Immortal Mortal Chapter 492 - Deathly Tribulation

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Chapter 492 - Deathly Tribulation

Cultivators who were able to make it to the Lifeless Riverbed were no weaklings and almost every one of them was extremely sensitive to treasures like this one. ‘To keep these ants here’ would definitely imply that these experts wanted to kill all of them instead of letting them leave.

After everyone heard this sentence, all the Heavenly Immortal experts tried even harder to escape in all four directions.

If they were outside, the five of them would be confident that they could contain all hundreds of them. However, now that they were in the Lifeless Riverbed coupled with the fact that they came with regulation talisman on them, the five of them were unable to capture everyone at once.

Mo Wuji was even crazier as he tried to escape. Fortunately, n.o.body noticed this fella who ran towards the unknown depth of Lifeless River instead of towards the surface.

Half a day later, Mo Wuji arrived where the black whirlpool was located at. The black whirlpool hadn’t emerged yet so Mo Wuji could only lurk around as he waited patiently.

Concurrently, there were only a minute few Heavenly Immortal cultivators with extreme speed or unique means who managed to escape from the clutches of the five experts and reached the surface of the Lifeless River.

This was also the disadvantage of escaping from the riverbed because if it was any other place, the five experts would definitely not be able to capture everyone once they had escaped in all four directions.

However, now that these cultivators were escaping from the riverbed, these experts simply had to wait for them at the surface of the river to hold everyone back.

Po Feng was the last to arrive at the Lifeless River and among the five experts from the Immortal World, he was evidently the strongest.

Currently, his eyes s.h.i.+fted from the hundreds of Heavenly Immortal cultivators in captive to the other four Immortal World experts before said, "Fellow Dao friends, the gourd must definitely be on one of us and I believe the truth will be revealed very soon. As for those who managed to escape, I believe we will be able to find out about them very soon."

"And if there was still someone hiding in the riverbed?" A slightly shorter man grunted as he disagreed with Po Feng’s words.

Po Feng was slightly startled before realising how true the words of this short cultivator was. So what if someone didn’t escape but chose to hide in the riverbed?

"No matter who they are, I believe that as long as they had arrived at the Lifeless River, someone would notice them," Po Feng answered.

The Lifeless River was vast with no boundaries so if someone really chose to hide within the riverbed, it would truly be difficult for them to find him given their current strength.

Mo Wuji waited for over two hours and the black whirlpool finally reemerged as he charged straight into it.

Just as Mo Wuji charged into the black whirlpool, a tremendously shocking spiritual will swept across the area. In fact, this spiritual will was many folds stronger than the five experts’ spiritual will.

This spiritual will paused for a moment at the place Mo Wuji waited and then s.h.i.+fted away very soon after. As the spiritual will swept across the entire riverbed, it didn’t stop for anything else.

As the spiritual will reached the five experts on the surface of the Lifeless River, all of them felt the spiritual will and immediately bowed before greeting respectfully, "Greetings Lord Heavenly Emperor."

"Which one of you obtained the treasure of the Lifeless Dao Sect?" The majestic spiritual will could be felt by everyone.

Po Feng was the strongest there but he knew that the moment Heavenly Emperor asked about it, he wouldn’t get anything even if they had found the gourd. Even though he knew he wouldn’t get anything, Po Feng stood up and answered respectfully, "The gourd disappeared all of the sudden and we are still in the midst of finding it."

As the prestigious spiritual will became clearer, a faint silhouette started to appear gradually.

At this moment, Mo Wuji had already stepped onto the ninth step of the Immortal Seeking Staircase. His body started to disappear from the Immortal Seeking Staircase as he entered the mist at the top of the Golden Immortal Seeking Staircase.

Mo Wuji’s whirlpool domain extended out and the pressure from the Immortal Seeking Staircase on him was almost negligible.

After a few hours, Mo Wuji’s body became light as a powerful force swept him off his feet.

"Boom!" Mo Wuji felt like he was thrown from midair onto a pile of ruins.

Dense immortal spiritual energy could be felt and even before Mo Wuji started cultivating, his meridians were already unblocked.

As he used his spiritual will to scan the area, other than the ruins he was in, there was a continuous, superimposed mountain range with thick mist located further away from him.

It seemed like this should be the Immortal World and that everyone who exited the Lifeless River Immortal Seeking Staircase wouldn’t end up at the same place but a random location. The only problem was that he didn’t know which immortal domain he was in.

Just as Mo Wuji was wondering about his location, am immensely strong energy locked onto him and the sky above him turned gloomy. Could it be a lightning tribulation?

Mo Wuji became suspicious as he lifted his head and saw the dense dark clouds and the flashes of lightning within it. He was clearly not ready for the Golden Immortal tribulation so if it wasn’t the Golden Immortal tribulation, what tribulation could this be?

Could it be that every cultivator, who came out from the Lifeless River’s Immortal Seeking Staircase, had to go through a lightning tribulation like this?

At the thought of this, Mo Wuji started worrying about one more issue.

