Immortal Mortal Chapter 352 - The Fall Of Universal Pier

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Chapter 352 - The Fall of Universal Pier

Xu Chihuang laughed out loud yet he said with a serious face, "What’s the point of having a Star Lord? If the Star Lord of the Star King Mountain cannot take responsibility for Zhen Xing’s safety and was only concerned about his own personal benefits or sh*tty private motive, I, Xu Chihuang, will never recognise him as the Star Lord.

Star Lord Chi could become the Star Lord not because he was much stronger than any of you here but because he had always fought hard and worry about Zhen Xing’s welfare. He gave his life to Zhen Xing and even his last order was given to protect the safety of Zhen Xing.

I believed everyone was aware about where and what each and everyone of you were doing when the Star Lord was fighting his life away to protect Zhen Xing a year ago. Now that we had to choose a successor, each and everyone of you appeared and even choose to forget about the Star Lord’s will. I, Xu Chihuang, rather fight to death in the Star Wars Battlefield than to shame myself to fight for any of you…"

Finis.h.i.+ng, Xu Chihuang walked straight out of the entrance of the Universal Hall.

"Alright, I, Su Xuan, will go to the Star Wars Battlefield too. I am already too shameless to have spent so long talking about protecting Zhen Xing here…"

"Defender Xu was right. I, Yan Ze, am also getting sick of staying here. Zhen Xing is in a precarious position and it wouldn’t get safer just by talking," A long hair man stood up after Su Xuan.

Xia Dandao and Yan Pingzhi’s expression remained ugly because Su Xuan was the hall master of the Star Sea Hall and she controlled the Star Sea Army. On the other hand, Yan Ze was the hallmaster of the 7th hall, Star Dock Hall and he controlled the Star Dock Army. The combined forces of these two people together with Xu Chihuang would make it unfavourable towards Xia Dandao and Yan Pingzhi.

"Defender Xu, this Purple Jade Toad Lotus Flower is for you. I, Yan Ze, respect a man like you. Even though this Purple Jade Toad Lotus Flower would not recover your arm to how it was originally, as long as you temper it for a few years, it would definitely not be any weaker than your other arm," After saying that, Yan Ze pa.s.sed a jade box to Xu Chihuang.

The reason why Xu Chihuang’s broken arm had not recovered was simply because he wasn’t able to find a peak grade spiritual herb to aid the recovery.

Even though the Purple Jade Toad Lotus was not considered to be a peak grade treasure for recovery, it was a lot stronger than average spiritual herbs. Given Xu Chihuang’s strength, as long as he was focused his recovery for the next few years, it wouldn’t be too much of a problem for his arm to return to its original state.

"Many thanks Hall Master Yan…" Xu Chihuang took over the jade box and bowed in appreciation. Even though losing an arm didn’t make him lose his strength, it would definitely be a future obstacle for him. In over a year, his cultivation level didn’t seem like it improved much either.

Yan Ze didn’t have time to reply Xu Chuhuang before a red flying sword flew into Xu Chihuang’s hand.

Xu Chihuang grabbed the flying sword and used his spiritual will to read the message and his expression changed before saying in a trembling tone, "The Universal Pier was successfully invaded and the Universal Hall fell. There were heavy losses for our Zhen Mo Continent and now Hall Master Wu is retreating with the wounded cultivators to the Piercing Wind City."

Hearing that the Universal Hall fell, it wasn’t only Xu Chihuang but even the Xia Clan and Mou Clan’s expression changed drastically.

They wanted to control the Star King Mountain, not get controlled by foreign tribes. They were only here arguing and pressuring the few Chi Tong’s loyalties to appoint a new Star Lord because they were confident the Universal Hall won’t fall. Now that the Universal Hall had actually fallen, it turned out to be the exact opposite of what they expected.

"Hurry to the Piercing Wind City…" Su Xuan exclaimed and was the first to rush out of the Star Lord Hall.

The rest were not in the mood to continue arguing with each other as they all hurried towards the transfer array to the Piercing Wind City.

