Immortal Mortal Chapter 372 - Star King Mountain's Anger

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Chapter 372 - Star King Mountain's Anger

At the same time that Mo Wuji attacked, Nong Shuyi turned and left. She chose to believe in Mo Wuji. Even though she was at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 3, in front of Zhu Qu, she truly didn't have any means of resistance.

Seeing that Mo Wuji dared to take the initiative to attack him, Zhu Qu laughed maniacally. He had seen wild and arrogant before, but to be honest, this was his first time seeing someone as wild and arrogant as Mo Wuji.

No matter how amazing Mo Wuji was, he was still a mere True G.o.d Stage ant, yet he dared to attack.

One must know that when Zhu Qu was in the intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage, he was able to kill an Earthly Immortal Elementary Stage expert. Now that he was in the Earthly Immortal Elementary Stage himself, even a cultivator at the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage wouldn't be able to handle him. Now a tiny True G.o.d dared to act against him?

Zhu Qu couldn't even be bothered to bring out his magic treasure as he took a step forward and welcomed Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole.

"Phoom!" Mo Wuji’s pole shadow easily dispersed in front of Zhu Qu; Zhu Qu opened his palm wide, and grabbed towards Mo Wuji.

A tremendous flux of elemental energy morphed into a huge domain; Mo Wuji was sealed within the domain. If Mo Wuji had spirit channels, he would feel that all his spirit channels instantly seizing up.

Zhu Qu had great confidence in this move of his. There’s no need to say that Mo Wuji was merely in the True G.o.d Stage. Even if Mo Wuji was in the Worldly Immortal Stage, with this move of his, Mo Wuji would no longer be able to use any elemental energy. This move of his would disrupt the flow of spiritual energy within the region; causing his opponent to be unable to generate elemental energy, seizing up his opponent’s spirit channels.

Unfortunately, his opponent was not as he had expected. Mo Wuji was indeed a cultivator at True G.o.d Stage Level 10, but he didn’t have a single spiritual channel in him, he didn’t even have spiritual roots, nor a primordial spirit. The reason why Mo Wuji could cultivate, was because he created the method of cultivating through meridians.

Just as Zhu Qu was sure that Mo Wuji would fall under his move, he soon felt that something was amiss. He felt a hint of killing intent emerge from behind his skull. If not for his attainments with s.p.a.ce Dao, and if not for the fact that he was way stronger than Mo Wuji, he wouldn’t even have noticed this bit of killing intent.

Instantly, Zhu Qu’s figure was forcefully blasted by 30 over meters; an elemental energy wall had defended against that deadly move.

"Peng!" When Mo Wuji’s Tian Ji Pole struck against an elemental energy wall, Mo Wuji immediately knew that his Next Pole had failed to hit his target.

From the time that Mo Wuji gained insights of the Nirvana Pole Shadow to now, this was his first failure. Previously, in his battle with Gong Yejian, his Next Pole also didn’t hit his target. However, Mo Wuji knew that it was due to Gong Yejian’s good luck. Sometimes, his Next Pole might go off target. Moreover, he hadn’t concentrated all his efforts in dealing with that fella.

However, he had used all his power to deal with this Zhu Qu. Still, Zhu Qu managed to detect it and avoid it. His Next Pole had been rendered ineffective.

Mo Wuji did not falter as he opened his palm and shot out a lightning web. At the same time, his figure disappeared from its original location. The difference in their strengths was too wide, continuing would only lead to his death.

"Boom!" At the instant that Mo Wuji disappeared, an huge beam of light descended upon his previous location. At the next instant, Mo Wuji’s lightning web netted Zhu Qu.

"Crackle!" After a brief moment, Zhu Qu’s figure appeared in mid air. Mo Wuji’s lightning web merely charred the tips of his hair, it didn’t even leave a crease on his robes. Mo Wuji’s lightning web wasn’t even enough to break through Zhu Qu’s elemental energy armour.

At this instant, Zhu Qu had an ugly expression on his face. Just now, he had used one of his most confident moves to deal with Mo Wuji, but it wasn’t even enough to cause Mo Wuji to lose a single hair. This left him extremely p.i.s.sed.

Zhu Qu’s figure flashed and he also disappeared from his original location. The direction he was moving in, was exactly the direction that Mo Wuji disappeared in.

