Immortal Mortal Chapter 354 - Returning To Universal Pier

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Chapter 354 - Returning to Universal Pier

Large streaks of lightning joined to form a web. Just as Mo Wuji broke into True G.o.d Stage Level 10, the boundless lightning web descended down upon him.

Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered about this lightning web. He had already cultivated here for years, and he had seen too many of these lightning webs. At the start, these lightning webs could still injure him. But as his cultivation raised, and as his experience with the lightning web increased, this sort of lightning web could only cause some tingling sensation on his skin. Thereafter, all the lightning energy would be completely absorbed by him

At the instant this lightning web landed on Mo Wuji's body, Mo Wuji suddenly had a new revelation. This revelation appeared at the same instant his 106th meridian opened, without any signs.

Mo Wuji formed a few enigmatic hand seals; a faint lightning web shot out from his hands. This lightning web was exactly the same as the one that descended on him, the only difference was that it was much weaker.

Mo Wuji continuously formed hand seals, lightning webs continued to form within his hands. From the most initial lighting web which was faint and weak, the successive ones continued to become thicker and stronger, and finally the lightning web actually became close in power to the one formed within Universal Lightning Provenance.

Mo Wuji's heart was filled with excitement. Just when he was about to leave Universal Lightning Provenance, he made use of the True G.o.d Stage's newly opened 106th meridian to gain enlightenment on a new skill - Lightning Web.

At time same time, Mo Wuji understood the function of his 106th meridian. It was a dao revelation meridian.

After reverse-circulating spiritual energy through his meridian, Mo Wuji thoroughly understood how his dao revelation meridian worked. Even he was shocked at this heaven defying meridian.

This was a meridian which could use the natural phenomena to help enlighten a person to the dao. It was as though everything in nature had its own principles, and the dao revelation meridian could make use of these principles to comprehend a dao which belonged to one’s self.

No wonder why he could gain enlightenment on Lightning Web in that instant. So it was because of the dao revelation meridian.

Even after a long time, Mo Wuji still couldn't calm his emotions. At this instant, he finally understood the impressiveness of those various pathfinders. In some sense, he was also a pathfinder. He opened the path to mortal cultivation.

Perhaps it was because he was a pathfinder, that he possessed this dao revelation meridian.

With this dao revelation meridian, he would truly be in charge of his own cultivation path.

Looking at the dense lighting around him, Mo Wuji knew that it was time for him to leave. Even though he was still far away from his targeted Great Circle of the True G.o.d Stage or Worldly Immortal Elementary Stage, Mo Wuji was clear, this was the most he could achieve here.

He had already used up all his resources. If he continued to cultivate here, he would only be wasting his time. If he stayed here, even if he had 8 years or even 10 years, he still might not be able to advance into True G.o.d Stage Level 11. As for the Worldly Immortal Stage, it was even further from reach.

However, Mo Wuji believed that even if he met a cultivator at Worldly Immortal Advanced Stage, he had nothing to be afraid of.

Not only was he an Extreme Mortal, he had also achieved the Extreme Earth Stage. In terms of elemental energy and his sea of consciousness, even a Worldly Immortal Elementary Stage cultivator might not be able to match him.

What was the symbol of a Worldly Immortal? Wasn’t it just that their primordial spirit had become more solid, while their elemental energy could become a physical ent.i.ty? To him, this was completely useless. When he was at the Nihility G.o.d Stage, his elemental energy could already form into a physical ent.i.ty, and now, he could easily condense elemental energy imprints.

As for the primordail spirit, he didn't even have one. However, he had a sea of consciousness and the violet elemental lake; he had an incredibly large sea of consciousness, and incredibly thick violet elemental energy.

"Shua!" The moment Mo Wuji left Universal Lightning Provenance, he shot out a flying messenger sword.

Thereafter, he cleaned himself up and changed into a clean set of clothes. He tied his long hair up into a bun, then he fetched out his round flying s.h.i.+p.

After doing all this, Mo Wuji still didn't receive Shuai Guo's reply. He sent out another two flying messenger swords.

Another two whole days pa.s.sed, but he still didn't receive any news from Shuai Guo.

