Immortal Mortal Chapter 353 - Space Transformation

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Chapter 353 - s.p.a.ce Transformation

Su Xuan exhaled deeply; she could be considered to be the one who understood Wu Lingzhi the most. Even though Wu Lingzhi did not right for power, and was not willing to vie with others, he was an extremely knowledgeable person. He did not scheme and plot, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t how to. He simply looked down on such things.

Zhen Xing's current situation, she believed that Wu Lingzhi understood it better than anyone else. As long as Wu Lingzhi understands, even if he wasn’t willing to be the Star Lord, since he was elected by everyone, he could not reject it. Because he was very clear, rejecting this election would put Zhen Xing in a worse position.

Sine Wu Lingzhi had already accepted it, it was already too late for Xia Dandao and Yan Pingzhi to regret. They could only temporarily let Wu Lingzhi hold the post at Star King Mountain's Star Lord.

"Various Hall Master, everyone knows the current predicament that Zhen Xing is facing. No matter what, Piercing Wind City must not be lost. Everyone, please express your opinions. If there’s any good suggestions or opinions, please share it for everyone to discuss." Wu Lingzhi knew that it was not possible for him to defend against the alien cultivators by himself. Thus, after he became the Star Lord, he wanted to consolidate all the power and seek everyone’s opinions.

At the same time, at the plaza outside of Universal Hall.

A Cla.s.s 7 s.p.a.ce Lion was staring at the towering Universal Board and its hugely erected name, it said disdainfully, "So this is the Zhen Xing's impressive Universal Board? The board built upon the corpses of countless of my s.p.a.ce beast comrades?"

A Gu Nuo Star Tribe True G.o.d cultivator was also looking up at the Universal Board. Hearing the lion beast's words, he subconsciously said, "That's right. This is it. It's said that this is Zhen Xing's number one board."

"Then let it turn to dust!" This lion roared and directly smashed an octagonal steel hammer against the Universal Board.

"Boom!" An intense explosion resounded, and a mist of blood spread throughout the square.

An oppressive force pressed down in the area; all the Gu Nuo cultivators and s.p.a.ces beasts hurried to get out of the way. Only then, did the crowd finally see what had happened to the s.p.a.ce Lion. The lion wanted to crush the Universal Board into dust, but with a strike of his hammer, he was the one turned into dust. Not even his bones were left behind. The only thing left behind, was the fog of blood which had yet to fully disperse.

As for the Universal Board, not even a scratch was formed on it.

A Cla.s.s 7 s.p.a.ce beast was actually killed by the recoil of his own attack. All the surrounding beasts and Gu Nuo cultivators were incomparably shocked, as they each subconsciously took a few steps back. They didn't even dare go near the secondary board next to Universal Board.

"Kacha!" The last spirit stone slag Mo Wuji obtained from Half Moon Prison disappeared; his cultivation had already broke through to True G.o.d Stage Level 8.

It was his fourth year cultivating here on this lightning star.

In these four years, he advanced from True G.o.d Stage Level 5 to Level 8. It could not be considered slow, it was already a very fast pace.

However, Mo Wuji was very disappointed. One must know that he was cultivating atop a spiritual vein, he used six pieces of the Half Moon Immortal Palace's spirit stone slag, and he was even on a lightning star rich in spiritual energy. This sort of speed, to him, was not considered fast, but rather slow.

Even though his cultivation was merely raised to True G.o.d Stage Level 8, Mo Wuji felt that both his abilities and sea of consciousness had grown by multiple fold. Still, Mo Wuji did not think that this power was enough to kill Monk Wu Xiang, much less that s.p.a.ce Sold King of legends.

He needed to stay here and cultivate. Even if he couldn't raise his cultivation, he could still learn a new skill.

Now, Mo Wuji could choose from Fallen Cloud Gold Arrow or Brief Theory of s.p.a.ce. In reality, the way Mo Wuji saw it, the Brief Theory of s.p.a.ce could not be considered a skill. If he understood the ideas in Brief Theory of s.p.a.ce, he could gain enlightenment on a sacred art.

Fallen Cloud Gold Arrow was designed specially for cultivators with metal-type spiritual roots. Thus, Mo Wuji decided to delve into Brief Theory of s.p.a.ce.

"When your eyes perceive s.p.a.ce, that is merely one surface of s.p.a.ce. True s.p.a.ce is multi-dimensional, that is, the combination of countless surfaces of s.p.a.ce…"

When Mo Wuji started to read this Brief Theory of s.p.a.ce, he started to feel that this wasn't written by a cultivator. Instead, it felt like it was written by some mad scientist.

However, the throeries within slowly got from deeper, and in a short time, Mo Wuji was completely absorbed in it.

"A few cultivations often call the link between two s.p.a.ces as a border. s.p.a.ce of a higher degree, when linked, are terrmed as surface. In reality, I believe that no matter the degree of s.p.a.ce, s.p.a.ce is formed from countless dimensions…"

Dimensions of s.p.a.ce?

Mo Wuji was left dumbfounded by this book of Brief Theory of s.p.a.ce. Could this really have been written by a science researcher?

"Stepping across dimensions is extremely difficult, just like it is difficult for a cultivator to cross the borders of different realms. Changing dimensions in s.p.a.ce, however, is not that complicated… The Heavens and Earths are great, with the rules of Dao in place. The same dimension can be used to comprehend the rules of s.p.a.ce, and then use the rules of this s.p.a.ce…"

Was the fella that came up with this theoryreally a cultivator? Besides the explanation on dimensions, there were still the rules of s.p.a.ce, leaving Mo Wuji increasingly confused.

