Immortal Mortal Chapter 499 - Supreme Dao Sect

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Chapter 499 - Supreme Dao Sect

Mo Wuji didn't want to offend anyone now, so how could he simply follow Murong Xiangyu away. He acted lost for half a day before he sighed and said, "You can go back first. I have many matters to settle, after I'm done with them, I will find time to visit you."

After that, he said to Ji Yue, "Junior Sister Yue, you should head back first. I have several matters to handle with Tianyu."

Mo Wuji had already thought of a great scheme; after sending these two women away, he would run off to the other end of the world.

However, neither of these women were easy to deal with; Ji Yue seemed to notice that the current Yan Ye was different from the past, she even had an intuition that if she left now, she would never see Yan Ye again. Even though she guessed that this change was due to him being poisoned, she still needed Yan Ye's help. If Yan Ye didn't help her, how would she be able to leave the Ji Clan?

Only the clan-saving favour in Yan Ye's hand could help her leave the Ji Clan. And even so, it could not be used casually, and had to be matched with a suitable excuse. She never expected for Yan Ye's att.i.tude towards her to change so drastically after being poisoned. Even if Yan Ye's wife didn't cause any trouble, this change of att.i.tude had undoubtedly casted a shadow over her plans.

"No, I don't want to go back. Big Brother Ye, I…" Ji Yue’s eyes were filled with heart wrenching antic.i.p.ation, as she stared expectantly towards Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji easily ignored the aggrieved expression on Ji Yue's face. Take you to the Yan Clan? I, Mo Wuji, still want to life for a few more years. I'm merely a Golden Immortal ant that can be snuffed out by any random person. Where would I find the time to do such loony sh*t?

"Yan Ye, you can choose not to follow me now. But if I leave, I believe that it would no longer be as simple as me coming to invite you." Murong Xiangyu’s tone was icy cold.

Mo Wuji raged, "My Yan Clan, at the end of the day, is a big clan, how could I be scared of you? If you push me to the edge, I will directly go to my Yan Clan Patriarch."

If he recalled correctly, the current patriarch, Yan Qi, was Yan Ye’s grandfather, he could pull on this tiger’s fur right? [1]

When Murong Xiangyu heard Mo Wuji’s words of anger, she went silent. On the contrary, it was Yan Tianyu who silently whispered into Mo Wuji’s ear, "The patriarch is currently behind closed doors, trying to charge and become an Immortal Reverent; there’s still no news from him yet. On the other hand, Junior Sister Xiangyu is from the Supreme Dao Sect. It’s said that when it was at its zenith, it was an existence with many Immortal Emperors. During that time, the One Sword Sect could only look towards the Supreme Dao Sect’s back in admiration. Even now, the Supreme Dao Sect is no worse than the One Sword Sect…"

Mo Wuji momentarily went silent; he understood the meaning of Yan Tianyu’s words: that grandfather of Yan Ye’s, Yan Qi, was also nothing more than an ant. At the same time, he also understood that above the Immortal Kings, the Immortal Reverents, and thereafter, Immortal Emperors.

This Immortal World was indeed too terrifying; either way, he was merely an ant.

"The Supreme Dao Sect doesn’t have any Immortal Emperors now?" Mo Wuji asked cautiously.

Yan Tianyu stared at Mo Wuji questioningly; he did not understand why Mo Wuji would even bother asking such a useless question at a time like this. However, he still answered seriously, "Even though there are some that say that, there are those that say otherwise. In this sort of peerless sect, who knows whether there are Immortal Emperors or not?

More importantly, the Supreme Dao Sect cultivates by severing their emotions away. Junior Sister Xiangyu joined the sect not long ago, so she still has a few incense’s of emotions. She is, after all, an esteemed Six Star Genius. If you were to offend Junior Sister Xiangyu's master, or even the Supreme Dao Sect itself, not only would you face disaster, our Yan Clan wouldn’t be any better off."

With that, a hint of worry appeared in Yan Tianyu’s eyes; it was okay if Murong Xiangyu disrespected Yan Ye, or even the Yan Clan. But it was not okay for Yan Ye to disrespect Murong Xiangyu.

Mo Wuji understood the meaning behind Yan Tianyu’s words: If he offended Murong Xiangyu, he shouldn’t tell Yan Qi anything. In fact, if he told Yan Qi anything, Yan Qi might break his legs and send him off to the Supreme Dao Sect as a form of atonement.

Mo Wuji sighed; he knew that he was definitely an ant now. He didn’t even bother responding to Ji Yue’s feelings. Instead, he said to Murong Xiangyu indifferently, "Since that’s the case, lead the way."

In his mind, he really wanted to ask what a Six Star Genius was; he had seen this back when he was in Half Moon Prison. During that time, the inmates of Half Moon Prison were all Star-grade geniuses. However, Mo Wuji knew that he couldn’t ask such a question; this was definitely the most common of knowledge, if he asked that question, it would definitely reveal his ident.i.ty.

When Murong Xiangyu heard Mo Wuji’s words, she didn’t even utter half a word of explanation as she simply turned and left.

Seeing Mo Wuji turn and leave with Murong Xiangyu without even saying a word, Ji Yue lowered her head. Her eyes went dull, and feelings of extreme fury and hatred rose in her heart.

It was enough that Yan Ye didn’t mention anything of his promise to her, but he was also plainly ignoring her. Could this fella have forgotten why he entered the Lifeless Secret Domain? It was for her, Ji Yue.

"Young mistress…" Ji Yi lamented and cried out softly.

