Immortal Mortal Chapter 527 - The Most Shameless Sect

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Chapter 527 - The Most Shameless Sect

Murong Xiangyu’s heart tightened. She was the first to discover this place. She didn’t really care how the immortal herbs the immortal essence would be allocated; but she was especially concerned about the seven pages of the Book of Luo that were in her hands. The Book of Luo was a Xiantian treasure of legend. It could be considered her fate to have found it, so how could she simply give them away.

She looked towards Gu Zijian with pleading eyes; everyone knew how Gu Zijian treated her. However, she was also worried that Gu Zijian wouldn’t stand up for her. After all, the seven pages of the Book of Luo were supreme-grade treasures, and Chen Jushan had even allocated one to Gu Zijian. Would Gu Zijian still come forward to help her?

Gu Zijian sighed in his heart; if he were given a choice between the Book of Luo and Murong Xiangyu, he would not hesitate to choose the Book of Luo. However, everyone knew how he felt about Murong Xiangyu. If he were to reject Murong Xiangyu because of a Book of Luo, his reputation would suffer a heavy blow.

As he thought of this, Gu Zijian turned towards Chen Jushan and clasped his fists, "Senior Brother Jushan, these seven pages of the Book of Luo were things found by Junior Sister Xiangyu. If we were to do that, it would be extremely unreasonable."

The moment Gu Zijian said those words, he could feel many harsh gazes landing on him.

At this instant, Gu Zijian felt that he was very stupid; he shouldn’t have waited for Murong Xiangyu to look at him for help, he should have taken the initiative to help speak up for Murong Xiangyu.

There was no need to talk about himself, the seven pages of the Book of Luo were extremely precious treasures that everyone would want. Standing up to help Murong Xiangyu speak was akin to not saying anything; someone would naturally rebut him. Since that’s the case, he could still help Murong Xiangyu and the results wouldn’t change.

No matter how obstinate Murong Xiangyu was, she wouldn’t want him to go against so many genius cultivators, right?

"Immortal Friend Gu, there’s no need to talk about how you are still not in a relations.h.i.+p with Murong Xiangyu. Even if Murong Xiangyu was your dao companion, your logic still isn’t right. The Books of Luo belongs to the entire Immortal World, they are not anyone’s private property.

If it’s something which belongs to you, it’s up to you whether you wish to give it to Murong Xiangyu. Moreover, didn’t Murong Xiangyu’s Yong Ying Immortal Domain also get allocated one of the Books of Luo?" Huan Xiuran’s icy cold voice could be heard; there was not a single hint of warmth from within.

Before entering the Broken World, he got his good seat taken away by Mo Wuji and he had always been nursing this grievance in his heart. Now, another person wanted to take his thing away; if he, Huan Xiuran agreed, then he would be an idiot.

Vast Ocean Immortal School’s Fu Bei chuckled, "I agree with Immortal Friend Xiuran’s words; Immortal Friend Gu is overstepping the boundaries."

Fu Bei had a fit and muscular body; but his head was especially small. His square face that seemed to be filled with muscle gave people a mule-headed impression of him.

Chen Jushan said indifferently, "That’s enough Junior Brother Zijian. Our Lightning Sect might not be a small sect, but we shouldn’t create any enemies for our sect. Moreover, this allocation method is agreed upon by everyone, so there’s no need to suggest anything otherwise."

Now that Chen Jushan said this, Gu Zijian could only look apologetically towards Murong Xiangyu, implying that this matter was truly out of his control.

Murong Xiangyu’s heart turned cold; she knew that no matter what, she would not be able to keep her Book of Luo. She subconsciously turned towards her fellow sect mate, Senior Brother Gui Yi. Gui Yi acted as though he didn’t notice Murong Xiangyu’s gaze.

There was no need to talk about how he was going to be allocated one of the seven pages. Even if he wasn’t given a single one, he wouldn’t be willing to offend the Star-grade geniuses from the other Immortal Domains just because of Murong Xiangyu.

Seeing Gui Yi’s nonchalant appearance, Murong Xiangyu lamented in her heart. She directly asked, "Senior Brother Gui, we’re both from the Supreme Dao Sect. Don’t you even have a single word to say?

