Immortal Mortal Chapter 436 - The Only Heavenly Immortal In Half Immortal Domain

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Chapter 436 - The Only Heavenly Immortal In Half Immortal Domain

100,000 blackstones, it’s really 100,000 blackstones. Gong Hou grabbed the storage ring agitatedly, only calming down after some time. The moment he calmed down, Gong Hou immediately thought: If Mo Wuji was able to take out 100,000 blackstones, then would he have more on him? How was he able to excavate so many blackstones in half a year?

As he thought of this, Gong Hou’s spiritual will had already landed on Mo Wuji’s storage ring. To his surprise, he found that his spiritual will was unable to even penetrate into Mo Wuji’s storage ring.

The moment Gong Hou’s spiritual will landed on Mo Wuji’s storage ring, Mo Wuji was able to feel it. As expected, this fella really wanted to search his storage ring.

"Dao Friend Mo, do you have any more blackstones on you?" Gong Hou kept the storage ring, reverting back to his calm appearance.

Mo Wuji smiled faintly, "I do have some blackstones left. Does Dao Friend Gong still have any more low grade immortal crystals?"

Gong Hou was naturally unable to take out any more low grade immortal crystals. Moreover, the ones that he gave Mo Wuji was not his alone, but the acc.u.mulated fortune of many people.

After hesitating for half a day, Gong Hou decided to give up on his idea of stealing Mo Wuji’s blackstones. It wasn’t because he wasn’t certain that he would fail, but because doing so would be killing the golden goose. If he stole Mo Wuji’s blackstones, who else would be able to provide so many blackstones at a single go?

Blackstones were a huge profitable business; Gong Hou was extremely clear of this fact.

If Gong Hou knew that Mo Wuji still had over a 1,000,000 blackstones, no matter how calm he was, he would not hesitate to charge forward and s.n.a.t.c.h them away.

However, since Mo Wuji dared to engage in business with Gong Hou alone, he was naturally not afraid of his blackstones being stolen. Don’t simply look at Gong Hou being in the Heavenly Immortal Stage. Now, Mo Wuji was in Earthly Immortal Stage Level 9, he was capable of getting rid of this fella.

"Since that’s the case, I will be leaving first. Next time, I will bring more immortal crystals. Remember to prepare more blackstones." Before Gong Hou left, he gave these instructions to Mo Wuji. He wanted to prolong his deal with Mo Wuji, so naturally, he wouldn’t steal Mo Wuji’s storage ring.

Mo Wuji completely disregarded Gong hou’s words. He had only planned for his trade to be a one-time thing. Now that he had obtained 3,000,000 low grade immortal crystals, his next step was to cross the Immortal Chasm and enter the Immortal Domain.

After Gong Hou left in the distance, Mo Wuji immediately took out his flying treasure. At this instant, a figure flashed across his spiritual will, jumping towards him.

Mo Wuji did not move; he knew that this was not an ambush.

"Bang!" That black figure sailed past him, landing on the floor with a thud. It was an injured cultivator.

That cultivator soon picked himself up and swallowed some healing pills. He even clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji, before he sat down to begin his recovery.

This cultivator looked like a young teen. He was riddled with injuries; he had big eyes and thick eyebrows; his skin was slightly black and his face looked young and tender.

What astounded Mo Wuji was, this person’s cultivation seemed to have exceeded the Earthly Immortal Stage, and had reached the Heavenly Immortal Stage.

Mo Wuji soon came to a realisation; this fella was the Heavenly Immortal cultivator from Half Moon Prison that succeeded in his tribulation not long ago.

A Heavenly Immortal that just succeeded his tribulation; besides him, there was no one else in Half Immortal Domain that could injure this Heavenly Immortal to such a heavy degree right? To be able to heavily injure this Heavenly Immortal, where he even had to descend from mid air, clearly was an act done by an expert from the Immortal Domain.

Mo Wuji was just thinking that he should be nosy when this youth suddenly stood up. Even though his injuries were still very heavy, he did not continue to heal himself; it should be because he knew that this place wasn’t safe.

