Immortal Mortal Chapter 379 - Star Lord Palace

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Chapter 379 - Star Lord Palace

Following Mo Wuji's closed door cultivation, Zhen Xing was peaceful; Broken Sect cultivators continued to be arrested, and Zhen Xing returned back to its original path.

At the beginning, a few hall masters and elders of Star King Mountain were still worried that the Broken Sect's Sect Head Zhu Qu would suddenly appear after he recuperated from his injuries. However, after experiencing four months of calm, Star King Mountain was able to put their hearts at ease.

This was already the fifth month of Mo Wuji’s closed door cultivation. Even though the Star Lord Mountain had the densest concentration of spiritual energy in the entire Zhen Xing, Mo Wuji was still in True G.o.d Stage Level 10 after 5 months. True G.o.d Stage Level 11 still seemed far from reach, much less the Worldly Immortal Stage.

Mo Wuji had also predicted that when he was at this level, he could only slowly raise his cultivation a.s.siduously. Unless he managed to find those spirit stone slags from the Half Moon Prison, there wasn't any shortcut that he could take.

After confining himself for five consecutive months, and using all sorts of spiritual items to no avail, Mo Wuji left his closed doors. He was worried that Broken Sect's Sect Head Zhu Qu would act against Star King Mountain.

Even though there were many Worldly Immortals in Star King Mountain, the person with the highest cultivation, Sang Caihe, was far from being a match for Zhu Qu.

When Mo Wuji just left Star Lord Mountain, he instantly saw Chi Huo'Er. Chi Huo'Er was like a straight javelin, standing right at the center of the defensive array outside Star Lord Mountain.

"Manager Chi, what are you going here?" Mo Wuji landed by Chi Huo'Er's side and asked quizzically.

Star Lord Mountain was enveloped in boundless spiritual energy, and at the same time, it was protected by Star King Mountain's strongest defensive array. Without Mo Wuji's permission, no one was allowed to enter Star King Mountain. Thus, there was no need for someone to stand guard. Chi Huo'Er standing here left Mo Wuji rather confused.

Chi Huo'Er immediately bowed, "I’ve always been the defender of the Star King Mountain's Star Lord. As long as the Star King Mountain lives, I will continue to protect Star Lord Mountain."

Mo Wuji was secretly speechless. This Chi Huo'Er was at least over a thousand years old? Could he have stood guard over here for hundreds of years?

"Manager Chi, the time I spend behind closed doors is uncertain. In the future, you don't need to stand guard here," Mo Wuji responded. He knew that as a Worldly Immortal, what Chi Huo'Er needed to do now was to spend his time cultivating, and not waste his time on doing this guard duty.

Chi Huo'Er shook his head, "This is my duty. Moreover, when I stand here, I can borrow the Star Lord Mountain's spiritual energy to cultivate."

Seeing that Chi Huo’Er would not be swayed by his persuasions, Mo Wuji asked, "During my closed doors, did anything happen in the Universal Hall? And did Zhu Qu continue to do anything?"

"Under the protection of the hall masters and elders, Zhen Xing has returned back to stable state. Zhu Qu and that s.p.a.ce Wolf King have yet to appear. Also, Tian Chi Manor's Yan Huimeng came to visit the Star Lord twice. When she heard that the Star Lord was behind closed doors, she only said that she'll pay a visit in the future,"Chi Huo'Er replied hurriedly.

Mo Wuji originally wanted to inquire about Zhu Qu's matter. When be heard that Zhu Qu did not appear, there was no longer a need for him to find Su Xuan and co. On the other hand, he wasn’t familiar with Yan Huimeng, so he casually asked, "Why did the Tian Chi Manor’s manor lord come?"

