Immortal Mortal Chapter 367 - A Woman Like The Poison Fairy

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Chapter 367 - A Woman Like The Poison Fairy

"Too many people want my life so let’s see if you are capable enough to do so…" Before Xia Dandao could finish his sentence, a red radiance was shot out.

Wasn’t the reason why Mo Wuji brought Xia Dandao here to prevent him from asking for help? At almost the same moment when Xia Dandao raised his hand, Mo Wuji shot out an electroball.

The red radiance was intercepted by the electroball and eventually dissipated into thin air.

Mo Wuji’s Tian Ji Pole turned into countless of pole shadows before shouting, "I shall use my ident.i.ty as the Star Lord of the Star King Mountain to order everyone here to capture this traitor, Xia Dandao who Star Lord Wu…"

The situation was clear and even an idiot would know which side had the upper hand. Almost as Mo Wuji’s Tian Ji Pole landed, all sorts of magic treasures were ignited and Xia Dandao was suddenly under the combined attack of 20 over Worldly Immortal Stage experts.

"Boom!" The explosions of the radiance from the magic treasures together with the elemental energy within the strikes surrounded Xia Dandao. No matter how strong Xia Dandao was, this was a situation he was powerless to salvage. Moreover, there were at least a few Worldly Immortal Stage experts who were not any weaker than himself.

Mo Wuji’s Tian Ji Pole looked like it was aimed at Xia Dandao but it suddenly disappeared without a trace in thin air.

"You…" Chu Fengyi pointed unbelievably at Mo Wuji because looking at how Mo Wuji was acting with great fanfare, he was confident Mo Wuji would attack Xia Dandao. He was initially planning to make use of his escape talisman to leave at the instant Mo Wuji struck Xia Dandao.

Who would have thought after exhorting everyone to attack Xia Dandao, Mo Wuji turned to sneak attack Chu Fengyi instead?

The war in the Star Lord’s Residence started quickly but ended just as quick.

Under the combined attacks of so many experts not any weaker than himself, Xia Dandao was simply helpless in trying to block this insanely explosive attack. Presently, he was lying on the floor, dispirited with extremely weak primordial spirit.

Everyone fell silent when they realised the first person killed was not Xia Dandao but Chu Fengyi. Their new Star Lord secretly attacked Chu Fengyi after instructing everyone else to attack Xia Dandao.

Currently, everyone was in awe of Mo Wuji as they finally understood why he was able to remain safe even after the pursuits of the three big clans a few years ago. He was certainly more scheming than everybody present here.

He knew that to completely eradicate the Xia Clan, not only Xia Dandao must die, Chu Fengyi shouldn’t be allowed to survive too.

Xia Dandao extended his hand and pointed at Mo Wuji, "I am angry and regretful that I didn’t kill you from the onstart… To think I’ve let an ant bite back at me..."

He was indeed regretful because back then, he should have went to the Lost Continent personally. If he had held more regard for Mo Wuji previously, today wouldn’t have existed because he would never have imagined the ant that he completely disregarded in the past sent him to h.e.l.l today.

He gave up thinking about revenge for his Xia Clan because even himself was killed by the schemes of Mo Wuji so how was he even going to avenge his Xia Clan?

Perhaps what Xia Dandao didn’t know was that if he had been to the Lost Continent back then, Xia Dandao would have ceased to exist.

Mo Wuji stared coldly at Xia Dandao, "Previously, when my wife, Shuyin, was forced into the Th.o.r.n.y Wind Gate, I have swore to exterminate your Xia Clan."

Finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, Mo Wuji raised the lightning sword in his hand and in just a few breath’s time, Xia Dandao fell to the ground after being pierced to death by Mo Wuji’s lightning sword.

"Greetings Star Lord," After seeing Mo Wuji killed Xia Dandao, everyone including Su Xuan immediately expressed their newfound respect for Mo Wuji.

