Immortal Mortal Chapter 427 - Battling Meng Tianyu

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Chapter 427 - Battling Meng Tianyu

"I did harm him, but you're not bad too, to actually be able to completely resolve my woodification attack," Meng Tianyu's tone was sinister, he did not abandon his idea of telling Guang Quan and co. that Mo Wuji was even capable of restoring woodified spirit channels.

Indeed, after hearing that Mo Wuji was even capable of restoring woodified spirit channels, the look in Guang Quan's eyes slightly retracted. He gradually started to feel that Mo Wuji was rather terrifying; even the Wu You of yesteryears was only strong in combat, if his spirit channels got woodified, he would still be rendered useless. This Mo Wuji was more terrifying than Wu You.

Mo Wuji chuckled, "Union Head Meng, you're right."

With that, Mo Wuji clasped his fists to the surroundings and said, "Various dao friends, if any of you get your spirit channels accidentally woodified by Union Head Meng in the future, feel free to find me - Mo Wuji."

Mo Wuji's words incited noise and applause from the crowd. Ostensibly, Mo Wuji's gesture had earned the favour of a majority of these cultivators.

What was the greatest fear in the Half Immortal Domain? Naturally, it was the woodification of spirit channels. Even though there was the Wood Dissolving Pill, the seasoned ones in Half Immortal Domain know that the Wood Dissolving Pill was not able to completely treat the woodification phenomena. Now, Mo Wuji had publicly promised to help anyone treat their woodified spirit channels. Just this sentence alone, had won Mo Wuji the support from most of the crowd.

Don't see Meng Tianyu's position as the union head of the Immortal Seeking Union; he was not actually able to get his union members to sell their lives for him. They were merely working in the union based on mutual benefits; he had established the Immortal Seeking Union merely to gather blackstones from the union members.

Meng Tianyu's face turned black; he did not expect that revealing Mo Wuji's capabilities would actually help Mo Wuji gain a chance to counter attack and send him into a ditch.

Guang Quan also sighed; this error could only be attributed to the fact that Meng Tianyu had seen himself differently from the other cultivators. He could borrow the acute wood energy to cultivate, and he was even able to create a skill out of the acute wood energy. However, everyone else here was worried about the acute wood energy. Meng Tianyu was used to being in a high and lofty position, he had completely disregarded the life of other cultivators. Thus, he would make such a mistake.

"Dao Friend Mo, perhaps this matter might have been a misunderstanding. Luckily, Dao Friend Lou is fine now, and could even be said to have found fortune while in misfortune. If everyone doesn't mind, we can all visit my Dao Lord Mansion and bury the hatchet," Guang Quan smiled and interrupted.

Meng Tianyu naturally didn't say anything. Even though he didn't fear Mo Wuji, he knew that Mo Wuji was not someone he could easily offend. If he could be easily offended, would be have been able to send Hong Fuji scurrying away? Hong Fuji had been able to set up an underground blackstone business here, not just anyone could deal with him.

Moreover, he was also a little apprehensive that Mo Wuji didn't fear his acute wood energy. Of course, this was just minor apprehension. He believed that even if Mo Wuji was able to resolve the acute wood energy in Lou Chuanhe, Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to deal with his acute wood energy skill while in actual battle.

Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards Guang Quan, "Since Dao Lord Guang has said the words, I naturally wouldn't not show the Dao Lord face. The matter of my Senior Lou Chuanhe being heavily injured by Union Head Meng can be forgotten."

When Guang Quan heard these words, he immediately celebrated; anything was fine as long as they didn't fight here. First he would have to grab hold of Mo Wuji. Even if Mo Wuji's abilities were heaven defying, he would have methods of dealing with Mo Wuji. Wu You was a good example.

"Even though the matters have been forgotten, I had to spend a lot of spiritual herbs and pills to heal my senior. I still require Union Head Meng to give me some compensation," These words of Mo Wuji left an uncomfortable feeling in Meng Tianyu's heart. If Mo Wuji was was an easygoing person, Hong Fuji wouldn't have met such a pitiable outcome.

Hong Fuji was a good example. He merely owed Mo Wuji 5,000 spirit stone slags, but after one year, Mo Wuji had suddenly turned it to 22,000 spirit stone slags.

Guang Quan knew that Mo Wuji wanted to extort a sum from Meng Tianyu. However, he did not say anything; he had already helped wherever he could. Moreover, Meng Tianyu was not someone that could be easily dealt with.

"How much do you want?" Meng Tianyu saw that there were many members of his Immortal Seeking Union, but none of them had helped to speak up for him. He knew that if a battle really took place, he would be fighting alone.

"I used two strains of immortal gra.s.s, one extremely high-grade spiritual fruit and seven Tier 9 spiritual pills. Altogether…"

Mo Wuji did not even finish his words before Meng Tianyu began to surge with an ominous aura. The terrifying killing intent had caused the surrounding cultivators to disperse, "Mo Wuji, you can extort money from Hong Fuji, but if you think that you can do that to me, Meng Tianyu, then you’re far mistaken. Come on, let me see how much you’re worth."

The things that Mo Wuji said clearly couldn't be resolved using spirit stone slags. What immortal gra.s.s? Mo Wuji himself probably hadn't seen such a thing before but he still dared to mention it.

Guang Quan did not say anything, he knew that this battle could no longer be prevented. If he still dared to help Meng Tianyu, then his bias would be too obvious, and his position as the Dao Lord would become precarious.

"Phoom!" A black shadow swept towards Mo Wuji; thereafter, the area within thousands of meters became filled with concentrated acute wood energy. At this moment, everyone started to retreat backwards, albeit Mo Wuji's comrades, or Dao Lord Guang Quan, or the surrounding cultivators. Under such terrifying acute wood energy, even the Wood Dissolving Pill wouldn't work.

