Immortal Mortal Chapter 401 - Half Immortal Domain

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Chapter 401 - Half Immortal Domain

Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered with Cang Xue as he continued to swing his Tian Ji Pole against the crack on the canyon wall.

This time round, n.o.body else followed Mo Wuji but Mo Wuji no longer needed their help. As soon as Mo Wuji used all his force to strike against the crack on the wall, a loud crackling sound could be heard and large pieces of rocks fell.

A huge hole appeared in front of the crowd and everyone stared shockingly with the mouth wide opened at this ma.s.sive hole as all of them started scanning the hole using their spiritual will.

Very soon, people realised that they had no idea where this ma.s.sive hole was leading to and they couldn’t sense the end with their spiritual will.

Not only this, this ma.s.sive hole looked normal and calm on the surface but there was a surge of turbulence inside the hole as if there were endless number of swords flying all around.

"This could perhaps lead to the immortal world…" Half a moment later, Mu Yingqiao turned and said.

Bian Shuangbi looked at Mo Wuji, "Dao friend Mo, you opened this place so what do you think it is?"

Mo Wuji was equally shocked because he initially thought that it was only an array base but after destroying the wall and the array base, there was actually a place like this inside this canyon. Since the spiritual will of others couldn’t sense the end of the hole, Mo Wuji’s spiritual will couldn’t too.

Now that Bian Shuangbi asked him, he could only ponder for a moment before saying, "I have no idea too but regardless, I believe there is at least one route here."

n.o.body continued talking and n.o.body dared to be the first to enter this hole too. Their own spiritual will had already warned them that this ma.s.sive hole was nothing but calm and peaceful.

Mo Wuji noticed that n.o.body moved an inch so he simply said, "Since this is the case, I shall make my move first. Goodbye everyone."

Finis.h.i.+ng his statement, Mo Wuji stepped out and went directly into the ma.s.sive turbulent hole.

After watching Mo Wuji entered, Lou Chuanhe didn’t bother saying anything as he followed Mo Wuji into the ma.s.sive hole.

Having observed the first and second man entering the hole, the rest of them started to enter the hole one after the other. No matter what this hole entailed, Mo Wuji didn’t lie about the fact that this was at least a way out.

The moment Mo Wuji entered the ma.s.sive hole, he could feel an even denser spiritual energy and this spiritual energy was of a higher grade than that of the Star Lord Mountain. This made Mo Wuji wondered if this hole could actually lead to the immortal world.

The formidable spiral wind was indeed like swords flying around as it not only prevented Mo Wuji from entering but also continuously brought about scars one after another on his body.

Mo Wuji had already experienced the Th.o.r.n.y Wind Gate so these intensely sharp spiral wind might be able to injure him but to completely take him out, it was still lacking.

This ma.s.sive hole was like a boundless pa.s.sage as Mo Wuji didn’t stop moving forward. A month has pa.s.sed and after countless of scars, he could finally feel the weakening of the crazy wind which made Mo Wuji’s speed a lot faster. After a few more days, just as Mo Wuji’s spiritual will was able to work, his entire body became light and a tremendous force carried him up.

This was the s.p.a.ce array gate!

There was a s.p.a.ce array gate right at the Universal Pier of Zhen Xing so Mo Wuji was too familiar with this type of array gate. He immediately covered his entire body and allowed this force to bring him away.

Indeed, after a period of dizziness, Mo Wuji landed on solid land. This was actually not the s.p.a.ce? Mo Wuji used his spiritual will and he sensed a boundless desert. The black coloured soil was extremely eye catching as there wasn’t a tinge of green under the scan of his spiritual will.

There was no impression of such a place in Mo Wuji’s mind and he had never read about it. It was only after a moment of hesitation, Mo Wuji decided to choose a direction and hurried towards that direction.

He was aware that the s.p.a.ce array gates were random and even if he were to wait at his original spot, he might not be able to see Lou Chuanhe and co. However, Mo Wuji wasn’t disappointed because there was quite a dense amount of spiritual energy in this place too.

Even though the spiritual energy here seemed to be of a higher grade than the spiritual energy in Zhen Xing, Mo Wuji guessed that this shouldn’t be the immortal world because even the spirit stones slags that he retrieved from the Half Moon Immortal Palace was of a slightly higher quality grade than these.

If this was truly the immortal world, the spiritual energy couldn’t have been any poorer than that of a spirit stone slag.

Fortunately after half a day of travelling, Mo Wuji saw two more people. Mo Wuji hurried over and landed beside the two of them as he clasped his fist and said, "Greetings the two Dao friends over here."

The two of them looked a little strange as each of them was carrying a basket on their back and the basket was filled with some black coloured minerals which Mo Wuji had no idea what it was.

What Mo Wuji noticed that was even more peculiar was their cultivation level. He was certain that the two of them were stronger than him and was at least in the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage.

"Newbie?" The slightly taller man sized Mo Wuji up and glanced at Mo Wuji’s wrist before saying faintly.

It was only then that Mo Wiji realised that both of them had a circular bracelet on their wrist.

"Yes, I accidentally entered the s.p.a.ce array gate to arrive here," Mo Wuji answered honestly.

