Immortal Mortal Chapter 491 - The Gourd On The Lifeless Riverbed

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Chapter 491 - The Gourd On The Lifeless Riverbed

"Senior Mo," A few cultivators got off the flying treasures recognised Mo Wuji immediately as they hurried to greet him.

Mo Wuji was a unique character in the Corner of Yong Ying and in fact, he was a person wanted but could never be captured by the Ying Bian City. Even if the Immortal World rebuilt the transfer array to the Corner of Yong Ying, the Immortal World didn’t attempt to capture Mo Wuji. Who would dare to not show their respect for a person like him?

Mo Wuji nodded to acknowledge the greetings and inquired, "Does anyone knows about the origins of this Lifeless River?"

A white haired Heavenly Immortal Stage cultivator said, "I’ve heard that this Lifeless River was originally a river of the Lifeless Dao Sect with the sect protecting spiritual beasts living within the river itself. Later on, the Lifeless Dao Sect obtained a treasure which started the fight among the 10 biggest domains. I’ve heard that after the huge fight, the Lifeless Dao Sect ended up being completed fragmented and only the Lifeless River remained. Rumours were that this Lifeless River in the Corner of Yong Ying was only a small portion of the complete Lifeless River and there was still a portion of it in the true Immortal World."

Mo Wuji was astonished and asked once more, "So the Immortal World has 10 immortal domains?"

The white haired cultivator answered, "There were indeed 10 immortal domains initially but there are only 7 big immortal domains remaining. Back then, after the Lifeless Dao Sect was destroyed, there was another incident that ignited the huge war between the 10 immortal domains once more. This time around, three big immortal domains were destroyed during the fight."

"What did the Lifeless Dao Sect obtained? It could actually spark off so many internal conflicts?" Another cultivator by the side asked.

The white haired cultivator shook his head, "I don’t know about this. Furthermore, I’ve heard that for long periods in a year, this Lifeless River was extremely calm. However, there were turbulent waves in the river and who knows what would emerge from it?"

At this moment, a pillar emerged out from the bottom of the Lifeless River towards the sky and a mysterious energy was emitted from it. The very moment Mo Wuji felt this mysterious energy, he could feel his entire body becoming cleaner as if all the impurities in his body was brought away by this mysterious energy. Even all 108 meridians of his started to clear up.

Mo Wuji was shocked, as this energy that he just felt was definitely something extraordinarily good.

Mo Wuji wasn’t the only one who felt it as the remaining cultivators beside him could feel it too. Presently, even though Mo Wuji was here, all the other cultivators couldn’t hold their excitement any longer as they dashed into the Lifeless River.

No one would not be excited after witnessing the emergence of such a heaven-earth unique treasure. Mo Wuji was equally tempted because what was the key to cultivation dao? Other than having a correct mindset and hard work, it was how one made use of opportunities.

If one couldn’t be bothered to seize the opportunity presented in front of him, there was really no point in further cultivation.

After everyone else had jumped into the Lifeless River, Mo Wuji followed as he made his way to the Lifeless Riverbed.

Mo Wuji had no idea how long he had stayed on this Lifeless Riverbed but he could only experience a deathly stillness the last time he was here. This time around, the moment he stepped on the riverbed, he could feel a thres.h.i.+ng energy.

The strong waves of the Lifeless River were not only evident as roaring waves on the surface but a tumbling motion on the riverbed too.

At this instant, the Lifeless River was like boiling water in a pot.

Mo Wuji could feel that same energy which could cleanse his meridians and even his soul coming from further down the riverbed.

In fact, further down the riverbed would be towards the direction of the Immortal Seeking Staircase which was why Mo Wuji was the first to rush over in a jiffy.

Because of Mo Wuji’s extreme speed coupled with his extreme familiarity with this place, he was able to arrive at the place emitting the mysterious energy in just over two hours.

An enormous faint purple gourd appeared in front of Mo Wuji and as the gourd was lying on the riverbed, it’s cover was opened leaking out a mysterious, distinct spiritual energy. The closer Mo Wuji approached this gourd, the clearer he could feel the energy cleansing his entire body.

Even though Mo Wuji couldn’t recognise this energy, he knew that it was of the peak grade. He landed right beside this gourd and extended his hand to pick up this gourd.

However, Mo Wuji felt dejected very soon after because even though he had exerted all his spiritual will and elemental energy, this gourd didn’t even move an inch. Moments later, Mo Wuji made a decision to enter the gourd.

Experts of the Immortal World might come to claim this treasure very quickly so he had to make this gourd his as soon as possible.

Moreover, Mo Wuji had his own suspicions as to why this gourd landed here with its cover opened. He suspected that the cover was opened because of the battle between the two peerless experts earlier on. The repercussions of their fight must had destroyed the gourd’s restrictions and revealed this originally concealed gourd.

By entering this gourd, Mo Wuji would be placing himself in the field of death. The moment he wasn’t able to bring this gourd away and someone managed to do so while he was in the gourd, his fate would lie entirely on that person’s hands.