Mo Wuji controlled his flying s.h.i.+p to search around Universal Lightning Provenance for another three days. Still, he didn't receive any news from Shuai Guo.

To suddenly lose contact with Shuai Guo left Mo Wuji a little lost. He didn't know whether Shuai Guo had met with any form of danger. Ever since the Extreme Frost Sea, Shuai Guo had been with him. But now that Shuai Guo had suddenly disappeared, he was a little uneasy.

However, he only had a cultivation of True G.o.d Stage. Shuai Guo had disappeared, but he had no means of finding it. The universe was so vast, without a beginning and an end, how was he going to find Shuai Guo?

After spending another few days searching consecutively, he still wasn't able to find Shuai Guo. Only then, did Mo Wuji leave Universal Lightning Provenance by himself. Shuai Guo was quite intelligent, so even if it met with danger, Mo Wuji believed that it could protect its little self.

Zhen Mo Continent, Yan Clan.

Even though the Patriarch Yan Qiren had already been killed by Mo Wuji, the Yan Clan wasn't adversely affected. Currently, the role of the patriarch was filled by the Star Cloud Hall Master Yan Pingzhi.

In the Yan Clan's Great Clan Hall, almost all of the elders and above had gathered.

Yan Pingzhi looked at the crowd, and spoke with a slightly hoa.r.s.e voice, "There's no need for me to talk any further about Zhen Xing's predicament. The transfer array outside of Piercing Wind City is already forming gradually. It could be expected that it would take another two to three months, at the most, for the the Gu Nuo Star Tribe experts to construct a transfer array gate from Universal Hall to Piercing Wind City. Now, Piercing Wind City could be said to be hanging on a thread; at any moment, it could be occuped by Gu Nuo Star Tribe and the s.p.a.ce beasts. The moment Piercing Wind City falls, Zhen Xing will be left unguarded.

Ever since I took on the role as the Yan Clan Patriarch, I have always been working hard so that the Yan Clan could still have a place to strive in. However, some things cannot simply be solved through hard work. Star King Mountain’s Wu Lingzhi doesn't even care about the survival or demise of our family clans. All these years, he only built a few defensive arrays at Piercing Wind City. However, these things have no contribution to Star King Mountain, or to Zhen Xing. Facing the oncoming demise of Zhen Xing, what's left for my Yan Clan to do?"

After Yan Pingzhi finished, his gaze calmly swept across the many elders and Worldly Immortal experts.

No one spoke. Even the Grand Elder, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 7 Yan Ying, didn't know how to get the Yan Clan out of this predicament.

Seeing that no one spoke after a long time, Yan Pingzhi continued, "My Yan Clan Patriarch Yan Qiren, Worldly Immortal Yan Tongqu, and our Yan Clan genius Yan Yangdong had all fallen under Mo Wuji's hands. Even though my Yan Clan had killed 20 over of those cultivators that came over from the Lost Continent, this isn't enough to cover even 1 out of 10,000 of our vengeance."

"Mo Wuji is definitely an enemy of our Yan Clan, but our Yan Clan's most important issue now isn't to find Mo Wuji for revenge, but to find a road to survival. Perhaps the Patriarch knows, what are the Xia Clan and Mou Clan doing? Logically, since the Zhen Xing is collapsing, the Xia Clan and Mou Clan definitely wouldn’t sit and wait for their deaths." A Worldly Immortal Stage Level 2 elder stood up and said.

Yan Pingzhi nodded, "This is what I was going to talk about. From what I know, Gu Nuo Star Tribe’s Worldly Immortal expert, Hoover, has already used some method to reach our Zhen Xing. He even paid a visit to Xia Dandao. If I’m not wrong, the Xia Clan must have some secret agreement with Gu Nuo Star Tribe."

"The Xia Clan dares to do that?" That Worldly Immortal elder furrowed his brows and said.

Unless all the cultivators on Zhen Xing got ma.s.sacred, otherwise, the Xia Clan would never be able to stand tall from colluding with alien cultivators.

