Immortal Mortal Chapter 528 - You Can Scr*W Off

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Chapter 528 - You Can Scr*w Off

Hearing Chen Jushan’s words, Gua Yi quickly spoke up, "Immortal Friend Chen, didn’t you say that Yong Ying Immortal Domain’s share is mine…"

However, Chen Jushan interrupted Gua Yi unabashedly, "Oh, didn’t you say that each immortal domain would choose its strongest expert? Do you think you’re stronger than Immortal Friend Mo?"

The final sentence made Gua Yi’s expression change for the worse. He didn’t know who Mo Wuji was, but both Huan Xiuran and Chen Jushan were afraid of this guy, so how could he go up?

"What are those seven pages of Book of Luo?" Mo Wuji asked, seemingly confused. He had just arrived and only saw a large group of people attacking Murong Xiangyu. Even Gu Zijian, who was pursuing Murong Xiangyu, could only follow behind them. As for what Murong Xiangyu did to incite such wrath, he really was not aware.

Based on Mo Wuji’s understanding of Murong Xiangyu, this woman did not care about anything other than her cultivation dao. But with no interpersonal relations.h.i.+ps, she shouldn’t have offended that many people at once either.

Seeing that Mo Wuji did not know about the seven pages of Book of Luo, Chen Jushan grinned, but still felt indignant in his heart. At the same time, he understood why Mo Wuji was so calm. Just as he was about to explain everything, a rough voice suddenly roared out, "You’re Mo Wuji? The guy that found a natural sealed cave with my junior apprentice brother, Bai Chitian, then took everything for himself?"

Bai Chitian’s apprentice brother? Mo Wuji’s attention immediately fell on the person that was speaking. This guy was short with a square face, a muscular physique and held a large bronze hammer in his hand. Seeing the aura around him, one would know that this guy was not any weaker than Bai Chitian. Since Mo Wuji could kill Bai Chitian, he naturally did not give this guy much face, "Who are you? What nonsense are you spouting there?"

"I am Fu Bei, a disciple of the Vast Ocean Immortal School from Zero Heaven Immortal Domain. There has been no news of my apprentice brother, Bai Chitian, that natural seal was opened. Speak, did you do something to him?" Fu Bei spoke harshly, with a fierce look on his face.

"Am I the nanny of your Vast Ocean Immortal School? If you’re going to ask me about every piece of trash that you cannot find, what kind of benefits will your sect give me?" Mo Wuji’s response was filled with malice. Deep inside, he was even thinking to himself what a bad name this sect had.

Fu Bei took a step forward, landing not far away from Mo Wuji, before he began to speak while staring hard at Mo Wuji, "Whatever you took away much be quite impressive right? My senior brother, Bai Chitian, hates evil, and definitely can’t stand any of those who don’t have any self-awareness. Since you took everything for yourself, naturally he would look down on you. But you went a step further to follow my apprentice brother and him right?"

What nonsense? Mo Wuji was stunned, and replied, "You idiot. Since you could get wind of this, you would know that there was over a hundred other Immortal Friends around too right? There are over ten of those who went to the natural array among us now. No one had any issues with the things that I took away, so what business is it of yours whether I took everything for myself?"

Indeed, Bai Chitian was killed by him, but to ask him to admit it, it was impossible. Even if the Vast Ocean Immortal School knew that he did it, as long as he did not admit to anything, they could only act against him in the dark, and definitely could not deal with an elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance.

Although Mo Wuji did not confess, his gaze had swept across the tens of people that came to greet him. Obviously, the ones who recognised the Metal Elemental Bead was not only Bao Chitian and himself. It was just that the others knew that they had no chance to get it, so they did not step forward to say anything. However, it was apparent now that one of those cultivators had spread the news to Fu Bei, and that person was here too. Of course, perhaps this person did not recognise the Metal Elemental Bead, but only sensed a trace of its aura.

Something was brewing, thus no one dared to make a single sound. Huan Xiuran was much more fearful of Mo Wuji now. He knew how proud Bai Chitian was, to the point that he would not take any unfairness towards himself. When a natural seal was opened, with over a hundred people present, Mo Wuji could actually take everything for himself. How extraordinary could he be?

"Even if you have an exceptional background, my Vast Ocean Immortal School is not something you can step over so easily. Hand over apprentice brother Chitian’s things, and I can…"

"You can scr*w off…" Mo Wuji did not even wait for Fu Bei to complete his sentence, and with a wave of his hand, a long saber landed in it, while tens of saber radiances shot out.

Without saying a word, Mo Wuji had made the first move. Everyone in the surrounding crowd was shocked at the sudden attack, much less Fu Bei. All of the people here were not your ordinary joe, so those who could have attacked would have attacked already. The reason these guys dared to make a move against Murong Xiangyu was because the Supreme Dao Sect that she belonged to had already dissolved, and as the Yong Ying Immortal Domain was the lousiest out of the seven main immortal domains.

Only a handful of cultivators knew who Mo Wuji was, and would recognise that he really had the qualifications to action. As an elder of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with taking a few disrespectful disciples to the task.

Even though Fu Bei had his guard up against Mo Wuji, he was still fl.u.s.tered at the sight of the sudden swing of the saber. The moment that Mo Wuji swung his saber, Fu Bei could actually feel a sort of crus.h.i.+ng aura.

