Immortal Mortal Chapter 441 - Danger In The Immortal Chasm

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Chapter 441 - Danger In The Immortal Chasm

The moment this cultivator’s words ended, Guang Quan, Meng Tianyu and Qian Yue landed at the entrance of Half Immortal Domain. Everyone could tell that they had an unpleasant complexion on all their faces.

"Why’s everyone gathering out here?" Even though he knew the answer to his question, Guang Quan still asked it.

A sharp mouthed cultivator hurriedly walked to the front and said respectfully, "Answering the Dao Lord. Alliance Head Jiao believes that the Half Immortal Domain would soon collapse and become a part of the Immortal Chasm. Thus, he’s gathering all the cultivators to discuss how we can leave Half Immortal Domain."

When Guang Quan heard these words, his gaze coldly swept towards Jiao Ye.

Jiao Ye remained standing in mid air. His expression was calm, completely disregarding Meng Tianyu’s return. However, because Guang Quan had returned, he did not continue speaking any further.

Qu Yang suddenly stood forward and clasped his fists towards Jiao Ye, "Dao Friend Jiao, please continue speaking."

Jiao Ye nodded but he didn’t say anything. On the other hand, Meng Tianyu snorted coldly, "When did the newbies in Half Immortal Domain become so arrogant?"

Qu Yang’s gaze landed on Meng Tianyu, and he asked indifferently, "Who are you?"

"I am Meng Tianyu, the union head of Immortal Seeking Union," Meng Tianyu said disdainfully. Even though he didn’t have his Heavenly Wood Cane, he would not fear a newbie. He did not believe that every newbie would be as abnormal as Mo Wuji.

"So you’re Meng Tianyu. You’re the one who killed Fang Qi?" As Qu Yang was speaking these words, he had already took a step forward, the saber behind him started reverberating, "Meng Tianyu, today, I, Qu Yang, challenge you to a battle. If you have the guts, come forward."

Even though Fang Qi wasn’t killed by him, how could Meng Tianyu endure this blatant challenge by a newbie? He did not hesitate to step forward as well.

Guang Quan blocked Meng Tianyu, then he clasped his fists to the crowd as he said, "Various dao friends, we are facing a critical moment. I hope that everyone can work together to deal with this external threat."

Then, he turned towards Jiao Ye, "Alliance Head Jiao did not seem to finish his words just now. There’s no need to care about me. Alliance Head Jiao, please carry on. Even though I’m the Dao Lord of Half Immortal Domain, I’m at the same level as everyone of you."

When Qu Yang saw that Guang Quan had blocked Meng Tianyu, he did not continue with his provocation. Instead, like the rest of the crowd, he turned to face Jiao Ye.

Jiao Ye clasped his fists towards Guang Quan, then continued, "Previously, the dao friend who succeeded in his Heavenly Immortal Tribulation in Half Immortal Domain was called Kou Yuan. After he succeeded, people from Immortal Domain arrived. On the surface, they were extending an invitation to Dao Friend Kou Yuan towards Immortal Domain. However, in reality, they were harbouring ill intentions. Even though I don’t know why they want to bring away the cultivators who succeed in their tribulations, I know that it’s definitely nothing good. Dao Friend Kou was able to see through their ruse and escaped. As a result, he was pursued by them, and his current whereabouts are still unknown…"

Instantly, the crowd went a frenzy of noise. Many of them already had some ideas, but when it was explicitly stated by Jiao Ye, it still felt like a huge nuclear bomb had dropped down on them.

To the cultivators of Half Immortal Domain, the only way they could get to the Immortal Domain, was to work hard to cultivate to become a Heavenly Immortal.

Even though the chances of succeeding were slim, there was still some hope. But when they heard Jiao Ye’s words, how could they be able to take it down?

"Dao Lord Guang, is this true?" Immediately, one person stood forward and asked Guang Quan. Previously, Guang Quan had always been the one hosting the people from Immortal Domain.