What they didn’t know was despite killing Xia Dandao and Chu Fengyi, they had yet to see the true strength of Mo Wuji.

"Hall Master Su, you and Hall Master Yan go reorganise the strength of Zhen Xing in the Piercing Wind City and repair the transfer array from the Piercing Wind City to the Universal Hall. Increase the defensive capabilities of the Universal Hall to prevent the possible retaliation of the Gu Nuo Star Tribe and s.p.a.ce beasts," Mo Wuji knew that if he wanted to exterminate the Xia and Yan Clan, he had to remain on the throne for this period of time.

"Yes, Star Lord," Su Xuan and Yan Ze stood out and shouted without any shreds of hesitation.

Mo Wuji’s eyes swept across the many sect heads and he was sure that some of them wanted him dead a few years ago. He didn’t feel the need to pursue this matter anymore because if he was really insistent on getting his revenge for this, the amount of bloodshed would be enough to fill an entire river in Zhen Xing. Perhaps even Su Xuan and Yan Ze were among those in pursuit of him.

However, Mo Wuji really did accused these two people because out of the 10 halls back then, only 8 were after Mo Wuji and the two that didn’t want to kill him were Su Xuan and Yan Ze respectively. Wu Lingzhi didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the pursuit as well because his Star Trace Hall was already taken over by the Mou Clan. The Mou Clan partic.i.p.ated in the pursuit in the name of the Star Trace Hall and even Wu Lingzhi wasn’t aware of this.

After sensing his stare, many sect heads who were after Mo Wuji previously felt chills down their spines. They were praying that this Star Lord Mo would not bear grudges.

"Xia Dandao Star Lord Wu and collaborated with the foreign invaders so who is willing to settle the scores with the Xia Clan?" Mo Wuji asked with a calm tone after glancing at everyone.

"Star Lord, Old Slave is willing," Just as Mo Wuji finished asking, an elder stood out.

Mo Wuji could sense that this elder was at least in the intermediate stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage yet he didn’t know if he was a hall master of one of these halls or a sect head.

Noticing Mo Wuji’s doubts, the elder immediately replied, "Old Slave Chi Huo’Er was the person a.s.sisting the Star Lord in managing the three king boards. Since Star Lord Mo had taken over the throne and was appointed by the previous Star Lord, Old Slave here is willing to serve as you wish."

Mo Wuji’s heart felt relieved when he heard that he had worked closely with Chi Tong before.

Chi Tong was killed mainly because the three big clans were not willing to help him so Chi Huo’Er would definitely not let this opportunity to exterminate the Xia Clan slip away.

Star King Mountain changed its Star Lord once again and the new Star Lord, Mo Wuji, was ranked first on the Mortal Board, ranked first on the Earth Board and ranked second in the Universal Board.

At this point in time, Mo Wuji had the greatest limelight in the entire Zhen Mo Continent. Most of the cultivators were not only full of admiration for him, they were extremely grateful too.

This was because Mo Wuji’s greatest contribution to Zhen Xing was getting the Universal Hall back.

The Universal Hall was of the greatest importance to many cultivators so much so that even cultivators who were simply too weak to visit the Universal Hall had reaped the benefits of it.

Most cultivation resources in the Star Wars Battlefield were transferred from the Universal Hall to Zhen Xing and then bought by the various cultivators.

Currently, the popular Mo Wuji was neither in the Piercing Wind City nor the Universal Hall. Ever since Su Xuan and Yan Ze started reorganising the cultivator army in the Piercing Wind City as well as revamping the Universal Hall, Mo Wuji had already left the Piercing Wind City.

Mo Wuji had left for the Yan Clan because he recalled that the Yan Clan was the cause of him being pursued by the previously. What was more infuriating to Mo Wuji was that the Yan Clan even issued orders to kill every cultivator from the Lost Continent. Because of him, a lot of innocent Lost Continent cultivators were killed for nothing.