"This big brother, I’m called Kou Yuan. Just now, I was being pursued, which was why I accidentally landed here." The moment this youth stood up, he clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and said.

"No worries. I don’t own this place. You can do whatever you want." This youth looked simple and honest, and even had a higher cultivation. However, he called Mo Wuji a "big brother". It should be related to his young and tender appearance.

Mo Wuji definitely wouldn’t underestimate Kou Yuan because of his tender appearance. According to the information he obtained in Half Moon Prison, he knew that those who could advance into the Heavenly Immortal Stage in Half Immortal Domain were practically those who were young. This was why they were so outstanding.

"May I ask how do I address this friend?" Seeing that Mo Wuji did not say his name, Kou Yuan took the initiative to ask.

Even though he didn’t know of Kou Yuan’s intentions, Mo Wuji did not mind. He simply replied, "I’m called Mo Wuji."

"You are Mo Wuji? The Mo Wuji who handled Hong Fuji and Meng Tianyu?" Kou Yuan repeated in surprise. He knew that he would not be spared. This, he wanted to pa.s.s the news that the Immortal Domain was hunting those that pa.s.sed their Heavenly Immortal Tribulation on to someone, so that this person could spread the news to the rest of Half Immortal Domain. He never expected that the person he casually found would be Mo Wuji. He had always been cultivating behind closed doors, so he had never met Mo Wuji. However, he had heard of Mo Wuji’s notorious name multiple times. This was a dauntless newbie, an expert that didn’t even put the Dao Lord in his eyes.

"You’ve met me before?" Mo Wuji looked at Kou Yuan doubtfully. As long as he encountered a person once, he would form an impression of the person. However, towards Kou Yuan, Mo Wuji wasn’t able to recall the slightest of impressions.

Kou Yuan hurriedly said, "I’ve never met Brother Mo before. But who in Half Immortal Domain hasn’t heard of Brother Mo’s ill.u.s.trious name? I have only heard of you."

"You were pursued by the people from the Immortal Domain?" Mo Wuji’s gaze landed on the injury on Kou Yuan’s waist.

Kou Yuan reacted, and said hurriedly, "Yes, Brother Mo. You should hurry out of here. I guess that they would be catching up very soon. At the same time, help me spread a message to the rest of Half Immortal Domain. Tell the cultivators of the Half Immortal Domain…"

"That nothing good would happen to those that ascend to the Heavenly Immortal Stage while in Half Immortal Domain?" Mo Wuji completed Kou Yuan’s sentence.

"..." Kou Yuan stared at Mo Wuji in aghast. "Brother Mo, how did you know?"

Mo Wuji smiled faintly. He extended his hand towards his flying treasure, "Dao Friend Kou, hop on. We’ll continue after we leave this place."

Kou Yuan subconsciously boarded Mo Wuji’s flying treasure. Mo Wuji had already started the acceleration and they sped out of the area.

"Brother Mo, you haven’t answered me. How did you know about it?" On the flying s.h.i.+p, Kou Yuan asked once more.

"I’ve been to the prison where the Immortal Domain imprisons the geniuses from the Half Immortal Domain…" Now that they had escaped, Mo Wuji directly revealed the matter of him going to Half Moon Prison to Kou Yuan.

Hearing Mo Wuji’s words, Kou Yuan started to mutter to himself, "So it was indeed like this. I felt that there was something amiss with them. They said they wanted to bring me to the Immortal Domain to pursue the dao, but they didn’t allow me to handle some private matters that I had here…"

As he said this, Kou Yuan suddenly seemed to recall something. He hurriedly changed the topic, "Brother Mo, hurry and let me off. Now that I’ve advanced to become a Heavenly Immortal, I will be easily discovered. They seem to have some way of tracking Heavenly Immortal cultivators."

Mo Wuji waved his hands, "Don’t worry. They wouldn’t be able to discover you with the restrictions on my flying s.h.i.+p. The place that I’m bringing you will also be restricted with magical arrays, so they wouldn’t be able to discover you there. I have some people with me, we’re preparing to go to the Immortal Domain, Brother Kou, are you interested? If you’re interested, we can go together."

