Immortal Mortal Chapter 440 - The Unforeseen Situation In Half Immortal Domain

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Chapter 440 - The Unforeseen Situation In Half Immortal Domain

Outside Half Immortal Domain.

At this instant, there were at least thousands of cultivators here. There were even more of them streaming out.

Most of them had downcast expressions on their faces; there were others who had blank expressions.

Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao were within the crowd. Even though their faces were calm, it was obvious from the expressions in their eyes that their hearts were far from calm.

Including Bian Shuangbi, all the cultivators standing here were staring in the same direction - towards the Mining Area of Death. Even though the Mining Area of Death was quite a distance away from here, the constant rumbling sounds from there were like heavy hammers striking against their heads.

"Brother Qu, you're back?" Bian Shuangbi clasped his fists as he saw a cultivator with a saber on his back walk over.

This person was Qu Yang, an expert from the Absolute Saber Sect. Previously, he was trapped with Bian Shuangbi and co. within the s.p.a.ce canyon for thousands of years. It was also because of Mo Wuji, that he came to Half Immortal Domain.

After arriving to Half Immortal Domain, all of them went to join some groups to excavate for blackstone. Only Qu Yang didn't join any group, but chose to cultivate by himself. His cultivation trip took several years; he only returned now. It was also unknown how he managed to deal with the acute wood energy.

"Greetings Brother Bian, Brother Mu. The place I was had already collapsed, so I had to return." Qu Yang also clasped his fists. After these years of training, his sharpness had become more reserved.

Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao only nodded their heads. Thereafter, they turned to face the rumbles, seemingly not in the mood for conversation.

"When I returned, the Mining Area of Death had already collapsed to become something like the Immortal Chasm. Moreover, the collapse is moving towards here. In that collapsed s.p.a.ce, there were even many kinds of unknown bugs and Colourless Leeches." Qu Yang's tone was calm, seemingly explaining the situation to Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao.

Bian Shuangbi sighed, and didn't say anything. In the s.p.a.ce canyon, they only had enough s.p.a.ce to fit their own If not for the fact that they were supreme experts, they would have depressed to death.

But now, they've only been in Half Immortal Domain for a short period of time, and this sort of thing happens?

"Where's Dao Friend Mo and Dao Friend Lou?" Not being able to spot Mo Wuji and Lou Chuanhe, Qu Yang asked.

Mu Yingqiao replied, "Because of a certain incident, Dao Friend Mo and Dao Friend Lou have a misunderstanding with us. However, Dao Friend Qu doesn't need to worry about them; Dao Friend Mo’s cultivation is exceedingly high. Here, probably no one would be able to cause trouble for him.

Qu Yang nodded. Back when they were in the s.p.a.ce canyon, he already knew that Mo Wuji was not ordinary.

"I think I know where they went." Another voice sounded beside their ears.

"Dao Friend Mang Hai." When Bian Shuangbi saw the oncoming person, he hurriedly clasped his fists and greeted.

Back when they were on the s.p.a.ce canyon, Mang Hai was one of the neutral cultivators. He did not help Wolf King Mountain, Gu Nuo, nor Zhen Xing.

"Dao Friend Mang, where did Dao Friend Mo go?" Qu Yang asked hurriedly.

Mang Hai sighed and said, "If I'm not wrong, they should have been preparing to cross the Immortal Chasm. By now, they should already be in the Immortal Chasm."

"Ah…" Mang Hai’s words left the rest glancing towards one another. Cross the Immortal Chasm?

After some time, Qu Yang finally said, "Dao Friend Mo truly isn't ordinary. No place is able to trap him. It seems like he already knew that there would be a problem here, which was why he left first. Dao Friend Mang, do you know how Dao Friend Mo attempted to cross the Immortal Chasm?"

Mang Hai sighed once more, "It's a huge battles.h.i.+p; outside the battles.h.i.+p, there were even various kinds of cannons. I happened to be on the edge of the Immortal Chasm and I managed to see everything with my spiritual will. Thereafter, the battles.h.i.+p disappeared into the Immortal Chasm. The person standing right at the front of the battles.h.i.+p, seemed to be Dao Friend Mo."

"Brother Qu, you said that there will be a problem here? What's the problem?" Mu Yingqiao suddenly asked.

Qu Yang said solemnly, "If I'm not wrong, the Half Immortal Domain might completely collapse, and become a part of the Immortal Chasm."

"That's impossible…" Mu Yingqiao cried out in alarm. "This place has already been here for countless of years. Why would it suddenly collapse just when we arrived?"

Qu Yang shook his head and didn't utter another word; he didn't need to convince Mu Yingqiao.

Bian Shuangbi looked into the distance; it was unknown what was on his mind.

"Ah, Dao Friend Mo is also too much. We were all from the same s.p.a.ce canyon, but when he left, he didn't call all of us." Even though Mang Hai said this, he was sighing in his heart. He knew the reason, and he couldn't change anything now.

"I was too selfish. We can't blame Dao Friend Mo," Bian Shuangbi finally said.

"What happened?" Qu Yang asked.

Bian Shuangbi continued, "Those years ago, Fang Qi was bullied and oppressed Cang Xue, and he was eventually killed. Lou Chuanhe was infuriated, and tried to stand up for Fang Qi. As a result, he was heavily injured by Meng Tianyu. Brother Mu and I didn’t do anything, and Brother Mu even joined Meng Tianyu’s Immortal Seeking Union."

Qu Yang frowned momentarily. Fang Qi had come together with them, but when he was killed, Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao actually didn’t stand up for him. When Lou Chuanhe did that and was heavily injured as a result, these two didn’t even do anything. This Mu Yingqiao even joined Meng Tianyu’s group; this was indeed too much.

