Immortal Mortal Chapter 435 - The Exchange For Immortal Crystals

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Chapter 435 - The Exchange for Immortal Crystals

"Ah…" Even Tong Cheng looked towards Mo Wuji this time round.

Mo Wuji decided to tell everyone the truth because he had already formed deep friends.h.i.+p with them after digging together for a few months. After all, they would all be fighting alongside him should anything happen to them in the future.

"Previously, I saw a prison in s.p.a.ce which was called the Half Moon Prison. The Half Moon Prison should be a magic treasure of the Immortal Realm and this Half Moon Prison is full of genius cultivators who had just advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Stage…"

"Brother Mo, are you talking about the Half Moon Immortal Palace?" Lou Chuanhe asked in a hurry.

Mo Wuji replied, "That’s right, it is indeed the Half Moon Immortal Palace. However, the truth was that it is indeed a prison and it belongs to the Immortal Domain. It appeared in s.p.a.ce because a genius expert tried to escape from it and by killing the prison warden, it caused the prison to end up wandering in s.p.a.ce."

Everyone fell silent as they heard Mo Wuji’s words. Everyone capable of standing here was the very best in their own planets and could even be considered as the peak experts. However, they would be the weakest among everyone else once they were brought into the Immortal Domain. They would be so insignificant that a single pinch from someone there would be enough to kill them.

"Dao Friend Mo, so do we stop digging for blackstones temporarily?" Master Pu Zi broke the silence as he asked Mo Wuji. To Master Pu Zi, even though blackstones were important, the most important should be exchanging for enough spirit stone slags. Their only hope of getting out of this h.e.l.l hole would be dependent on the number of spirit stone slags they were able to exchange for. There was no point in staying here because so what if they could undergo the lightning tribulation someday? Wouldn’t they be brought to the prison in the Immortal Realm too?

Everyone looked at Mo Wuji as he answered, "Since we have been digging for quite some time now and because I would consider us to be close friends, I’ve decided to let you all know what my plans for the future will be. However, there is something I must say before telling everyone my plan. Once you’ve heard my plans for us, you will no longer be able to leave the team. Those who wants to quit can sound out now and I will send you off personally."

n.o.body sounded out anything because only four people: Tong brothers, Abacus and Ku Ya were still not aware of the plan. However, they had already grew incredible admiration for Mo Wuji and after joining him, they had never suffered and were able to dig up almost hundred of thousands blackstones every single day so why would they want to quit?

Mo Wuji nodded his head, "Since everyone is agreeable, I will speak directly. I own a battles.h.i.+p and this battles.h.i.+p could bring us to the Immortal Domain which was why I decided that after exchanging for low grade immortal crystals with Gong Hou, we will head straight to the Immortal Chasm and then Immortal Domain. Of course, there is also the possibility that we could fail to traverse the Immortal Chasm and be stuck within it forever. I am sure there is no need for me to state how dangerous the Immortal Chasm is and I would say the possibility of success is about 50%."

"Ah… Dao Friend Mo…" Tong brothers heard this and was both shocked and pleased because even if there was only a 10% chance of success, they would agree without any shreds of hesitation. What was the point of staying in the Half Immortal Domain meaninglessly? They were unable to cultivate and had to worry about the acute wood energy every single day which was why they had enough of such life where living was tougher than being dead.

Think about it: If a cultivator is unable to cultivate or improve, what is the difference between a cultivator and a walking dead?

Abacus and Ku Ya replied immediately without thinking too much into it, "Brother Mo, we would agree even if the chances of success is 10%, let alone 50%."

The Tong brothers did not even bother asking whether this battles.h.i.+p was forged by Dao Lord Wu You because to them, the origin of the battles.h.i.+p didn’t matter to them as long as it was able to bring them across the Immortal Chasm.

Mo Wuji could even sense blackstones which were eight to nine metres underground so it really wasn’t too surprising that he could get himself a battles.h.i.+p that could traverse the Immortal Chasm.

"Dao Friend Mo, ever since we decided to join your team, we vowed to always follow your lead and furthermore, we are pretty sure that we would be living a much more enjoyable life even if we are stuck in the Immortal Chasm compared to being in the Half Immortal Domain," Tong Cheng and Tong Ye expressed their opinions out loud.

Even though he had an idea that everyone would agree, Mo Wuji still felt an indescribable happiness when he received everyone’s confirmation, "Since this is the case, we shall talk about crossing the Immortal Chasm after we received the low grade immortal crystals."

"Low grade immortal crystals?" Master Pu Zi hurried to ask because Mo Wuji didn’t specifically talk about the details of the transaction with Gong Hou.

Mo Wuji explained, "I am exchanging blackstones for low grade immortal crystals instead of spirit stone slags because I am afraid that spirit stone slags might not be able to support the battles.h.i.+p in crossing the Immortal Chasm because of its lower grade as compared to the immortal crystals."

Hearing Mo Wuji’s explanation, everyone couldn’t be any happier. Master Pu Zi heaved a sigh of relief too because even though he said that the spirit stone slags were able to drive the battles.h.i.+p, he was still fearful that there was still the possibility that spirit stone slags alone wouldn’t be sufficient. Having insufficient power to drive the s.h.i.+p would be the most heart wrenching way to fall in the Immortal Chasm.

Mo Wuji continued, "This time round, we have dug up close to 30 million blackstones which was definitely more than what the Immortal Domain had received before. We would definitely not be exchanging this many blackstones so after the exchange, we will split the blackstones equally among us. Anyone has any objections?"

