Immortal Mortal Chapter 526 - The Despairing Statue

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Chapter 526 - The Despairing Statue

Logically, even if they were at some treasure location, there still wouldn't be no one around, right? Minutes later, Mo Wuji eventually decided that no matter what happened, he would have to stabilize his cultivation first. There were also the things in the ring that he needed to rearrange: some treasures that he wouldn't use would need to be placed in his Undying World and he still needed to refine that paG.o.da treasure.

A few breaths later, Mo Wuji reentered the Undying World. The surroundings had finally calmed down from the ruckus caused by Mo Wuji's tribulation and fire evolution.

When he returned to his Undying World, the first thing Mo Wuji did was to take out the jade box which emanated metal-type energy. Previously, he didn't dare to open it in front of everyone else because he suspected that it was a Metal Elemental Bead. If it was really a Metal Elemental Bead, then that would mean that his Undying World could evolve once more.

More importantly, back when the Undying World used the Wood Elemental Bead, he was almost sucked dry of his vitality. Thus, if he really obtained the Metal Elemental Bead, then he would need to be careful. Over the past few days, he had been recovering from his injuries so he naturally wouldn't dare to take it out. Now that he had healed fully, and had advanced to become a Xuan Immortal, he guessed that he wouldn't be sucked dry, right?

Mo Wuji first took out ten different kinds of healing pills and placed them by his side. Only then, did he open the jade box.

The moment the jade box was opened, the metal type energy in the surrounding became even richer. A golden fist-sized bead lay quietly within the box. Compared to the Earth Elemental Bead, this bead was smaller by a sizeable amount. However, Mo Wuji was still sure that this was the Metal Elemental Bead.

What left Mo Wuji doubtful was that the moment the Metal Elemental Bead appeared, there wasn't even a single reaction. The previous incident where the Earth Elemental Bead started to furiously suck his life energy didn't happen; this left Mo Wuji feeling slightly disappointed.

Could it be that this Metal Elemental Bead and his Earth Elemental Bead wasn't part of the same set? Mo Wuji then tried using his spiritual will to form a link between the Metal Elemental Bead and the Undying World but there still wasn't any reaction. Then, he carefully forced out a drop of vital blood and dripped it on the Metal Elemental Bead.

The moment the vital blood landed on the Metal Elemental Bead, the bead started buzzing with a 'Weng’, and it immediately charged into the Undying World. At the next instant, Mo Wuji felt his life force being continuously extracted.

Mo Wuji sighed and sat down; here this little thing goes again. Fortunately, he had already made his preparations; this time, he shouldn't almost end up dead again right?

The moment a stream of life forcefully formed between Mo Wuji and the Metal Elemental Bead, the Metal Elemental Bead suddenly radiated billions of beams of golden light; these boundless golden light started to seep into the Undying World.

The Metal Elemental Bead continuously got smaller; Mo Wuji's life force also continuously disappeared.

Even though he had the vitality channel supplying him with vitality, Mo Wuji still began to age rapidly. He continuously administered pills on himself, however, it still wasn't able to prevent himself from fainting again.

By the time Mo Wuji woke up, it was already multiple days later. His hair had, once again, been bleached white, and his body was extremely weak.

However, all this was unable to stop Mo Wuji's glee. What he saw before him, was a completely different world. Compared his previous Undying World, the Undying World in front of him was bigger by multiple times. Moreover, he seemed to feel that the atmosphere contained some sort of life energy. This life energy might not be the same as his vitality but it gave a sense of comfort.

At the same time, Mo Wuji also felt that his Undying World was much st.u.r.dier and stronger than before.

Just one Metal Elemental Bead was able to cause such drastic changes in his Undying World; this one served to firm Mo Wuji's resolution to gather all five elements. The moment he gathered all five elements into his Undying World, what would happen?

After calming himself down, Mo Wuji started to recover his vitality.

He possessed the vitality pill and used many pills. After being sucked dry by the Metal Elemental Bead in such a manner, he required a whole half a month before he gradually recovered. Even so, he still felt weakness throughout his entire body and his face was a little yellowish; it looked as though he was gravely ill.

Mo Wuji then took out paG.o.da and as he gradually refined it, he lost all interest in it. It was merely a Grade 5 immortal equipment; it wasn't very useful to him.

This paG.o.da was a defence-type treasure, and it could also be used to hit people. To Mo Wuji, he preferred sabre or halberd attack-type treasures. When it comes to defence-type treasures, he had chopping board which was already enough.

No wonder why that Chen Hu did not seem to care about this paG.o.da. To an Eight Star Genius, a Grade 5 immortal equipment really wasn't anything amazing.

Mo Wuji was also rather speechless; a Grade 5 immortal equipment was actually placed together with a treasure like the Metal Elemental Bead; this was clearly a jarring difference.

After simply organising his stuff, Mo Wuji left the Undying World. He was going to continue searching for more immortal herbs and treasures in the Broken World.

Multiple days pa.s.sed in a flash. There was now another pile of immortal herbs in his storage ring. He was different from other cultivators, to him, as long as it was an immortal herb, he would take it; he did not care about its tier.

What left Mo Wuji surprised was that he still hadn't encountered another person over these few days.

On this day, huge shadowy things appeared within his spiritual will.

It felt like he was standing on a peak overlooking a modern city in the distance, and this city seemed to be shrouded in huge fog; except for the silhouettes of a few skysc.r.a.pers, the rest of the place was a blur.

