Immortal Mortal Chapter 400 - The Search For The Way Out

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Chapter 400 - The Search For The Way Out

For a while, n.o.body moved an inch before Lou Chuanhe took the initiative to walk out, "Brother Mo, I will go outside so that you can search."

"I will step out too," the next person to follow Lou Chuanhe out was actually the sect head of the Absolute Saber Sect, Qu Yang. This was a surprise which Mo Wuji didn’t expect because ever since Mo Wuji said that the Absolute Saber Sect was no longer in existence, Qu Yang had not spoken.

"Since Dao friend Mo is able to be ranked first on the Universal Board, I believe that he has the qualifications to make this request," Bian Shuangbi finished his piece as he stepped out of the from the depth of the canyon. He initially occupied the deepest and highest spot so he naturally had to walk past everyone else to exit the canyon.

A Gu Nuo Star Tribe cultivator grunted coldly, "How can we trust that he isn’t using this as an excuse to chase us out before occupying this whole canyon by himself?"

Such things were not impossible because if Mo Wuji had a black stomach [1] to chase everyone out so that he could occupy this canyon for himself, no one would be able to re-enter if Mo Wuji was resolute in keeping them out.

Bian Shuangbi didn’t bother about him as he continued to walk out of the canyon. After Bian Shuangbi walked out, Mu Yingqiao and Fang Qi followed him out too.

Mo Wuji laughed coldly before saying faintly, "I have already invited everyone out and even my Zhen Xing’s cultivators are all outside already. If the remaining of you refuse to come out and end up affecting my search, don’t blame me for being rude afterwards."

If it was any other person who said something like that, cultivators of the Gu Nuo Star Tribe and the Wolf King Mountain would have definitely acted against him without any hesitation.

However, Mo Wuji’s cultivation level was not affected even in this small canyon so they simply didn’t dare to do anything to him. This was because acting against him would not stop Mo Wuji from coming in and if all sorts of magic treasures were to fly around in this small canyon, the place would certainly be destroyed into nothingness in no time.

"I believe that Dao friend Mo would not lie to us," Since all the Zhen Xing cultivators were already out, if the other cultivators refused to cooperate, Mo Wuji was indeed intending to settle this by force. What he didn’t expect was that the Black Fox actually took the initiative to cooperate with him and even spoke up for him as it walked out.

Since the Black Fox had already stepped out, the other demonic beast from the Wolf King Mountain and the s.p.a.ce Wolf King stepped out too.

After seeing that the majority of the cultivators were already standing outside, the remaining cultivators had no choice but to follow them out too.

Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief because he wouldn’t wish to fight here if he had a choice.

The people outside were extremely nervous as they watched Mo Wuji walked into the canyon alone. They knew that the moment they were outside, they had lost the opportunity to do anything to Mo Wuji. Presently, they were most worried that Mo Wuji would suddenly attack them after occupying the entire canyon.

Fortunately, this didn’t happen as they watched Mo Wuji back faced them as he looked as if he was only scanning the surrounding.

Mo Wuji would naturally not resort to such means to attack everyone else. After everyone left, he immediately condensed his spiritual eye.

Very soon, Mo Wuji spotted a few hidden transfer arrays and this should be transfer arrays put in place through a transfer talisman. There was one on Bian Shuangbi, Black Fox and another neutral cultivator’s spot.

It was evident that the moment Mo Wuji decided to act against them, the three of them would immediately transfer back to the canyon.

Mo Wuji wasn’t too affected by it because if it was him, he would have done the same and be cautious. He didn’t do anything to the three transfer arrays even though he could easily destroy them with a blink of an eye. However, he was truly interested in finding a way out and not be stuck here for over thousands of years.

In less than half an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji noticed something odd. The spot with the densest spiritual energy was Bian Shuangbi’s spot and his place was located on a higher ground than the rest. Behind his spot seemed like a firm wall but it was an array base which even his spiritual will was unable to scan through.

Mo Wuji couldn’t see what was behind the array base but he was certain that if he truly wanted the way out, he had to first break through into the array base behind these walls.

Mo Wuji used his hand to feel this wall and could feel that this firmness of the wall was not something he could break through by himself. Furthermore, even if he was capable of doing it alone, he wouldn’t do so. After all, other than the hidden array base behind these walls, there was also Bian Shuangbi’s hidden transfer array so it wouldn’t be pleasant if Mo Wuji were to create misunderstandings that he was trying to destroy Bian Shuangbi’s transfer array.

At the thought of this, Mo Wuji stood up and shouted to the crowd, "Everyone can come in now."

Hearing Mo Wuji’s words, everyone hurried back into the canyon. It was only in the canyon where they could demonstrate their true strength.

Bian Shuangbi clasped his fist in Mo Wuji’s direction and asked, "Dao friend Mo, do you have any discoveries?"