Guang Quan said silently, "Dao Friend Jiao’s words are true. Actually, I also just got wind of it. This time, I had specially come to discuss this matter with everyone."

Only Qian Yue and Meng Tianyu knew that these words were a lie; they had known on this matter a long time ago. The reason why they were helping the Immortal Domain to handle matters here in Half Immortal Domain was because they had obtained the promise that they would be able to enter the Immortal Domain eventually. However, after part of the Half Immortal Domain collapsed and joined the Immortal Chasm, the cultivators from the Immortal Domain suddenly departed. Furthermore, they had left in a hurry, and more importantly, without them. This had let them understand that they had been played the whole time.

In reality, Guang Quan and co. were overthinking things. The Immortal Domain did not have the intentions to give up on them. Honestly, it wouldn’t be very hard to allow a few cultivators from Half Immortal Domain to come to the Immortal Domain. It was actually because the collapse was too terrifying. These Heavenly Immortal experts from Immortal Domain were afraid that the collapse would have affected their transfer array, and that they would no longer be able to return to the Immortal Domain.

Because of this worry, these Heavenly Immortal cultivators didn’t care about the ideas that would run through Guang Quan and co.’s mind, as they hurried back to the transfer array. This was also why they were so half-hearted in their responses when Guang Quan and co. asked when they could leave Half Immortal Domain.

Many people could tell that Guang Quan was lying. However, no one could care about Guang Quan now; they were all anxiously thinking how they could leave Half Immortal Domain.

"Various dao friends, I do have an idea." Jiao Ye’s words were able to calm the crowds down.

After the crowds calmed down, Jiao ye continued, "Dao Lord Guang Quan should know the rough direction to the transfer array towards Immortal Domain. I suggest that we find the exact position of the transfer array, then use it to leave this place."

"It’s useless. The transfer array probably uses high-grade immortal crystals. we don’t have that. Also, that array needs to be opened on the other side first before we can enter from this end," Qian Yue sighed and said.

"Boom! Boom!" The alarming sound of the collapse reverberated through the air. The crowd instantly descended into complete silence as they stared in the direction of the collapse.

One of the cultivators finally couldn’t take it. He took out his flying s.h.i.+p and shouted, "Even if I’m going to die, I’m going to try my luck at the Immortal Chasm."

With someone leading the way, many others started to take out their flying treasures and charged towards the Immortal Chasm.

The immortal crystals were being depleted at a rapid rate. Mo Wuji was continuously using his reverse circulation technique to stabilise his body, preventing himself from falling into the depths of the Immortal Chasm.

However, the suction force from the Immortal Chasm continued to get stronger and stronger. Mo Wuji was crystal clear, the deeper he went within the Immortal Chasm, the lower his hopes of escaping. Eventually, he might end up in a place like the s.p.a.ce canyon, with no paths out. Fortunately, there weren’t any dangers at the deeper regions of the Immortal Chasm. If there were dangers, then he wouldn’t even have a chance of escaping.

As he thought of this, Mo Wuji brought out a bottle of Elemental Restoration Pills and swallowed the pills down; his 107 meridians simultaneously went into circulation as he tried to furiously absorb the immortal spiritual energy in the surroundings.

Spiritual energy swept into Mo Wuji like a whirlpool. The Elemental Restoration Pills were also rapidly converting the spiritual energy into elemental energy. As he felt the increase in his elemental energy, Mo Wuji actually managed to rise by a few feet.

Mo Wuji celebrated in his heart. He knew that without a battles.h.i.+p, it would be extremely hard for him to rise by even an inch within the Immortal Chasm. Now, rising by a few feet actually meant that his method was actually working. Moreover, he even felt that his reverse circulation technique seemed to be able to counteract the suction force from Immortal Chasm.

Hundreds of immortal crystals were emptied of their spiritual energy in that short period of time. Once again, Mo Wuji took out hundreds of immortal crystals. At the beginning, Mo Wuji still had to put the immortal crystals within the cloth bag on his waist. As time pa.s.sed, Mo Wuji directly places the immortal crystals beside him, his intense suction of immortal spiritual energy was actually able to cause these immortal crystals to float beside him. The immortal crystals would automatically release the immortal spiritual energy, and this immortal spiritual energy would be swept away by him.