His heart was continuously getting shocked. Exactly what cultivation technique did Mo Wuji cultivate? His skill was actually unable to cause Mo Wuji’s spirit channels to jam? One must know that the skill he had just used was even able to cause seizures in experts stronger than him.

Nong Shuyi, who was in the midst of a frantic escape, suddenly felt that someone had appeared beside her. Before she could react, that person had already grabbed her, and they both disappeared.

Luckily, Mo Wuji had briefed her about this beforehand. Even though she was shocked that Mo Wuji could actually use instantaneous teleportation, she still managed to retain her calm.

Mo Wuji embraced Nong Shuyi, and continuously used teleportation.

As he pursued them, Zhu Qu had a face of derision and contempt. Mo Wuji’s continuous teleportation was indeed able to stall him temporarily. However, no matter how G.o.dly Mo Wuji was, he couldn’t use it for a long period without rest. Even though Zhu Qu didn’t know teleportation, he knew that teleportation would heavily deplete one’s elemental energy and spiritual will.

Two hours pa.s.sed and Zhu Qu’s face started to change. He actually felt that the distance between him and Mo Wuji was getting further. He could only use the spatial ripples from Mo Wuji’s teleportation to discern the direction that Mo Wuji ran off too. He could only imagine, the moment their distance reached a certain extent, he wouldn’t even be able to detect these spatial ripples.

The moment he lost these spatial ripples, he would no longer be able to track Mo Wuji.

How was this possible? Even though Mo Wuji was in the Extreme Mortal Stage, and the Extreme Earth Stage, causing his elemental energy to far exceed an average person, it still shouldn’t be this exaggerated right? He could continuously use teleportation for two hours? What kind of illogical elemental energy did he have?

Mo Wuji knew that besides using teleportation continuously, there were no other ways he could get rid of Zhu Qu’s tail. It wasn’t because continuous teleportation was faster than Zhu Qu, but because the traces he left behind after each teleportation were hard to decipher. If Zhu Qu wanted to pursue him, he would need to stop and a.n.a.lyse the spatial ripples, then he could continue the chase. This way, he was able to pull the distance between him and Zhu Qu apart.

Reality showed that his actions were right. Zhu Qu and him continued to drift further apart, and eventually, Zhu Qu was no longer in the range of his spiritual will.

Mo Wuji did not relax yet, as he continued to use his teleportation. Mo Wuji’s cultivation was limited; at each teleportation, he could only travel a distance of around 30 meters. However, this was enough for Mo Wuji.

As for Zhu Qu’s idea that Mo Wuji would soon exhaust his spiritual will and elemental energy, it might work for others, but it was totally useless for Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji possessed an extremely vast sea of consciousness, and he even had a huge violet elemental lake. He could even use this kind of teleportation for half a day straight.

Mo Wuji was confident of his own powers; while he wasn’t able to beat an Earthly Immortal expert, when it comes to escaping, no one would be able to chase after him.

Another two hours pa.s.sed. Mo Wuji no longer teleported but changed to his Wind Escape Technique. He travelled continuously for another day, before bringing out his flying s.h.i.+p.

"You actually managed to escape from Zhu Qu’s hands?" Nong Shuyi landed heavily in Mo Wuji’s flying s.h.i.+p, a look of utter surprise was plastered on her face. In her heart, Zhu Qu was an existence akin to G.o.d. In this world, no one was able to beat Zhu Qu. But today, Mo Wuji who was only in the True G.o.d Stage, was actually able to survive from Zhu Qu’s pursuit. He was even able to carry her along. What sort of sorcery was this?

Mo Wuji shook his head. Even though Zhu Qu’s cultivation was much higher than his, but to him, it wasn’t anything spectacular. Was fleeing something very impressive?

"I suspect that there’s a problem with your cultivation technique. Maybe, Zhu Qu used your cultivation technique to locate us previously," After Mo Wuji met with Zhu Qu, he knew that this fella was an extremely fierce and ambitious man. He wanted to battle with Zhu Qu one-on-one, but he should forget about it in the short term.

Nong Shuyi did not rebut, but nodded, "You’re right. There’s indeed a problem with my cultivation technique. Actually, everyone in Broken Sect has the same problem."