Gui Yi said emotionlessly, "Immortal Friend Chen is right. Moreover, Immortal Friend Chen’s allocation method wouldn’t be disadvantaging our Yong Ying Immortal Domain."

By the side, Zuo Yixian said coldly, "Is that so? Why did I hear that Yong Ying Immortal Domain would only be given 10% of the immortal herbs, and we even have to be the last ones to enter the garden to collect them?"

Gui Yi snorted, "I’m talking about the Book of Luo. The matter regarding the Book of Luo has yet to be settled, so why are you changing the topic to something else?

A hint of disdain flashed across Zuo Yixian’s eyes, but he didn’t continue speaking. He was very clear that might is right here; nothing else matters.

A trace of desperation emerged within Murong Xiangyu’s eyes; her fists were clenched to the point that her veins were protruding. She said softly, "Since that’s the case, I also agree with Immortal Friend Chen’s allocation method. However, Yong Ying Immortal Domain’s share must go to me."

Gui Yu’s eyes turned cold, "You’re merely a Six Star talent, and you’re only in the intermediate Xuan Immortal Stage. With your qualities, you think you deserve the Book of Luo?"

"Senior Brother Gui, we’re from the same sect, the same Supreme Dao Sect." Murong Xiangyu took a deep breath and stared at Gui Yi.

Gui Yi said indifferently, "So what if we’re from the same sect? So you know that we’re from the Supreme Dao Sect. The Supreme Dao was always about the Emotionless Dao, aren’t you a proponent of that? That Yan Ye, wasn’t he your husband? Didn’t you just cast him away just because of your own Dao? Let me ask you, where is that Yan Ye now? Don’t tell me that we should only care about your own Dao, and my Gui Yi’s Dao isn’t important?"

Murong Xiangyu went blank; she suddenly thought about Yan Ye. No matter how Yan Ye was, he was her childhood friend, and he was even her officially betrothed husband. To help her perfect her emotionless dao heart, he took the risk to come to follow her to the Broken World…

When she asked Yan Ye for a divorce, did his heartache as much as hers was right now?

There’s the saying: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What this her karma?

In her perspective, it was simply a perfectly natural thing for her to leave Yan Ye. But what if she were to put herself in Yan Ye’s shoes? What did Yan Ye do wrong? Did he commit any mistake after the marriage? If they were to follow the logics of a mortal marriage, she, Murong Xiangyu, was the one to violate the Seven Articles. [1]

She finally felt the bitterness that Yan Ye would have felt previously; because at this moment, no one was willing to put themselves in her shoes.

Murong Xiangyu brought out her green sword, her voice was calm as she said, "If anyone wants to take my Books of Luo, then come on. I didn’t rob or s.n.a.t.c.h anyone for them. What belongs to me, Murong Xiangyu, definitely wouldn’t simply be given away."

Chen Jushan snorted and shouted harshly, "Various Immortal Domains, those that are allocated a Book of Luo, attack together. Not coming forward is equivalent to giving up your rights to the Book of Luo."

With that, Chen Jushan was the first to charge forward and strike out with a fist.

There was no need to talk about six to seven people encircling and attacking Murong Xiangyu. Just one of them was already enough to easily get rid of her.

"Boom!" Chen Jushan only needed one fist to rip Murong Xiangyu’s domain apart. The second cultivator to charge over had already shot out a black light.

The black light landed on Murong Xiangyu’s chest. Murong Xiangyu coughed out a mouthful of blood as her entire body was sent flying. At this instant, the other cultivators slowly entered the scene.

As she was still in mid-air, Murong Xiangyu’s face was pale white; her eyes were filled with despair. She never thought that the second person to try to kill her would be her sect mate, Gui Yi.

Gu Zijian, who was previously extremely warm and nice to her, didn’t make a move. However, he also slowly walked out with the other cultivators.

Clearly, in his eyes, the Book of Luo was more important than her.

Murong Xiangyu landed heavily on the ground and vomited a huge mouthful of fresh blood. She staggered up, stared at Gu Zijian and asked, "Gu Zijian, you also want my Book of Luo?"