Soon, Mo Wuji stopped caring about who wrote this theory. From the words in this theory, he actually felt the traces and rhythms of s.p.a.ce.

Lightning bolts continuously struck against Mo Wuji's body; Mo Wuji's 105 meridians were automatically undergoing reverse circulation. Even though this cultivation speed was slowly than when he dedicated all his efforts into it, it allowed Mo Wuji to slowly research the Brief Theory of s.p.a.ce.

Multiple months pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. On this day, Mo Wuji suddenly kept the theory. His figure slightly turned, and at the very next instant, he appeared 1 meter away from where he was previously.

This was spatial teleportation. Even though it was only a distance of 1 meter, a distance that he could cross by taking a single step, Mo Wuji was incomparably excited. He felt a profound truth from spatial teleportation. However, he was still far from controlling the rules of s.p.a.ce. It could even be said that he had yet to even understand a strand of hair about s.p.a.ce. However, he was truly close to touching that hair. As long as he continued to practise, even if he could not truly transfer s.p.a.ce, he could still increase the distance which he could teleport.

Don't underestimate this teleportation. At times, this distance was sufficient for him to gain an upper hand during a battle; he could also use this method to flee if necessary.

This sort of spatial teleportation, was far more attractive to Mo Wuji than flying in mid air.

In the following time, Mo Wuji was constantly testing and adjusting his understandings of s.p.a.ce and spatial transfer.

One month later, Mo Wuji could already teleport a distance of 3 meters. Two months later, his teleportation no longer needed in-situ movement. Three months later, Mo Wuji could teleport 10 meters at one go.

Yet another two months pa.s.sed. Mo Wuji found that teleporting 10 meters was his maximum. At the same time, he had unintentionally broke through to True G.o.d Stage Level 9.

By this time, it was extremely clear in Mo Wuji's heart, that the fella that wrote the Brief Theory of s.p.a.ce was not a simple person. He was likely a supreme cultivator who also had a vast amount of scientific knowledge. This fella was definitely much more powerful than him.

Pile after pile of Earth grade spirit stones and another spiritual vein were fetched out from Mo Wuji's storage ring. Mo Wuji even took out the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit which he wanted to use to charge into the Worldly Immortal Stage. As for the Heaven grade spirit stones, they were already held tightly in Mo Wuji's hands.

A cultivation of True G.o.d Stage Level 9 was not enough. He was prepared to charge into True G.o.d Stage Level 10 before leaving this lightning star, and make a trip back to Zhen Xing.

The Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit was used by True G.o.ds to ascend to Worldly Immortals. To use it to charge into True G.o.d Stage Level 10, Mo Wuji was definitely the only person in the world who would do so.

In Mo Wuji's eyes, even the best of things, if not used timely, would be useless. Converting good things into cultivation, that was most appropriate thing to do.

Under the guidance of two Heaven grade spirit stones, the Earth grade spirit stones below Mo Wuji and the boundless lightning web which continuously descended on Mo Wuji, were transformed into various forms of spiritual energy. This spiritual energy formed into huge whirlpools, which were drawn into Mo Wuji in waves.

Two spiritual vein and a few spirit pith stone mushrooms were also constantly being fetched out by Mo Wuji, their elemental energy was continuously being sucked in Mo Wuji's reverse circulation, turning into his power.

This cultivation speed was not comparable to when he used the spirit stone slag that he obtained from Half Moon Prison, but to the current Mo Wuji, it was the best he could go. Anything that he could use, had already been taken out, all so he could charge into True G.o.d Stage 10 in the shortest time possible.

Another half a year pa.s.sed, a ground full of Earth grade spirit stones had been turned into dust, the two spiritual vein had shrunk till they weren't even 3 meters long. The spiritual energy within Mo Wuji surged, just like the Yangtze River.

Mo Wuji did not hesitate, directly placing that Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit into his mouth.

The Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit was most effective after it had been concocted into the Nine Radish Worldly Immortal Pill. However, after Mo Wuji left Lost Continent, he had always been running for his life and trying to raise his abilities to protect himself. As for his pill refining, he had set it aside for a long period of time.

There's no need to say that he didn't have the other spiritual herbs to concoct the Nine Radish Worldly Immortal Pill, because even if he did, he would not be able to concoct this sort of Tier 8 Heavenly Pill.

"Boom!" Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit's medicinal properties were like a spiritual energy bomb, exploding in Mo Wuji's meridians.

Mo Wuji's cultivation was already near the peak of True G.o.d Stage Level 9, and at this instant, it suddenly erupted. The shackles of True G.o.d Stage Level 10 were instantly exploded.

A new world appeared in front of Mo Wuji’s eyes. He even had a glimpse of the the vast, yet obscure, Heavenly Dao.

True G.o.d Stage Level 10 was a whole different concept from True G.o.d Stage Level 9; this was the start of the Extreme Heaven Stage. The already hrunken spiritual vein was now visibly shrinking, that spiritual energy completely satiated the need of Mo Wuji's newly acquired True G.o.d Stage Level 10.

"Kacha!" Another strange sound could be heard. Mo Wuji was thoroughly startled. His 106th meridian had actually opened. According to his experience, he needed to reach True G.o.d Stage Level 12 to open his 106th meridian. But now, he had merely advanced into True G.o.d Stage Level 10. What was going on?

Immortal Mortal Chapter 353 - Space Transformation

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