This made Mo Wuji extremely guilty and he would let down all the Lost Continent cultivators who died for nothing if he didn’t obliterate the entire Yan Clan.

The Yan Clan owned a huge plaza and a natural spiritual jade pool. It’s location was only second to the Star King Mountain.

Even before he reached the Yan Clan, Mo Wuji could feel the dense spiritual energy from the periphery of the Yan Clan’s encampment.

This Yan Clan’s territory was blocked off by countless of defensive arrays so st.u.r.dy that even Mo Wuji’s spiritual energy was unable to seep through.

Mo Wuji had no intentions to reason things out with the Yan Clan so he immediately took out his ice cannon. There was no longer any more purpose for a clan like the Yan Clan to survive so the best way to get rid of them would be using his cannon.

At a distance about 10 metres away from the Yan Clan, while Mo Wuji was searching for a spot to plant his cannon, he suddenly sensed a familiar spiritual will imprint. This was in fact a spiritual will imprint which he left behind so Mo Wuji was naturally the most familiar with his own imprint. He didn’t leave too many spiritual will imprints as he only left two back when he was with Cen Shuyin in the Th.o.r.n.y Wind Gate.

When Cen Shuyin was being pursued by a member of the Broken Sect, he killed the Broken Sect’s Number 731 and he wasn’t that knowledgeable in creating his own spiritual will imprint back then. He simply used the Number 731’s storage ring as a bait and installed an imprint array.

Even though he wasn’t very proficient in tracking a spiritual will imprint, he was extremely knowledgeable in his understanding for meridians. Therefore, he made use of an array to install a spiritual will imprint in one’s meridian so that as long as someone touched that Number 731’s storage ring, the imprint would seep unknowingly into the person’s meridian.

In terms of meridian understanding, Mo Wuji believed no one was more capable than himself.

Currently, he actually sensed his own spiritual will imprint and it was in the territory of the Yan Clan.

He left the spiritual will imprint because he was afraid of the Broken Sect lingering around. In fact, he was right because the Broken Sect did lingered around as they even sent a woman called the Poison Fairy to kill him.

The only odd thing about that was that the Poison Fairy was so resolute to kill him that she didn’t even care about her own life. It was only until she realised the importance of her own life that she suddenly expressed a strong desire to survive and even told him how to find the spiritual will imprint that was placed in his body.

To find the spiritual will imprint that he left behind there, Mo Wuji was dead sure that it was a member of the Broken Sect. This person must have been to the place where the Number 731’s storage ring was left behind hence, Mo Wuju’s spiritual will imprint was able to seep into his meridian. Could the Yan Clan be the Broken Sect?

Mo Wuji instantly shook his head because the Yan Clan could never be the Broken Sect. The Broken Sect should be much stronger than the Yan Clan and now that a fella from the Broken Sect was here, should he still fire this cannon?

If he fired, this would mean the death of the Broken Sect’s fella too which would in turn meant that he would be destroying his only clue. However, if he didn’t fire this shot, he might not be able to exterminate the entire Yan Clan by himself.

Just as Mo Wuji was still hesitating, he felt an impending danger. Mo Wuji s.h.i.+fted his body and disappeared far away with the wind.

"Boom!" An ambush landed on Mo Wuji’s initial position and one could imagine that if he didn’t use his escape talisman earlier on, he would have been left with only half a life.

Mo Wuji raised his hand and his Tian Ji Pole landed in his hand and a woman in a linen robe appeared in front of him.

This woman had a face without makeup but was extremely gorgeous as she gave out a ‘girl next door’ feeling. At the sight of this, the first thing Mo Wuji thought of was the Poison Fairy. She looked almost as harmless and innocent as the Poison Fairy but her attacks were extremely vicious. More importantly, she wore the same linen robe as the Poison Fairy and even had some resemblance in terms of their looks.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 367 - A Woman Like The Poison Fairy

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