Immortal Mortal Chapter 359 - Star Lord Dies Again

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Chapter 359 - Star Lord Dies Again

Just as this voice was heard, a ‘boom’ could be heard and a vast expanse of white frost covered the sky as it enveloped the entire plaza outside the Universal Hall.

At the same time, almost all of Zhen Xing’s experts were gathered in the Star Lord’s Residence in the Piercing Wind City. The Star Lord Residence in the Piercing Wind City was originally the residence of the city’s mayor but after some slight alterations, it was turned into the residence of Star Lord Wu Lingzhi. This would also be convenient for the Star Lord to gather his forces to discuss plans to resist the invasion of the foreign troops.

For the past few years, Wu Lingzhi had been racking his brain to think of ideas to defend Zhen Xing. Other than coming up with ways to prevent the foreign cultivators from reconstructing the transfer array, he managed to build the Piercing Wind City into something as formidable as a steel wall. Over the years, the defensive array was continuously being renewed and improved until it was eventually turned into a new defensive fortress.

Quoting Wu Lingzhi’s words, even if the foreign forces managed to enter the periphery of the Zhen Xing’s Piercing Wind City through the transfer array, the Piercing Wind City must be capable of fending these foreign forces off the city. To do this, he didn’t hold back as he installed countless of forbidden s.p.a.ce arrays. Anyone who used the transfer array from the Universal Hall to the periphery of the Piercing Wind City had to pa.s.s by the Piercing Wind City to enter Zhen Xing because it was simply impossible to fly here.

In other words, even if Chi Tong was revived, he might not have done as well as Wu Lingzhi when faced with such crisis.

However, the reason why all the experts were gathered here today was not to discuss further on their plan against the foreign forces but because Wu Lingzhi was murdered.

Wu Lingzhi died mysteriously on a seat in the meeting hall with a scar on his forehead as the blood stains around his forehead had already been solidified.

The fact that there were no other evident wounds or scars on Wu Lingzhi proved that he wasn’t fighting with anyone but was killed in the Star Lord’s Residence.

"Who did it? Who is the traitor here? I don’t believe a foreign expert would be able to enter the Star Lord’s Residence!" Yan Ze shouted his lungs out as his body was filled with killing intent as if he was a sharp sword ready to kill anytime now.

This place fell silent as everyone here knew that this was definitely not done by a foreign expert. If a foreign expert managed to sneak in, Wu Lingzhi would have sent out a signal immediately and then be on his guard. He would definitely not just sit there and get killed just like that without any resistance.

One must know that Wu Lingzhi was a Worldly Immortal Stage Level 7 expert so even if the strongest foreign expert was here, he wouldn’t be completely helpless against him.

The Star Sea Hall’s Hall Master Su Xuan’s eyes were red as she clenched her fist tightly. She waited for Yan Ze to finish roaring before her eyes swept across everyone as she said coldly, "Star Lord Wu must have been in the dark. The fact that he didn’t resist and the disbelief in his eyes proved that he must be killed by someone he didn’t expect to kill him. Also, this person must be of certain status in the Star King Mountain to be able to enter the Star Lord Residence so casually…"

Even if one didn’t kill Wu Lingzhi, many of the experts here s.h.i.+vered under a glare like that by Su Xuan.

Su Xuan was no simple woman. She was both the Hall Master of the Star Sea Hall as well as the commander of the Star Sea Army. Theoretically speaking, the strongest army out of the top 10 armies in Zhen Mo Continent was the Northern Star Army. However, after the fall of Star Lord Chi, Northern Star Army was split into two. Half of them followed Wu Lingzhi while the rest went under the Yan Clan.

After this split, the Northern Star Army’s combat power would not be as strong as the Star Sea Army. Therefore, the Star Sea Army truly became the strongest force coupled with the fact that Su Xuan herself was a Worldly Immortal Stage 6 expert, only a person tired of living would choose to go against Su Xuan.

Xu Chihuang, who was still only in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1, was trembling because in just a few years, Zhen Xing lost two consecutive Star Lords. The main point was that the deaths of both Star Lord nursed aggrievance as Star Lord Chi Tong died because of the internal conflicts of the Star King Mountain while Wu Lingzhi was killed in the dark in the Star Lord Residence which was supposed to there to protect Zhen Xing.

The pity was the Xu Chihuang was too weak and even if he suspected someone, he could not sound off what he wanted to say presently.

Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1 seemed powerful but it was nothing in a place like this. Moreover, which expert capable of standing here would not have a cultivator army supporting him?

"Star Lord Xia, who do you think killed Star Lord Wu?" Su Xuan’s eyes fell on the Hall Master Xia Dandao of the Star Wars Army as she suspected Wu Lingzhi’s death had something to do with Xia Dandao. If it wasn’t Xia Dandao then it must be Yan Pingzhi but this Yan Pingzhi was not even here.

Xia Dandao furrowed his brows slightly as the moment he wanted to speak, the hall in the Star Lord’s Residence started trembling. Following which, a large monitor display screen as it displayed a few panicky and desperate faces.

