Immortal Mortal Chapter 335 - I Don’T Care Who You Are

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Chapter 335 - I Don’t Care Who You Are

If it were against any other cultivators, Li Xiuran’s s.p.a.ce splitting blade force would have directly affected the other party’s mind and could even cause his primordial spirit to enter a trance and eventually injuring him.

However, Mo Wuji had a vast sea of consciousness and a solid state of the huge violet lake. Ever since his first meridian, Mo Wuji had been through countless of life and death incidents and most importantly, Mo Wuji had yet to cultivate his primordial spirit. Even though he was in the Nihility G.o.d Stage, he only had the huge violet lake as well as violet elemental energy. Without his primordial spirit, even if his mind entered a trance, it wouldn’t blur out much of his spiritual will.

Despite the strong force from Li Xiuran’s blade, it could only suay his mind slightly.

As he brandished his Tian Ji Pole, it struck directly against Li Xiuran’s sharp blade force.

"Boom!" Insane amount of elemental energy from both parties continued to clash against each other as the onlookers were getting even more astonished by the minute. This fella, who wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the Heaven Calamity Stone, could actually match Li Xiuran and was not any much weaker than him. Where on earth did this Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator appeared from?

The majestic elemental energy surged over like waves in a stormy sea as Li Xiuran could only watch blankly at his own blade force being countered back at him.

Presently, Li Xiuran was feeling astonished because there was actually a Nihility G.o.d Stage cultivator capable of matching him evenly head on. Moreover, the opponent didn’t even wait for his blade force to split anything before destroying it. It was only till this moment that he realised how true his mentor’s words were.

Back then his mentor once told him, ‘There is bound to be someone stronger than you out in s.p.a.ce and you simply haven’t met him.’ He was initially still doubtful over this sentence but it seemed like this was the case now even before he could leave this piece of universe.

Mo Wuji’s Tian Ji Pole shadows continued its motion and just as it was about to strike, Mo Wuji realised that the previously stationary Heaven Calamity Stone started moving again.

The moment the Heaven Calamity Stone moved again, this would signify that it would move even faster than before and not stop for him anymore.

Mo Wuji’s main purpose here was not to kill Li Xiuran but to step onto the Heaven Calamity Stone. Now that the Heaven Calamity Stone started moving again, why would Mo Wuji continue to care about Li Xiuran as he s.h.i.+fted his body and immediately turned into a strong wind, landing on the Heaven Calamity Stone.

Just as Li Xiuran was getting hold of the situation, he wouldn’t just let Mo Wuji go when he saw Mo Wuji heading away. Sure enough, Li Xiuran followed Mo Wuji onto the Heaven Calamity Stone.

The second Mo Wuji stepped onto the Heaven Calamity Stone, he could feel the surge of dense spiritual energy flowing into him. The cultivation level which he spent a year trying to improve immediately rose. The spirit ring within his body became clear and the violet spirituality within him even seeped out to his body. This was the first time Mo Wuji felt the true strength of the Earth Realm.

At the same time, Mo Wuji realised the use of his 105th meridian which happened to be a spirit storage channel. Mo Wuji had no idea that spiritual will could even be stored within his meridian.

Even though Mo Wuji had no idea how useful the spirit storage channel would be, he guessed that it wouldn’t be any weaker than his previous few meridians.

An enormous aura rushed over and there seemed to be a shackle within his dao insights waiting for him to unlock. As long as he could unlock that shackle, he would be able to step onto a new stage and face a brand new world. Mo Wuji let out a breath because he knew that this shackle was the Heaven Realm shackle and he was about to step into the True G.o.d Stage.

In the Lost Continent, countless of cultivators were constantly looking for the Flower of the True G.o.ds so they could step into the True G.o.d Stage. Even though he didn’t have any Flower of the True G.o.ds, he met the Heaven Calamity Stone. The Zhen Mo Continent’s induction towards Heaven Realm was much clearer than the Lost Continent’s.

