Immortal Mortal Chapter 361 - Ambushing An Earthly Immortal

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Chapter 361 - Ambus.h.i.+ng An Earthly Immortal

In the Universal Plaza outside of Universal Hall, it was a landscape of icy whiteness. Even though this cannon had already been fired by Mo Wuji, he could still feel the intense cold. The dense crowds of beasts and Gu Nuo soldiers which once filled the plaza, were now shreds of ice.

There were no signs of life, even on the path from Universal Hall to this plaza.

A few that just raced out of the Universal Hall to gather at the Universal Plaza were still shocked by the numbing cold. However, Mo Wuji did not give them a chance; boundless lightning rain descended upon them.

The rallying power of Commander Sid was truly impressive; after Chanse announced the order, almost all of the cultivators from the various corners of Universal Hall rushed towards Universal Plaza.

The only problem was that some at the further corners of the Universal Hall weren't able to arrive at Universal Plaza in time. Still, by the time Mo Wuji fired the extreme ice cannon, the slowest cultivator had already reached the first floor entrance of Universal Hall.

Mo Wuji had no intentions to leave any of these foreign invaders alive, and he was also in need of s.p.a.ce contribution points, so he did not hold back as he conjured huge clouds of lightning rain.

After an incense's time, except for those foreign invaders that already took the transfer array into Zhen Xing, the rest of them were slaughtered clean by Mo Wuji alone.

At this instant, Chanse, Solitary Red Knot and co. all walked out. As they stood at the entrance of Universal Hall, their eyes caught the scene of black charred corpses, then the frozen solid Universal Plaza. They all turned silent. When faced with such methods that one would be completely helpless against, even though they were on the same side as Mo Wuji, they could not help but feel horrified.

Everyone was thinking: If I had been attacked by this ice cannon, would I have simply added onto the shreds of ice on the floor?

This was the second time Chanse saw this situation, but he still could not shake the terror in his heart. His master was truly too terrifying, to actually possess this kind of devastating cannon.

Mo Wuji did not keep his giant cannon, but stood from a distance and scanned through the Universal Plaza with his spiritual will.

There were many cultivators here that were much stronger than him, so he had to be careful. He even heard Chanse say that an Earthly Immortal from Gu Nuo was here, so he could not show even half a bit of carelessness.

Mo Wuji primarily focused his spiritual will on the transfer array on Universal Plaza. When he fired the cannon, he specially avoided this array as he was afraid that he might destroy this array. After all, when he cleaned up all these sc.u.m here, he still needed to use this array to go to Zhen Xing. If he destroyed it, he wouldn't be capable of preparing another array to go to Zhen Xing.

But the extreme ice cannon was truly too destructive; he could not guarantee that the transfer array would not be destroyed.

Universal Plaza was filled with ice dregs. Further from the epicenter of the blast, there will still some barely complete corpses.

Following Mo Wuji's sweep with his spiritual will, all these corpses disintegrated into shreds with a cracking sound.

The foundations of the transfer array were still there; it's just that some of the array flags were basically turned to dust under the blast of Mo Wuji's extreme ice cannon.

Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief; as long as the foundations of the transfer array were still present, he could still mend it and use it to enter Zhen Xing.

Mo Wuji kept the extreme ice cannon, then walked towards Universal Plaza.

Chanse saw this and hurried to walk over too. Solitary Red Knot and her fellows also followed over.

As they approached the Universal Plaza, the few of them were increasingly stupefied by what lay before their eyes. The extreme cold had yet to disperse, and even Solitary Red Knot, who was at True G.o.d Stage Level 6, felt biting chills. Most of the foreign invaders were disintegrated into nothingness. Only at the periphery, were there mountains of ice shreds.

"Brother Mo, this cannon is simply…" Standing by Solitary Red Knot's side, True G.o.d Stage Level 9 Hong Hua muttered with a trembling voice.

When he thought of how Mo Wuji could use this huge cannon against Zhen Xing, it could perhaps be possible for one person to destroy all the cultivators on Zhen Xing.

"Wait…" Mo Wuji's face suddenly turned serious, extending his hand to stop Hong Hua from continuing. His gaze stared deadly towards the foundations of the transfer array.

The transfer array foundations were completely undamaged, but the array flags around it were destroyed by his extreme ice cannon. Supposedly, the transfer array needed to be repaired by him before it could be used.

However, what was happening now was that the transfer array foundation was glowing with flas.h.i.+ng white light, as though something was being transported over.

"Someone's transferring over, it's definitely Gansius..." Chanse suddenly uttered with a trembling voice. His body was the same as his voice; constantly shaking. Clearly, his heart was filled with terror.

Mo Wuji waved his hand; Tian Ji Pole appeared within his palm. He coldly said, "Explain properly, who is Gansius?"