"Walk straight from here, you will see a residential district and you can make a ident.i.ty bracelet there," The slightly taller man pointed to a direction as he said

"Ident.i.ty bracelet? May I know what is this place? Is this not the immortal world?" Mo Wuji asked inquisitively.

The man answering Mo Wuji revealed a ridicule smile as a flash of loneliness flashed by his eyes, "Even you treat this place like the immortal world but it’s real name is the Half Immortal Domain. You wouldn’t be able to survive alone here so head forward to enter the Half Immortal Domain. Someone will approach you to join and you can join us in digging for minerals everyday."

After saying this, that Earthly Immortal expert didn’t continue explaining as he carried on moving forward. As for the other Earthly Immortal, he didn’t even say anything from the very start.

Half Immortal Domain? Earthly Immortal Stage experts still had to dig for minerals everyday? Mo Wuji was completely lost as he watched the back view of these two experts became increasingly small.

From the words of these two people, he knew that digging of the minerals wasn’t forced upon them and even joining the Half Immortal Domain wasn’t compulsory.

No matter what, he had to take a look at what was ahead of him.

Mo Wuji didn’t think any further as he headed towards the direction the man pointed to him earlier on. Four hours later, Mo Wuji’s spiritual will managed to sense a large architecture and there were streams of people entering and exiting it. It was indeed a residential district.

"My friend, are you new here?" A short and plump cultivator hurried to block Mo Wuji as he clasped his fist cheerfully.

Mo Wuji nodded his head, "That’s right, I am indeed new here."

"My name is Han Xing, please join my Blackstone Union. My Blackstone Union rewards its members the most and we will definitely not be short of spirit stones for cultivation. Moreover, my Blackstone Union’s strength in the Half Immortal Domain is…"

"Hold on…" Mo Wuji interrupted Han Xing’s words apologetically, "Brother Han, the Blackstone Union that you talk about, is it a sect in the Half Immortal Domain?"

Before waiting for Han Xing’s reply, someone by the side said, "Dao friend, please don’t believe his words. If you’re interested in joining his Blackstone Union, why don’t you join my Seeking Immortal Union? My Seeking Immortal Union…"

"Li Qianfei, what are you trying to do? Messing with my Blackstone Union in public?" Han Xing shouted furiously the moment he heard that someone wanted to hold Mo Wuji off.

This Li Qianfei, who was called by Han Xing, was also a plump cultivator and was in fact, even fatter than Han Xing. After he heard Han Xing’s words, he laughed coldly, "Han Xing, which eye of yours saw me messing around with your Blackstone Union? This Dao friend just arrived and had yet to join a team so why is it that only your Blackstone Union can invite him? It is only natural that this Dao friend can choose to go wherever the conditions are better for him."

"Speaking of conditions, my Longevity Sect has the best conditions around here. This Dao friend here, join my Longevity Sect…" Before Mo Wuji could clarify about the Blackstone Union and the Seeking Immortal Union, yet another cultivator came over.

"Why don’t you join my Sword Qi Flatland? We are the fairest and most open out of everyone here as we will definitely not allow any bullying of our members…"

Mo Wuji was finally able to grasp a bit of what was happening. This Half Immortal Domain seemed to have many teams and these teams were all busy trying to recruit new members.

At one glance, most of the cultivators walking around were carrying a basket on their back. Some baskets were empty while others were filled with some black minerals.

"Everyone stop arguing and let this Dao friend make his own decision," Han Xing was feeling a little annoyed because there was lesser and lesser newcomers in the Half Immortal Domain recently and after he finally found one, he was met with so many compet.i.tors.

"Right, let our new friend choose one for himself," Li Qianfei added.

Mo Wuji clasped his fist and said, "Thank you everyone for your love but I only came here because I accidentally entered a s.p.a.ce array gate…"

"Hold on… accidentally entered? Didn’t you break through the void after reaching the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage? Are you not a cultivator in the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage?" Han Xing hurried to interrupt Mo Wuji’s words and asked shockingly.

Mo Wuji heard about breaking through the void and was stunned. If breaking through the void meant that he would reach a place like this, he really didn’t wish to break through the void.

Mo Wuji answered instinctively, "No, I really did accidentally stepped into the s.p.a.ce array door and reached here. I am only at the Worldly Immortal Stage."

"..." Everyone who was fighting for Mo Wuji exchanged glances and Li Qianfei was to first to speak, "I still have something on, you guys carry on."

After saying that, Li Qianfei sped off. Evidently, Mo Wuji’s cultivation level made him disappointed and he was no longer interested in wasting time here.

"Are you really only a Worldly Immortal Stage expert?" Han Xing was in disbelief as he asked once more.

Mo Wuji nodded his head, "That’s right, I am only in the Worldly Immortal Stage but I am already in the intermediate stage. I believe in a few years time, I will definitely be able to step into the Earthly Immortal Stage."

Mo Wuji could tell that all the fellas who were fighting for him previously were starting to despise him because of his cultivation level. He hurried to say a few words about himself so as to ‘promote’ himself to them.

"I have no means to help you now," Han Xing shook his head and left immediately.

After Han Xing and Li Qianfei left, the ‘fair and open’ fella from the Sword Qi Flatland left quicker than anyone else. Mo Wuji hurried to grab the last fella from the Longevity Sect and said, "This Dao friend, please hold on…"

Immortal Mortal Chapter 401 - Half Immortal Domain

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