Immortal Mortal Chapter 399 - The Wolf King Relents

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Chapter 399 - The Wolf King Relents

"This king is going to devour you!" Hearing Mo Wuji’s words, Cang Xue’s eyes turned red, he opened his hand and a magic treasure appeared. The aura around him surged and he was enveloped in killing intent.

Mo Wuji celebrated in his heart. His cultivation was much lower than this s.p.a.ce Wolf King. The reason why he said those words were to trigger the s.p.a.ce Wolf King.

As long as the s.p.a.ce Wolf King had been triggered, he would have gained a huge advantage. Moreover, in this sort of place, he had the elemental storage channels and spirit storage channel, he already had the upper hand.

s.p.a.ce Wolf King Cang Xue’s magic treasure was a crown. Cang Xue threw out that crown and rings of gold light instantly formed. The gold light sped towards Mo Wuji, exuding an intense killing intent.

Mo Wuji remained calm as he swung his Tian Ji pole, boundless pole shadows were formed. Until now, Mo Wuji still didn’t know what material his Tian Ji Pole was made of, but he knew that his Tian Ji Pole was far from ordinary. After countless battles, his Tian Ji Pole had never been scarred. Even when he burned it with his Scholar’s Heart, his Tian Ji Pole remained without scars.

"Boom!" The boundless pole shadows clashed against the rings of golden light.

Elemental energy exploded violently; Mo Wuji’s heart tightened. He was bent on killing Cang Xue, and at the same time, he wanted to see if Cang Xue was unable to use elemental energy and spiritual will here. However, he forgot one important thing, his own power had been weakened significantly.

He was chased by that white-haired girl for a long time, depleting most of his elemental energy. After he entered here, he also released two punches, which used up a lot of elemental energy.

As he thought of this, Mo Wuji subconsciously retreated.

Cang Xue’s anger had already reached the sky, he unconsciously followed over. However, the moment he stepped out of the canyon, it was as though cold water had been poured over his emotions. He could no longer release any elemental energy, his golden rings of light also instantly dimmed down.

How could Mo Wuji give up on such an opportunity; he did not hesitate to charge forward, kicking Cang Xue’s chest.

The battle-hardened Mo Wuji could tell that those ten over people were sitting inside the canyon, because spiritual will and elemental energy was not sealed in there. The s.p.a.ce Wolf King was the example. Originally, the s.p.a.ce Wolf King could still activate his magic treasure, but when he came out of the canyon, the power of his magic treasure instantly plummeted.’

This, he wanted to kick Cang Xue out of that canyon, then slowly teach this b*stard a lesson.

"Pui!: Even though Mo Wuji’s elemental energy was largely depleted, this kick was still enough to cause Cang Xue to cough out a mouthful of blood.

However, Cang Xue wasn’t kicked out by Mo Wuji, but was pulled back into the canyon with a long whip.

Cang Xue had fully calmed down. Even if Wolf King Mountain was really destroyed, he couldn’t act against Mo Wuji. Fighting would only be courting death.

The one who pulled Cang Xue away was the short Black Fox.

"Mo Wuji, not bad. At such a young age, you could actually enter Star King Mountain and even become Rank 1 on the Universal Board. If I’m not wrong, you shouldn't even be in the Earthly Immortal Stage right? No matter how strong you are, if you aren’t an Earthly Immortal, you wouldn’t even be able to reach Wolf King Mountain. Moreover, even if you are in the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage, how could you be able to destroy Wolf King Mountain?"

Black Fox’s tone was calm but it contained a hint of disdain. She acted as though she didn’t hear that Cang Xue’s son Cang Jue had been killed. She only cared about Wolf King Mountain; she did not believe that Mo Wuji was able to destroy Wolf King Mountain.

The fact that Mo Wuji could still use elemental energy and spiritual will here meant that he had his own secrets. However, this was not a surprise. Which of the people here didn’t have their own secrets?

Only now did Cang Xue come to a realisation. Oh right, in that previous exchange, although Mo Wuji kicked a mouthful of blood out of him, he could still tell that Mo Wuji’s cultivation had yet to reach the Earthly Immortal Stage. For a cultivator who had not reached the Earthly Immortal Stage, how could he destroy Wolf King Mountain?

"If I’m not wrong, that soaring glowing light must have been stimulated by that white-haired girl. However, you saw it and you jumped in, right?" Before Mo Wuji could speak, Black Fox continued indifferently, as though she had seen all this personally.

Mo Wuji’s heart pounded; this was possible ah. That white-haired girl was very strong, it was possible that she was the one that induced that glowing light.

"Two against one? My Star King Mountain is not afraid. Brother Mo, if you want to continue, you can count me, Lou Chuanhe, in." Even though Black Fox merely saved Cang Xue and did not act against Mo Wuji, Lou Chuanhe was still dissatisfied and he stood forward.

Black Fox’s gaze landed on Lou Chuanhe and she said derisively, "Lou Chuanhe, if we really fight, my Wolf King Mountain and Gu Nuo Star Tribe should be the ones who aren’t afraid. Moreover, I believe that your Zhen Xing dao friends wouldn’t be willing to fight. You sure you want to fight?"

In that sentence, Black Fox pulled the few cultivators from Gu Nuo in, but she was sure that they wouldn’t rebut. After all, Wolf King Mountain and Gu Nuo Star had always been fighting Zhen Xing together. If they were going to battle, she naturally had to rope them in. As for the two s.p.a.ce cultivators of unknown origins, they would probably hope to not be involved in the fight.