If he was here, he would definitely have stood up for Fang Qi and Lou Chuanhe. Dao Friend Mo Wuji was a person who did not stand injustice. Since such a thing had happened, he naturally wouldn’t inform Bian Shuangbi and co. when he left.

"What happened next?" Qu Yang continued asking.

"Afterwards, Mo Wuji came out of his closed doors. He battled Meng Tianyu, and he even s.n.a.t.c.hed away Meng Tianyu’s magic treasure. Because of this, the Immortal Seeking Union started to decline. And because of their fear for Mo Wuji, Cang Xue and Black Fox left Half Immortal Domain and had yet to return," Bian Shuangbi explained.

"Good, truly a true man." After saying that sentence, Qu Yang didn’t add anything further. His character was rather similar to Mo Wuji; he felt slight disgust towards Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao’s self-preserving actions.

Right at this instant, a man in purple robes suddenly stepped into mid air, he clasped his fists to the crowds of cultivators and said, "Various dao friends, the Mining Area of Death is collapsing. Perhaps everyone still doesn’t know what’s going on. Let me tell everyone, it’s because we have excavated too many blackstones, causing the Half Immortal Domain to collapse."

Hearing this explanation, murmurs began to sound throughout the crowd.

The purple robed man continued, "Everyone, don’t underestimate this matter. I believe that everyone here has heard of the Immortal Chasm? That’s right, the collapsed area in the Mining Area of Death has already formed a small-scale Immortal Chasm. Perhaps, not long later, this collapsed area would join with the Immortal Chasm."

As they heard these words, most of the people in the crowd exhaled breaths of cold air. Even though no one started to hyperventilate or storm off in agitation, the atmosphere outside Half Immortal Domain had become heavier.

The purple robed man waited for the crowd to calm down slightly before he continued, "What’s within the Immortal Chasm? I believe that I don’t have to say it for everyone to understand. Once you enter, the chances of surviving are infinitesimally slim. Perhaps everyone might think: Let’s simply not go to the collapsed part of the Mining Area of Death in the future. However, this is useless thinking. This collapse had been caused by our excavation of blackstone. Now, it’s the Mining Area of Death. After some time, it would be Mining Area A, then Mining Area B… Eventually, one day, it might be our Half Immortal Domain…"

The entire crowd descended into silence; the heavy atmosphere permeated throughout the entire area. No one spoke. Even though the words of the purple robed man had already entered some of their minds, the moment it was actually uttered still struck a deep sense of shock and anxiety in their hearts.

Even though there was acute wood energy, the Half Immortal Domain was still a liveable place. But if the Half Immortal Domain were to become the Immortal Chasm, where would they go?

"Alliance Head Jiao, what do you suggest we do?" Someone in the crowd asked.

Many of them recognised the purple robed man; he was the alliance head of the Sword Qi Flatland - Jiao Ye.

Jiao Ye’s gaze swept across the crowd. His voice slowed down, "Various dao friends, Dao Lord Guang and the various heads are sending the experts from Immortal Domain off, and they have yet to return. I will say some words right now. I believe that we should leave Half Immortal Domain…"

Hearing Jiao Ye’s words, murmurs of discussion sounded out within the crowd again. Leave Half Immortal Domain? It sounded good, but how were they supposed to leave? If it was possible to leave Half Immortal Domain, then everyone would have done it ages ago.

Jiao Ye raised his hands to quell the discussions. He spoke solemnly, "I know what everyone’s saying. How are we going to leave Half Immortal Domain? If we could leave, everyone would have left a long time ago? Isn’t that right? It doesn’t matter how we leave; let me first explain about the Immortal Chasm. There’s only one way out of Half Immortal Domain, that is the Immortal Chasm. But I dare confirm, if we enter the Immortal Chasm, out of 10 of us, 9 would probably die while only 1 survives. It could even be possible for all 10 to die."

All the cultivators calmed down; everyone was considering what they could do.

Jiao Ye continued, "But, we cannot not leave. Who knows when our current location would become part of the Immortal Chasm? It might one year, 10 years, or even 100 years. But there’s one thing that I’m sure of, it definitely wouldn’t be more than 1,000 years. In reality, there had been someone who had already left Half Immortal Domain…"

"Who is it?" Immediately, someone blurted.

Jiao Ye said solemnly, "I believe everyone knows this person. It’s a cultivator who came not too long ago. His name is Mo Wuji. It’s unknown how this Dao Friend Mo managed to get his hands on a battles.h.i.+p, but with this battles.h.i.+p, he brought the people around him into the Immortal Chasm."

"Could it be the battles.h.i.+p that Dao Lord Wu You was forging?" Some of the older cultivators immediately recalled the matter of Dao Lord Wu You forging a battles.h.i.+p. Even though this matter was not widely known, after something happened to Wu You, some of them managed to obtain that bit of news.

Jiao Ye shook his head, "I’m not too sure about that. I have always been filled with admiration towards Dao Friend Mo. Unfortunately, I didn’t befriend him sooner."

No one went along with his words. Everyone knew of Mo Wuji’s conflict with Dao Lord Guang Quan and Meng Tianyu. These words of Jiao Ye were equivalent to opposing Dao Lord Guang Quan.

Jiao Ye continued coldly, "Many of you may not know of this other news that I wish to share. Not too long ago, one of us in Half Immortal Domain succeeded in his Heavenly Immortal Tribulation. After he succeeded, he was invited into Immortal Domain."

As Jiao Ye said this, envy emerged in the eyes of many of the cultivators. He continued with a tone of contempt, "But you know what happened in the end?"

"Dao Lord Guang has returned." Before Jiao Ye could finish, someone interrupted him.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 440 - The Unforeseen Situation In Half Immortal Domain

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