That’s right, it was really crus.h.i.+ng. He, Fu Bei, was a person in advanced Xuan Immortal Stage, and on top of that an eight star genius. Even if a nine star genius in the Great Circle of Xuan Immortal Stage, would not have such an effect on him. However, he could really feel such a crus.h.i.+ng aura coming from Mo Wuji.

I’m definitely not a match for this guy. This was the only thought that ran through Fu Bei’s mind. His domain wildly swept outwards, and his bronze hammer was swung out

But soon Fu Bei found out that his domain was nothing in front of Mo Wuji’s.

"Boom!" A ten-meter long saber radiance landed on Fu Bei’s bronze hammer and transmitted a strong wave of immortal elemental energy his way. He forcibly swallowed down a mouthful of fresh blood as he flew backward. Only did he land tens of meters away.

By then, Mo Wuji’s saber was already sheathed onto his back. He did not continue his pursuit of Fu Bei, but neither did he stop at that, surrounding Fu Bei with his spiritual will.

Everyone was shocked by the scene that unraveled before them. Fu Bei might not have been the strongest here, but he was at least one of the top 10. Such a strong nine star genius, but yet he was still blown away by a single strike.

Stunned, Fu Bei stood at his final position with a wound on his forehead, blood streaming out of it. However, he did not notice it at all, and was still staring at Mo Wuji with a shocked expression on his face. Up till this point, his hand had been s.h.i.+vering. If he did not cross swords with Mo Wuji, he would not have believed that a Xuan Immortal could be this strong.

Since he had clashed with Mo Wuji, he was sure that Mo Wuji was not a Golden Immortal, but only a mere Xuan Immortal. At the same time, he was about 80% sure that Bai Chitian died at the hands of Mo Wuji too.

Bai Chitian was from the same sect as him, so even if others did not know, he knew that the natural thing they would have done after being cheated by that much would be to follow Mo Wuji in the shadows. Since Mo Wuji was this strong, no one had to guess to know what happened to Bai Chitian. However, he did not know that Mo Wuji was just a Golden Immortal when Bai Chitian was hunting him down.

At this moment, not only Huan Xiuran, but Gu Zijian, Chen Jushan, Yi Ning, and the rest were shocked. The black clothed man, Lu Jia, frowned slightly too, discovering that he had underestimated Mo Wuji as well. That’s right when Mo Wuji killed Bai Chitian, he was the one that helped to erase all traces of it. Back then, he had searched around for half a day, but could not locate Mo Wuji.

"Immortal Friend Mo is indeed as strong as the rumors say…" Chen Jushan smiled as he regained his composure.

Yet, Mo Wuji did not bother with him at all, directly walking towards Fu Bai.

Fu Bei’s s.h.i.+vering stopped. If he was not worried about Mo Wuji chasing after him, or the large amounts of good things that he would leave behind, he would have escaped long ago.

Seeing that Mo Wuji was coming his way, Fu Bei subconsciously took a step back, shouting fiercely, "What else do you want?"

Everyone around them was disappointed. Not long ago, Fu Bei was still rather arrogant, looking for trouble with Mo Wuji, but in the end, he ended up in such a state after a single slash from Mo Wuji. What a big difference it was.

Mo Wuji stood before Fu Bei, calmly saying, "Speak, who told you about the natural seal?"

Before Fu Bei could reply, Mo Wuji drew out his saber and encircled Fu Bei in his whirlpool domain, and added on, "You can choose not to answer, but know that I can definitely kill you."

How could Mo Wuji not have known that Fu Bei guessed that he had killed Bai Chitian? But killing Bai Chitian was one thing, and killing Fu Bei in front of a crowd was another. He could really kill Fu Bei, but the prerequisite would be that they were alone.

It was precisely because Fu Bei knew that Mo Wuji had killed Bai Chitian, that made him believe in the statement presented to him.

Taking in a deep breath, Fu Bei’s gaze landed on the Xuan Immortal that had just greeted Mo Wuji, "It’s him, he told me that you took away something good."

"Get lost!" Mo Wuji retracted his domain, and gave the order to Fu Bei.

Looking at the immortal herbs, Fu Bei knew that Mo Wuji would not go after him until they were all harvested. Hence, he did not spout any more bullsh*t, leaving immediately in a flash.

The snitch saw Mo Wuji turn around to face him, and his face instantly turned pale while he kept backing away.

Surprisingly, Mo Wuji did not make any moves, instead sheathing his saber on his back once again, speaking to the cultivator coldly, "You can scr*w off too. Don’t let me see you ever again."

A sense of regret emerged in the cultivator’s heart. He had blabbered too much. Not only did he offend Mo Wuji, he probably lost his chance to refine pills for free. Luckily, Mo Wuji did not want to kill him, and at this point, he dared not stay a second longer, leaving swiftly into the distance.

"Immortal Friend Mo, I’ll continue my explanation of the seven pages of Book of Luo. The Book of Luo is one of the highest grade natural treasures of the immortal domain. Not only can this treasure suppress the destiny of a sect, it can also help to secure a cultivator’s destiny as well. For attack type magic treasures, even Grade 9 immortal equipment cannot do anything when facing the Book of Luo. Seven pages of Book of Luo have appeared, and all of them are on Murong Xiangyu. My intention is for the seven great immortal domains to each get one page each…" Chen Jushan did not care about Mo Wuji’s att.i.tude, and kept a big smile on his face.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 528 - You Can Scr*W Off

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