Immortal Mortal Chapter 497 - I’M Not Carrying This Burden

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Chapter 497 - I’m Not Carrying This Burden

A hint of guilt flashed across Yan Ye’s eyes; he immediately said, "I have indeed been poisoned. Someone didn’t want Ji Yue to marry into the Yan Clan, so he acted against me. The person who I just killed, was someone that had been secretly following me…"

Mo Wuji took a step forward and grabbed Yan Ye’s wrist. With a circulation of his detoxification channel, he could instantly tell that this fella wasn’t lying. As the detoxification channel continued to circulate, it almost swept Yan Ye’s poison away. However, Mo Wuji promptly stopped it.

It wasn’t because he didn’t want to save Yan Ye, but because this poison was too terrifying. If this poison had been administered on him, he would be able to easily expel it. However, the poison had been residing in Yan Ye for too long, and it had actually infiltrated into his primordial spirit. With his detoxification channel, he had no means of separating the poison from the primordial spirit, at least with his current cultivation.

Thus, if Mo Wuji were to circulate the poison away, Yan Ye’s primordial spirit would instantly suffer the same fate as the poison; it would be converted into the purest form of spiritual energy and get absorbed by Mo Wuji.

Seeing Mo Wuji release his hand, Yan Ye said sincerely, "Ji Yue is very pitiable. I beg that you help me; as long as she can marry into the Yan Clan, there won't be any further danger. Moreover, this Lifeless Secret Domain is going to end soon. The moment they know that I manage to come out alive, they definitely wouldn't dare to act against me again."

Mo Wuji's face had turned slightly unsightly; he was sure that this Ji Yue was no good woman. She clearly knew that Yan Ye liked her, but she was willing to make use of Yan Ye and his clan-saving favour just to save herself. And if that wasn't enough, she had put Yan Ye in danger. Just like how it stands now, Yan Ye was merely an incense's time away from death.

Mo Wuji did not believe that the Ji Clan was without reason when they didn't want Ji Yue to leave. Regardless of this reason, Ji Yue should not have placed this burden on Yan Ye.

As he stared at the dying Yan Ye, Mo Wuji was a little speechless. It could be said that people are pitiful because of their own faults; this fella had been used, and he was even going to lose his life, but he was still bent on that woman. Moreover, as for Yan Ye's words about how no one would act against him once Ji Yue married into the Yan Clan, Mo Wuji didn't believe a single word of it. Even if it was true, he still wouldn't believe it.

"Dao Friend Yan Ye, I'm unable to help you. But I do need to borrow your ident.i.ty token. As for Ji Yue, if I have the chance, I would pa.s.s her this message: to go and find some other clan to marry into. Anyway, I'm not going to marry her, nor will I carry this burden."

When Yan Ye saw Mo Wuji's att.i.tude, he signed and sank into silence. After some time, he shakingly brought his ring up, "The cultivation resources in the ring… I have to trouble you to pa.s.s it to my sister, Yan Yi…"

Mo Wuji sneered, "You have a sister, but you're still crazily following your own whims to help some unrelated woman. I really take my hat off to you. However, I'm able to help you with this."

"My sister is already married, there's someone taking care of her…" Yan Ye's voice tapered off; he did not even finish this sentence before he crashed onto the ground. Even if Mo Wuji didn't agree to his request, he still wouldn't have been able to push any further; the venom had acted and his primordial spirit had collapsed.

Mo Wuji carefully kept the imaging crystal ball; he would need to be careful with this sort of thing. If he ever got discovered, his words would not suffice compared to some hard evidence.

Yan Ye's ring was easily opened by Mo Wuji. Inside, besides some immortal crystals, there were some immortal herbs, and a few immortal equipment. Even the immortal equipment were not bad, Mo Wuji didn't care much for them. He then took out a jade token and the name inscribed on it; he instantly knew that this was the jade token Yan Ye used to enter the Lifeless Secret Domain.

After placing the jade token into his own ring, Mo Wuji kept Yan Ye's storage ring.

Even though there were many questions that Yan Ye didn't manage to answer, Mo Wuji managed to get a rough understanding of the situation; this was indeed a secret domain, and its name was Lifeless Secret Domain.

Mo Wuji blasted the stone door open. Then, he carefully felt the direction where rich spiritual energy was coming from. Just as he was about to continue, he heard a flurry of violent impacts from the depths.

Mo Wuji immediately noticed a sort of spatial collapse in the distance; but before he could see what happened, he saw a couple of figures swiftly fleeing outwards.

Something happened in the tomb. Mo Wuji did not think twice as he turned and charged towards the entrance.

He had come late; the treasure that was in here had already been taken, causing this spatial collapse. He didn’t even manage to get anything but he had actually been placed in such danger; the more he thought of this, the more depressed he felt.

Fortunately, he was furthest from the core. Thus, while he was the last to enter, he was the first to leave.

Mo Wuji soon reached the entrance, and he immediately charged out. This tomb was no simple place. As an expert on arrays, Mo Wuji naturally knew that the spatial collapse wasn’t due to a simple defensive array; instead, it was an actual killing machine. The moment he got caught in the spatial array, even if his powers were multiplied by another hundred times, he still wouldn’t be able to escape.

He didn’t know how many people entered this tomb, but there was one thing that Mo Wuji was sure off: if 20 to 30% of those people could escape, it would already be extremely fortunate.

Mo Wuji fled continuously; he only stopped after a few hours.

