Immortal Mortal Chapter 397 - The Violent White-Haired Girl

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Chapter 397 - The Violent White-Haired Girl

"No." As Mo Wuji spoke, his figure shook and he had already disappeared using the Wind Escape Technique.

This white-haired girl loudly claimed that she wanted to take revenge, but there did not even seem to be a tinge of hatred in her eyes, she actually seemed more interested in him. In that short time, many thoughts had already ran through Mo Wuji’s mind. He even thought, if he showed interest in this girl, would he be able to leave her bewildered, then he could suddenly attack?

However, he couldn’t even see through this girl’s power, it was better not to tangle up with her. After responding, Mo Wuji immediately disappeared.

"Eh!" The white-haired girl exclaimed in surprise. Just as Mo Wuji left, the shadow of her hand had just grabbed his original location. Mo Wuji had actually instantly disappeared before her hand could reach him.

So it was truly like that, Mo Wuji laughed coldly in his heart. He was sure that this young girl’s power was more than Zhu Qu. Fortunately, he had just entered into the intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage; he wasn’t the same Mo Wuji of the past.

Because of the other party’s sudden attack, Mo Wuji’s figure flashed once more, distancing himself from this white-haired girl.

The white-haired girl’s heart sunk, she never expected that the hand shadow she was quite certain of was actually unable to grab Mo Wuji. This man could actually be Rank 1 on the Universal Board, he indeed had his own tricks.

Seeing that Mo Wuji was now on alert and had distanced himself from her, this white-haired girl knew that it would be a little harder to catch this slippery fella.

"If you’re not from Wolf King Mountain, then why are you running?" The white-haired girl shouted out angrily, as though she wasn’t the one who tried to ambush Mo Wuji, but Mo Wuji was the one who ambushed her.

Mo Wuji looked at the white-haired girl, saying with an indifferent expression, "I suspect that you’re the one from Wolf King Mountain. Otherwise, why would you act against me? If you’re truly capable, then why don’t you destroy Wolf King Mountain. Maybe I will believe you then."

"Open up your eyes big and see." With that, the white-haired girl suddenly held a fire-red talisman. After forming a few hand seals, she threw it out.

The talisman was like a flaming arrow, instantly whizzing towards Wolf King Mountain. In just a few breaths time, roars of explosions could be seen on Wolf King Mountain.

Mo Wuji stared at Wolf King Mountain which now looked like a shattered egg, his face was utterly blank. This talisman was too terrifying, it could actually destroy a planet. This girl was too strong.

Even though it pained her heart to use that talisman, she had managed to destroy Wolf King Mountain. That little brat should believe that she had an enmity with Wolf King Mountain now, right?

But when she turned her head, she was instantly sent into infuriation. When she was destroying Wolf King Mountain, Mo Wuji had used that opportunity to run away.

Facing this terrifying white-haired girl, Mo Wuji knew that a flying s.h.i.+p wouldn’t be able to help him. He furiously used his Wind Escape Technique, but he soon caught a faint glimpse of that white-haired girl with his spiritual will. That girl’s speed seemed to be even faster than his Wind Escape Technique.

This really left Mo Wuji feeling rather helpless. In s.p.a.ce, his Wind Escape Technique was really at a disadvantage. It required him to form his own gentle breeze before he could use it; he could not depend on natural winds. If this carried on, in less than half a day, he would be caught by that girl.

Mo Wuji immediately stopped using his Wind Escape Technique and started to use teleportation, teleporting in a direction away from Zhen Xing. If he brought this devilish girl to Zhen Xing, it would be similar to bring a calamity. That terrifying talisman, perhaps two to three of it would be enough to send Zhen Xing crumbling.

An hour later, Mo Wuji knew that not only was this girl stronger than Zhu Qu, she was stronger by more than one to two points.

Previously, he had also used spatial teleportation to escape from Zhu Qu. He was even carrying Nong Shuyi with him. Just like that, he was able to shake Zhu Qu off after a day. Now, he wasn’t carrying anyone, and he had already advanced into Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, his teleportation speed could no longer be compared to the past. But still, he wasn’t able to get rid of that persistent white-haired girl.

That white-haired girl seemed to have a deep seeded hatred towards him, even after chasing him for an entire day, she did not seem to have any intentions of giving up.

Mo Wuji even started to consider engaging in battle. Even though he had three elemental storage channels and a spirit storage channel, he couldn’t continue to run from this woman for long.

Along the way, Mo Wuji started to absorb his spirit pith stone mushrooms.

With his current level of power, these spirit pith stone mushrooms weren’t able to help him improve his cultivation by much. However, it was still possible for them to help replenish his elemental energy.

Months pa.s.sed, and they continued to play this police and thief game.

The white-haired girl was getting increasingly depressed. She could tell that Mo Wuji’s teleportation could not even be considered a feather in the grand dao of s.p.a.ce. However, she was still unable to catch up to him, and she was not even able to use this feather-like teleportation.