"Brother Mo, you are the one who brought us here, got hold of the battles.h.i.+p and even the one found the blackstones. All we did was to exhaust some of our energy which in other words, means that even if you didn’t bring us here and brought any random person, you would be able still be able to obtain these blackstones. And to put things into perspective, even if we were to dig for a few months in Mining Area A, we would never be able to dig out more than 1000 blackstones without your guidance. We have no use for this small amount of blackstones and it wouldn’t even be enough for us to purchase a s.h.i.+p ticket to the Immortal Domain so I suggest Brother Mo take full control of all the blackstones," The most unlikely person to comment, Ku Ya, was actually the one who took the initiative to express her opinions.

Mo Wuji regarded Ku Ya as a very capable person because even though she won’t talk much, she was smart and attentive as she could understand things very quickly.

Lou Chuanhe followed to say, "I have no use for the blackstones too so I would rather leave it with Brother Mo too."

After Ku Ya and Lou Chuanhe started the ball rolling, everyone else agreed with Ku Ya’s opinion.

Master Pu Zi and co. had been working with Mo Wuji for the longest among all of them so they understood Mo Wuji’s character well. They knew that even though they rejected the blackstones, Mo Wuji would never swallow these blackstones for his own personal interests. However, Ku Ya was right because other than the Tong brothers, who among them would be capable of obtaining over ten thousand blackstones?

Mo Wuji waited for everyone else to express their opinions before clasping his fists and said, "I do have an idea. Because we all have no clue what a blackstone could truly be used for, I shall keep it with me first. After we reach the Immortal Domain, we would definitely die earlier if we were to fight on our own. I was once the Sect Head of Tian Ji Sect so after we reach the Immortal Domain, I will rebuild the Tian Ji Sect there and of course, those who are not willing to join the Tian Ji Sect can take their fair share of the blackstones and leave."

"I agree," Ku Ya was the one who spoke up again as she really thought that this was the best possible way to handle the blackstones and their future in the Immortal Domain.

Everyone else agreed one after the other because for Earthly Immortals like them who sneaked into the Immortal Domain, they would indeed die faster if they didn’t group up together. Previously, Lou Chuanhe was wondering why Mo Wuji didn’t talk about setting up the Star King Mountain but because Tian Ji Sect was also one of the top sects in Zhen Xing with a much longer history, even Lou Chuanhe stood out to concur as well.

"Great, we will finish digging the blackstones here and then leave the Mining Area of Death immediately," Mo Wuji said instantaneously.

Gong Hou started to frown because it had already been three full days since he sent out the message and Mo Wuji had yet to arrive. If not for the fact that he hadn’t found the cultivator that underwent the lightning tribulation, he would have return to the Immortal Domain.

He stood up and decided to wait for another couple of hours and he wouldn’t be polite for any longer if Mo Wuji didn’t arrive by then.

Just as he stood up, the shadow of a flying s.h.i.+p appeared within his spiritual will. Gong Hou nodded as this Mo Wuji was indeed an interesting person because if he were to hide in the Half Immortal Domain to avoid him, he would be courting his own death.

Mo Wuji landed and kept his flying car before cupping his fist towards Gong Hou, "Dao Friend Gong, because we were pretty far apart, I came over the moment I received your message but I believe I was still a little late. I hope Dao Friend Gong do forgive me."

In actuality, after Mo Wuji received the message, he spent half a day to finish clearing the mine before coming over at his own pace. Gong Hou remained emotionless and said faintly, "How many blackstones did you prepare?"

Mo Wuji revealed a slight smile and said, "I have more than enough blackstones but I wonder how many immortal crystals have Dao Friend Gong prepared?"

Despite knowing that Mo Wuji wouldn’t dare to lie to him, his heart still started beating fast when he heard that Mo Wuji had prepared more than enough blackstones. He predicted that Mo Wuji should not be able to have acc.u.mulated 100,000 blackstones but since he dared to say something like that, he shouldn’t be too far off that amount. Even if Mo Wuji had half of the agreed amount, Gong Hou would still be striking rich.

"There are 3,000,000 immortal crystals here and if you have prepared more than 100,000 blackstones, all these are yours to keep," Gong Hou took out a storage ring and started waving it at Mo Wuji.

"I required the help of hundreds of people to spend a large amount of their time and effort to dig up this amount of blackstones so could Dao Friend Gong let me have a look at the storage ring?" Mo Wuji asked calmly even though his heart was incredibly excited. With 3,000,000 immortal crystals in his hands, it would mean that he could finally ignite the battles.h.i.+p.

As he was afraid that Gong Hou might grew suspicious, Mo Wuji added, "Dao Friend Gong, please do not worry because what I gave them in return was the spirit stone slags and I will definitely not reveal these immortal crystals."

Gong Hou furrowed his brows as he felt that Mo Wuji was a little too presumptuous. However, he retracted this thought immediately as Mo Wuji was just like an ant in front of him so even if he tried to run away with the storage ring, Gong Hou could easily get it back from him. Mo Wuji should be the one worrying that Gong Hou might scam him as 100,000 blackstones was definitely not a small figure.

"For you," Gong Hou extended his arm and pa.s.sed the storage ring to Mo Wuji and simultaneously, there were ripples around him so that as long as Mo Wuji started acted strangely, he would kill him without hesitation.

Mo Wuji’s spiritual will scanned through the storage ring and it was indeed a pile of immortal crystals which amounted to about 3,000,000 of them. Mo Wuji transferred this pile of immortal crystals into his own storage ring and sent out 100,000 blackstones into the storage ring before throwing it back to Gong Hou.

This series of actions by Mo Wuji resulted in Gong Hou staring blankly at him. Following which, Gong Hou instantly used his spiritual will to scan through the storage ring and his eyes lit up ecstatically. There were indeed exactly 100,000 blackstones inside waiting for him.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 435 - The Exchange For Immortal Crystals

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