As he ran, he only saw vestiges of immortal herbs that had already been dug out. Occasionally, he would see one or two immortal herbs, but they were the lowest of tiers, and Mo Wuji wasn’t really interested in them.

Clearly, most of the immortal herbs here had already been harvested.

Mo Wuji did not continue searching for immortal herbs. Since this was the Lifeless Dao Sect’s secret domain, most of the treasures here would probably have already been taken away. As for immortal herbs, he had a few Tier 4 immortal herbs on him, so he could try concocting a few Tier 4 Immortal Pills. The moment he concocted a Tier 4 Immortal Pill, it would mean that he had advanced into the Immortal Pill King Stage.

Hanging the ident.i.ty token by his side, Mo Wuji casually found a relatively concealed location to dig an immortal cave. There, he would prepare himself to charge into the Pill King Stage as he waited for this secret domain to end.

Lifeless River. This was previously one of the most famous rivers in the Immortal World. However, at this moment, it was like a piece of broken cloth, messily lying in the midst of several mountain ranges.

There was no longer a single drop of water of the Lifeless Riverbed; only dilapidated scars could be seen. The vast and boundless Lifeless River, had now been flattened to form a huge, temporary plaza.

At all four corners of the plaza, there were temporary encampments of various sects, clans and immortal cities. Additionally, there were also encampments of many merchant unions.

Several cultivators in the plaza were staring at the spatial ripples. Some of them murmured softly, "Looks like the Lifeless Dao Sect’s secret domain is terminating soon."

"What Lifeless Dao Sect, that sect no longer exists. This secret domain belongs to everyone, not the Lifeless Dao Sect," Another cultivator immediately rebuted.

"No matter what you say, this secret domain did, indeed, belong to the Lifeless Dao Sect. And even though it has been dried out, we are still standing on the Lifeless River," The cultivator, that had been retorted, said unhappily.

"Lifeless River? Keke, this place is now an owner-less land. It’s said that there is still a section of the Lifeless River in the Corner of Yong Ying, but as for the Lifeless Dao Sect, if not for the fact that this place has become an Immortal-Degenerate Land, it would have long been occupied by some other sect.

As the two cultivators were arguing, a faint and weak light appeared from within the spatial ripples. Following which, several cultivators were transported out from that light.

The moment these cultivators appeared, they were immediately surrounded.

Mo Wuji had expended a good half of his immortal pills, but he had just been able to concoct a batch of Tier 4 Immortal Pills. Just at this moment, he felt his ident.i.ty token start to tremble.

Looks like the secret domain is terminating; Mo Wuji hurriedly kept his pill furnace and left his immortal cave.

In just a few breaths, the ident.i.ty token started to radiate a faint light which enveloped and brought Mo Wuji away.

"Bang!" The moment Mo Wuji’s two feet landed on the ground, he started to surveil his surroundings with his spiritual will. He was now on a dried out river, and this riverbed seemed to have been flattened to form a temporary plaza. On this plaza, there were several sects, clans, and even merchant unions.

In the shortest time possible, Mo Wuji made sense of the situation; this place should be the entrance and exit of the secret domain. These sects and clans had formed their encampments here; besides welcoming their disciples and clan members, they were also here to purchase and trade immortal herbs.

Just as Mo Wuji was prepared to search his Yan Clan encampment, he heard a cold voice, "Mo Xinghe, I didn’t expect for your life to be so long. You’re actually still alive."

This fella again; Mo Wuji cursed in his heart. So many people died within the tomb, why wasn’t this fella one of them? As he thought about the power of that spatial collapse, Mo Wuji could not help but praise this Gou Xinghao’s luck.

"Tell me, where’s Hong Qi?" Gou Xinghao walked in front of Mo Wuji; his voice was icy cold.

Mo Wuji said indifferently, "Is this Hong Qi a dog or a cat? How the fart is this my business?"

"Yan Ye, what happened to your face…" An astonished voice cried; following which, a young man walked over.

"Yan Ye? You’re not Mo Xinghe? You’re from the Yan Clan?" Gou Xinghao who was about to erupt immediately suppressed his anger. A mere rogue cultivator wouldn’t even be in the eyes of his Blade Scar Mountain, but it would be troublesome if this Mo Xinghe was from the Yan Clan. The Yan Clan was no weaker than Blade Scar Mountain; they were both with Immortal Kings in them.

Mo Wuji purposely revealed a pained expression, "I met with a lightning lake inside. I was picking some immortal herbs but I got injured by the lightning lake."

However, at this instant, he his heart was filled with anxiety. Who was this young man? How was he related to Yan Ye? He didn’t even know a single thing.

"Ji Yi greets Big Brother Yan Ye and Big Brother Yan Tianyu!" A crisp voice solved Mo Wuji’s worries. A delicate and pretty young girl in a green floral dress walked in front of Mo Wuji and bowed slightly.

So this young man is called Yan Tianyu, they should be in the same generation, otherwise, this Ji Yi girl wouldn’t call them both ‘big brothers’. Now, the key thing was: who is this Ji Yi girl? As she saw the lightning scars on his face, she was only slightly shocked but there weren’t any further emotions. From the looks of it, her relations.h.i.+p with Yan Ye wasn’t very close.

Fortunately, after greeting them, this young girl immediately gave Mo Wuji the answer, "Big Brother Yan ye, my clan’s young mistress invites you over."

Immortal Mortal Chapter 497 - I’M Not Carrying This Burden

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