Immortal Mortal Chapter 437 - Traversing The Immortal Chasm

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Chapter 437 - Traversing The Immortal Chasm

Tong Cheng explained, "This is not the first time that Tong Ye and I experienced this sort of earth cramp. But when we were in the Mining Area of Death, we experienced it several times. Every time the earth spasms, it’s as though it’s alive. It’s definitely not like though rumbling within the earth like earthquakes."

Tong Ye supplemented from the side, "It’s like time. I feel that every time we excavate large amounts of blackstone, such a phenomena will happen."

Mo Wuji wanted to ask further questions, when suddenly the ground beneath his feet started shaking. It was exactly as Tong Cheng said, it seemed like a cramp.

Everyone calmed down; Mo Wuji stared at the trembling surface and finally understood why Tong Cheng would use the word ‘cramp’.

This sort of spasms was indeed like a cramp. It was even like what Tong Ye mentioned, like there were hints of life.

Mo Wuji possessed the vitality channel, so he was more sensitive to life force compared to the rest. Could the Half Immortal Domain be alive? When Mo Wuji thought of this, he suddenly felt gooseb.u.mps over his body.

The spasms continued for roughly a minute before it stopped gradually. Nothing peculiar happened to the surroundings; it looked just like the usual black soil.

Everyone glanced at each other; no one spoke a word.

After some time, Mo Wuji said solemnly, "No matter what the Half Immortal Domain is, or what this sort of trembling is, it’s not something that we can discern with our current level of power. We should leave this place as soon as possible. Now, I’m going to take out the battles.h.i.+p. Master Pu Zi, help install the cannons."

When Mo Wuji finished, he directly fetched out the Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p.

Those that had yet to see the Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p, such as the Tong brothers, Abacus and co., all exhaled a breath of cold air. It wasn’t that the Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p was very huge, but it seemed to possess a sort of oppressive and valiant aura, causing people to shake in fear.

"This is…" Kou Yuan was also dumbfounded. He could naturally tell that this Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p of Mo Wuji’s was not ordinary.

"This is the Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p that we’re going to use to traverse the Immortal Chasm. How is it?" Abacus already regained his countenance; he elatedly patted Kou Yuan’s shoulder and said.

Even though Kou Yuan might look simple and honest, to be able to pat a Heavenly Immortal on the shoulder and teach him something had left Abacus a little satisfied.

"Impressive, impressive…" Kou Yuan was continuously singing praises. It was unknown whether he was directing them to Mo Wuji, or the Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p.

When Mo Wuji fetched out the few giant cannons, Kou Yuan started to sigh with more emotions. Fortunately, he had accepted Mo Wuji’s invitation.

"Brother Mo, many thanks." Kou Yuan bowed towards Mo Wuji.

Previously, he thought that Mo Wuji had invited him because Mo Wuji wanted to borrow his power. But now, he came to an understanding. The help that Mo Wuji would be providing was far more than what his power could provide. It should be because Mo Wuji pitied him for advancing into the Heavenly Immortal Stage in Half Immortal Domain.

Mo Wuji also patted Kou Yuan’s shoulder, "Dao Friend Kou, by the time we reach the Immortal Chasm, we would still need your help. We all need to work together, then we can traverse the Immortal Chasm."

Mo Wuji had a favourable impression of Kou Yuan. Kou Yuan was modest in his words and actions, to put simply, Kou Yuan had a good upbringing. Mo Wuji could tell that Kou Yuan’s modesty was his character. It wasn’t a facade like many other cultivators.

Seeing Master Pu Zi and Mo Wuji install the tens of giant cannons, the others started to get very excited. Those giant cannons looked very impressive; when they got to the Immortal Chasm, these cannons would definitely be very useful.

Mo Wuji looked at everyone’s expressions and knew that they were misunderstanding the situation. He hurriedly said, "Everyone, even though this Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p is not bad, and the giant cannons are amazing, we only have around 50 cannon ammunition. That’s not even enough for each giant cannon to have 2 ammunition. Thus, when we’re crossing the Immortal Chasm, we have to try out best to save the ammunition."

When they heard Mo Wuji’s words, a trace of disappointment emerged on everyone’s faces. Mo Wuji was also rather awkward. He had actually wasted this sort of top grade cannon ammunitions just to deal with some ants.

After installing the cannons, everyone boarded the Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p. Mo Wuji was the cannon, he was in charge of controlling the Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p. Ku Ya was designated as the vice-captain, she was in charge of coordinating the combat power.

Even though there were many people more experienced that Ku Ya, Mo Wuji viewed Ku Ya more favourably. During the half a year that they were digging together, Ku Ya’s foresight was definitely top notch.

After Mo Wuji sent 1,000,000 low grade immortal crystals into the energy tank, Master Pu Zi activated the defensive array of the Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p. Everyone had their own roles; Master Pu Zi’s role was to maintain the s.h.i.+p’s defensive arrays. The importance of this role was second only to Mo Wuji’s role.

Mo Wuji’s spiritual will landed on the control panel of the battles.h.i.+p. He extended his hand and pulled the activating lever. With a beam of white light, the battles.h.i.+p whizzed into the air.

Mo Wuji soon felt the impressiveness of the battles.h.i.+p. Even though it was not a flying treasure, this battles.h.i.+p’s speed was even faster than a flying treasure. Not only that, it was much more stable than a flying treasure.

"So fast," Tong Ye could not help but exclaim.

Tong Ye snorted, "You think that the efforts of ten peak grade smiths were useless? Back when Dao Lord Wu You was still around, Half Immortal Domain was a flouris.h.i.+ng place. Including Master Pu Zi, there were 9 other master smiths from the various planets in the universe, and almost all of them were the top smiths of their planets. Even the experts from the Immortal Domain might not be able to forge a battles.h.i.+p of this caliber."

