Immortal Mortal Chapter 388 - Mo Tiancheng’S Whereabouts

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Chapter 388 - Mo Tiancheng’s Whereabouts

A flurry of messy footsteps caused Mo Wuji to turn back; he was instantly startled by the cl.u.s.ter f*ck that came to welcome him. Right at the front, was a elegant woman. Behind her, were at least ten people. By her side, there were even female protectors donned in white uniform.

Mo Wuji subconsciously stroked his chin, this welcome was too extravagant, right? What's going on? He did hear from Chi Huo’Er that the Tian Chi Manor Lord had a small temper after many failed visits to the Star King Mountain. Looking at this welcome, it didn't look like she was angry ah.

"Star Lord Mo, I was just about to pay a visit to Star King Mountain. I didn't expect for the Star Lord to grace Tian Chi Manor with your presence. This is my Tian Chi Manor's honour…" Before she was even near him, Yan Huimeng had already started to greet loudly with a large smile.

Not just Yan Huimeng, the elders behind her all clasped their fists and bowed, expressing their greetings.

"Err…" Mo Wuji truly couldn't take such warm affection. After an unintentional "Err", he hurriedly said, "The Manor Lord is too courteous. My arrival here must have troubled the Manor Lord."

Yan Huimeng's entire body seemed to be laughing, "There's no trouble, no trouble at all. It is our Tian Chi Manor's honour to be entrusted any task from Star Lord Mo."

With that, Yan Huimeng seemed to recall something; she hurriedly said, "Xiyue, hurry and greet the Star Lord… Oh right, Star Lord Mo, this is my disciple, Xiyue."

"Zhuang Xiyue greets the Star Lord" Zhuang Xiyue stepped forward with her head lowered and gave Mo Wuji a lady’s bow.

At this instant, her heart was truly pounding heavily; she had seen many handsome cultivators and there have been no lack of handsome men visiting Tian Chi Manor to pay her a visit. However, there was never one person who was like this Star Lord Mo, who could cause her to lose control of her smallest of thoughts.

At first glance, he looked no different from any ordinary guy along the street. But when she paid attention to him, why did she have this peculiar feeling?

His hair was slightly tousled. When she was standing behind her master, she stole a peek at the flying messenger sword, and she knew that Cang Jue possessed this devastating fire. It was unknown whether that hair was slightly tousled due because of that fire. But when that slightly tousled hair was casually tied up, it actually gave her an indescribable sense of beauty.

His figure was well-proportioned and st.u.r.dy. However, when this symmetrical body was paired with that ordinary face, it gave her the impression of a peerless man.

With her clear eyes, she could see that he looked just like an ordinary mortal. However, he was far from ordinary. He had this sort agedness to him; some sort of indescribable sense of maturity and manliness. All these, however, seemed to be masked under his ordinariness.

If she met him on a road, she definitely wouldn't think that he was the Star King Mountain's Star Lord. But now that she knew that he was the Star Lord, she felt that there was no second person in the entire Zhen Xing more suitable to be the Star King Mountain's Star Lord.

Zhuang Xiyue's heart beat violently. This man in front of her was like a grand mountain, in all his ordinariness, he masked this sense of vastness and depth. Even the most handsome man in the world, seemed like trash in front of him.

Perhaps she would never get to choose her destined man, but to follow such a person was the best home she could return to.

Mo Wuji finally noticed Zhuang Xiyue, he was equally stunned by Zhuang Xiyue's beauty.

On Earth, he had seen too many beauties formed with the power of makeup. Only after he arrived at Zhen Xing and met Cen Shuyin, did he understand what was true beauty.

And this Zhuang Xiyue in front of him, was actually no worse than Cen Shuyin in terms of looks.

She was a young girl in a light yellow dress. She only peeked at him slightly before immediately bringing her head down. However, that city-toppling beauty had already been captured in Mo Wuji's eyes. Couple that with her perfect figure and that simple hairstyle dotted with a few flowers, not only was he stunned, he was also inundated by a incomparable sense of purity.

If Shuyin was Lost Continent's number one beauty, then this Zhuang Xiyue was definitely Zhen Mo Continent's number one beauty.

No wonder why Tian Chi Manor Lord Yan Huimeng had confidently brought Zhuang Xiyue go Star King Mountain. With this sort of gorgeous young girl, she had no reason to not be confident.

Ever since Zhuang Xiyue bowed to Mo Wuji, Yan Huimeng had been observing Mo Wuji. To be honest, she was struck by Mo Wuji's ordinariness.

He was the Star Lord of Star King Mountain but he did not reverberate with even a half bit of spiritual fluctuations. He looked just like a regular mortal. She soon discovered the uniqueness of Mo Wuji; he was definitely a concealed, reserved sword. Just from his pair of clear eyes alone, she felt that no matter could escape from him.

Seeing the look of appreciation Mo Wuji displayed when he saw Zhuang Xiyue, Yan Huimeng was ecstatic. She believed that there wouldn't be any problems with this matter.

"Lady Zhuang is too courteous." Mo Wuji replied with a simple clasped fist.

Zhuang Xiyue's heart tightened. When many male cultivators came to pay her a visit, they would always address her as Junior Xiyue. Even the most conservative one would call her Lady Xiyue. This was the first time someone had called her Lady Zhuang. An inexplicable feeling of distance flooded into her heart.

"Star Lord Mo, please follow us inside." Yan Huimeng was much more experienced than Zhuang Xiyue. She knew that the initial salutations did not mean anything.

As the Star Lord of Star King Mountain, Mo Wuji naturally couldn’t immediately reveal a l.u.s.ty expression. This was also the difference between Mo Wuji and that worthless Xia Mu.

