Immortal Mortal Chapter 380 - The Things In The Star Lord Palace

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Chapter 380 - The Things In The Star Lord Palace

Mo Wuji soon dispelled his dissatisfaction; he believed that when he advanced into the Earthly Immortal Stage, he would definitely kick Zhu Qu’s a.s.s.

So what if Zhu Qu cultivated a strong soul technique, and so what if his spiritual will had been honed to manifestation? I, Mo Wuji, only need my rapidly growing sea of consciousness and his violet elemental lake. As for the primordial spirit, keke, I don’t need that.

"Eh, this Lei Hongji is not bad ah. He’s actually Rank 7 on the Earth King Board." On the Heaven King Board, besides Zhu Qu, Mo Wuji didn’t know anyone else. He then turned to the Earth King Board, and Lei Hongji’s name astounded him.

Chi Huo’Er said in a solemn voice, "Star Lord, you must not underestimate this Lei Hongji. Star Lord Chi Tong believes, his true position should not be below the top 3."

"Oh, why so?" Mo Wuji asked quizzically; Mo Wuji had never had an actual battle with Lei Hongji before, and he did not know exactly how strong Lei Hongji was. However, since Lei Hongji was able to s.n.a.t.c.h away the Half Moon Prison under the eyes of many experts, he was definitely not simple.

"Star Lord Chi suspects that Lei Hongji’s spiritual roots aren’t ordinary spiritual roots. His talent seems to be constantly improving. As for the exact details, even Star Lord Chi isn’t clear. However, it was because he noticed Lei Hongji’s terrifying talent, that he decided to invite Lei Hongji into Star King Mountain," Chi Huo’Er explained.

Mo Wuji did not mind; Lei Hongji decided had his own aces, otherwise, he wouldn’t have ranked within the top 10 of the Earth King Board. He was also the same, his meridians evolved together with his cultivation. Every time he opened a new meridian, his cultivation and power would soar rapidly.

Pa.s.sing the three boards, Mo Wuji saw a jade plate suspended in s.p.a.ce. On the jade plate, there were six jade boxes.

Before Mo Wuji asked anything, Chi Huo’Er pointed at the jade plate and said, "This jade plate is the Star Lord Plate. Before every Star Lord went out on a mission, they would place their most valuable object here. If the Star Lord didn’t manage to return, the object would be left behind for the next Star Lord."

Mo Wuji nodded, walked to the jade plate and extended his hand to grab a jade box.

The jade box was enveloped in restrictions, causing spiritual will to be unable to seep through. Mo Wuji opened the the jade box, a pale green group lay quietly within the jade box.

Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit? Mo Wuji was instantly startled. He immediately came to a realisation; this was truly a Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit. He had obtained one of this fruit before, it was from the white-eyed wolf’s storage ring.

If described according to value, then the Ning Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit was undoubtedly the most valuable spirit fruit among Tier 8 spirit fruits. It was a precious treasure that could allow a Great Circle of True G.o.d cultivator advance into the Worldly Immortal Stage. Even if it wasn’t refined into a pill, it’s value would still be astronomical. Star King Mountain had quite a decent stash of Tier 8 spiritual objects, but it did not have a Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit in its treasury.

This fruit was able to help him advance at least one level. After he reached True G.o.d Stage Level 11, he would use this fruit to directly catapult into True G.o.d Stage Level 12.

Good thing, I’ll keep it.

The first object was already so valuable, causing Mo Wuji to look towards the later jade boxes with greater antic.i.p.ation.

The moment Mo Wuji opened the second jade box, he was swept by a wave of refres.h.i.+ng spiritual energy, evoking a sense of inconceivable excitement in his heart.

This spiritual energy was very familiar ah. It was from the spirit stone slags he obtained from the Half Moon Prison. Indeed, the jade box contained spirit stone slags.

There weren’t many spirit stone slags inside; Mo Wuji counted, there were a total of 15 slags.

