Immortal Mortal Chapter 373 - The Two Strongest Sects In Zhen Xing

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Chapter 373 - The Two Strongest Sects In Zhen Xing

"What's there left to talk about, let's just remove Broken Sect from the face of Zhen Xing. This sect has always been an eyesore, and when Zhen Xing was at its most dangerous moment, I've never seen them dispatching people to help in Zhen Xing's effort. Today, they even listed a public wanted notice for my Star King Mountain's Star Lord. If we don't destroy that sect, then we should just give up on our name as Star King Mountain," A golden haired youth spoke angrily

This was Star King Mountain's ninth hall, Star Gazing Hall Master Luo Yuchen. His cultivation was at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, and he was originally a subordinate of Chi Tong. In reality, he had suggested many years ago to eradicate Broken Sect. However, Star Lord Chi Tong always thought that there was a purpose in its existence, so this matter had been left to rest.

Today, the Broken Sect had made their appearance again, then they even listed a public wanted notice for Star King Mountain's Star Lord. This thoroughly p.i.s.sed Luo Yuchen off.

"I agree with Hall Master Luo's words. Our Star King Mountain controls millions of soldiers in our cultivator armies. A mere Broken Sect dares to act so arrogantly, it's simply courting death." Naturally, Yan Ze did not hesitate to express his agreement.

Now that three hall masters had stood forward, the remaining defenders and elders each stood forward and expressed their agreement to eradicate the Broken Sect. They definitely could not allow Broken Sect to remain so arrogantly in Zhen Xing.

Su Xuan nodded. Ever since two of the three great clans had been destroyed by Mo Wuji, Star King Mountain had become much more united. It was even more cohesive than when there were ten halls.

Even though there was still the Mou Clan's Hall Master Gu Qiao, after the descent of Yan Clan and Xia Clan, Gu Qiao had toned down, and during normal circ.u.mstances, he would follow along.

"Alright. Our Star King Mountain must definitely pull ourselves back together. This time, I announce that Star King Mountain will rally all our forces for this effort. No matter where Broken Sect is hiding in, we will pull the Broken Sect out from their roots, leave no man alive…" Su Xuan stood up and said resolutely.

"Wait…" A hoa.r.s.e, elderly voice interrupted Su Xuan's words. When Su Xuan and co. noticed that the person speaking was Chi Huo’Er, they all quietened down and waited for Chi Huo'Er to speak. After all, Chi Huo'Er was the former Star Lord Chi Tong's right hand man, and he had also helped the current Star Lord Mo Wuji in a recent effort, by razing the Xia Clan to the ground.

Moreover, Chi Huo'Er's cultivation was also at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 5. Even though he didn't control any army, no one dead to disrespect Chi Huo'Er.

"I suggest that we first find the Star Lord. As for the matter of eradicating Broken Sect, it's best that we delay it till after we find the Star Lord…" Chi Huo'Er's tone was steady, bringing with it a form of seriousness and certainty.

Su Xuan instantly furrowed her brows and said discontentedly, "Manager Chi, Star Lord Mo is the strongest Star Lord in Zhen Xing's history, he could even be said to be the most qualified Star Lord. I believe that you've seen the Star King Mountain's Mortal King Board and Earth King Board? From these two boards, how many experts were born? Moreover, Star Lord Mo could be said to be the first person in history to get Rank 1 on both the Mortal King Board and the Earth King Board. Also, Star Lord Mo is also Rank 2 on the Universal Board.

After much difficulty, we managed to get Star Lord Mo to agree to be our Star King Mountain's Star Lord. If the experts from Broken Sect surround and kill him, then what's the use of our Star King Mountain?"

It wasn't just Su Xuan, almost everyone else looked at Chi Huo'Er in discontent. Everyone was roughly thinking the same thing: You, as the manager, should be the first one to lead the charge to eradicate Broken Sect. But not only didn't you support it, you even suggested against it. What’s the point of a manager like you for the Star Lord?

Chi Huo'Er sighed and said, "Everyone only knows one thing, but is ignorant of the others. Let me ask, what does everyone understand of the Broken Sect? What does everyone understand of Broken Sect's sect head?"

Hearing Chi Huo'Er's questions, the crowd sank into silence. For a small sect like the Broken Sect, no one really cared about it, much less try to understand it. It's just a mere guild; any time the Star King Mountain wanted to eradicate it, it could be eradicated at any time.