What left her even more depressed was, no matter how strong Mo Wuji was, he was merely an ant. Why did it seem like he had an endless amount of elemental energy? She was very clear that even if Mo Wuji had spirit stones to replenish his elemental energy, she would still be able to catch up to him eventually. However, over these past few months, she wasn’t able to shorten the distance between Mo Wuji and herself

The more she thought about it, the more the white-haired girl felt depressed. If not for her abilities being restrained by the laws of Heaven and Earth, she would have caught this ant in a single step, and she could just pinch this ant to death. But now, she could only continue to chase after this ant.

On the other hand, Mo Wuji got more and more anxious. He was very clear of his current predicament. Over the past few months, even though the gap between him and that white-haired girl didn’t decrease, he knew that he could not continue this for long. It was true that he could replenish his elemental energy with the spirit pith stone mushrooms, but his rate of depletion was more than his rate of replenishment. Moreover, he was also running out of spirit pith stone mushrooms. The moment he ran out of spirit pith stone mushrooms, the help that spirit stones could provide him would be too inferior.

In less than a month, the elemental energy in his elemental storage channels would also be used up. That would be when he dies.

Indeed, it did not even take a month. In merely half a month, that white-haired girl had gotten closer and closer to Mo Wuji.

In her spiritual will, Mo Wuji’s figure got clearer and clearer. That white-haired girl sneered in her heart: You thought you could escape?

Mo Wuji slowed down his speed, no longer spending any elemental energy from his elemental storage channel. He knew that there was no use in running, he could only fight to the death.

Suddenly, a bright, glowing light appeared in Mo Wuji’s spiritual will. In that glowing light, Mo Wuji felt a sense of desire. It seemed to contain the dao halos of a higher realm; that dao halo left his entire body feeling relaxed.

An indescribably feeling flooded Mo Wuji’s heart. He even had the thought that this glowing light was the void breaking light. This light had descended down from an even higher dimension; it was the light that led Great Circle Earthly Immortals to break through the void.

Could it be that my powers are so hardcore? Even at the Worldly Immortal Stage, I could sense the soaring light which could help break through the void? This was not impossible. After all, even though his level was merely at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, his true prowess was at the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage.

Whether this light appeared due to personal power or due to cultivation level, Mo Wuji did not have the time to consider such questions. He did not hesitate to pounce towards this glowing light.

If it was during an ordinary situation, he might actually take the time to contemplate whether there was anything wrong with this glowing light. But, now, if he slowed down, he would be immediately caught by that white-haired girl. Even though he hadn’t actually fought with the white-haired girl, he knew that he definitely wasn’t her match.

"Phoom!" A strong suction power whirled. By this time, even if Mo Wuji wanted to escape, he couldn’t do so. He could only follow the suction of this whirlpool.

This definitely wasn’t breaking the void; Mo Wuji’s heart sank. His mind went into overdrive, trying to find a way to escape this.

"Boom!" Before long, Mo Wuji’s two feet had already landed on a solid ground.

Even though Mo Wuji wasn’t able to come up with an idea, he still immediately left where his spot and started to look around.

Soon, Mo Wuji discovered that not faraway, there was a small canyon. In that tiny s.p.a.ce, there were actually more than ten people cramped inside. All these people were looking at him, seemingly waiting for him to speak.

Feeling that all these fellas were very strong, Mo Wuji didn’t walk over, but tried to turn and leave. However, he quickly found that his spiritual will and elemental energy seemed to be sealed here.

In that instant, Mo Wuji came to a shocking realisation. No wonder why those ten over people were cramping themselves in that tiny canyon. Here, they couldn’t use their elemental energy, nor their spiritual will.

"Boom!" Another roar broke the silence. Mo Wuji immediately positioned himself in an advantageous spot. He was very clear, that white-haired girl had arrived.

Compared to previously, Mo Wuji was much more bold. At least he still had his three elemental storage channels and a spirit storage channel. Even though he could not condense any elemental energy, the elemental energy in his elemental storage channel could still be used.

"Aren’t you very good at running? Continue to run ah." That white-haired girl’s gaze swept across those ten over people in the canyon, then towards Mo Wuji. At the same time, she walked towards Mo Wuji one step at a time. This canyon was so small, Mo Wuji wouldn’t be able to escape.

Everyone in the canyon finally understood this situation; these two fellas were in a chase and they ended up here. After understanding this, no one was interested to talk.

Mo Wuji did not bother about this white-haired girl as he pounced forward with his hand clenched into a fist. He did not believe that this white-haired girl was like him, to also possess elemental storage channels.

"Courting death!" The white-haired girl laughed coldly, jumping up with both her feet, and at the same time, opening both her hands.

Instantly, her face went pale. She discovered that she could not use elemental energy here. Not only that, she couldn’t attack Mo Wuji with her spiritual will.

"Boom! Kacha!" Mo Wuji’s fist landed squarely at this white-haired girl’s thigh.

Even though Mo Wuji’s elemental energy was almost depleted, this fist still held 10% of his power. A painful sound of bone shattering could be heard. All the ten over people in the canyon stood up. All of them were at the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage, how could they not know that Mo Wuji had just used elemental energy? In this place, one could still use elemental energy?

"You…" The white-haired girl sat paralysed on the floor, pointing at Mo Wuji in shock. She could not release her spiritual will, and her elemental energy had been sealed. Why was Mo Wuji able to use elemental energy against her?

Immortal Mortal Chapter 397 - The Violent White-Haired Girl

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