Mo Wuji hastily sped over, and an hour later, Mo Wuji stopped. The scene in front of him was too staggering; he finally understood why this place was called the Broken World.

Compared to the natural environment filled with immortal herbs, what he saw in front of him was completely different.

What he saw were tall and towering buildings, and without exception, all of them had collapsed. It looked a little messy.

Grey debris; mossy stone walls; weed-filled jade tables; streets that had rubble stacked up on it….

At the furthest corner of that particular street, Mo Wuji saw a huge statue. That statue had also crumbled onto the ground; it only had a damaged head and half a chest, without any limbs.

The only thing that remained complete was a single eye on the statue’s damaged head. It was clearly a statue, but that eye was filled with a sort of expression that left Mo Wuji feeling slightly scared.

It was a sort of dejection, desolation, loss, and it even seemed to contain some regret…

Below that eye, was a greyish-white line; it looked like a dried-up stream of tears.

The expression within the statue’s eyes was so vivid; vivid to the point where Mo Wuji was feeling palpitations within his heart. It was unknown exactly what happened, to cause this world to be so broken. It was also unknown exactly what happened, to cause this statue to have such an expression.

Mo Wuji sighed. He lifted his hand and waved away the surrounding rubble and debris. He found one of the statue’s broken arm within the rubble and attached it back to the statue.

Mo Wuji then picked up the collapsed statue and placed it upright. However, this standing statue did not have two legs and half its body; it only had an arm and one eye.

After installing a layer of defensive seals around the statue, Mo Wuji sighed, "This is the best I can help you. I’m not able to do anything else."

After saying this, Mo Wuji walked into the ruins.

At the same time, at another corner of the broken ruins, there were a hundred people staring at each other. These hundred people did not seem to be from two groups, but instead, many different factions. They were all mutually staring at one another.

At the zone in between them, there was a sealed immortal herb garden. Within the garden, the lowest tiered immortal herb was Tier 6; most of them were Tier 7 and there were even some Tier 8 immortal herbs.

One must know that every strain of Tier 8 immortal herbs had an immeasurable value, and there were actually more than ten of them here.

If these immortal herbs were enough to cause all of these cultivators eyes to turn red, then the immortal essence pool beside the immortal herb garden was enough to leave all of them panting.

The immortal essence of the immortal essence pool had already turned dry, but most of the immortal essence had solidified and become crystals. The immortal essence pool looked like it was filled with icy flowers; it was an incredible sight.

"Immortal Friend Chen, this place was first discovered by my Yong Ying Immortal Domain; you only came afterwards. Even if we were to split, you can’t just give my Yong Ying Immortal Domain 10% of all of it and even expect us to wait for the other Immortal Domains to take their share, right? Is that even reasonable?" The one speaking was a medium-built, ordinary looking youth. He was Yong Ying Immortal Domain’s Vigorous Sea Immortal City’s Young Castellan, Zuo Yixian.

Don’t judge him based on his ordinary looks. In reality, Zuo Yixian was a Seven Star Genius and had a cultivation at the late Xuan Immortal Stage. He was ranked 4 in Yong Ying Immortal Domain’s Ten Great Xuan Immortals. However, if Zuo Yixian could be considered an expert in Yong Ying Immortal Domain, then he really wasn’t anything much here. Any random genius here was no worse than him; in fact, there were many that were much stronger than him.

Or to speak, in other words, this was a gathering of geniuses.

The person called ‘Immortal Friend Chen’ was also a young man. This person was wearing white robes, he had handsome features and he had a jade flute on his back. Compared to Zuo Yixian, he looked much more confident. This person also exuded strong lightning aura; even though the lightning aura around him was slightly weaker than Gu Zijian’s, no one thought that he was weaker than Gu Zijian.

He was the same as Gu Zijian; he also came from the Lightning Sect. He was also an Eight Star Genius, Chen Jushan.

Only Gu Zijian knew that Chen Jushan wasn’t merely similar to him in power; Chen Jushan was much more powerful than him. Even though the two of them were roughly of the same cultivation, Chen Jushan had more methods than him.

"Who told you that those that came first would get the first pick, and get allocated more? Following your logic, the person who first discovered the Broken World owns the entire Broken World?" Chen Jushan stared coldly at Zuo Yixian. His voice contained a hint of pride as he continued, "Since we’re in the Broken World, we should allocate things based on power. Whichever Immortal Domain is more powerful, would enjoy more…"

As he said this, his gaze landed on Murong Xiangyu, "Just now, when you discovered this place, did you take away the seven pages of the Book of Luo?"

Murong Xiangyu’s heart tightened; she subconsciously took a step back.

Chen Jushan didn’t move; he continued to speak coldly, "The seven pages of the Book of Luo do not belong to you. Take it out. I will help to allocate the pages. Luo Ling Immortal Domain’s one will go to Huan Xiuran, Zero Heaven Immortal Domain to Fu Bei, Six Paths Immortal Domain to Lu Jiazhi, Sala Buddha Immortal Domain to Yi Ning, your Yong Ying Immortal Domain to Gui Yi, and my Mahesvara Immortal Domain to Junior Brother Gu Zijian. Since there aren’t any representatives from G.o.ds Immortal Domain here, then I will take theirs."

Immortal Mortal Chapter 526 - The Despairing Statue

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