This was some truly good stuff. With this box of spirit stone slags, what’s there a need for worry? In addition to that Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit, he could definitely advance into the Worldly Immortal Stage in a short time.

Mo Wuji impatiently opened the third jade box; it also had 15 spirit stone slags. The fourth, fifth and sixth jade boxes were also exactly the same. Except for the first box which contained the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit, the remaining five boxes were filled with spirit stone slags.

Mo Wuji suppressed his emotions and said, "I never thought that Star Lord Chi Tong had actually went into the Half Moon Immortal Palace before, and even kept the spirit stone slags from the Half Moon Immortal Palace here."

However, Chi Huo’Er said, "That Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit was placed here by Star Lord Chi. The spirit stone slags were left behind by the Second Star Lord, Qing Niao…"

Noticing Mo Wuji’s look of confusion, Chi Huo’Er continued, "When Qing Niao was the Star Lord, the Half Moon Immortal Palace appeared. Then, Star Lord Qing and several Zhen Xing experts entered Half Moon Immortal Palace. The Star King Mountain’s three great clans was founded after that venture into the Half Moon Immortal Palace. Star Lord Qing suffered a heavy injury in Half Moon Immortal Palace. When he returned, he announced that he would go behind closed doors. Star Lord Qing emerged after 100 years, but he suddenly left Star King Mountain. Thereafter, there was no longer any news for him.

Because of Star Lord Qing’s departure, Star King Mountain was left without a Star Lord, sending Star King Mountain into a power struggle. Once it started, it lasted for over 1000 years. After 1000 over years, a stellar genius appeared in Zhen Xing. He was the Third Star Lord Le Tianyi. Le Tianyi forcefully suppressed the three great clans and revived Star King Mountain. Unfortunately, before Star Lord Le could fully destroy the three great clans, a terrifying war broke out in the Star Wars Battlefield. Star Lord Le perished during that battle."

Chi Huo’Er’s voice brought with it a hint of melancholy, seemingly thinking, if Le Tianyi didn’t perish, how would a mere Zhu Qu act so arrogantly in Zhen Xing?

"The Fourth Star Lord Lou Chuanhe was Star Lord Le’s disciple. After Star Lord Le perished, he made vigorous efforts to turn the tide, and Star King Mountain survived the war. However, to pursue the killer of the Third Star Lord, who was also his master, Star Lord Lou went deep into s.p.a.ce. He never returned."

When he got to this point, Chi Huo’Er pointed to those jade boxes and said, "Previously, Star Lord Qing left behind a total of 7 jade boxes. Thereafter, several of the successive Star Lords used a portion of them. Those that were left unused, where left behind here for the next Star Lord. Star Lord Chi took one of the jade boxes. Eventually, he managed to obtain a Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit, and left it behind here."

When Mo Wuji heard these words, he suddenly felt very ashamed.

Compared to the previous Star Lords, he seemed to be extremely selfish. When he first saw what was in the six jade boxes, the first thing that crossed his mind was not to leave some behind for the next Star Lord. Instead, he wished that there were more of such jade boxes.

Compared to the selflessness of the previous Star Lords, he was truly so selfish. Even Chi Huo’Er, spent hundreds of years like days to defend Star Lord Mountain. This also caused Mo Wuji to feel shame.

Seeming to have noticed Mo Wuji’s guilt, Chi Huo’Er said, "For most of the previous Star Lords, Star Lord Mountain was enough for their cultivation.

Only when they needed to break through a bottleneck, would they use this sort of spirit stone slag. I see that Star Lord Mo’s technique seems to require large amounts of spiritual energy, so Star Lord doesn’t need to worry too much. Since these things have been left behind by the previous Star Lords, feel free to use them as you wish."

Over the past few months, Chi Huo’Er had been a.s.siduously guarding outside Mo Wuji’s Star Lord Mountain. He was familiar with the mad rates at which Mo Wuji absorbed spiritual energy; he knew that typical cultivation resources would never be enough for this new Star Lord.