After an hour, in the main residence of the Piercing Wind City, most of the people including the exhausted Hall Master Wu of the Star Trace Hall were gathered here. Wu Lingzhi was not only the hall master of the Star Trace Hall, he was also Chi Tong’s most loyal enforcer. After the fall of Chi Tong, while all the respective hall masters were fighting for power and unwilling to protect the Universal Hall, Wu Lingzhi didn’t hesitate as he brought the various departments of the Cultivator Army to guard the periphery of the Universal Hall.

"Hall Master Wu, the Universal Pier was the portal of our Zhen Xing and while you’re responsible to guard the portal, you actually failed and let to the fall of the Universal Hall," A robust looking man with purplish red hair stood up and shouted at this middle-aged man with messy hair and some faint blood stains on his body.

This middle-aged man was indeed the Star Trace Hall’s Hall Master, Wu Lingzhi. And the person with purplish red hair who shouted at him was called Chu Fengyi the hall master of the fifth hall, Star Flame Hall.

Wu Lingzhi’s expression didn’t look good but he didn’t refute as he wasn’t a talkative person in nature hence, didn’t like to argue with people too.

"You fart," Just because Wu Lingzhi didn’t refute didn’t mean that others would not speak up for him and the person who stood up for him was the Hall Master Yan Ze of the 7th hall, Star Dock Hall. After scolding Chu Fengyi, Yan Ze pointed at Chu Fengyi and continued his reprimand, "You sc.u.m, back then when the alien s.p.a.ce beasts and Gu Nuo Star Tribe attacked our Zhen Xing’s Cultivator Army, Hall Master Wu was the first person to charge out upon signal. Afterwards, to s.n.a.t.c.h for the throne of the Star Lord as well as prevent the loss of their own power, a few mice hid at the Star King Mountain while Hall Master Wu was also the first to defend the Universal Pier. You, Chu Fengyi, are merely a small mouse so who are you to say that of Hall Master Wu? Pui, if you’re not willing to submit, challenge me, Yan Ze, and I will welcome any tricks of yours."

Chu Fengyi grunted as he really wanted to challenge Yan Ze immediately but he didn’t have the guts to do so. Wu Lingzhi might not like to refute or get involved in internal conflicts, but Yan Ze was not someone to be trifled with. Chu Fengyi just stepped into the Intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4 while Yan Ze was already at the peak of the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 5 and was about to step into level 6. Even if the Star Flame Hall was ranked higher than the Star Dock Hall, he really didn’t dare to mess with Yan Ze.

"Alright, now that the foreign force has invaded, the main focus here should be to find ways to protect Zhen Xing. Also, Hall Master Yan, Hall Master Chu and yourself are both the hall masters of the 10 halls so you need not talk in this manner in case you hurt our friendly relations.h.i.+p among each other," Xia Dandao stood out and interrupted.

Yan Ze didn’t bother about Xia Dandao as he continued to speak impolitely, "Your old man here has this att.i.tude and you, Xia Dandao, are still not the Star Lord so stop pointing fingers and telling me what to do."

Xia Dandao’s surrounding turned cold and his killing intent grew stronger.

As a fight looked like it was about to erupt, Hall Master Su Xuan of the Star Sea Hall initiated and said, "Hall Master Wu, why don’t you let us know how did we suddenly lose control of the Universal Pier?"

The truth was that Su Xuan was a little curious because the Universal Pier could be considered as something that could hold back almost 10,000 enemies by itself. Unless we choose to attack, it should be extremely difficult to break in when we were focused on guarding it.

Knowing that Su Xuan was trying to ease the atmosphere, Xia Dandao sneered and didn’t continue acting up. He knew that if he continued to act up, he might not gain much out of it. Even though Yan Clan appeared supportive on the surface with Xia Clan against Chi Tong’s will, if Xia Clan were to suffer a hit now, the Yan Clan would definitely step forward to land a few more blows on him too.