If Xia Mu could be like Mo Wuji, then would the Xia Clan have been eradicated? From Yan Huimeng’s perspective, the reason for Xia Clan’s demise, was because Xia Mu forced Mo Wuji’s fiancee into the Th.o.r.n.y Wind Gate, causing her to perish there.

She did not know that Cen Shuyin did not die in Th.o.r.n.y Wind Sect, but the Extreme Frost Sea.

With the guidance of the entire group of people, Mo Wuji walked into Tian Chi Manor’s most luxurious hall.

The moment he took a seat, Tian Chi Manor’s best spirit fruits and various spirit teas and wine were served. Two delicate young girls stood behind Mo Wuji, attending to his needs. Even though Mo Wuji did not drink a single mouthful of tea, after a while, they would replace it with a warm one.

Mo Wuji sighed inwardly. Ever since Mo Wuji came to Zhen Xing, he had experienced many hards.h.i.+ps. But at the same time, he was an existence of at the sect head level. Still, whether he was the sect head of Tian Ji Sect, or the alliance head of the Hundred Sect Alliance, or the Star Lord of Star King Mountain, he had never received such attentive service. This Tian Chi Manor’s power was average, but they were rather experienced with such methods.

Yan Huimeng started speaking like she would to a family member; she praised Mo Wuji for defending Zhen Xing and his powerful methods. It was the entire Zhen Xing’s fortune that Star King Mountain had Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji was not in the mood to listen to Yan Huimeng’s incessant praises, and he didn’t intend to stay here to indulge in luxury. After taking a few sips of tea, he directly said, "Manor Lord Yan, I came today because I have a matter to inquire."

Yan Huimeng knew that the main topic had arrived; she hurriedly placed the tea cup in her hand down, speaking solemnly, "Star Lord Mo, please ask. As long as my Tian Chi Manor is able to answer it, we will definitely do so."

"Then I will have to thank Manor Lord Yan. Previously, Manor Lord Yan visited Star King Mountain, but I had always been in closed doors, delaying our meeting. I seek your forgiveness for this." When Mo Wuji finished this, he did not wait for Yan Huimeng to say any words of courtesy, but continued, "A few days ago, after I came out from my closed doors, I heard that the Manor Lord had mentioned a man called Mo Tiancheng. I will not hide anything, my relations.h.i.+p with this Mo Tiancheng is rather deep. I hope that Manor Lord Yan can tell me more about it."

Yan Huimeng had already guessed that Mo Wuji had came to visit because of Mo Tiancheng, and it was indeed as she expected. From the looks of it, she had not wasted her efforts with that investigation. She nodded seriously and said, "I wonder if Star Lord Mo has heard of Zhen Mo’s Twin Valleys; one is the Valley of the Immortal Doctor, while the other is the Valley of the Immortal Pill?"

"I’ve heard of the Valley of the Immortal Doctor, but I’ve really never heard of the Valley of the Immortal Pill." Mo Wuji replied honestly; he truly hadn’t heard of any Valley of the Immortal Pill. On the other hand, the Valley of the Immortal Doctor’s San Yisheng was famous, saving countless of lives. He had naturally heard of it.

Yan Huimeng explained, "More than 20 years ago, Zhen Mo Continent’s number one pill refiner was the Valley of the Immortal Pill’s peak Tier 8 Heavenly Pill Refiner Lai Wanxing. Under sudden bursts of power, he could even concoct Tier 9 Heavenly Pills. In Zhen Mo Continent, it was an extremely difficult matter to invite him to concoct a pill. I heard that Star Lord Chi Tong had previously looked to him for help; it’s unknown whether Star Lord Chi Tong’s advancement to the Earthly Immortal Stage was related to Lai Wanxing."

Mo Wuji nodded; when one reached the Heavenly Tier in alchemy, it was difficult to advance even a single step. For Lai Wanxing to be a peak Tier 8 Heavenly Pill Refiner was already incredible.

"But 20 years ago, Lai Wanxing suddenly disappeared. No one knew where he went off to."

Yan Huimeng paused, looked at Mo Wuji and said, "If I didn’t discover a corpse not too long ago, I would have remained unaware of this matter. On that corpse, I found a jade token inscribed with blood. There were over ten names on that jade token…"

With that, Yan Huimeng fetched out a jade token and handed it to Mo Wuji. This jade token wasn’t found not long ago, it had already been in Tian Chi Manor for over 10 years.

Mo Wuji accepted that jade token; his gaze landed on it. There were indeed some names on it:

Guan Jingyan: Jade Peak School Elder, Metal-Type Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiner

Jia Yeshan: Rong Jun Jia Clan Pill Refiner, Metal-Type Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner.

Pan Haohao: Red Spirit Sect Pill Refiner, Metal-Type Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner.

Gesi Guangjiang: Zhen Mo Rogue Cultivator, Metal-Type Tier 2 Mortal Pill Refiner.

Mo Tiancheng: Lost Continent Northern Qin Mo Clan, Metal-Type Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner.

Mo Wuji’s gaze landed on Mo Tiancheng’s name. He knew his Grandpa Mo Tiancheng was also a pill refiner, but he didn’t expect him to be Tier 3.

Very soon, Mo Wuji discovered the peculiarities. All these pill refiners were of the metal-type. He himself was a Tier 6 Earth Pill Refiner, thus he naturally knew which spiritual roots were the most adverse to pill refining. The spiritual root which was the least suitable to refine pills was the metal-type spiritual roots. Not only weren’t these type of roots suitable, the success rates of forming pills was extremely low.

He knew expected that Mo Tiancheng not only had metal-type spiritual roots, but was also a Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner. How heaven defying was his alchemy talent ah? He was very clear that even those with wood-type spiritual roots would find in hard to reach Tier 3 in Northern Qin Prefecture, much less with metal-type spiritual roots.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 388 - Mo Tiancheng’S Whereabouts

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