Guang Quan originally wanted to exert some pressure on Mo Wuji; so he allowed Meng Tianyu to oppress Mo Wuji. However, after seeing Meng Tianyu's attack, he immediately gave up on this idea.

Even he had to take this sort of terrifying acute wood energy seriously; if he wasn't careful, he might even fall into it. Moreover, this was not the end; the surrounding acute wood energy was still constantly growing more powerful, to the extent where it seemed to almost woodify s.p.a.ce.

Lou Chuanhe, who had already retreated to a great distance, could not help but exhale a breath of cold air. Now, he knew that Meng Tianyu didn't even need to put in much effort to deal with him.

"This guy seems much stronger than those years ago." The Tong brothers glanced at one another, both seeing the deep fear in the other's eyes.

The surrounding cultivators were even in their own private discussions. It was publicly recognised that Meng Tianyu was very strong. Even so, everyone still believed that Meng Tianyu was the number two expert in Half Immortal Domain, while the number one place was naturally occupied by Guang Quan. Now, with Meng Tianyu's acute wood energy being strong enough to come close to woodifying s.p.a.ce, this had cast some doubts in the crowd's minds. Perhaps, the strongest person in Half Immortal Domain wasn't Guang Quan, but the union head of Immortal Seeking Union, Meng Tianyu.

If it was them being attacked by Meng Tianyu's acute wood energy, there was nothing else they could do other than to flee. Everyone wanted to know how Mo Wuji was going to deal with this terrifying attack.

Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole had long landed in his palms. He was staring at Meng Tianyu's magic treasure, and had completely ignored the surrounding acute wood energy.

No matter how dense the acute wood energy was, it would only be spiritual energy for him.

Mo Wuji was shocked by Meng Tianyu's magic treasure. It wasn't a spiritual equipment forged by a smith, but a wooden cane; a natural wooden cane.

Mo Wuji could even feel the spirituality within the wooden cane. He suspected that even without Meng Tianyu's control, it would still be able to attack him.

This was an incredibly impressive treasure. This was Mo Wuji's first time coveting his opponent’s magic treasure.

"Boom!" The Tian Ji Pole clashed against the wooden cane. the power behind Mo Wuji's attack seemed to vanish. Meng Tianyu's fierce elemental energy came surging over; Mo Wuji's chest seized as he was sent flying backwards.

Meng Tianyu's lips curved into a derisive smile. When facing his Heavenly Wood Cane, this Mo Wuji didn't run, but faced his Heavenly Wood Cane head on. Wasn't that simply courting death?

"Not good." Tong Cheng cried out from afar.

"What's the matter?" Lou Chuanhe said urgently.

Tong Cheng's face turned serious as he said, "I forgot to tell Dao Friend Mo, that wooden cane of Meng Tianyu is able to woodify s.p.a.ce. Under that woodified s.p.a.ce, Mo Wuji wouldn't even be able to release his spiritual will, and his elemental energy would also be adversely affected.

Hearing Tong Cheng's words, not just Lou Chuanhe, but even Master Pu Zi had a drastic change in expression.

Mo Wuji was directly linked to their future. If anything went wrong with Mo Wuji, then not only might they be forced out of Half Immortal Domain, they would also lose the chance of ever crossing the Immortal Chasm.

As he was sent flying, Mo Wuji understood what had happened. His elemental energy had been nullified by half in that woodified s.p.a.ce, and his spiritual will had been completely suppressed. This woodified s.p.a.ce was impressive.

However, against expectations, Mo Wuji calmed down. Others might be afraid of Meng Tianyu's woodified s.p.a.ce, but he wouldn't. He completely didn't need to forcefully use his elemental energy or spiritual will; he had his elemental storage channel and spirit storage channel. If Meng Tianyu was bent on eliminating him, then he could also speed up the battle. At this instant, he was more afraid that Meng Tianyu wouldn't chase after him.

Meng Tianyu naturally wouldn't give up on this opportunity. With a single step, he crossed a distance of tens of meters. The wooden cane in his hand transformed into a huge whirlpool, drawing Mo Wuji in.

At this instant, the surrounding cultivators could only see the black whirlpool. Even if they extended their spiritual will, they would still be unable to see the battling Meng Tianyu and Mo Wuji.

"I won't let you die so easily…" Within the black wooden cane whirlpool, Meng Tianyu stared at Mo Wuji and said sinisterly.

"Is that so? I was just thinking about sending you back into reincarnation…" Just as Meng Tianyu finished his words, he suddenly saw Mo Wuji, who was just tens of meters away, appear in front of him.

Astonishment appeared in his eyes. He was not sure why Mo Wuji did not fear his woodified s.p.a.ce, and why Mo Wuji was able to escape from his Heavenly Wood Cane Whirlpool. He only felt a sense of impending doom.

"Bang!" Out of nowhere, Tian Ji Pole appeared behind his neck and had soundlessly come cras.h.i.+ng down.

Meng Tianyu forcefully twisted his neck, jerking his body to the side.

"Kacha!" The sound of bone fracturing could be heard. Meng Tianyu could not hold back his aggrieved cry. In an instant, Mo Wuji's violent spiritual energy had shattered his elemental energy defenses.

Before anyone could even react, the pace of the battle had turned. Mo Wuji, who was originally in a position of weakness, had suddenly escaped from Meng Tianyu's woodified s.p.a.ce, and even traversed across s.p.a.ce suddenly to land a blow on Meng Tianyu.

With this heavy strike, Meng Tianyu's soul dispersed. It seemed to be pus.h.i.+ng itself to escape from Mo Wuji. As for his precious Heavenly Wood Cane, he couldn't even care about it at this instant.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 427 - Battling Meng Tianyu

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