If they fought in this tiny s.p.a.ce, it might destroy the entire canyon. This wouldn’t be good for everyone.

Bian Shuangbi suddenly said, "Dao Friend Lou, Dao Friend Black Fox is right. We are now all on the same boat, we really shouldn’t fight."

Lou Chuanhe said coldly, "It’s okay if we don’t fight, but give me back my land."

Previously, he had to give away his outermost spot and he had been harbouring this dissatisfaction in his heart. Unfortunately, he had arrived last while Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao had came first. These two people must have had some agreement with Black Fox and Freitz, so he could only keep this dissatisfaction within himself. After all, it was a personal thing, so he couldn’t do anything about it.

Now that there was another Star Lord here, then he didn’t need to keep this dissatisfaction within himself.

"Senior Lou? They took your land?" Mo Wuji waved his Tian Ji Pole, killing intent surged from him.

Previously, he didn’t care much about that tiny s.p.a.ce, but he knew now that it was a treasure. If the s.p.a.ce Wolf King could use his skills from inside, it meant that the canyon did not have any sort of seals. He urgently needed to recover his power, so he naturally needed to fight for a s.p.a.ce.

Bian Shuangbi frowned slightly; he did not like Lou Chuanhe’s words. It was not that he wanted to be a dictator, but it was because he believed that a group must have its rules. He would indeed need to take that land back, but it should be said by him, and not Lou Chuanhe.

"That’s right. That was originally my spot, but that b*stard chased me away." Lou Chuanhe pointed at the s.p.a.ce Wolf King’s spot.

Thereafter, he continued, "Junior Mo, we’re both from Star King Mountain, and we’re both Star Lords, we shouldn’t address each other based on seniority, but as brothers. Here, we need to depend on each other as brothers."

"Alright." Mo Wuji did not hesitate. If they needed to fight, he will fight. Now that he had help, there was nothing much he needed to fear.

"Cang Xue, give that s.p.a.ce over to them." Black Fox said suddenly.

Lou Chuanhe glanced at Black Fox. Previously, she was the one who asked him to give up his spot. Now, she was the one to ask Cang Xue to return it. Clearly, this fox demon was very patient.

Cang Xue didn’t utter any nonsense, but gave up his spot.

"Junior brother Mo, you should rest first. We can talk about other things later." Lou Chuanhe could tell that Mo Wuji’s power had yet to recover.

Mo Wuji nodded and sat at Cang Xue’s original spot. He lifted his hand and threw out a pile of Earth grade spirit stone, furiously recovering his elemental energy.

Seeing Mo Wuji’s terrifying speed of absorbing spiritual energy, everyone released a breath of cold air. They were all experienced Earthly Immortal experts. Moreover, those that were here were experts among experts. Even if they were furiously absorbing spiritual energy, they could not compare to Mo Wuji.

When Mo Wuji was violently absorbing spiritual energy, no one went to bother him. Days pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye, Mo Wuji’s power had fully recovered.

He suddenly stood up. Not faraway, s.p.a.ce Wolf King’s eye suddenly twitched.

He already had a headache about Mo Wuji. When this fella was in the True G.o.d Stage, he already dared to do something that Chi Tong would never dare to do: Killing his Wolf King Mountain’s descendant, the white-eyed wolf. Now that Mo Wuji’s cultivation had already reached such a level, he wouldn’t be surprised if Mo Wuji charged over to fight him.

When Mo Wuji suddenly stood up, Cang Xue wasn’t the only one who noticed it; everyone turned to look at him. Everyone thought the same as Cang Xue, they did not believe that Mo Wuji was a silent fella. The reason why he had been quiet over the past few days was because his power had yet to recover. Now that his power had recovered, even Black Fox didn’t want to offend Mo WUji.

Mo Wuji walked out of that tiny canyon and walked back to where he first landed. He forcefully tried to release his spiritual will. Just like previously, his spiritual will could not be exhibited.

He forcefully condensed his spiritual eye, but he could only see an empty s.p.a.ce.

"Dao Friend Mo, we have already searched this place for a thousand years. There’s no way out." One of the neutral cultivators was afraid that Mo Wuji would do something stupid, so he took the initiative to remind Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji nodded, then turned to the ten over people inside the canyon, "Is it possible for everyone to come out for a while, to let me examine the canyon."

Everyone glanced at one another; no one replied Mo Wuji’s words. Let go of my spot? Standing outside where they couldn’t release their spiritual will or use their elemental energy? Wouldn’t they be making themselves punching bags for Mo Wuji?

"Dao Friend Mo, Dao Friend Mang Hai is right. We have already searched this entire area for thousands of years. There’s completely no way out." Mu Yingqiao said solemnly.

He started to dislike Mo Wuji’s words. Even if Mo Wuji had some hidden cards, he was still a junior in this place.

Mo Wuji said softly, "I only wish to use half an incense of time. If I don’t find anything after half an incense of time, I promise that I will never disturb everyone’s cultivation again. What if I find something? Then we all can escape.

When Mo Wuji talked about not disturbing everyone’s cultivation, a hint of ridicule emerged in his voice, The reason why he wanted these people to leave was because he wanted to scan the area with his spiritual eye. If everyone was inside, his spiritual eye would have been revealed.

His cultivation was the lowest here, it was necessary for him to keep his cards hidden.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 399 - The Wolf King Relents

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