A hint of guilt flashed across Gu Zijian’s eyes; he subconsciously slowed down his steps. Gui Yi, however, started chuckling, "Junior Sister Xiangyu, are you really a Supreme Dao Sect disciple? Your cultivation method is really lacking; could it be that you think you would really be together with Immortal Friend Gu because you like him? Don’t tell me that you only intend to fall in love with Immortal Friend Gu, but not severe that love? Since that’s the case, I will stop asking such useless questions. In our Supreme Dao Sect, what else is there besides the Great Dao?"

What else is there besides the Great Dao? Murong Xiangyu’s mouth went ajar; she didn’t speak any further. She even started thinking what she would do if she were in Gui Yi’s position.

Soon, she shook her head. Perhaps her dao heart wasn’t strong enough; no matter the reason, she wouldn’t team up with experts from other Immortal Domains to fight with someone of her same sect.

Murong Xiangyu suddenly thought of Yan Ye again; no, it should be Mo Wuji. Before she left Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji said to her: You’re not suitable for the Emotionless Dao. Could his words really be true?

"That’s why I’ve always said, the Supreme Dao Sect is the most shameless sect I’ve seen. A simple phrase to describe it would be "An old woman leans against the wall to drink porridge". Don’t you know what that means? Let this old man tell you, it means despicable (back against the wall), shameless (without teeth), lowly (the porridge goes down the throat), no sense of shame (the bowl covers the face)." [2] An abrupt voice interrupted Gui Yi’s words.

Everyone’s eyes turned to the person who came over. This person was slightly thin; his face was yellowish; his long hair was casually tied, and he had a grey saber on his back.

"You’re Mo Wuji?" Huan Xiuran was the first to recognise Mo Wuji. Over these few short months, Mo Wuji had already lost so much weight; it was unknown exactly what happened to him. The only thing that improved was that the lightning scars on his face had disappeared.

"Keke, I never thought that the Heaven Accordance Island’s Young Island Master was one to bully women, and to even team up with others just to do that. The Heaven Accordance Island truly has a good reputation," Mo Wuji said contemptuously.

Towards Murong Xiangyu, he didn’t have any favor, nor disgust. However, seeing that Murong Xiangyu was in danger, he did not mind saving her once. After all, Murong Xiangyu could be considered to have helped him before.

"Immortal Friend Mo!"

"Elder Mo!"

"Brother Mo, long time no see…"

Huan Xiuran was thinking about attacking when suddenly ten to twenty cultivators came forward to greet Mo Wuji. These cultivators greeted him with all sorts of t.i.tles, there was immortal friend, elder, brother, and even pill refiner…

This caused Huan Xiuran to momentarily curb his impulse. Exactly what was Mo Wuji’s background?

Mo Wuji returned the greetings; he knew that these were the cultivators that were going to request him for pills. He was a Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Branch Elder and he had promised to help them concoct pills. Now that he had made an entrance, naturally they would come to greet him.

"Haha, Immortal Friend Mo, I’ve long heard about your ill.u.s.trious name. I am Lightning Sect’s Chen Jushan. I wonder where does Immortal Friend Mo come from?" Chen Jushan was inwardly surprised at Mo Wuji’s background. Why did so many cultivators seem to have relations with him? Before knowing Mo Wuji’s exact background, he could only clasp his fists and greet him as well.

Mo Wuji did not know Chen Jushan, but he saw that Chen Jushan was one of the few that was bullying Murong Xiangyu. His heart was filled with disdain. Now that Chen Jushan had come forward to ask him, he did not even clasp his fist as he answered calmly, "Yong Ying Immortal Domain."

Chen Jushan did not seem to notice Mo Wuji’s indifference as he clapped his hands and smiled, "Just right. Immortal Friend Mo should have one of the Books of Luo."

[1] The Seven Articles are the seven reasons for a husband to rightly abandon a wife. They can be found here:

[2] The words in the brackets describe how those four adjectives are related to the old woman leaning against the wall drinking porridge. The other plays with words with similar p.r.o.nunciations, etc.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 527 - The Most Shameless Sect

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