of them drew out their spiritual weapon and charged towards each other almost simultaneously.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 333 - Heaven Calamity Stone

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