"Whether the Xia Clan dares to do it doesn't matter. They have already done it, and the Xia Clan's excuse was that they wanted to kill Mo Wuji to take revenge for Xia Mu. If I'm not wrong, this invasion by the Gu Nuo Star Tribe and the s.p.a.ce beasts, was done based on the excuse that Mo Wuji had killed the White-Eyed Young Wolf Prince. Thus, the Xia Clan's excuse is that Mo Wuji had brought disaster to Zhen Xing, and they will cooperate with these foreign invaders [1] to force Mo Wuji out."

Everyone understood Yan Pingzhi’s words. The Xia Clan had came up with this excuse of forcing Mo Wuji out to protect Zhen Xing. After all, the s.p.a.ce beasts and the alien cultivators were much stronger. And at the same time, they indicated that Zhen Xing did not have the intention of protecting Mo Wuji.

As to whether this excuse would actually get these foreigners to leave eventually, it was uncertain. But at least the Xia Clan had some words to say. That’s why the Xia Clan was allowing these foreigners to enter, all so they could protect Zhen Xing. Whatever happens thereafter, could not be said to be within Xia Clan’s predictions.

No matter how absurd this excuse was, it was still an excuse. If the alien cultivators and s.p.a.ce beasts eventually get chased out, at least they could say that they had played a part.

"Then that Mo Wuji had killed our Yan Clan’s patriarch. Our Yan Clan and him are irreconcillable..." Another Worldly Immortal elder stood up and said.

At this moment, everyone seated in the hall understood why Yan Pingzhi would mention Mo Wuji. So the Yan Clan wanted to go on the same road as the Xia Clan.

At this moment, a True G.o.d Stage cultivator hurriedly stood forward and reported, "A man called Hoover has come to pay a visit."

"Immediately invite him in." The patriarch didn’t even need to talk, the Grand Elder took the initiative to answer.

The Yan Clan members were very clear; Yan Clan’s way out had appeared.

Mo Wuji controlled his flying s.h.i.+p and advanced without diverting his attention on cultivation. In merely a month’s time, he had reached the periphery of Universal Pier.

Previously, the battlefield when the Half Moon Immortal Palace appeared was no longer what it was. Mo Wuji swept his spiritual will over; what he saw wasn’t the original Zhen Mo Continent’s armies, but horde after horde of s.p.a.ce beasts. Besides these s.p.a.ce beasts, there were also crowds of Gu Nuo’s beast riding cavalry.

Mo Wuji’s heart started pounding. The only thing that came to his mind was: The Universal Pier had been breached, and the Universal Hall had been occupied by these foreign species. If the Universal Hall had been occupied by these foreign species, would Zhen Xing still be fine? It’s unknown whether the Star King Mountain’s Star Lord still had some measures up his sleeves. Mo Wuji could only hope that during this invasion, the Star Lord would no longer cower in fear.

Actually, Mo Wuji did not approve of Chi Tong being intimidated by Bao Lie. It looked like he wanted to ensure the safety of Zhen Xing, but in reality, it was only making Zhen Xing appear weak in front of those foreign species. What’s so good about the s.p.a.ce Wolf King? It’s merely in the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage. Chi Tong himself was an Earthly Immortal. If he borrowed the power of Universal Pier, even a Great Circle of Earthly Immortal Stage cultivator would not be able to enter.

More importantly, the s.p.a.ce Wolf King wasn’t even there during that time.

With Mo Wuji’s spiritual will, he could see that there were at least hundreds of thousands of s.p.a.ce beasts and Gu Nuo cavalry soldiers in front of Universal Hall. These foreign species had blocked the entrance of Universal Hall, which was equivalent to completely blocking the possibility of cultivators entering and leaving Zhen Xing.

Seeing these foreign species block his way back to Zhen Xing, Mo Wuji’s heart was filled with killing intent.

Just as Mo Wuji was thinking of a way to get rid of all these foreign species in one fell swoop, besides the laser cannon, a human figure rapidly approached him. Soon, that figure was right in front of him.

[1] We’ll use foreign to describe the mix of s.p.a.ce beasts and Gu Nuo Star Tribe members.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 354 - Returning To Universal Pier

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