Immortal Mortal Chapter 360 - The Massive War Outside The Piercing Wind City

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Chapter 360 - The Ma.s.sive War Outside the Piercing Wind City

After seeing more and more cultivators charging out, Xia Dandao suddenly shouted extremely loudly, "No charging out to death, didn’t you all see the Earthly Immortal expert there? Charging out would simply lead to death… I, as the Star King Mountain’s Star Wars Hall’s Hall Master, order everyone to stay and protect the Piercing Wind City’s defensive array. We cannot bury all our forces outside the Piercing Wind City because of a moment of recklessness."

The charging cultivators stopped in their tracks as Xia Dandao was the hall master of Star King Mountain’s first hall, Star Wars Hall as well as the Patriarch of Xia Clan, one of the three biggest clan in the Star King Mountain. The Star Wars Army was under his direct control and even the hall master of the fifth hall, Chu Fengyi, was in favour of the Xia Clan.

Even without considering all these, Xia Dandao was probably the strongest man here. He could be considered to be the first Worldly Immortal Stage Level 8 expert in the Star King Mountain with the exception of the previous Star Lord Chi Tong and some elders.

Previously when Su Xuan and Yan Ze hadn’t rushed out, they could still argue with Xia Dandao. However, now that both of them had already charged out, who else dared to disobey Xia Dandao’s orders?

If one dared to disobey Xia Dandao’s orders, he would die in Xia Dandao’s hands even before he managed to charge out of the Piercing Wind City to fight with the foreign forces.

However, not everyone was fearful of Xia Dandao because while the surrounding fell silent, a shadow darted out and stood in front of Xia Dandao, pointed and started shouting at him, "Xia Dandao you traitor, your collusion with the foreign forces for the personal interests of your Xia and Yan Clan was what led to the ultimate death of Star Lord Chi Tong outside the Universal Pier. And also because of your despicable of Star Lord Wu… And today, how dare you stop my hot blooded cultivators from Zhen Xing to defend Zhen Xing, and fight for the existence of Zhen Xing…"

Those who really wanted to charge out to kill the foreign cultivators heard the reprimand and was secretly praising the person who was scolding Xia Dandao. Everyone knew this man as he was the Star King Mountain’s defender, an impartial man filled with justice like the previous two Star Lord, a Worldly Immortal Stage expert whose heart beats for Zhen Xing, Xu Chihuang.

However, before Xu Chihuang could finish speaking, beams of light radiance was locked on him and Xia Dandao even attacked with his knife.

Xu Chihuang was originally in the Worldly Immortal Stage 1 and he was almost fully recovered from his broken arm a year ago. Presently, he was against a far superior Worldly Immortal Stage Level 8, Xia Dandao and a few other Worldly Immortal experts. He had almost no room to resist as he could barely s.h.i.+ft his body but was still split into two by Xia Dandao.

The crowd’s hearts turned cold as they witnessed how a Zhen Xing’s Worldly Immortal expert was killed just like that after stating a few statements.

The sounds of killing outside was almost like a ridicule as compared to the scarily quiet periphery of the Piercing Wind City’s transfer array.

Xia Dandao stared at the crowd and said in a cold voice, "Currently, our Zhen Xing is facing such a major crisis and Xu Chihuang actually dare to frame a Star King Mountain’s hall master for his own selfish interest. That’s right, I know his intentions but if he was in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, no, I would agree to let him be the Star Lord even if he was in even Level 3. However, his cultivation level was simply too low to be the Star Lord and with the crisis we are facing now, we must not take this as child’s play."

Xu Chihuang’s objection of Xia Dandao’s plan was actually manipulated by Xia Dandao into Xu Chihuang’s wish to become the Star Lord.

It was almost like pin drop silence inside the defensive array because other than the killing outside the Piercing Wind City’s transfer array, n.o.body dared to say anything.

Xia Dandao calmed himself down and said, "Zhen Xing is in grave danger after our Star King Mountain’s Star Lord Wu Lingzhi was We must not lose control and charge out just like that. Other than being faster than the opponent, what use would it be for Zhen Xing? What we needed now isn’t speed but the success in protecting Zhen Xing."

"I, Chu Fengyi, represent the Star Flame Hall as we agree with Hall Master Xia. Hall Master Xia is not wrong because we must definitely not be reckless. I am as hot-blooded as Hall Master Yan and Hall Master Su but I don’t agree with their methods. However, we can’t blame them because now that we don’t have a Star Lord, we don’t have one common order. I recommend Star Wars Hall’s Xia Dandao as the new Star Lord and those who agree with me can step out as we shouldn't wait anymore because the longer we drag this, the higher possibility of us facing the threat of extermination."

A tall purplish red hair man stood up and shouted.

A lot of people recognised this man as Star King Mountain’s Star Flame Hall’s Hall Master Chu Fengyi, a fella who sticks around the Xia Clan like a dog.

After Chu Fengyi finished his speech, a lot of people stood up immediately as they echoed to support Xia Dandao as the Star Lord. All these cheers and echoes were mostly from the Star Wars Army.