Chi Huo'Er sighed once more, "Everyone believes that the strongest sect in Zhen Xing should be our Star King Mountain right? That's right, our Star King Mountain is indeed ahead of Broken Sect. But, the strongest sect in Zhen Xing isn't our Star King Mountain."

"..." Everyone, including Su Xuan, stared at Chi Huo'Er in confusion. Was he having a fever and spouting nonsense? Even though there were internal disputes within Star King Mountain, it was undoubtedly the number one sect in Zhen Xing. Since when did Star King Mountain lose their place as Zhen Xing's number one sect?

After some time, Su Xuan finally stood up, clasping her fists towards Chi Huo'Er, "Manager Chi, please tell us more."

Even though Chi Huo'Er's cultivation was not the highest among those sitting here, Chi Huo'Er was indeed qualified to teach and guide them. Chi Huo'Er was the oldest here, and the Star Lords that he had served were not merely Chi Tong and Wu Lingzhi. Even before Chi Tong, he had followed another Star Lord.

One could say, in Zhen Mo Continent, it was hard to find another person older than Chi Huo'Er.

Chi Huo'Er continued with his hoa.r.s.e, old voice, "A long time ago, there were two supreme sects in Zhen Xing…"

As many people were wondering whether these two sects were Broken Sect and Star King Mountain, Chi Huo'Er suddenly said, "One of them was called Tian Ji Sect. Tian Ji Sect bore Heaven’s destiny [1], possessed peerless dao manuals, and their sect head, Tian Ji’Zi, was a hero of his generation with exceedingly strong power…"

Everyone glanced towards one another; what kind of sect was Tian Ji Sect, it seemed like none of them had heard of it before. Since everyone had never heard of it, they naturally continued to listen to Chi Huo'Er's explanation.

"The other sect was called Reincarnation Dao Sect. This sect was no weaker than Tian Ji Sect, and Reincarnation Dao Sect's history was even longer than Tian Ji Sect. Tian Ji Sect was only established by Tian Ji’Zi himself. One day, Tian Ji Sect and Reincarnation Dao Sect were clas.h.i.+ng over a piece of immortal equipment, and during that clash, Tian Ji Sect's Sect Head Tian Ji’Zi killed Reincarnation Dao Sect's genius and outstanding Sect Head Zhu Nanshan, s.n.a.t.c.hing away that immortal equipment."

When they heard this, almost everyone exhaled a breath of cold air.

Immortal equipment, this was a thing of legends, an item of the Immortal Realm. Even in the Immortal Realm, it was still a legendary existence. Even though there were a handful of Worldly Immortals here, everyone knew that while they were called Worldly Immortals, they were still 108,000 li away from actual immortals. [2] Being called Worldly Immortals was simply a form of consolation. Because out of 90% of people who actually cultivated to this stage met a dead end, finding it hard to progress any further, much less break through the void.

They never expected that an immortal equipment had appeared on Zhen Xing, and there were even two big sects that went to war because of that immortal equipment.

By this time, everyone became even more silent and listened to Chi Huo'Er's words.

"After Zhu Nanshan was killed, Tian Ji'Zi did not simply leave Reincarnation Dao Sect to be. After all, over the years, Tian Ji Sect had suffered several times under the hands of Reincarnation Dao Sect. What was originally one of the two greatest sects in Zhen Xing, Reincarnation Dao Sect was actually eradicated."

When Chi Huo'Er got to this point, he started shaking his head, "It would have been fine if Tian Ji'Zi did things in a clear-cut manner. However, Tian Ji'Zi wasn't clear-cut; he allowed Zhu Nanshan's female slave to survive. That female slave was even pregnant with Zhu Nanshan's flesh and blood."

All those that heard this could guess that Tian Ji Sect should have been destroyed my Zhu Nanshan's descendant, because they have never heard of this Tian Ji Sect.

"That female slave secretly gave birth to Zhu Nanshan's flesh and blood, naming him Zhu Fu. There were two meanings behind Zhu Fu’s name. [3] One was to rebuild Reincarnation Dao Sect, the other was to avenge Zhu Nanshan. That Zhu Fu's talent was exceptional; despite not having any cultivation resources, he managed to cultivate to become a supreme expert in a mere hundreds of years.

