Immortal Mortal Chapter 396 - Wolf King Mountain

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Chapter 396 - Wolf King Mountain

"It’s a little b*stard from Wolf King Mountain," Mu Yingqiao said softly.

That black skinned girl called Black Fox by Freitz stood up. She stared coldly at Mu Yingqiao, "Mu Yingqiao, you better be more polite when you speak. Don’t offend this old lady."

Mu Yingqiao said in a nonchalent and carefree manner, "So what if I offend you? I, Mu Yingqiao, have been here for thousands of years. If you dare, come bite me ah."

Even though the relations.h.i.+ps were tense, everyone in the canyon knew that they definitely couldn’t fight with one another. The spiritual energy here was spa.r.s.e, it was already hard to survive. Who would be so bored to waste their energy in a meaningless battle?

"I’m truly unable to bite you. But now, hand over your Zhen Xing’s outermost piece of land." Black Fox was not angry, but she maintained her icy cold tone.

The few cultivators from Zhen Xing turned to look at Bian Shuangbi. Bian Shuangbi sighed inwardly, but he did not hesitate to instruct the cultivator sitting at the extreme corner, "Chuanhe, give that piece of land to them."

That cultivator called Chuanhe looked like a s.p.a.ce nomad. He had an incredibly ordinary looking appearance, and he did not seem to care much about his appearance.

After he heard Bian Shuangbi’s words, he sighed. However, he did not say much, but stood up and walked inwards.

The Zhen Xing cultivators, in their already tight s.p.a.ce, cramped among themselves to come up with an extra s.p.a.ce.

No one felt that Bian Shuangbi’s actions were wrong. Because Lou Chuanhe’s s.p.a.ce originally belonged to Wolf King Mountain. It was just that with Lou Chuanhe’s arrival, Zhen Xing’s power became stronger, and they forcefully s.n.a.t.c.hed that spot from the Wolf King Mountain. Now that someone from Wolf King Mountain had arrived, they were not actually giving up a spot, but returning it.

If they did not give up, then there would definitely be a battle here. The three factions were originally quite balanced. Now that there’s an additional person from Wolf King Mountain, this balance was broken. Thus, returning this spot was the best solution.

The person who landed in this s.p.a.ce canyon was a big and st.u.r.dy man with a head full of red hair. As he descended, he immediately saw the ten over people deep in the canyon.

He soon discovered in surprise that everyone here was no weaker than him. There were even some who exuded a concentrated aura of spirituality, clearly much stronger than him.

Then, he noticed Black Fox and cried out in astonishment, "You’re Lord Black Fox?"

The short and black skinned woman faintly nodded, "I’ve already gotten a place for you. Come sit down, this is your place from now on."

Sit down in this cramped canyon? And that was his place from now on? Cang Xue was a little dumbfounded. He was the dignified Wolf King of the latest generation, how could this tiny place be his future cultivation spot?

He frowned and extended his spiritual will outwards.

Soon, he was rooted in shock; his spiritual will could only circle within his body, it wasn’t able to come out. He immediately lifted his feet and tried to step out of the canyon. However, his feet was only able to move by a little more than a meter.

Whether it was elemental energy or spiritual will, it was a luxury here.

Cang Xue’s black face turned white. He seemed to understand the meaning behind Lord Black Fox’s words. Once he entered this canyon, he would be unable to leave.

Black Fox said coldly, "Don’t disgrace yourself there. We can only enter, and we can’t leave. We all only have this plot of land and some spiritual energy, it’s enough for you to maintain your spiritual will and protect your longevity."

This was also the reason why everyone was at peace with one another. This canyon was only this big, if they truly engaged in a huge battle here, there wouldn’t even be any s.p.a.ce left for those who survived.

Cang Xue soon came to an understanding, his pale face became even more pale. He suddenly understood why no one was able to break through the void. Everyone was actually locked in such a place.

Had he also walked in the same path as these seniors? He just felt the euphoric sensation of breaking through the void; he would never have thought that he would have landed in this unescapable s.p.a.ce canyon.

"Is there an expert from Zhen Xing who killed billions of s.p.a.ce beasts and Gu Nuo cultivators? He even attained Rank 1 in the Universal Board?’ Black Fox couldn’t be bothered about the feelings running through Cang Xue’s head. She started to inquire about the matter that Bian Shuangbi and co. were talking about. She also wanted to know who was this newcomer who killed bullions of s.p.a.ce beasts and attained Rank 1 on the Universal Board.

"There’s such a person?" Hearing these questions, Cang Xue was momentarily sent into shock. He had left Wolf King Mountain; at the start, it was to find Mo Wuji’s whereabouts.

Eventually, he wasn’t able to locate Mo Wuji. Thus, he returned back to the Star Wars Battlefield and helped Gu Nuo and the s.p.a.ce beasts occupy Universal Hall.

Right when he was about to enter Zhen Xing and fully eradicate the beings in Zhen Xing, his beasts in Wolf King Mountain received a piece of news: A Ginseng King had appeared in s.p.a.ce. Furthermore, this was a Ginseng King which could form an illusory human body.

Now that there was a Ginseng King which could form an illusory human body, how could Cang Xue give up on this opportunity? He did not hesitate to leave Zhen Xing and chase after this strain of Ginseng King.

Not long later, this Ginseng King had been captured by him. But before he could enjoy this Ginseng King, he saw a soaring, glowing light.

"That’s right. Unless you’re not from Wolf King Mountain? I see that you have the blood of the Wolf King, logically, you should the current Wolf King of Wolf King Mountain. How can you not know of this matter?" Black Fox’s black face turned even blacker. She believed that Bian Shuangbi and co. would not lie about such matters. If the Wolf King didn’t even know about such matters, then he was a trashy Wolf King.