A few sect heads and elders could only sigh to themselves because such a voting method was simply a joke. There weren’t even representatives from all 10 halls and who dare to object in a place filled with his own supporters?

The pity was that even the Yan Clan members weren’t around. If Yan Pingzhi was around, he would definitely object Xia Clan.

"I believe that we should plan for the long term in the case of selecting the next Star Lord. We should only vote when most of the hall masters and sect heads are around," A middle-aged man stood up and said humbly.

Upon hearing this, there was a trace of killing intent in the corner of Xia Dandao’s eyes. However, the killing intent dissipated when he saw who the person was.

Gu Qiao, hall master of the Star King Mountain’s 8th hall, Morning Star Hall. He was the Mou Clan’s loyal advocate and was in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 5.

Mou Clan controlled half of the Northern Star Army and with Gu Qiao’s support, their strength would definitely not be weaker than the Yan Clan which was why he wouldn’t dare to do what he did to Xu Chihuang to Gu Qiao. To put it bluntly, Xu Chihuang was only a defender so he was simply a lonely man after the death of the Star Lord. However, backing Gu Qiao was an even stronger cultivation army and the Mou Clan.

"Hall Master Gu’s words definitely make sense but this is the most crucial period for us. We cannot afford to be like how we were on a daily basis right? Hall Master Xia, I represent all cultivators from Zhen Xing to plead you to be the Star King Mountain’s Star Lord. Please consider for Zhen Xing and not let Zhen Xing get destroyed like that," Chu Fengyi completely disregarded Gu Qiao’s suggestion.

Majority of the sect heads and elders by the side heard and laughed in their heart, you, Chu Fengyi, represents all the cultivators in Zhen Xing? What sh*t rights do you have to represent us and we don’t need you to represent us. However, n.o.body dared to step out to say anything in the face of Xia Dandao’s strong aura.

Gu Qiao heard this and knew it was trouble but Xia Dandao stood up before Gu Qiao could speak, "Since this was the case, I will temporary take up the position of the Star Lord and carry the responsibility of Zhen Xing’s safety. After everyone gathered back together, I can strip myself of the Star Lord position anytime."

Seeing how shameless Xia Dandao was, Gu Qiao knew he couldn’t do anything to object anymore. The more he objected, the higher chance of going into a internal battle but the experts of his Mou Clan were not here yet.

"What is going on?" After realising that there were not that many people around him to resist the opposition, Yan Ze was dumbfounded.

Su Xuan realised the situation and said, "We were too careless because we shouldn’t have charged out at the same time. If I am not wrong, this ignorant man, Xia Dandao, should have controlled the entire Piercing Wind City and not let any of the cultivator army out. He had long coveted for the throne so he could have already a.s.signed himself to be the Star Lord."

Looking at the stationary Earthly Immortal expert, Yan Ze suddenly laughed out loud, "Since this is the case, let me, Yan Ze, leave my blood flowing outside this Piercing Wind City and fight hard for Zhen Xing once more."

"The fact that I, Su Xuan, could fight alongside a warrior like Hall Master Yan against the foreign forces is a great honour in my life," Su Xuan was also clear of her current situation because even though the numbers on her side was not too short, the other party had an Earthly Immortal expert who haven’t made his move yet. Other than this, there were even more incoming foreign forces landing on the battlefield from the transfer array. One could imagine that the number of cultivators on the Piercing Wind City’s side would get significantly lesser.

This was truly devastating to fight at your own backyard but having an decreasing number of allies against an increasing number of enemies.

Concurrently, almost everyone noticed that the transfer array suddenly stopped sending people over to the periphery of the Piercing Wind City.

This was to say that both sides lost their support of reinforcements.

After confirming this fact, Su Xuan was elated as she instantly shouted, "All the Worldly Immortal Stage experts of my Zhen Xing come close to Hall Master Yan and myself to take orders from me. The rest of the army, go and kill…"

Without Su Xuan’s reminder, all the Worldly Immortal Stage experts were already gathering closer to them because there was still an Earthly Immortal Stage expert who hadn’t made his move. To deal with this Earthly Immortal Stage Level 1 expert, all the Worldly Immortal Stage experts must surround him before attacking together. Even though the opposition had large numbers, it was still not a large as the numbers that came out of the Piercing Wind City.

Furthermore, there were a total of nine Worldly Immortal Stage experts that was on the cultivator army side while the opposition only had an Earthly Immortal and a Bao Lie who were the slightly stronger ones. When comparing in this manner, the Zhen Xing cultivators were not exactly at a disadvantage.

As for the foreign cultivator side, Bao Lie and that Earthly Immortal Stage expert didn’t move because they didn’t feel the need to as they were confident many more Cla.s.s 8 beasts and Worldly Immortal Stage experts would join them soon. However, as things stand, the transfer array suddenly stopped transferring.

"Bao Lie, guard the array while I take a look at what happened in the Universal Hall," The Earthly Immortal Stage expert said coldly.

"Alright," Bao Lie knew that something must have went wrong in the Universal Hall because under his lead, Sid would definitely bring people through the transfer array into Zhen Xing. It was simply a disaster now that the transfer array had stopped transferring.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 360 - The Massive War Outside The Piercing Wind City

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