Mo Wuji pointed to the wall behind Bian Shuangbi’s spot and said, "Dao friend Bian, I have discovered something. I have some knowledge about array dao and I believe there is a hidden array base behind this piece of canyon wall. I have no idea whether this array base was natural or man-made so if we want to find out more about it, we have to destroy this piece of wall to reveal this array base."

Mo Wuji didn’t mention about his spiritual eye as he only talked about the array base.

n.o.body spoke as they all looked at Bian Shuangbi because the plan was to destroy the wall directly behind his spot.

Bian Shuangbi revealed a slight smile, "I have no objection but there is something I have to let Dao friend Mo know. Back then when I first arrived, we tried to blast all four sides and initially the surface area of this place was a lot bigger but after we blast this place up, the front portion caved in and became inaccessible. Additionally, the area where we could live became smaller."

Mo Wuji understood Bian Shuangbi’s meaning which was the fact that the area outside where people couldn’t execute their spiritual will and elemental energy was initially not this big and it was only after everyone blasted the canyon which resulted in the area inside to decrease while increasing the area outside.

This was telling Mo Wuji that if he wasn’t confident, he should abort this idea.

"I have sufficient confidence," Mo Wuji said calmly.

After a while, he continued, "Of course, if everyone is not interested to leave and is willing to stay and cultivate in this constraint place for another thousands of years, you can forget about what I’ve just said."

"Brother Mo, I had enough of this place so I will be the first to support you," Lou Chuanhe stood out once again.

"I support you too," The next one to speak was Fang Qi. Fang Qi was almost running out of longevity so staying here would mean that he was waiting for his death in this constraint place.

Mo Wuji didn’t wait for the rest of them who were still hesitating as he said, "Since this is the case, we will attack this spot simultaneously and I believe that no matter how st.u.r.dy this wall was, it wouldn’t stay st.u.r.dy for long if we were all to combine our attacks."

"Alright," Bian Shuangbi muttered one word and immediately took out his own magic treasure.

Bian Shuangbi’s magic treasure was actually a foldable fan which made Mo Wuji extremely curious to know how strong this foldable fan could be. Bian Shuangbi should be the strongest person here and his cultivation technique should be the most outstanding one. Or rather, Mo Wuji wasn’t able to notice signs of aging from Bian Shuangbi’s appearance.

"Dao friend Mo, the moment you say ‘go’, we will start attacking," Bian Shuangbi held onto his foldable fan as he laughed and said.

After noticing everyone around him had already drawn their magic treasure, Mo Wuji swung his Tian Ji Pole and said, "Let’s go!"

It was almost at the same instant when Mo Wuji swung his Tian Ji Pole, everyone else started attacking the same spot Mo Wuji was attacking.

Mo Wuji was secretly praising these people in his heart because every single one of them was an expert in their field. As compared to the Worldly Immortal Stage experts he teamed up with to attack Zhu Qu previously, their combined attacks now was almost a hundred times stronger. Moreover, everyone was cautious about each other so n.o.body here was foolish enough to fully exert all their force here which made it even more impressive. Even Mo Wuji didn’t go all out attacking the wall.

"Boom!" Tens of different attacks landed on the same spot and loud explosions could be heard from within the canyon.

Pieces of rocks fell as everyone’s attention ended up on the outside. These falling rocks landed on the periphery of the place everyone was standing on and because of these falling rocks, half of Mo Wuji’s surrounding became area where elemental energy was unable to condense at.

Everyone looked towards Mo Wuji and even though no one spoke, Mo Wuji knew what everyone meant. If they were to continue attacking, they might not only be unable to find a way out and could even make this small canyon disappear.

Mo Wuji looked at the almost unharmed looking canyon wall as he took in a deep breath before saying, " Fellow Dao friends, I know everyone’s concerns but please trust me. I believe there is something peculiar about this wall and we could perhaps find the way out once we destroy this wall. However, I hope that in the next attack, everyone have to use their full force because this wall was strong to begin with, so if we were to conserve our energy, it might be very tough for us to break through. I hope that everyone would not think so much because too much hesitation would definitely not get things done."

After finis.h.i.+ng his speech, Mo Wuji didn’t give everyone a chance to hesitate as he swung out his Tian Ji Pole and shouted, "Everyone continue!"

"Boom!" Over 10 different magic treasures started attacking the same spot and compared to the first, the power was numerous times stronger.

The sound of rocks falling was heard again and everyone knew their area became much smaller once again.

Mo Wuji didn’t seem to mind as he continuously swung his Tian Ji Pole at the centre of the canyon wall. Everyone else could only take out their magic treasures and attack together with Mo Wuji.

Everyone’s face turned slightly stern because the area that they were standing on became less than one third of what it used to be. In other words, if they couldn’t find an escape route, everyone would have to squeeze in this potentially smaller place.

"There are cracks appearing," Mo Wuji pointed to the spot where everyone was attacking and shouted.

"So what? After attacking for half an incense, any wall would have cracks appearing on it," The s.p.a.ce Wolf King said coldly.

[1]: Having a black stomach means that someone is plotting something bad in his mind.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 400 - The Search For The Way Out

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