"The foreign cultivators have invaded Zhen Xing and are currently attacking the Piercing Wind City and the city is in grave danger now. Hurry, send reinforcements…" The cultivators showed in the display screen where trembling as they were evidently shocked by the scene there.

Everyone was at daze as this was way too coincidental. Wu Lingzhi just got here and the foreign experts had fixed up the transfer array and transferred themselves to the Piercing Wind City. Even an idiot knew that this simply couldn’t be pure coincidence.

Xia Dandao said in calm tone, "We have two options now. One would be to hurry to the Piercing Wind City to fight our lives away and stop them for entering the Zhen Mo Continent even if we cannot keep the Piercing Wing City. The second option would be to immediately send representatives to negotiate with the foreign cultivators to ask for a reasonable area to ourselves so they would stop their invasion."

Xia Dandao’s words shocked everyone because why were the two options so different?

The first was to give our lives to protect Zhen Xing while the second was telling everyone to reserve their strength by ceding territories and paying indemnities.

But would these foreign forces accept such a deal? Almost everyone was sure that even if Zhen Xing were to offer them tonnes of items, the other party would agree on the surface and they would definitely go back on their word the moment they entered the Piercing Wind City.

These foreign barbarians were simply not trustworthy at all.

"I believe Hall Master Xia’s first option is not tangible because the moment the foreign forces broke through, they must have an endless flow of army entering Zhen Xing so it would simply be an impossible dream to even think of fending them off…" A long bearded, neat-looking man stood out to speak.

Before everyone could express their opinions, Su Xuan interrupted them and said, "Enough, everyone follow me to the Piercing Wind City now, we can talk about the rest of the matters later. Xuan Yu, immediately protect Star Lord Wu’s body and make sure no one touches him."

"Yes!" A Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1 woman stood out to answer as Su Xuan was the first to dash out.

Everyone else dashed out after her and Xia Dandao was looking a little unpleased. However, he naturally couldn’t continue to idle here after seeing everyone rushed out.

At the periphery of the defensive array of the Piercing Wind City, a group of Zhen Xing experts stared blankly at the transfer array as they saw thousands of people landing on Zhen Xing every second.

Presently, the Piercing Wind City was already filled with over hundred thousand people and everyone recognised the person leading the line, Bao Lie. He was a demonic beast in the peak of Cla.s.s 8 as he was just a step away from advancing into Cla.s.s 9.

Additionally, the person standing beside Bao Lie was an Earthly Immortal Stage expert. This expert didn’t like to talk and even the Zhen Xing cultivators didn’t know his name as all they knew was that he was an expert of the Gu Nuo Star Tribe and the person who killed Star Lord Chi Tong.

"My Zhen Xing has our own Earthly Immortal experts too but the pity is that they are all not here…" A sect head of one of the sect there said as he ended his sentence with a long sigh.

n.o.body answered him because in fact, Zhen Xing really had quite a number of Earthly Immortals Stage experts. The number of Earthly Immortal Stage experts on the Universal Board itself was a proof. However, none of these Earthly Immortal Stage experts would stay in Zhen Xing as they were mostly wandering in the vast s.p.a.ce looking for ways to advance into the Heavenly Immortal Stage or ways to break the void to obtain longevity techniques.

If these experts heard about the news of Zhen Xing being invaded from far away, they might even be too lazy to return. To them, advancing to a higher level was of the most importance.

"Boom boom boom!" Sounds of continuous explosions could be heard near the the defensive array of the Piercing Wind City and this was only the combined attacks of tens of thousand enemies. Imagine the force of hundred thousand or even a million foreign cultivators, it was only a matter of time before the Piercing Wind City would be broken open.

And there was no doubt the numbers would reach over a million soon just from the way the transfer array was transferring thousands of cultivators each time.

"Should I just sit here and do nothing? Those willing to sacrifice for Zhen Xing, follow me out," Yan Ze shouted menacingly as he saw the endless flow of foreign cultivators.

Before anyone could react, Xia Dandao said coolly, "Back then, the reason Star Lord Wu built so many defensive arrays was so he could protect the Piercing Wind City. By charging out like that, what was the point of building all these defensive arrays then?"

Su Xuan grunted coldly, "I agree with Hall Master Yan. Back then Star Lord Wu built these defensive arrays was so that when the foreign forces finished building their transfer array, we could grab the opportunity to charge out and kill them instead of waiting for them to break through. Waiting here would simply be like waiting for our death."

"Kill!" While speaking, she had already brought most of the cultivators alongside Yan Ze as they charged out. Even without a commander, most of the cultivators followed out when the two of them took charge of the situation.

Everyone knew what Su Xuan said was the truth because the moment the foreign forces were all transferred over, the Piercing Wind City would never be able to hold on.

Noticing that the cultivators in the Piercing Wind City opened their array and charged out, those attacking foreign cultivators immediately turned and dashed towards them crazily.

As the two sides clashed outside the Piercing Wind City, this place became an increasingly big battlefield in a short period of time.

At this moment, there were endless number of cultivators coming out from the Piercing Wind City as well as the transfer array outside the Piercing Wind City.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 359 - Star Lord Dies Again

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