Chi Huo’Er answered, "For a long time, the prettiest women in Zhen Mo Continent have come from Tian Chi Manor. Many of the Worldly Immortal experts from Star King Mountain have dao companions that come from Tian Chi Manor. This generation’s Tian Chi Manor Lord, Yan Huimeng, has a disciple called Zhuang Xiyue, whose beauty was like a fairy, beautifully enrapturing. That Yan Huimeng originally wanted to bethrothed Zhuang Xiyue to Lei Hongji. However, Lei Hongji had betrayed Star King Mountain. Even though Yan Huimeng didn’t clearly state her intentions, she should be here to betroth her disciple, Zhuang Xiyue, to the Star Lord."

So it was just a small matter; Mo Wuji immediately cast it aside. Ever since he came to Zhen Xing, he only had two loved ones. One was Yan’Er, who supported him in his time of poverty. The other was Cen Shuyin, who truly moved his heart.

Yan’Er’s memories of him had already disappeared, and in exchange, her cultivation swelled rapidly. She’s now following beside the experienced Bei Suting, so she shouldn’t have faced any problems.

Cen Shuyin had perished within his embrace. No one else could replace her position in his heart. To him, it didn’t matter how beautiful other women were, they were merely as transient as fleeting clouds. His heart would not belong to any other woman.

Just when he was thinking whether he should continue to go back into closed doors, Chi Huo’Er suddenly asked, "Star Lord’s cultivation doesn’t seem to have improved much. I wonder if you’ve been to the Star Lord Palace?"

Mo Wuji startled, asking immediately, "What’s the Star Lord Palace?"

He was indeed a Star Lord, but he had never truly seen himself as the Star Lord.

Him being a Star Lord, and him coming to Star King Mountain, were all things that happened by accident. Fortunately, Star King Mountain had the Star Lord Mountain. This place was suitable for him to cultivate, which was why he stayed behind. Otherwise, he might not have stayed here. He really couldn’t be bothered about the matters of Star King Mountain.

The only time when he used his power as the Star Lord was when he hunted the Broken Sect. As the Star Lord, he gathered a group of Worldly Immortal experts to pursue and hunt Zhu Qu down.

Thereafter, he chose to immediately enter closed door cultivation within Star King Mountain.

He knew of the Star Lord Hall, however, this was really his first time hearing of Star Lord Palace.

This time, it was Chi Huo’Er’s turn to be startled. Luckily, he reacted quickly and said promptly, "When the Star Lord was cultivating, you probably didn’t explore around."

Mo Wuji nodded; these words were true. When he was cultivating in Star Lord Mountain, he truly didn’t explore around the area. However, he did scan the area with his spiritual will, and he knew that there was still an altar on Star Lord Mountain. Below that altar, there were several memorial tablets. From Mo Wuji’s perspective, they should be the memorial tablets of the previous Star Lords. In actuality, he did indeed see Chi Tong’s and Wu Lingzhi’s memorial tablet.

Whether it was Chi Tong or Wu Lingzhi, Mo Wuji wasn’t very familiar with them. This was even more so for the other Star Lords, so he didn’t bother looking through the tablets.

There was no need for Mo Wuji to reply; Chi Huo’Er could already tell that Mo Wuji had not entered into the Star Lord Palace. Thus, he had to explain, "Under that altar on Star Lord Mountain resides the Star Lord Palace. That is where the memorial tablets of the previous Star Lords lie. These Star Lords, have either broken through the void, perished or went missing over the years. Because Star Lord Wu was caught up with the foreign invasion, he had never had the time to visit the Star Lord Palace. Thus, he did not leave behind anything in the Star Lord Palace. At the same time, he didn’t take anything from the previous Star Lord."

"You’re saying that the Star Lord Palace has things left behind by the previous Star Lords?" Mo Wuji asked curiously.

Chi Huo’Er nodded, "Yes. Before leaving Star King Mountain, every Star Lord would leave something behind in the Star Lord Palace. These things were meant for the successive Star Lords."

Mo Wuji’s heart started pounding. He hurriedly said, "Manager Chi, follow me to the Star Lord Palace. Are there any conditions to enter?"

"The Star Lord just needs to bring the Star Lord Token, then you can enter the Star Lord Palace," Chi Huo’Er replied.

