Immortal Mortal Chapter 381 - Cultivation Improvements

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Chapter 381 - Cultivation Improvements

Chi Huo’Er smiled faintly, "I'm afraid this will have to wait till the Star Lord emerges before he can answer you."

He only had one mission in Star King Mountain: To serve the Star Lord. Now that Mo Wuji had obtained the Half Moon Immortal Palace's spirit stone slags, as well as the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit, Mo Wuji naturally needed to cultivate. As for female matters, he was extremely satisfied with the Star Lord's way of handling it. Because in his, Chi Huo’Er’s eyes, this was unnecessary.

Su Xuan, however, was able to make out the meaning implied behind Yan Huimeng’s words, and asked immediately, "Manor Lord Yan, could this Mo Tiancheng be related to the Star Lord?"

The current Star Lord, Mo Wuji, and this Mo Tiancheng mentioned by Yan Huimeng both had the same surname "Mo". If they were not related, she believed that Yan Huimeng would not casually mention it. How could the Tian Chi Manor Lord be a simple person? If she didn't see Mo Wuji with favour, why would see visit Star King Mountain repeatedly? Moreover, Su Xuan was sure that Yan Huimeng did not come out with this "Mo Tiancheng" out of no where. Perhaps she had specially investigated on Mo Wuji's origins and had uncovered the relations.h.i.+p between Mo Wuji and Mo Tiancheng.

Yan Huimeng smiled gently, "I'm also not too sure about this. I would need to ask the Star Lord personally to confirm it."

She strongly believed that the reason why Mo Wuji did not meet her, wasn't because he was behind closed doors, but because he didn't care about this sort of matchmaking. The reason why he didn't care was very simple, it's because Star Lord Mo had yet to meet Xiyue. If Star Lord Mo met Xiyue, he definitely wouldn't find excuses to avoid this matter.

Su Xuan's gaze s.h.i.+fted to Chi Huo'Er.

Chi Huo'Er did not hesitate to say, "At this moment, the Star Lord is in a critical moment of his cultivation. If we were to interrupt him, it definitely wouldn't be good for the Star Lord."

In Chi Huo'Er's eyes, the Star Lord's matters outweigh everything else. Since the Star Lord had instructed him beforehand, then he would follow according to the instructions. Even if this Mo Tiancheng was the Star Lord's father, Chi Huo'Er still wouldn't disturb the Star Lord's cultivation.

Yan Huimeng's eyes revealed a hint of disappointment, she immediately stood up and said, "Since that's the case, after the Star Lord comes out, I will pay a visit if I'm free."

Su Xuan knew that Yan Huimeng was a little frustrated, otherwise, she wouldn't have added "if I'm free" at the back. The meaning behind these words were, she might not even come back again. If the Star Lord wanted to know of Mo Tiancheng's matters, then he would have to pay a visit to Tian Chi Manor.

"Xiyue, don't you always blame me for not considering your opinion when I search for your dao companion?" After leaving Star King Mountain, Yan Huimeng suddenly asked.

Donned in a white dress and endowed with beautiful facial features, Zhuang Xiyue hurriedly shook her head, "My life was saved by master. No matter what master asks me to do, I will do it willingly. I would never blame master."

She did not say these words for the sake of saying them; back when her master arranged for her to be dao companions with Lei Hongji, she agreed. Now that her master brought her to Star King Mountain to be dao companions with the Star Lord, she also wouldn't express any dissent. All the while, she always had a "grin and bear it" personality.

Even though she might have some rejection deep in her heart, this sort of rejection was merely subconscious. She definitely wouldn’t mention it in front of her master.

Yan Huimeng sighed and said, "Actually, Zhen Xing isn't safe. You know why my Tian Chi Manor's women seem to always marry sect heads or experts of Star King Mountain? It's because we don't have a sense of security. As for whether the foreign invaders had been fully chased away after the previous attack, still remains a mystery."

"Didn't they say that Star King Mountain's Star Lord Mo had used a s.p.a.ce cannon to kill all the alien cultivators and s.p.a.ce beasts?" Zhuang Xiyue asked in doubt.

Yan Huimeng smiled self deprecatingly, "Xiyue, do you think that there's such an impressive s.p.a.ce cannon?"

Seeing that Zhuang Xiyue had remained silent, she continued, "But I'm sure of one thing, the disappearance of those foreign invaders is definitely related to that Mo Wuji. Perhaps he used a cannon, but it was no s.p.a.ce cannon. Moreover, the recent matters with the Broken Sect, is definitely related to Mo Wuji as well. The Broken Sect had issued a public wanted order for the Star Lord, and they killed ten castellans of Star King Mountain, but the Star King Mountain wasn't able to react. It was only until Mo Wuji returned to Star King Mountain, that the Star King Mountain start to hunt down the members of Broken Sect. Now, it seems like the Broken Sect has been completed eradicated fro. Zhen Mo Continent."

"Star King Mountain is filled with experts. Previously, it should be because they were waiting for the Star Lord to return before they issue out any orders, right?" Zhuang Xiyue was increasingly confused.

Yan Huimeng laughed coldly, "You think that Hall Master Su wouldn't dare to issue out an attack on Broken Sect? Let me tell you, it must be because Star King Mountain knew that the Broken Sect was too strong, which was why they didn't dare to do so. The strength of the Broken Sect, should be because of its sect head. This sect head is of mysterious origins, and after he came to Zhen Mo Continent, he managed to control the entire guild, and eventually convert it to the Broken Sect."

After saying so much, Yan Huimeng finally slowed down, "I even suspect that the Broken Sect's lair had been destroyed by this Star Lord Mo. The reason why the Broken Sect's sect head hasn't done anything yet, should be because he was heavily injured, or is currently plotting something."