The instance he entered the gourd, Mo Wuji could feel as though his entire body was about to tear apart as endless energy scoured through his body. A little bit of this energy would make him feel as though his body was free of impurities but when such endless energy scoured through him, he felt like a thousand knives pierced through him.

If not for Mo Wuji’s past where he had been cultivating with lightning tearing his body apart, he might not be able to withstand this amount of pain.

In just a few moments’ time, Mo Wuji managed to calm himself down forcefully. He could sense that there were more cultivators outside the gourd which resulted in his sense of urgency to keep this gourd for himself in the shortest time possible. Otherwise, there would definitely be more cultivators arriving at this gourd.

It was a complete chaos within the gourd and Mo Wuji could not even use his spiritual will let alone try to refine this gourd.

If Mo Wuji didn’t have his spiritual eye, he would definitely leave this place immediately. Mo Wuji managed to condense some spiritual energy and his spiritual eye appeared on his forehead in an instant. As the energy from the gourd brushed his spiritual eye, he could feel his spiritual eye burning in pain as well as surging to its next level without stopping.

After a few breaths, Mo Wuji found an inscription within the gourd. He hurried over as his spat out a mouthful of fresh blood on the inscription as he started refining it.

Half an incense worth of time had pa.s.sed and Mo Wuji could forget about finding out what the inscription was about as well as refining this inscription.

Mo Wuji sighed in his heart because he knew that he had no fate with this gourd. All he thought about now was to hurry out before any true expert came over.

Before he exited this place, he captured some of this energy and sent it into his Undying World before leaving.

Just as Mo Wuji opened his Undying World, he could feel an intense tremble of this gourd as if countless of ma.s.sive rocks crashed against the surface of this gourd.

Mo Wuji’s heart fell silent because he was willing to place himself on the field of death but was definitely not willing to throw his life away for a treasure. Previously, he entered the gourd because no one else was there but the trembles earlier on were clear signs of the arrival of experts.

Even with his capabilities, he wasn’t able to move this gourd so one could imagine how much stronger this expert must be to cause such trembles. In a place like the Corner of Yong Ying, to be stronger than him, the person must have come from the Immortal World.

Mo Wuji couldn’t be bothered with collecting the energy anymore as he hurried to get out of the gourd.

Soon after, Mo Wuji could sense that something was amiss. He actually sensed that this non-movable and non-refinable gourd was actually entering his Undying World. Mo Wuji reacted to the situation and could deduce that his Undying World should be different from the normal pocket dimensions. The gourd must have sensed the difference which was why it wanted to enter his Undying World.

Mo Wuji didn’t care about anything else as he charged out of the gourd and the Undying World landed on the riverbed.

His Undying World was extremely ordinary and if he were to conceal it well, it would look like a normal looking sand which no one else would suspect.

However, the difference was that the gourd disappeared and even though his Undying World was not spotted, his Undying World might not be able to take the attacks by the expert. The moment an expert were to attack crazily, his Undying World might be destroyed into pieces before he knew it.

"Boom!" Moments after Mo Wuji landed on the riverbed, a terrifying energy surged towards him. Mo Wuji was instantly sent flying by this strong force and the surrounding water turned into an endless amount of whirlpools.

Seeing how the hundreds of cultivators around him were also swept away by this insane surge of energy, Mo Wuji knew that he made the right decision by not hiding in his Undying World. If he were to hide there, there would only be one outcome: The shattering of his Undying World.

Concurrently, he also noticed about four people fighting on the riverbed and every one of them displayed majestic powers. Even though they couldn’t be compared to the yellow dress woman and the black face man previously, Mo Wuji was fully aware that either one of the four would be able to kill him easily.

Mo Wuji had yet to land but yet another explosive shadow of a person landed and a shrieking voice could be heard, "Who kept the Lifeless Dao Sect’s gourd? If you dare to claim it to be yours alone, don’t blame me, Po Feng, for being rude."

The gourd was missing and the four who were fighting stopped. Including Po Feng who just arrived, the five on them stood on their guard against each other. In their eyes, they were certain that one of the five of them took the gourd away. All five of them came from the Immortal World using the regulation talisman and the gourd couldn’t be refined in such short period of time even by a Golden Immortal hence, these countless of Heavenly Immortal would never stand a chance to bring this gourd away.

The five of them exchanged glances with each other and the rest of the Heavenly Immortal cultivators, who hadn’t been swept off by the energy earlier on, were frantically scurrying away in all four directions. Mo Wuji was also escaping with the rest but the direction of his escape was different as he was headed towards a black whirlpool.

At this moment, he knew better than anyone else that all five experts came from the Immortal World using their regulation talisman.

Any one of them could kill him in an instant and the only reason why he was able to get out of the Ying Bian City unharmed was that none of the true experts bothered about him. After comprehending this logic, he would naturally want to leave this place as soon as possible.

"Hold on! Don’t let any one of these ants from the Corner of Yong Ying leave," Among the five experts, one woman seemed to have recalled something as she shouted furiously.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 491 - The Gourd On The Lifeless Riverbed

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