Even though Mo Wuji knew that he was only a temporary Star Lord, he had the Star Lord Token on him. He nodded and said, "Then let’s go."

"Yes." Chi Huo’Er did not hesitate even a single moment to respond to the Star Lord’s command.

Besides the place where Mo Wuji entered closed door cultivation, there was only that altar in Star Lord Mountain.

When Mo Wuji and Chi Huo’Er entered the altar, he immediately saw a total of seven memorial tablets.

First tablet, Qiao Aolun. Below it, there were some small words inscribed on the tablet.

Qiao Aolun; Founded Star King Mountain: Reformed Universal Hall; Star King Mountain’s First Star Lord; Star Lord for 341 years; Broke through the void.

Second tablet. Qing Niao; Star King Mountain’s Second Star Lord; Star Lord for 777 years; Missing.

Third tablet. Le Tianyi; Star King Mountain’s Third Star Lord; Star Lord for 432 years: Perished in the Star Wars Battlefield.

Fourth tablet. Lou Chuanhe; Star King Mountain’s Fourth Star Lord; Star Lord for 521 years; Missing.

Fifth tablet. Han Li; Star King Mountain’s Fifth Star Lord. Star Lord for 263 years; Missing.

Sixth tablet. Chi Tong; Star King Mountain’s Sixth Star Lord; Star Lord for 348 years; Perished in the Star Wars Battlefield.

Seventh tablet. Wu Lingzhi; Star King Mountain’s Seventh Star Lord; Star Lord for 6 years. Perished by

Seven Star Lords. Except for the First Star Lord, the other six either perished or went missing. This was a little too unlucky, right?

Even though Mo Wuji didn’t say anything, his heart was a little uncomfortable. He was the Star King Mountain’s Eighth Star Lord, would he also follow down the same road to perish or go missing?

By the side, Chi Huo’Er noticed Mo Wuji’s expression. He could only sigh and say, "Actually, our First Star Lord Qiao also went missing.

"Why?" Mo Wuji stared at Chi Huo’Er in aghast. Just now, he was still thinking that there was a Star Lord that broke through the void. In the blink of an eye, it changed.

Chi Huo’Er shook his head, "This old servant also doesn’t know."

Mo Wuji could only say, "Since that’s the case, then let’s leave it. Bring me to see what Star Lord Chi had left behind."

Seeing that Mo Wuji did not pursue this matter, Chi Huo’Er heaved a sigh of relief. He pointed towards the back of the seven memorial tablets and said, "There’s actually an array gate here. As long as you approach with the Star Lord Token, the array gate would automatically open."

Mo Wuji brought out his Star Lord Token and walked over. Indeed, an array gate opened. A flood of rich spiritual energy rushed out. A golden flight of steps appeared in front of the two.

Mo Wuji started walking down the steps. This flight of steps was not short; there were at least 100 steps. When he reached the final step, Mo Wuji was greeted by a grand hall. This hall was splendid and magnificent; it did not look like a structure that was built underground.

There were three ranking boards erected at the center of the grand hall. Mo Wuji discovered that among three of the ranking boards, two of them had his name on it.

Chi Huo’Er noticed that Mo Wuji’s gaze had landed on the ranking boards, and he hurriedly said, "These are the three King Boards. Only those who have ranked first on the Mortal, Earth and Heaven Boards, qualify to enter these three King Boards."

This was not the first day that Mo Wuji entered Zhen Xing; he had heard of the three King Boards before. He knew that the three King Boards were in Star King Mountain, and only the Star Lord knew where they were. He never expected that the three King Boards were situated here.

Seeing that his name was first on both the Mortal King Board and Earth King Board, Mo Wuji was rather satisfied. When Mo Wuji’s eyes landed on the Heaven King Board, he immediately frowned.

Rank 1 on the Heaven King Board was a Lou Poyi. This was a rather peculiar name. However, this wasn’t the reason why Mo Wuji frowned. He frowned because the person at Rank 2 of the Heaven King Board, was Zhu Qu.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 379 - Star Lord Palace

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