"Pa.s.s your hand to me," Mo Wuji once again extended his hand.

Nong Shuyi did not reject. Actually, she wouldn’t have cared if Mo Wuji didn’t save her. She was willing to listen to Mo Wuji’s instructions to escape together because she didn’t want to end up in Zhu Qu’s hands. She also knew that Mo Wuji wanted to study her cultivation technique. For a person like her who was supposed to have died, she didn’t really mind what Mo Wuji was going to do.

Mo Wuji was different from other people; he had the Spirit Storage Channel. He could use the spiritual will from his Spirit Storage Channel to permeate into Nong Shuyi’s spirit channels.

Mo Wuji wasn’t as familiar with spirit channels as with meridians. However, his understandings towards meridians exceeded an average person, and the slight difference between a meridian and a spiritual channel was only in the way they were formed.

In merely half an incense’s time, Mo Wuji’s spiritual will was able to identify the problem with the spiritual energy in Nong Shuyi’s spirit channels. This spiritual energy seemed very pure, but it seemed to contain some medicinal properties. From Mo Wuji’s perspective, this should be left by the Spirit Channel Formation Pill mentioned by Nong Shuyi.

Broken Sect’s cultivation technique should not be perfect; Zhu Qu should have used the Spirit Channel Formation Pill to improve the cultivation technique. At the same time, he used this method to control everyone in Broken Sect.

As he thought of this, Mo Wuji suddenly said, "Dao Friend Nong, I have a method to get rid of the problems with the Spirit Channel Formation Pill. However, after I do it, you might die, or lose a huge part of your cultivation."

Nong Shuyi was not even the least bit happy, with a desolate voice, she said, "If you wish to use elemental energy to expel the pill energy from my spirit channels, then you should forget about it. Because everyone who did that, have already perished. As long as I cultivated the Broken Sect’s cultivation technique, the Spirit Channel Formation Pill’s pill energy will stay permanently in my spirit channels, with no means of expelling it."

Mo Wuji smiled faintly; others might not be able to do it, but that did not mean that he couldn’t. In reality, the pill energy in Nong Shuyi’s spirit channels was similar to the Broken Sect’s spiritual will imprint. He could use his Scholar’s Heart to erase the Broken Sect’s spiritual will imprint, so he could do the same for the pill energy. The only problem was, after he removed the Spirit Channel Formation Pill’s pill energy, what would Nong Shuyi do in the future? Without a new cultivation technique, Nong Shuyi’s body will still get burned by Broken Sect’s cultivation technique.

"Could you explain to me Broken Sect’s cultivation technique?" Mo Wuji suddenly asked. Mo Wuji was, after all, a master-level existence who created the meridian cultivation method, and he even created the reverse circulation technique of the Immortal Mortal Technique. So why couldn’t he help Nong Shuyi with her cultivation problem?

"Ok," Nong Shuyi did not have a single bit of hesitation as she immediately started to describe her cultivation methods.

At the same time in Star King Mountain.

Star King Mountain’s Star Lord Mo Wuji was not present. The Yan Clan and Xia Clan had both been exterminated, Wu Xiang Hall’s hall master had not yet returned from s.p.a.ce, and Star Flame Hall Master Chu Fengyi and Star Trace Hall Master Wu Lingzhi had perished.

At this instant, besides a few elders and defenders, there were only four hall masters in Star King Mountain, including Su Xuan.

"Broken Sect is merely an’s guild. My Star King Mountain had always turned a blind eye to their misdeeds, but now they’re actually so daring as to publicly issue a wanted notice for my Star King Mountain’s Star Lord. Various hall masters and elders, what do you say?" As Su Xuan spoke, she exuded a sharp killing aura. Clearly, she was infuriated by the actions of Broken Sect.

When she first got notice of this news, she was still in Universal Hall. After she confirmed that Star King Mountain’s Star Lord was being pursued by the Broken Sect, Su Xuan immediately gathered everyone back to Star King Mountain. Broken Sect had actually publicly issued a wanted notice for Star King Mountain’s Star Lord. Since when had the Star King Mountain fallen so far? A person actually wanted to apprehend the Star Lord, and he was actually from an unreputable’s guild. This was simply too preposterous.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 372 - Star King Mountain's Anger

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