Ji Yue took a deep breath and looked towards the lively and bustling plaza, then towards the direction Mo Wuji disappeared in. She slowly said, "That man is no longer reliable. We will take the second route."

She definitely wouldn't forget Yan Ye, this man who dared to lie to her. She, Ji Yue, was not someone that could be casually lied to, moreover, by a man that she genuinely wanted to believe in.

However, this was her own opinion. In Mo Wuji’s eyes, he was not a man that she genuinely wanted to believe in, but a man she sincerely wanted to make use of. According to her logic, being able to be used by her, Ji Yue, was Yan Ye’s fortune and honour. However, this Yan Ye didn’t know how to appreciate her kindness, and even chose to ignore her.

Mo Wuji followed Murong Xiangyu and walked a huge round. Only then, did they arrive in front of an encampment of a seemingly small sect. He didn’t even see any sign showing that this was the Supreme Dao Sect.

Murong Xiangyu turned and swept her eyes across Mo Wuji. Then she threw a pill towards him and said emotionlessly, "This is a Facial Restoration Immortal Pill. After you eat it, follow me in."

With that, she walked into that relatively small door.

Mo Wuji threw the pill into his storage ring; he also had this sort of pill, and his was even at the unique grade. If he, Mo Wuji, wanted to restore his appearance, would he even need a pill?

At this instant, he wasn’t thinking at all about his looks. Instead, he was wondering whether this was the Supreme Dao Sect’s encampment. This did not seem to match Yan Tianyu’s description; how could the Supreme Dao Sect’s encampment be much smaller than the Yan Clan’s, and even look so inconspicuous?

Even though his hearts were full of doubts, Mo Wuji could only follow Murong Xiangyu into this small door.

The moment he entered, Mo Wuji felt a chill throughout his body. Thereafter, the door behind him suddenly disappeared. Mo Wuji’s first reaction was to hurriedly retreat; this place was definitely not a good place.

Fortunately, he promptly calmed himself down. Knowing his current status and cultivation level, if someone wanted to kill him, there wasn’t a need for such a huge scheme. Perhaps, just a random excuse was already even to end him. There was no need to mention this Murong Xiangyu’s master, even Murong Xiangyu herself was more powerful than him; Mo Wuji guessed that she should be in the intermediate Xuan Immortal Stage. If he were to ever match up against Murong Xiangyu, he would only have a single option - run.

After calming himself down, Mo Wuji started to examine this place. What left Mo Wuji shocked was that this place was incomparably large, it was like a huge palace. From the looks of it, this was a s.p.a.ce-type magic treasure.

The only part that differed from a palace was its simple interior; it did not have the grandeur and majesty of a palace.

Right at the center of the huge hall, sat a pretty woman in purple robes. In Mo Wuji’s perspective, this woman looked two to three years older than him, at most. However, Mo Wuji was sure that it definitely wasn’t so; she might even be some old demonic grandma that’s tens of thousands of years old.

Murong Xiangyu was standing behind this purple robed woman. By this purple robed woman’s side, seated a middle-aged man in brocade robes. Similarly, there was also a person standing behind this middle-aged man. It was a youth with a lofty appearance; his high and grand bearings clearly oppressed the lightning-scarred Mo Wuji.

Murong Xiangyu knew that Mo Wuji didn’t use her pill and frowned slightly.

"Yan Ye, Xiangyu has been married to you over these years. This time could be said to have helped Xiangyu gradually rid herself of mortal and worldly bonds. Thus, if you have any requests, feel free to say them. I will be able to satisfy them." The purple robed woman’s gaze landed on Mo Wuji. Her voice was calm and free from emotions.

Satisfy? Mo Wuji confessed that he was a worldly man; he couldn't help but have some unhealthy thoughts when he heard that word. Fortunately, he was able to quickly throw these thoughts aside. These people were all old monsters; if they knew of his thoughts, they would definitely destroy him and leave him without a grave.

However, he completely didn’t know how getting married to Murong Xiangyu helped her gradually removed her worldly bonds. Logically, it should be a divorce that did that.

He didn’t bother clarifying as he hurriedly clasped his fists and said, "Yan Ye greets senior. I don’t have any requests. Being able to help Fairy Xiangyu severe her worldly emotions and bonds is my Yan Clan’s honour and my dream."

What dog’s fart request? To Mo Wuji, leaving now would be his greatest request? What worldly bonds? What severance of emotions? Screw that sh*t.

The purple robed woman was clearly comforted by Mo Wuji’s lack of request. She contentedly nodded her head, "Today, I called you over because I have something I needed you to do."

"Senior, feel free to instruct me. If there’s anything you need help with, I, Yan Ye, would be willing to climb mountains and cross seas to help you." Mo Wuji patted his chest and threw all the burdens on Yan Ye. Now, he only wished to get out of here as soon as possible.

"Very good. As the saying goes: Whoever hung the bell on the tiger must be one to untie it. These years, you have been married to Xiangyu. During this time, you’ve helped Xiangyu remain pure. But now, it’s time to severe this karma…"

The moment the purple robed woman said this, Mo Wuji came to an understanding. It seems like Murong Xiangyu and Yan Ye were betrothed to each other as minors. Eventually, Murong Xiangyu caught the attention of the Supreme Dao Sect, and this marriage has become the shackles in Murong Xiangyu’s heart.

If he was not wrong, the reason why he was called over, was because they wanted to end this marriage between him and Murong Xiangyu. That way, Murong Xiangyu's dao heart would be set free.

[1] The full idiom in Chinese is to pull the tiger’s fur and wave it as a flag. It’s quite obvious what this idiom means HAHA

Immortal Mortal Chapter 499 - Supreme Dao Sect

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