Kou Yuan looked rather simple and honest. But more importantly, he was the only Heavenly Immortal in Half Immortal Domain.

"Crossing the Immortal Chasm? Brother Mo, I know that you are very strong. Perhaps you’re no worse than me, but crossing the Immortal Chasm is too absurd. The Immortal Chasm definitely could not be traversed by the lights of us. Moreover, within the Immortal Chasm…"

Before Kou Yuan could finish his words, Mo Wuji extended his hand and stopped Kou Yuan from speaking, "Dao Friend Kou Yuan, my decision to cross the Immortal Chasm is firm. Since you’re unwilling, then there’s no need to talk any further. Where do you want to go? I will first take you there."

Kou Yuan was instantly startled. Where could he go? Now that he had advanced into the Heavenly Immortal Stage, there was truly no where he could go in the Half Immortal Domain.

After some time, Kou Yuan sighed and said, "Brother Mo, I’m willing to follow you to traverse the Immortal Chasm. Rather than living in constant fear, I would rather venture out. Dying in the Immortal Chasm is multiple times better than being locked in that prison."

He had already thought things through. After advancing into the Heavenly Immortal Stage, even if he didn’t die in Half Immortal Domain, he would be constantly tormented. Mo Wuji was able to rise to the top within Half Immortal Domain, yet he still wanted to cross the Immortal Chasm. So what did he, Kou Yuan, have to hesitate for?

"You are Kou Yuan?" When Mo Wuji brought Kou Yuan back to their gathering place, Abacus immediately recognised him.

"Abacus? Senior sister Ku Ya?" Kou Yuan was also able to recognise Abacus and Ku Ya. A look of astonishment emerged on his face. He had engaged in underground trade with Lord Axe before. Naturally, he knew Abacus and Ku Ya.

"Kou Yuan, welcome to the team. Lord Axe had been killed by a person from the Immortal Domain. Now, we’re with Brother Mo and we’re preparing to cross the Immortal Chasm. If I’m not wrong, you should be the person that succeeded in the Heavenly Immortal Tribulation right?" Abacus patted Kou Yuan’s shoulder and said smilingly.

Kou Yuan nodded, "That’s right, it’s me. Now, the people from the Immortal Domain are pursuing me."

No one found Kou Yuan’s words out of the ordinary. Mo Wuji had already explained the situation of the Half Moon Prison to them. Everyone here knew that the Half Immortal Domain was merely a mine for the Immortal Domain. The reason why the Half Immortal Domain was still tied to the Immortal Domain was merely because of the blackstones here.

Abacus said to Mo Wuji, "Dao Friend Kou Yuan is very young. Those years ago, we already knew that his potential was staggering. Lord Axe previously tried to pull Dao Friend Kou Yuan to our side, but Dao Friend Kou Yuan wanted to focus on his cultivation, so he didn’t join us."

Mo Wuji then introduced the rest of the party to Kou Yuan. Just when he was prepared to install the cannons onto the Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p, Tong Cheng suddenly said, "Dao Friend Mo, when you were trading with Gong Hou, an earth cramp happened."

Mo Wuji stared at Tong Cheng quizzically. Earth cramp, this was his first time hearing such a fresh and peculiar term.

Master Pu Zi stood up and explained, "Dao Friend Mo, Dao Friend Tong is saying that there were spasms in the earth, and…"

"Earthquake?" Before Master Pu Zi could finish, Mo Wuji understood what was going on. Something like earthquakes was very ordinary ah. There’s no need to talk about the vast and expansive Half Immortal Domain, even Earth experienced earthquakes.

"No, Dao Friend Mo, you’re misunderstanding me. I’m not talking about earthquakes, but cramps." Tong Cheng’s face turned serious.

"What’s exactly going on?" Mo Wuji frowned. He also didn’t think that Tong Cheng would be so serious just because of an earthquake.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 436 - The Only Heavenly Immortal In Half Immortal Domain

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