But right at this moment, the Lost Continent, where Tian Ji Sect was situated in, experienced an unforeseen disaster. That disaster crippled and killed the heroes and geniuses of Lost Continent. Those that didn't die, fled off the Lost Continent and headed towards Zhen Mo Continent…"

Only now, did everyone know that the two sects of Chi Huo'Er's story were from the Lost Continent.

"Even though Zhu Fu's cultivation was exceedingly high, he was unable to escape misfortune. Even the natural laws of Lost Continent had been broken. Naturally, he did not escape unscathed as he lost his cultivation. Even so, he still dragged his heavily injured body and survived. Even though he was once at the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage and was at the brink of breaking through the void, without his cultivation, he could only head towards the mortal world.

Ever since Zhu Fu was born, he only knew how to cultivate. How would he know how to make a living to survive? After losing his cultivation, and to hide the fact that he was once a cultivator, he had to do hard, menial work. However, he did not dare about this; he only wanted to have a son, and pa.s.s on all his legacies to his son.

Unfortunately, after he lost his cultivation, he also lost his ability to procreate. Luckily, his longevity was strong, and he managed to live on for thousands of years. These thousands of years were not spent on nothing, at least he managed to find a Foetus Formation Fruit.

When his life was about to reach an end, he met a mortal girl with supreme grade spiritual roots. Not only did that girl use her two hands to raise him, she even helped him give birth to a son using the Foetus Formation Fruit.

Zhu Fu pa.s.sed down everything he learnt onto his son, and his son’s talent was even much stronger him. I even heard that they went back to the ruins of Reincarnation Dao Sect and found peerless and secret manuals relating to the Dao of Reincarnation… When his son was only 7 years old, Zhu Fu ran out of his longevity, and perished."

When Su Xuan listened to this story, her heart started pounding. She believed that Chi Huo'Er wouldn't tell them these things for no apparent reason. Since Chi Huo'Er had said it, then there must be some link, "Manager Chi, what is the name of Zhu Fu's son?"

Chi Huo'Er's seemingly hazy eyes suddenly seemed to light up, then it turned dim again, "His son is called Zhu Qu. When Zhu Qu reached the Yuan Dan Stage, he went to the already weakened Tian Ji Sect and slaughtered everyone there…"

"Manager Chi, no matter how weak Tian Ji Sect had become, it couldn't have been casually destroyed by a Yuan Dan Stage cultivator right?" Yan Ze asked in doubt.

Chi Huo'Er nodded, "What you said is right. But that only applies to other people. Zhu Qu doesn’t follow the same logic. When Zhu Qu was in the advanced Yuan Dan Stage, he could already kill True Lake Stage cultivators. The higher his cultivation, the stronger he becomes. He is very strong…"

Seemingly not knowing the appropriate words to describe Zhu Qu, Chi Huo’Er could only use one word: Strong.

After a brief pause, Chi Huo’Er continued, "Those years ago, Zhu Qu was still very young, so he doesn’t know that a small part of Tian Ji Sect still survives now. After he destroyed Tian Ji Sect, he took away that immortal equipment, then returned back to the mortal city where he stayed with his mother. He ma.s.sacred the entire city, not even a baby was left behind."

"Why?" Su Xuan asked in aghast.

Chi Huo"er replied, "Even though his mother obtained the support of many of her neighbours to survive, she had also suffered under the humiliation of many. All these were treated as a form of humiliation to him; he felt that these mortals have stained his existence. It didn’t matter whether they had helped him, or whether they had insulted him; he killed all of them.

"So vicious…" Even though the cultivators here do not think much of mortals, they also wouldn’t be able to kill mortals that helped them.

"Thereafter, he left Lost Continent and arrived at Zhen Mo Continent. He soon found a footing within an guild, and he eventually became the sect head… I believe everyone has already guessed it. He is Broken Sect’s sect head, Zhu Qu," Chi Huo’Er’s tone was a little feeble."

[1] Heaven’s Destiny is actually the translation of Tian Ji.

[2] 108,000 li is the distance that Sun Wukong traveled in the Journey to the West.

[3] The ‘Fu’ in Zhu Fu’s name has several meanings, one of which is to recover and restore; the other is to avenge or take revenge.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 373 - The Two Strongest Sects In Zhen Xing

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