With such a crazy use of immortal crystals, Mo Wuji was finally able to stabilise his body within the Immortal Chasm. He was also gradually able to accustom himself to the suction force from the Immortal Chasm. Or rather, he had come up with a method to counteract the suction force.

The sounds of his defensive layer of fire turning Colourless Leeches into ash could be heard continuously. On the contrary, Mo Wuji had quietened down.

For others, traversing across the Immortal Chasm was difficult. However, it might actually be possible for him. Firstly, he was not afraid of the Colourless Leeches. Secondly, he had the spiritual eye. Now, he had even adapted to the suction force from the Immortal Chasm. If he could maintain his current pace, and avoid the other life forms within the Immortal Chasm, he would have the hopes of survival.

All this was based on the premise that he had sufficient immortal crystals. Mo Wuji discovered that the rate at which he was using his immortal crystals was too fast.

Fortunately, Mo Wuji had yet to meet any huge hordes of strong demonic beasts. As he continued to use his immortal crystals, and while most of the immortal spiritual energy had been used to deal with the suction force from the Immortal Chasm, Mo Wuji was still able to breakthrough Earthly Immortal Level 9 and reach Earthly Immortal Level 10.

The moment he broke through to Earthly Immortal Level 10, the elemental energy within Mo Wuji swelled explosively. He was able to rise another 3 meters.

At this instant, Mo Wuji was sighing with emotion. It was true that adversity would bring fortune. If he wasn’t trapped in the Immortal Chasm, how would he be able to achieve such gains? Not only did his power rise, his elemental energy was also tempered.

In a short few days, he was already able to get such gains. He believed that as he spent more time here, his gains would only get larger.

Just as Mo Wuji was enjoying his achievement, a black shadow the size of a small mountain suddenly whizzed by.

If this was a piece of debris or a huge boulder, Mo Wuji would have been able to float away using his Wind Escape Technique. However, facing the pressure from the oncoming shadow, Mo Wuji instantly knew that it was not a piece of debris. Under the intense pressure, Mo Wuji wasn’t even able to move.

"Boom!" Mo Wuji felt as though his internal organs had been struck out of his chest; his entire body seemed to be like a light piece of paper as he was sent flying.

I’m dead. This was the only thought that went through Mo Wuji’s mind.

This was definitely not within his power. In front of this sort of giant leviathan, his Earthly Immortal Level 10 cultivation seemed to be worth less than an ant.

Even though he knew that he was dead meat, Mo Wuji still administered some healing pills. His whole body floated away using the Wind Escape Technique. At the same time, he prepared himself to plunge into the depths of the Immortal Chasm. Falling into the Immortal Chasm was better than being eaten by this giant leviathan.

"Boom!" Another terrifying impact came. A violent hurricane swept by, Mo Wuji was sent flying once again.

Mo Wuji had already seen things clearly with his spiritual will. The giant leviathan that had crashed into him was a huge grey dragon. At this instant, the huge grey dragon was battling another huge dragon. The waves of explosions from their elemental energy was not what he could handle.

These two huge dragons were like mountains. As the two mountains battled, any life form in the surroundings would be crushed to pieces.

Mo Wuji’s entire body was drenched in cold sweat. However, he was also celebrating in his heart. Perhaps, in the eyes of these two huge dragons, he was just another ant.

Even though Mo Wuji knew that the corpse of a dragon was a priceless treasure, he did not dare to spectate the battle. He immediately pushed his Wind Escape Technique to the max as he sped away. Fortunately, there were two dragons. If there was just one of them, he might have already been eaten.

The Immortal Chasm. It truly wasn’t a place that cultivators could casually enter. It was better if he increased his speed. Otherwise, if he were to run out of immortal crystals, he would end up dead even if he didn’t meet another huge dragon.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 441 - Danger In The Immortal Chasm

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