"Many thanks Manager Chi for telling me this. I have this, that’s already enough. Leave the rest for the next Star Lord then," Mo Wuji only took the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit and two jade boxes of spirit stone slag.

To say that the Star Lord Mountain’s spiritual energy was sufficient for the previous Star Lords, Mo Wuji definitely didn’t believe such words. Even if they didn’t need that much cultivation resources, these spirit stone slags would be able to boost their cultivation rapidly. Mo Wuji did not believe that the previous Star Lords didn’t know that.

Everyone knew, but they took these spirit stone slags only when it’s necessary. Ostensibly, the previous Star Lords were principled men.

Mo Wuji was the Star Lord. Since he had made the decision, Chi Huo’Er naturally wouldn’t say anything.

Mo Wuji slighly hesitated; he then took a cultivation manual and placed it on the jade plate. After which, he said, "Manager Chi, let’s go."

Mo Wuji took out his Immortal Mortal Reverse Technique. He felt that since he took what he needed from Star King Mountain, he should leave something behind.

The true Immortal Mortal Technique belonged to Tian Ji Sect. He was the Tian Ji Sect Head, so he naturally couldn’t leave it to Star King Mountain. However, this reverse circulation technique was modified by himself. If anyone was able to cultivate it in the future, then it could be considered fate.

"Yes." Towards Mo Wuji’s action of leaving something behind on the jade plate, Chi Huo’Er didn’t have any comments.

When they left Star Lord Palace, Mo Wuji was just about to tell Chi Huo’Er that he would continue his cultivation when Chi Huo’Er suddenly said, "Hall Master Su just sent a message, saying that Tian Chi Manor’s Yan Huimeng had come again to pay a visit to the Star Lord. Is the Star Lord free to meet her?"

Mo Wuji did not hesitate to wave his hand, "There’s no need. Tell her, my cultivation is meeting a critical point, I would need at least a year’s time before I emerge."

Mo Wuji wasn’t a half bit interested towards this sort of match making. He now had a Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit and 30 spirit stone slags. This was enough for him to reach the Worldly Immortal Stage.

By the time he ascended to become a Worldly Immortal and trained to the fourth level of his Xing Word Manual, even if he wasn’t able to beat Zhu Qu, it wouldn’t be like last time, right?

Star Lord Hall.

Su Xuan was personally hosting a luxurious young woman. Behind this luxurious young woman, there was an elegant and graceful young girl in a white dress.

This young girl’s looks, was enough to make Su Xuan, an expert whose cultivation was greatly superior, to feel ashamed of her own appearance.

This luxurious young woman was the Tian Chi Manor Lord Yan Huimeng who had come several times to visit Mo Wuji. This white dressed young girl was her disciple Zhuang Xiyue, and also the current number one beauty in Zhen Mo Continent.

"Manor Lord Yan, Manager Chi has already received the news. He will be coming over shortly." Su Xuan’s tone was genial, and she was extremely polite. Even though she was now the second most powerful person in Star King Mountain, she did not dare show the slightest hint of arrogance in front of the Tian Chi Manor’s manor lord.

Yan Huimeng’s face did not reveal a hint of impatience, she maintained a smile and said, "There is no hurry. The stronger the Star Lord becomes, the better it is for Zhen Xing."

"Star Lord Mountain’s Manager Chi Huo’Er greets Hall Master Su and Manor Lord Yan." In between Yan Huimeng’s words, Chi Huo’Er walked in.

Yan Huimeng did not see Mo Wuji; a trace of disappointment flashed across her eyes. She immediately said, "Manager Chi is too courteous. The Star Lord is still not out?"

Chi Huo’Er said in a slightly apologetic tone, "The Star Lord still needs one more year before he comes out. We’ve truly been a poor host to the manor lord."

The disappointment in Yan Huimeng’s eyes had long disappeared. She continued to maintain her smile and said, "There’s no hurry. I came here also to ask the Star Lord something. Does he know of a person called Mo Tiancheng?" [1]

[1] I’m so tilted at this cliffhanger.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 380 - The Things In The Star Lord Palace

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