Chanse seemed to be reminded that Mo Wuji was his true master, and if Mo Wuji wished for it, Mo Wuji could disperse his soul and destroy his body. Since it was like that, he didn't even have the chance to be afraid of Gansius; he managed to calm himself down and said, "Young master, Gansius is an expert at Earthly Immortal Stage Level 1. Moreover, he is also a top cla.s.s array master. The array flags around the foundation had been destroyed, but he’s definitely able to use the transfer array and come over. The reason why he hadn't immediately appeared, is because he is using his elemental energy to forge array flags…"

Indeed, Mo Wuji discovered that there were faint elemental energy flags around the perimeter of the array. He was proficient with the array dao, so he immediately knew that Chanse wasn't lying to him, but was speaking the truth.

"Brother Mo, Star King Mountain's Star Lord Chi Tong was ambushed by this Gansius. If Star Lord Chi Tong was still alive, Universal Hall definitely wouldn't have been lost," Zhang Tiancheng clenched his fists and said. Clearly, he was a loyal follower of Star Lord Chi Tong, and when he heard that Gansius was coming over, his heart could not restrain his rage.

"Young master, hurry and destroy these elemental energy flags. Otherwise, Gansius is really going to appear from this transfer array…" Seeing that Mo Wuji was not doing anything, Chanse was incredibly anxious.

Mo Wuji snorted, "Why do I have to destroy it? I will be right here to welcome him."

Chanse was even more anxious as he said, "There's no way we can ambush him. Gansius is knowledgeable on the Dao of s.p.a.ce. When he used s.p.a.ce to construct these array flags, he already knew that something had definitely gone wrong here. He definitely wouldn't be ambushed."

"Everyone hide to the side. Wait till my ambush succeed, then take action immediately afterwards." Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered about Chanse's words. He gave his instructions, and immediately brought his Tian Ji Pole to hide at a corner of the transfer array.

Supposedly, the safest method was to immediately install the extreme ice cannon, and give this Gansius a one time good blast when he appeared.

But this idea was immediately rejected by Mo Wuji. One, installing the extreme ice cannon required time; by the time he was done, Gansius might have already come out. Two, even if he managed to install the cannon before Gansius emerged, he could not guarantee that he would definitely hit Gansius.

After all, Gansius knew that an unforeseen situation had happened here. Once he emerged, he would definitely use an escape technique; he would not foolishly stand there and wait to get shot.

As for Chanse's idea of destroying the condensed elemental energy array flags, it was actually an even more foolish idea. He had only occupied the Universal Hall for a short period of time. If he was gone for a long time without the support from Zhen Xing, then if these foreign invaders sent reinforcements, they definitely wouldn't be able to hold the fort with the small group of them. As for his cannon ammunition, one ammo used was one ammo gone. They were things which he needed to conserve.

Not only couldn't he destroy Gansius’s elemental energy flags, he couldn’t even do anything to the foundations of the transfer array.

So this safest plan, in Mo Wuji’s eyes, wasn’t safe at all. As long as Gansius rushed out of the transfer array, they were screwed. He could fight a Worldly Immortal, but it did not mean that he could deal with an Earthly Immortal.

Thus, Mo Wuji finally chose to ambush. According to Chanse’s logic, ambus.h.i.+ng Gansius was close to impossible. But Mo Wuji was not like other people; he had the number one ambush technique: Next Pole.

Regardless of what direction Gansius races towards, Mo Wuji would have a pole attack ready. More importantly, Mo Wuji was also knowledgeable on arrays, so he could, at first notice, determine when and where Gansius would appear.

"Brother Mo, you’re really doing an ambush?" Solitary Red Knot was a little worried. Ambus.h.i.+ng an Earthly Immortal was a complete different concept from ambus.h.i.+ng a Worldly Immortal.

Mo Wuji nodded, "That fella is coming out soon. This person plotted against Chi Tong, and Chi Tong did contribute towards Zhen Xing, so take it that I’m helping Chi Tong take revenge."

Solitary Red Knot nodded, and didn’t add anything further. He knew that Mo Wuji’s decision was firm, and anything he said would be useless. Thus, he simply picked a spot, and prepared to help Mo Wuji fight at any moment.

In a few breaths time, that glowing white light suddenly illuminated with increased intensity, and a silhouette seemed to appear within it.

Solitary Red Knot and co.’s hearts were pounding so hard, they were almost pumped up to their throats. What worried them the most was that Mo Wuji still didn’t unleash any attack. Even though Mo Wuji instructed that the others should only attack after he did so, Zhang Tiancheng, could not hold it any further, striking out with his golden spade.

Almost at the same instant, Mo Wuji attacked.

The only difference was that Mo Wuji’s attack was aimed at the foundations of the transfer array, while Zhang Tiancheng’s attack was at least a few meters away. Clearly, one of the made the wrong judgement.

Almost at this instant, everyone could feel a huge force oppressing them; it felt like s.p.a.ce had suddenly shrunk and solidified.

"Ah…" A hoa.r.s.e and aggrieved cry could be heard. Now, there was only a mist of blood at where Zhang Tiancheng once stood.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 361 - Ambushing An Earthly Immortal

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