Immortal Mortal Chapter 569 - A Foreign Place

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Chapter 569 - A Foreign Place

After some time, Mo Wuji awoke. However, he was being enveloped by the power of the Book of Luo. Even his spiritual eye couldn’t penetrate outside, much less his spiritual will.As he felt the Book of Luo continuously travelling between worlds, Mo Wuji sighed inwardly. He closed his eyes and continued to try and recover his cultivation.Years pa.s.sed, but Mo Wuji was still unable to absorb a single hint of immortal spiritual energy. At the same time, he couldn’t use his spiritual will. Since he couldn’t use his spiritual will, it meant that he wasn’t able to open his storage ring and use his healing pills. Without pills and immortal spiritual energy to help him, his injuries were recovering at an extremely slow pace, making Mo Wuji feel rather helpless.However, Mo Wuji’s mood was not bad. Even though he knew that the Book of Luo was bringing him out of the Immortal World due to the void tear, he didn’t really mind. At least, he managed to accomplish his goal; when he fell into the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, he saw Cen Shuyin’s soul merging with her fleshly body.All this while, Cen Shuyin’s demise was the shackle which caused him to be unable to forgive himself. During that time, if he burned his life force, perhaps he might have been able to bring Cen Shuyin away. This was because he had the Wind Escape Technique. Even though it could not compare to Cen Shuyin’s Typhoon Formula at that time, it wasn’t lacking by much.However, when he was surrounded, he only thought about killing to his heart’s content. He never thought about igniting his life force to escape."Weng!" Waves of ear-splitting sound resounded loudly. Mo Wuji jolted; he knew that the Book of Luo was bringing him into another world at extreme speeds. Otherwise, he shouldn’t have felt anything from the Book of Luo. Mo Wuji was also very clear that it wasn’t because he hadn’t completely refined the Book of Luo. Fortunately, this was the Book of Luo. If it was some other treasure, it would already have shattered into pieces.This buzzing sounds lasted for more than a month. Mo Wuji, who lost his cultivation, was unable to bear it, and he eventually fainted.…By the time Mo Wuji woke up, he didn’t even know how much time had pa.s.sed. He struggled up and immediately felt that the power of the Book of Luo had disappeared.Mo Wuji concentrated for some time, but he was still unable to gather his spiritual will; he could only conjure a small strand of spiritual will which revolved around his body. Even the spiritual will in his spirit storage channel had been depleted. That strand of spiritual will was unable to allow him to open his storage ring.However, there was one thing that Mo Wuji could confirm: he had landed on a continent. He could only bite his fingers, dripping blood on the Book of Luo, and forcefully use his willpower to get the Book of Luo to revert to its original size.A blinding beam of sunlight came s.h.i.+ning down; Mo Wuji felt a great sensation of comfort throughout his body. At this point, he also realised that there wasn’t a hint of immortal spiritual energy in his surroundings. Not only wasn’t there immortal spiritual energy, there wasn’t even a strand of ordinary spiritual energy.Could he have been transported to an ordinary mortal world?Mo Wuji hurriedly kept the Book of Luo close to him, before he stood up and started to scan his surroundings. He seemed to be standing within a wheat field that had already been harvested; some loose wheat straws were scattered about, and there were a few tiny birds pecking on scattered bits of wheat seeds.Even though he knew that he was being taken away from the Immortal World, when he witnessed this scene in front of him, Mo Wuji’s heart still sunk. Not only did he get taken away from the Immortal World, the place that he was taken to was no where near to the cultivation world.Usually, such large scale wheat fields wouldn’t be found in the cultivation world and the Immortal World.Whether it was cultivators or immortals, they fuel themselves with energy from the Heaven and Earth. Except for social gatherings, they would rarely eat wheats and grains. Even during those gatherings, they would eat food or fruits which contained large amounts of spiritual energy.Mo Wuji then turned towards himself; his clothes were torn and tattered, his skin had been corroded by the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond; there were scars throughout his body. It was a startling sight. Even his face had a terrifying scar and a trail of dried-up blood. He looked like he was a zombie that just climb out from a grave.Even so, Mo Wuji still heaved a sigh of relief. The fact that he could preserve his fleshly body was entire because of that page of the Book of Luo. Murong Xiangyu gave two pages of the Book of Luo to him, which was equivalent to saving his life. Even though he knew why Murong Xiangyu gave them to him, he still felt grateful towards her.Since he was still unable to retrieve the clothes from his storage ring, Mo Wuji could only head towards the nearby river and wash himself.Even though he knew that there wasn’t any spiritual energy, Mo Wuji still sat down and tried to cultivate. However, the truth disappointed him; there truly wasn’t a bit of spiritual energy here. As he cultivated, Mo Wuji felt some other form of energy. However, he wasn’t able to discern exactly what that energy was.Mo Wuji stopped cultivating and carefully walked out of the wheat field. At the very least, he needed to find another person and ask that person about where he was.On a road not far away, a flashy sports car whizzed by. What left Mo Wuji shocked was that the sports car actually leaped over a slower car that was in front of it.Could he have returned to Earth? How many years had it been? Earth’s technology