As Lou Chuanhe felt the speed of the battles.h.i.+p, he felt many emotions in his heart. When Mo Wuji first came into the s.p.a.ce canyon, he was able to come up with a method to leave in a short period of time. For him and the rest, they had stayed in the s.p.a.ce canyon for countless of years but they weren’t able to find a way out. After Mo Wuji came into Half Immortal Domain, he was also able to find a method to leave in just a few years. How many years have those other experts stayed in Half Immortal Domain? Even though Dao Lord Wu You was able to find a method to leave, he still fell short in the end.

Even though it was due to Mo Wuji’s luck that he managed to obtain Dao Lord Wu You’s battles.h.i.+p, then why didn’t they have this sort of luck? Sometimes, luck was also considered a power.

As he thought about Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao who came together with him, Lou Chuanhe sighed. He guessed that Mo Wuji took him away, wasn’t merely because he was the Star Lord of Star King Mountain. It was also because when Fang Qi was killed, he was the only one who stood forward.

However, Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao did not step forward to help. Clearly, Mo Wuji was a person who valued relations. Otherwise, Mo Wuji definitely wouldn’t have just left them behind in Half Immortal Domain.

In merely half a day, a vast and endless gull appeared in front of Mo Wuji.

Even though Mo Wuji was experienced and knowledgeable, he still could not help but be transfixed by the vastness of this gull. He subconsciously slowed down the speed of the Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p. As he entered this gull, he would be leaving the boundaries of Half Immortal Domain.

It looked as though the Half Immortal Domain had been sliced apart by a sharp knife. The edge of the gull was an incomparably straight line. Thereafter, it led to unfathomable deepness.

The gull looked interminable. It was clearly empty s.p.a.ce, but it did not give off the impression of empty s.p.a.ce, but an inextricable abyss. The opposite sh.o.r.e of the gull could not be seen; the depths could not be seen, nor could the boundaries of the gull be seen.

Within that vast gull, there were only constantly rolling clouds, obscuring and hazy. It gave people a sort of intense palpitation and a sense of oppression in their hearts. Facing this sort of gull, anyone would feel small.

Mo Wuji’s heart was reverberating in shock. After seeing this gull, he finally understood what was the true Immortal Chasm.

"This is the Immortal Chasm. There were people who tried to cross it before, but no one had ever succeeded. It’s simply a pipedream if you wanted to fly over this place with a simple flying treasure," Master Pu Zi said coldly. He had come to the fringes of the Immortal Chasm before; he was more clear of it than the average person.

"Boom!" The battles.h.i.+p had already charged into the Immortal Chasm. An intense sense of oppression filled all of their hearts.

"The battles.h.i.+p has already entered the Immortal Chasm. Everyone, prepare for battle…" Just as Mo Wuji said this sentence, a loud sound resounded and the entire battles.h.i.+p started shaking. Following which, Mo Wuji could no longer see anything; everything had been shrouded something like a black cloud. Not only that, his spiritual will was unable to be released.

"Hurry and use the cannons, it should be the Colourless Leech…" Not just Mo Wuji, the others also had their visions and spiritual wills obscured. Their eyes were only filled with pitch black. Only Master Pu Zi made a judgement at this instant as he cried out urgently. He had forgotten that the person in charge of coordinating the combat power wasn’t him, but Ku ya.

The Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p started to tremble more violently, seeming as though it might descend into the unfathomable depths of the Immortal Chasm at any moment.

Everyone’s heart sank. Even though they had steeled their mentalities before entering the Immortal Chasm, they never thought that they would be immediately surrounded by terrifying Colourless Leeches the moment they entered the Immortal-Traversing Shup. In a place like the Immortal Chasm, if you encountered the encirclement of Colourless Leeches, then even if your cultivation was any higher, you would not be able to fight. Unless you dared to leave the defensive arrays of the Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p to battle the Colourless Leeches?

"If it’s really Colourless Leeches, then the cannons would also be useless," Tong Cheng said seriously.

Even though Master Pu Zi called for the fire of the cannons, those controlling the cannons didn’t do anything. For one, they didn’t know whether this was the right time to fire the cannons. Secondly, the one in charge of directing the battle was Ku Ya, and Ku Ya hadn’t spoken.

Master Pu Zi calmed down. He knew why he was the most anxious here, because he was the only one that knew how terrifying these Colourless Leeches are. When compared with these Colourless Leeches, those in the Mining Area of Death were simply bugs.

Mo Wuji opened his spiritual eye. Soon, he discovered that the things surrounding his Immortal-Traversing s.h.i.+p weren’t Colourless Leeches, but a sort of bug egg.

"Everyone, don’t be anxious, these things definitely aren’t Colourless Leeches. Back in the Mining Area of Death, I’ve made my observations and I have a rough understanding of the movements of Colourless Leeches. I’m not able to see what these things are, we have to wait for Brother Mo’s judgement." Ku Ya still didn’t direct everyone to fire the cannons, but calmly explained the situation.

Opening fire might seem simple, but they only had a few cannon ammunitions. Moreover, firing the cannons might not fully solve the problem.

Master Pu Zi didn’t express any dissent. He also felt that he had made the wrong judgement; these weren’t Colourless Leeches. Moreover, Ku Ya was not wrong. Firing the cannons would not be able to solve the problem. Now, the outside of the battles.h.i.+p was filled with these things, firing the cannons would be useless.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 437 - Traversing The Immortal Chasm

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