Wu Lingzhi nodded his head and said in a low voice, "The sudden appearance of the s.p.a.ce Wolf King made me lose my grip. Not only this, Zhuo Mai died protecting me too."

Everyone fell silent because Zhuo Mai being in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 3 and Wu Lingzhi’s most capable helper had actually fallen in the Universal Pier. Furthermore, with the appearance of the s.p.a.ce Wolf King, even if all of them were there, they might not be able to handle this fella.

Without mentioning the s.p.a.ce Wolf King, it might be tough to hold the Piercing Wind City for any longer.

"Wrong, now that the s.p.a.ce Wolf King had appeared, why hasn't it make its way to the Piercing Wind City?" Su Xuan was the first to notice the problem.

Wu Lingzhi sighed and said, "s.p.a.ce Wolf King came here to kill Mo Wuji and it should have found out that Mo Wuji hadn’t return to Zhen Xing so after helping the s.p.a.ce beasts and the Gu Nuo Star Cavalry Army to break into the Universal Pier, it immediately left the Universal Pier as it didn’t even enter the Universal Hall."

Without Wu Lingzhi’s further explanation, everyone here knew where the s.p.a.ce Wolf King went. It must have went out to s.p.a.ce to find Mo Wuji and one could imagine that after killing Mo Wuji, it would definitely return to Zhen Xing. Whether it was Xia Dandao or Yan Pingzhi, both of them were hopeful that the s.p.a.ce Wolf King won’t find Mo Wuji so quickly.

Indeed, Wu Lingzhi continued, "The s.p.a.ce Wolf King should be headed to find Mo Wuji so after I brought the rest of the wounded army to the Piercing Wind City, I destroyed the transfer array to the Piercing Wind City from the Universal Hall right away."

Hearing this, the crowd finally let out a sigh of relief.

Now that the transfer array was destroyed, even if the s.p.a.ce Wolf King were to return, it would need to first build the transfer array before being able to attack the Piercing Wind City. It wouldn’t be a simple task to build a transfer array in s.p.a.ce.

Su Xuan stood out once again, "My Zhen Xing had reached its most dangerous period of time. If the Piercing Wind City were to be invaded and our Zhen Xing gets caught in another endless war with the foreign force, it would mean the end of us. I suggest to let the Star Trace Hall’s Hall Master Wu to be the temporary Star Lord to rebuild the Cultivator Army and chase the foreign cultivators out of the Universal Hall."

"My Star Wars Hall agrees…" Xia Dandao was the last person everyone expected to step up to agree.

"My Star Cloud Hall agrees," The second person to step out was Yan Pingzhi.

Following everyone else’s agreements, even Xu Chihuang, who was always against the three big clans, stood out to agree with the suggestion.

However, everyone was sure that Wu Lingzhi would never accept the Star Lord position, not even when he was desperate. Wu Lingzhi didn’t like to fight with others, definitely won’t like to fight for the throne as he always felt that he wasn’t suitable to be the Star Lord. Even his position as the Star Trace Hall was forcefully designated by Star Lord Chi Tong.

And because of this, almost half of the Northern Star Army and Star Trace Army under his hall was controlled by the Mou Clan.

The reason why Xia Clan and Yan Clan agreed to Su Xuan’s suggestion was also because they could tell that Wu Lingzhi wouldn’t accept the position as Star Lord. As long as Wu Lingzhi rejected the suggestion modestly, in the future when they suggested to choose another Star Lord, the rest would not have a reason to say no anymore.

What came as a surprise was that after everyone expressed their opinions, Wu Lingzhi suddenly stood up and said, "Zhen Xing is indeed in a state of chaos and since everyone thinks highly of me, Wu Lingzhi, I shall accept the position as the temporary Star Lord. When another capable person pops by, I, Wu Lingzhi, would be willing to step down from the Star Lord position any time."

There was simply no humility as he made Xia Dandao, Yan Pingzhi and co. looked at each other helplessly.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 352 - The Fall Of Universal Pier

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