Cang Xue hurriedly said, "That’s impossible. If I didn’t guess wrongly, Zhen Xing should have already been occupied by the coalition between my Wolf King Mountain and the Gu Nuo Star Tribe."

"Bulls.h.i.+t." Lou Chuanhe stood up in anger. He was once the Star Lord of Star King Mountain, and the protection of Zhen Xing had always been the duty of Star King Mountain. Now someone said that Zhen Xing had been occupied by foreign invaders, what else could those words be besides bulls.h.i.+t?

Bian Shuangbi waved his hands, "Chuanhe, don’t care too much about his words. If Zhen Xing was really occupied by the foreign invaders, then the Universal Board’s Rank 1 wouldn’t have appeared."

Lou Chuanhe nodded; he believed that Zhen Xing definitely wouldn’t have been occupied. Bian Shuangbi was right, if Zhen Xing was occupied, then where would this Rank 1 have come from?

Moreover, Universal pier was famed for being hard to penetrate. He didn’t believe that anyone could have breached the Universal Pier.

Cang Xue suddenly seemed to recall something. His face changed drastically as he furiously tried to escape. Unfortunately, in this place, once you entered, you can forget about leaving.

Even Black Fox couldn’t be bothered to ask any further, but closed her eyes and meditated.

Mo Wuji stopped outside of a huge planet. This planet floated within s.p.a.ce, from far, it looked like a huge mountain.

This caused Mo Wuji to sigh in astonishment; the vast cosmos was truly filled with mysteries. One of the facts he was definite about was that planets were typically round. Even if a planet wasn’t a perfect sphere, it was still spherical.

However, this planet was a huge mountain. Or alternatively, from afar, this mountain looked like a planet in s.p.a.ce. Ostensibly, this mountain was gigantic.

According to his spatial positioning ball, this giant mountain should be Wolf King Mountain.

Even before he got close, he could feel the surging spiritual energy.

No wonder why there seemed to be uncountable amounts of s.p.a.ce beasts; this place was simplya hot bed. His spiritual will swept across Wolf King Mountain. Except for the boundless spiritual energy, Wolf King Mountain was just like an ordinary planet.

However, there were only a few s.p.a.ce beasts in Wolf King Mountain. It wasn’t filled to the brim with beasts as he had expected.

However, this did not come as a surprise to Mo Wuji. After that Niu Man escaped, he must have returned back here. As long as they Niu Man wasn’t r.e.t.a.r.ded, he would know that Zhen Xing would never let go of Wolf King Mountain. It was only logical for him to move away the s.p.a.ce beasts on Wolf King Mountain.

Staring at Wolf King Mountain for a whole hour, Mo Wuji could only sigh in his heart. Before he arrived, he had decided to raze this place to the ground.

However, this Wolf King Mountain was truly too big; it was actually a planet. With his abilities at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, how long would it take for him to destroy this place? As for his laser cannons, Mo uji did not intend to use them.

Even if he took out his biggest laser cannon, it wouldn’t be enough to destroy Wolf King Mountain. Unless he was willing to take out tens of his cannon ammunition and fire them simultaneously.

However, this idea was immediately cast away by Mo Wuji. To waste all his ammunition on Wolf King Mountain, he wasn’t that stupid.

If he wanted to install a destrutive array to Wolf King Mountain, it would also take a long time. With his current ability and speed, he would take at least one and a half years to finish the array.

Mo Wuji furrowed his brows; he could not think of a better way to destroy Wolf King Mountain.

As this moment, a flying s.h.i.+p whizzed by.

At the start, Mo Wuji did not think too much about it. Soon, Mo Wuji found that this flying s.h.i.+p was heading towards Wolf King Mountain. Indeed, at the next instant, that s.h.i.+p pa.s.sed by him.

However, after a few breaths time, that flying s.h.i.+p reversed and landed not far from Mo Wuji.

Keeping the flying s.h.i.+p, a gorgeous girl with white hair walked out.

Mo Wuji had long been used to seeing beauties, and he even had the irreplacable Cen Shuyin in his heart. Even though this white-haired girl was beautiful, he did not think too much about it.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" The white-haired girl walked in front of Mo Wuji and asked coldly.

Mo Wuji frowned, "This is s.p.a.ce. Anyone can stop here."

After the white-haired girl sized Mo Wuji up, she said, "The beasts of Wolf King Mountain killed by senior. I want to kill these animals and destroy this place. Maky way."

Mo Wuji did not hesitate and took a few steps backwards.

He could faintly feel that this white-haired girl was a little peculiar. He had opened 106 meridians and had a cultivation at Worldly Immortla Stage Level 4. Even if a cultivator at the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage was in front of him, he would still be able to see through the other party’s cultivaion. However, this white-haired girl seemed very strange to him. She clearly looked like she was only at the advanced stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage. However, she gave him a feeling worse than Zhu Qu.

Zhu Qu’s true power was already equivalent to the advanced stages of the Earthly Immortal Stage. If this girl was more terrifying than the advanced Earthly Immortal Stage, then could she be in the Great Circle, or even at a level higher than the Earthly Immortal Stage?

"Wait.. Are you staying here because you belong to Wolf King Mountain? As long as you’re from Wolf King Mountain, I will not let go of you." The white-haired girl shouted and spoke fiercely towards Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji had a premonition; this girl seemed to be intentionally picking a fight with him.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 396 - Wolf King Mountain

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