He wasn't worried about his own lightning tribulation because when he was condensing his Undying World, he had even overcome that terrifying lightning tribulation so there was no other tribulation that could make him worry. He was worried about Lou Chuanhe, Ku Ya, and co. because if every single one of them had to go through a tribulation like this too, how many of them could actually survive in the Immortal World?

"Boom boom boom!" Nine thick lightning bolts fell and Mo Wuji simply let out a few punches without thinking about anything else.

As the nine thick lightning bolts fell on Mo Wuji’s body, even he could hear that the cracks in his bones.

"Bang!" A pile of soil was lifted off and Mo Wuji was sent into the mud pit.

This was only the first series of lightning bolts and Mo Wuji could truly feel the wrath of the Immortal World lightning tribulation. Even if he managed to overcome a tribulation like this, he would definitely feel weak for a long period of time.

After swallowing a few immortal healing pills, Mo Wuji had no choice but to draw his magic treasure even though he didn’t usually do that for his tribulation.

"Boom boom boom!" The second series of nine lightning bolts fell and Mo Wuji could feel that this series was very much more powerful than the first.

Mo Wuji couldn’t care about anything else as his Half Moon Halberd turned into countless of Half Moon Halberd radiance charging towards the lightning bolts together with a few lightning swords. All his meridians started circulating simultaneously as it formed a ma.s.sive spiritual circulation.

The lightning bolts that fell on his body started entering his meridians and turned into Mo Wuji’s cultivation resources.

The vitality channel started to moisturise Mo Wuji’s broken bones rapidly as it worked hand in hand with immortal healing pills to hasten Mo Wuji’s speed of recovery.

Mo Wuji’s wounds were not completely healed but the third and fourth wave of lightning bolts fell as Mo Wuji spat out a mouthful of blood. After suffering the effects of these two waves, a few of Mo Wuji’s meridians broke.

What a terrifying lightning tribulation. Even though he had condensed his pocket dimension, the dense lightning bolts were not even as scary as this one.

What was going on?

"Kacha!" Mo Wuji’s waist was broken and even with the aid of his vitality channel and elemental storage channel, he wasn’t able to stay on his feet. His rate of recovery was not able to keep up with the rate at which he was getting hurt.

This was the first time Mo Wuji felt the threats of death as he lifted his head and saw the dark clouds started filling the sky again. He knew that if he didn’t think of something fast, he could die under this lightning tribulation.

Mo Wuji quickly swallowed three blue pills and then grabbed a pile of immortal crystals. As his elemental storage channel tried to recover his meridians, the other meridians started condensing immortal spiritual energy madly as he charged towards the Golden Immortal Realm.

Mo Wuji wasn’t losing his mind but he knew that this was his only way out. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have swallowed three Fallen Dust Immortal Pills in one go.

He already couldn’t withstand a lightning tribulation like this so if he had to undergo the Golden Immortal tribulation too, he could have been burnt into ashes in seconds.

But the fact was that if he didn’t welcome the Golden Immortal tribulation, his cultivation level wouldn’t be able to improve and he would die.

If he somehow managed to advance into the Golden Immortal Stage by luck, he would still have a slim chance of survival.

The intense immortal spiritual energy bombarded the shackles of Mo Wuji’s Heavenly Immortal cultivation as the shackles trembled.

"Kakakaka!" Yet another wave of lightning bolts fell and the bones that just recovered broke once more. The immense lightning tribulation in the sky didn’t appear any weaker but was stronger by yet another fold.

Mo Wuji was fully aware that he had ignited the Golden Immortal lightning tribulation. Whether he survived or die, it would be dependent on whether the next wave of lightning bolts could break his shackles and allow him to advance into the Golden Immortal Stage.

"Boom boom boom boom boom!" The sky was fully filled with flashes of lightning as the entire sky was gloomy with traces of blue. There was no longer any gaps of clear sky.

Tens of lightning bolts fell and a deathly energy penetrated Mo Wuji’s soul. His sea of consciousness trembled and his soul groaned.

The Half Moon Halberd sent out tens of halberd shadows into the sky full lightning as his lightning webs and swords were also sent in that direction by Mo Wuji. Even the two Grade 2 immortal defensive s.h.i.+eld were brought out by Mo Wuji.

At this moment, the more lightning bolts he could block out, the higher the chances of survival.


The two defensive s.h.i.+elds were instantly broken into pieces by the lightning bolts and Mo Wuji’s lightning web and swords could only hold the lightning bolts for a moment, before being destroyed as well.

The endless amount of lightning bolts fell on Mo Wuji and he could no longer withstand any longer. At the instance the shackles of his Heavenly Immortal cultivation was broken, this was the first time he fainted during a tribulation.

108 meridians started to circulate madly and even though Mo Wuji had already pa.s.sed out, his strength didn’t stop increasing.

The sea of consciousness of the unconscious Mo Wuji was constantly expanding and his meridians were opening up as well. As two more lightning bolts fell on Mo Wuji, he didn’t even need to do anything as his body absorbed the lightning essence and stabilised his Golden Immortal cultivation.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 492 - Deathly Tribulation

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