"You are indeed in the Extreme Earth Realm…" There were traces of violent killing intent in Li Xiuran’s eyes after he landed opposite Mo Wuji. His heart was shocked because not only was Mo Wuji in the Extreme Earth Realm, his Extreme Earth Realm’s spirituality was extremely clear and there was even more hidden strength within his spirit rings.

Li Xiuran was not a newbie who knew nothing at all because he was clearly aware of Mo Wuji’s strength at the Extreme Earth Realm could even be stronger than his own Extreme Earth Realm.

Ever since he started cultivating, this was Li Xiuran’s first time seeing someone on the same cultivation level as himself restrained him for a few consecutive moves.

Mo Wuji was about to undergo his heavenly lightning tribulation so why would he have the time to bother about Li Xiuran’s rubbish. This Heaven Calamity Stone was meant for him to use and he initially didn’t bother killing Li Xiuran but since the other party was so willing to die, he could just go and die.

Tian Ji Pole brought about a sky full of pole shadows as it charged towards Li Xiuran.

"Boom boom boom!" Multiple electrob.a.l.l.s were shot out towards Li Xiuran at the same moment the pole shadows descended.

Mo Wuji made his decision to land the death blow because there was no longer any reason for him to give chance. This concerned his future achievements and furthermore, Mo Wuji didn’t really like this guy.

"You actually possess lightning affinity spiritual roots…" Li Xiuran could only say halfway as he realised that Mo Wuji became much stronger than before once again. Previously, his opponent was only slightly stronger than himself and if Mo Wuji dared to come up to him, Li Xiuran would still be able to kill him with his blade technique.

However, he was even suspicious and worried that his blade technique might not be able to kill Mo Wuji now.

This was also the first time since he started cultivating that he suspected his own strength in killing a same stage cultivator. He had even won a battle with True G.o.d Stage experts and it wasn’t even as tough as this one against Mo Wuji.

"Boom boom boom!" The s.p.a.ce engulfing blade screen continuously clashed against Mo Wuji’s Nirvana Pole Shadows on the Heaven Calamity Stone as elemental energy and blade radiance couldn’t stop exploding.

The crowd of cultivators outside the Heaven Calamity Stone were all astonished and discussing who on earth was this Mo Wuji and why wasn’t there a character like him on the Earth Board yet.

After another ten breath, Li Xiuran knew that it would be difficult for him to rely on his strength to kill Mo Wuji. Even though he still had a few killer techniques which he hadn’t execute, he was afraid that the moment he used them, he might not be able to finish Mo Wuji off and could even fall in Mo Wuji’s hands.

At the thought of this, Li Xiuran swung his blade and with one touch of his storage ring, he managed to grab a talisman. In just half a breath worth of time, this talisman was ignited by him into a white fog swarming towards Mo Wuji.

The surrounding started to turn cold as this cold increased in intensity by several folds the very next moment. In just a few seconds later, this entire place was almost frozen by this terrifying cold.

Mo Wuji’s Tian Ji Pole shadows stopped momentarily and Mo Wuji seemed to be locked in s.p.a.ce with a face full of fear.

Li Xiuran sneered because with his grade 8 Frozen Domain Talisman, no matter how strong the opponent was, they would end up crawling at him. This one talisman was worth half of Li Xiuran’s entire net worth. The strength of this one move was equivalent to a Earthly Immortal Stage Level 1 expert’s Frozen Domain Technique.

Even though Li Xiuran’s Frozen Domain Talisman had already froze the entire s.p.a.ce, Li Xiuran’s long blade was still able to swing out blade radiance as it pierced through the Frozen Domain Talisman towards Mo Wuji’s forehead.

Mo Wuji was too incredibly strong so Li Xiuran’s heart won’t feel at ease if he didn’t finish him off properly. If he could be this strong at the Nihility G.o.d Stage, what would happen if he reached the True G.o.d Stage?