"He's so impressive?" Zhuang Xiyue asked in astonishment.

She knew that Mo Wuji was Rank 1 on the Earth Board, and he was even Rank 1 on the Mortal Board. But be it the Mortal Board or the Earth Board, they only showed the person's potential.

The Broken Sect's sect head should at least be a Worldly Immortal right? According to her master, if the various hall masters of Star King Mountain weren't willing to offend that sect head, then he might even be an Earthly Immortal. Could a person with shocking talent and potential even match with a Worldly Immortal or Earthly Immortal now? That should wait till a few years later ah.

Yan Huimeng nodded, "It's because he's very impressive that I came to visit multiple times. Otherwise, my Tian Chi Manor's women are all proud children of Heaven. Who was this Mo Wuji to deserve my Tian Chi Manor's repeated visits?"

"Master, fate is still determined individually. Let's not come down another time," Zhuang Xiyue lowered her head and said, she felt a little wronged.

Yan Huimeng stroked Zhuang Xiyue's long hair, giving a long sigh. After a long time, she said, "Alright then. We won't come again. Ai…"

"Master, if you're not willing, then I can come by myself in the future." Hearing her master's sigh, Zhuang Xiyue felt that she should not have asked for her master not to come anymore. However, she did not consider what she should do if she came alone.

Yan Huimeng shook her head, "Xiyue, in the past, when Zhen Xing's cultivators reach the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage, they can break through the void and achieve flight. It's said that they fly towards the Immortal Realm. However, ever the past thousands of years, flight has already become a legend. Not only our Zhen Xing, but this is also the same for many of the alien tribes around us. In this few short years, this Mo Wuji is able to reach such high degrees of power. I believe that he could upend this balance in the future. It's exactly because of this, that I brought you here. If you were his dao companion, then perhaps one day, he could bring you out of Zhen Xing, and into the realm of Immortals."

"Master…" Zhuang Xiyue was thoroughly moved, her voice started to sound a little choked.

"You know why so many of the previous Star Lords disappeared? And why there aren't any more supreme Earthly Immortals in Zhen Xing? Because when they cultivate to a certain stage, they would feel that the Heaven and Earth are restraining their steps upon the grand path of Dao. That's why they each left Zhen Xing, hoping to find that fabled Immortal Realm."

"Ah…" This was Zhuang Xiyue's first time hearing her master talk about the Immortal Realm.

It all seemed like a legend.

On Star Lord Mountain.

The spiritual energy around Mo Wuji started to sweep up violently.

Once again, Mo Wuji felt the glee from the rapid rush of spiritual energy. This time, he was not in the Lightning Provenance, he wouldn't use all the spirit stone slags to cultivate.

After knowing the benefits of the spirit stone slags, Mo Wuji merely used them to arouse the surrounding energy. He would then furiously absorb the spiritual energy of Star Lord Mountain.

"Boom!" In merely a months time, Mo Wuji’s meridians started to tremble under the surge of elemental energy. His silent True G.o.d Stage Level 10, was not directly exploded.

True G.o.d Stage Level 11.

After stabilising his cultivation, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to eat the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit.

This was his plan; he would first charge into True G.o.d Stage Level 11, then with the help of the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit, he would advance into Level 12. After he reached Level 12, he would then use the spirit stone slags to charge into the Worldly Immortal Stage.

The moment the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit entered his mouth, it transformed into a fiery ball of spiritual energy. This spiritual energy was different from the pure spiritual energy from the surroundings; it contained a hint of the Dao.

It was different from the first time he ate the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit; Mo Wuji was more experienced now. The first time he ate the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit, he merely absorbed the spiritual energy. He did not absorb and gain insights from the dao halos.

This time, Mo Wuji borrowed the help of the Star Lord Mountain’s spiritual energy and the spirit stone slags. His attunements with the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit was much stronger.

Spiritiual energy seemed to have been compressed, then swept into Mo Wuji’s meridians. With the help of spirit stone slags and the dao halos from the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit, Mo Wuji’s cultivation was rapidly improving.

At this time, Mo Wuji felt that it was truly a great pity. He knew that using the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit like this was akin to mice eating rice, it was a waste. If it was a waste now, it was a greater waste previously.

For a spirit fruit like the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit, it had to be concocted into a spiritual pill for it to be worth. However, to concoct the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit into a pill, it would require one to at least be a Tier 9 Heavenly Pill Refiner. He was barely a Tier 6 Earth Pill Refiner now. His distance from a Tier 9 Heavenly Pill Refiner was as far as 108,000 li. [1]

Under the envelope of spiritual energy, time pa.s.sed in a flash.

One month, two months, three months…

The seventh month pa.s.sed. Mo Wuji's two hands started to continuously form all sorts of hand seals. When the seals merged together in midair, he broke through True G.o.d Stage Level 11 and advanced into Level 12.

What would previously require 10 years or even 100 years to attain, was achieved in merely seven months.

Mo Wuji opened his eyes, but he did not celebrate madly. To him, this was not something worth being happy about.

He was in the Star Lord Mountain, a place where spiritual energy was rich to a terrifying degree. He even used the Nine Radish s.p.a.ce Fruit and the spirit stone slags, and all his 106 meridians simultaneously reverse circulated. To advance into True G.o.d Stage Level 12 in 7 months, was truly not something to be happy about.

Fortunately, when he advanced from True G.o.d Stage Level 10 to Level 12, he did not use many spirit stone slags; he merely used 7.

Mo Wuji fetched out all 20 plus remaining stone slags. He did not hesitate, he must charge straight into the Worldly Immortal Stage.

[1] This is the distance travelled in the Journey to the West.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 381 - Cultivation Improvements

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