had already advanced to such a level?It couldn’t be so coincidental, right? He was just thinking about returning to Earth, and he really did?An old farmer, whose beard had already turned half white, walked over. Mo Wuji hurriedly went forward and bowed, "Senior, may I ask what place this is?"When the old man saw the staggering scars on Mo Wuji’s body, his heart started pounding. He then began to size Mo Wuji up. After some time, some random noises came out of his mouth. However, Mo Wuji was unable to understand exactly what this old farmer was saying.Mo Wuji’s heart sunk. Back on Earth, he was an esteemed academic; he was adept with many different languages. Because he would go to all sorts of remote places in search of rare herbs, he even knew of the different African dialects. However, he didn’t understand a single word that this old farmer was uttering.There was only one possibility: this place wasn’t Earth.The old farmer noticed that even after he spoke for a long time, Mo Wuji’s face still remained blank. He then pointed to a direction, and another random bits of ‘Gula’ noises came out of his mouth.Mo Wuji could only clasp his fists in grat.i.tude, then walked in the direction that the old farmer pointed to.Half a day pa.s.sed. The number of people Mo Wuji encountered gradually increased. Many of them were carrying mobile phones and there were many different kinds of cars. This led Mo Wuji to once again believe that he had returned back to Earth.However, the language which he didn’t understand a single bit of brought him back to reality.Mo Wuji’s appearance looked rather frightening. Not only did he have scars throughout his body, he was also wearing ancient looking robes. Wherever Mo Wuji walked, pa.s.sers-by would subconsciously avoid him.Mo Wuji did not mind. He began to have a rough understanding of the situation; this place seemed to have some sort of order. At least until now, he did not see any startling or sudden incidents.Now that he had landed in a place like this, Mo Wuji gradually formulated a plan. Firstly, he would need to learn the language here. Secondly, he would need to find out exactly where he was. Lastly, he needed to recover his powers.Only by doing this, would he have a chance of leaving this weird place. This place did not have any spiritual energy, so sticking around in the wilderness wasn’t going to recover his power. He could only follow these people to the city and gather more information.After walking for another 10 minutes, Mo Wuji found himself in front of a bus stop. Seeing the crowd board the bus, Mo Wuji climbed on too.Because he didn’t have a ticket, Mo Wuji intended to freeload. Thus, he didn’t occupy a seat, but went to the steps at the back and sat down.The quality and cla.s.s of this bus was much better than that on Earth. What left Mo Wuji surprised was that no ticket attendant came to him.Mo Wuji had scars throughout his body, but because of his honest appearance, no one avoided him this time. Of course, no one came to talk to him either.After waiting for approximately 10 minutes, the bus started to move.The moment the bus left the bus stop, a man with a simple moustache came to Mo Wuji and uttered some random gibberish.Mo Wuji saw the ticket presser in the man’s hands and immediately knew that this man was the ticket attendant.Mo Wuji felt rather helpless. He was already sitting on the steps but this ticket attendant still came to him. From the looks of it, this fella knew that he didn’t have the money to pay for the ticket.Mo Wuji apologetically spread open his palms. The meaning behind his actions were very obvious: he had no money.The ticket attendant clearly understood the meaning behind Mo Wuji’s actions. He instantly frowned and uttered some noises, then he pointed outside the bus.Mo Wuji knew that this ticket attendant was asking him to get out. At this instant, the bus had stopped and the door opened. Mo Wuji sighed, but he could only stand up. This person was bent on collecting his ticket fare, so what could he do? What didn’t the people here have sympathy? I already look like I’m in dire straits, and I’m not even sitting on the seats. You wouldn’t die if you didn’t collect one less fare from me.Even though he thought of this, Mo Wuji wasn’t a shameless person. He slowly stood up, picked up the dirty wooden stick that he found from the wheat field, and prepared to get off the bus.Even though it would take a longer time, he only needed to follow along this road and he would eventually get to the city.Just at this instant, a thin boy stood up. He blocked Mo Wuji. At the same time, he took out some wrinkled notes and pa.s.sed them to the ticket attendant, and said some words to the attendant.Even though there was a look of annoyance in the attendant’s eyes, since someone had came forward to buy Mo Wuji a ticket, he could only drop it.Mo Wuji also knew that this little boy had helped him purchase a ticket. He hurriedly clasped his fists and thanked the boy. The boy didn’t understand his words, but he knew that Mo Wuji was thanking him. The boy smiled and waved his hands, then pointed towards his seat.Mo Wuji, however, didn’t go to the seat; he continued to sit on the steps at the back.Seemingly noticing that Mo Wuji’s att.i.tude was not bad, the surrounding people began to size Mo Wuji up. It was just that Mo Wuji’s wretched appearance didn’t give them much to see.An hour later, the bus stopped at a bigger bus stop. At the entrance of this bus stop, Mo Wuji saw a busy street filled with people. He knew that he had truly came to a planet that was similar to Earth.This wasn’t a cultivation planet. Instead, it was a place with rather advanced technology.Even though he was a Xuan Immortal, Mo Wuji truly felt lonely here. This was a foreign city; he had no friends nor family here.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 569 - A Foreign Place

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