"Kacha!" The blade radiance shadow sliced Mo Wuji’s forehead into two but Li Xiuran’s heart felt cold. He had killed countless of people but the feeling was definitely not the same as killing Mo Wuji.

Indeed when the shadow moved, it fell onto the ground like crushed ice.

Not good, when Li Xiuran thought of this, he could heard a bone crus.h.i.+ng sound behind his back. The Tian Ji Pole struck the back of his chest and his entire backbones broke into pieces. All his organs were severely injured too. If he wasn’t wearing an armour, his waist would have broken into two.

He had zero clue when this pole approached him.

"You…" Li Xiuran looked horrifyingly at Mo Wuji as his grade 8 Frozen Domain Talisman was actually not able to restrain him. Exactly which realm is that fella in ? Could he be in the Great Circle of the True G.o.d Stage? Not possible if he was in the Great Circle of the True G.o.d Stage, Mo Wuji should have crushed him from the start. Even though Li Xiuran was ranked number 1 on the Earth Board, he wasn’t strong enough to actually go against a real True G.o.d Stage expert.

Mo Wuji laughed in his heart because if it was any other grade 8 talisman, he could really have been stuck and killed by this fella.

Frozen Domain Talisman, an ice attribute talisman was actually the last thing he would be afraid of. After being stuck in the Extreme Frost Sea for five-six years, what coldness had he not experienced?

His Scholar’s Heart allowed him to move freely even in the Frozen Domain Talisman. This fella was so strong that if he didn’t use the talisman, Mo Wuji would actually need quite a fair bit of time to settle him. Now that this fella was courting death, Mo Wuji couldn’t stand on any ceremony. He swung his Tian Ji Pole towards Li Xiuran once again.

Li Xiuran took out his long blade in a berserk manner and said, "I am the disciple of Master Wu Xiang and you dare to kill me. You have to die…"

At this moment, Li Xiuran was full of regret because if he didn’t use the Frozen Domain Talisman and used Wu Xiang’s blade technique he might have a chance against Mo Wuji. However, it was all too late as he even suspected if his Frozen Domain Talisman was truly at grade 8.

"Boom, kacha!" Tian Ji Pole landed directly on Li Xiuran’s long blade as it swept it off the Heaven Calamity Stine. Following which, the Tian Ji Pole landed on the top of Li Xiuran’s head as blood splattered everywhere. Li Xiuran simply didn’t wish to resign to his fate like this.

He was ranked number one on the Earth Board, a genius among geniuses with Master Wu Xiang as his mentor. As long as he could step into the Heaven Realm, his potential would be limitless. However, it was simply too infuriating for him to die in the hands of this nameless cultivator today.

Mo Wuji killed Li Xiuran with the strike of his pole and immediately retrieved his storage ring before kicking him off the Heaven Calamity Stone.

So what if you’re the disciple of Master Wu Xiang? Even if he was the disciple of the Star Lord, Mo Wuji would kill mercilessly as well. Furthermore, Mo Wuji had no idea who on earth Master Wu Xiang was.

"Boom! Ka! Ka! Ka! Ka!" It was at the same moment when Mo Wuji killed Li Xiuran that Mo Wuji underwent his heavenly lightning tribulation as he kicked Li Xiuran off the Heaven Calamity Stone.

The onlookers, who were observing the intense fight between Mo Wuji and Li Xiuran, ended up with wide opened mouths as they couldn’t believe that the ranked number one on the Earth Board actually lost to a same cultivation level cultivator. Not only this, after being killed, Li Xiuran was thrown away like a rubbish.

Shuai Guo was calling out in a pompous manner, "You are one dead person if you dare to fight with my house’s master."

Even though everyone knew that Shuai Guo’s cla.s.s was low, some people could tell that Shuai Guo was not that simple. Presently, n.o.body dared to have the thought of attacking Shuai Guo because n.o.body was foolish enough to mess with a person who had the guts and abilities to kill Li Xiuran over a bird.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 335 - I Don’T Care Who You Are

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