Immortal Mortal Chapter 583 - The Person Protecting The Planet

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Chapter 583 - The Person Protecting The Planet

Mo Wuji did not check Hong Guang's storage ring. Sensing the searing hot energy, he knew he was soon going to find a huge fire planet.

Compared to the fire planet (Mars) back when he was on Earth, which was only called that in name, this fire planet was a true planet of fire. It was covered in flames and it was incomparably huge. Even with Mo Wuji's power, he couldn't approach it easily.

From the looks of it, he had killed that Mi Hongguang too early. Even if he refined Planet Heavenly Crow, it wouldn't be enough to enter such a terrifyingly hot planet.

Even if he recovered his cultivation and developed himself in his Scholar's Heart, it would still be a little difficult for him to enter this planet. Unless he refined the Book of Luo and use its protection to enter this planet and obtain the Fire Elemental Bead.

Refining the Book of Luo and recovering his cultivation wasn't especially difficult for Mo Wuji. His main problem now was that the more he looked at the planet, the more peculiar he found it. He even felt a sense of familiarity.

Why this this fire planet evoke a sense of familiarity? There was only one answer: the Sun.

He had lived on Earth for countless years. The reason why Earth could sustain life could partly be attributed to the Sun.

Mo Wuji's heart sank. It wouldn't be such a coincidence right? It would ready be a huge coincidence if he landed in the Milky Way. It would be a coincidence within a coincidence if he encountered the Sun. One must know that there are many are stars like the Sun in the Milky Way, it was simply too many to count.

If it was really the Sun, then he would only be one to two hundred billion meters away from Earth. This sort of distance was an insurmountable distance to ordinary people. But to Mo Wuji and his Grade 7 flying treasure, it wasn't considered far.

In other words, if this was really the Sun, it would mean that he could return back to Earth.

However, Mo Wuji wasn't very happy. It wasn't because this was the Sun and he couldn't remove the Fire Elemental Bead. But because if this was really the Sun, then things would be bad.

If Hong Guang could discover this planet, it means that others could to. He could ignore it, but that didn't mean that others would. Even a cultivator like Hong Guang was willing to sacrifice billions of lives on Planet Heavenly Crow just to get near this planet. If there were cultivators similar to him, why would they care that this Sun was sustaining life on Earth and leave it be?

Just when Mo Wuji was thinking of how he could protect this Sun, a figure flashed towards him. Mo Wuji's hand extended and his saber appeared in his palm.

With the help of his vitality channel, his injuries had already recovered. If not because he was worried about the pressures from the Law of the Heaven and Earth, he would have recovered his cultivation to the Xuan Immortal Stage a long time ago.

Now that he met another cultivator, Mo Wuji remained fearless. If he was unable to beat this cultivator, he would at least be able to escape.

"Did this dao friend come because of Morning Flame Star?" A man approached Mo Wuji on a flying s.h.i.+p. He clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji.

Mo Wuji had experienced many things in the Immortal World. The moment this man appeared, Mo Wuji could tell that the other party's cultivation should be at the Golden Immortal Stage. This cultivator’s elemental energy should already be completely converted to immortal elemental energy, which was why his cultivation had been suppressed to the late Heavenly Immortal Stage.

When it came to combat power, this person was much stronger than Mi Hongguang, who hadn't converted to immortal elemental energy. However, in front of Mo Wuji, he was still nothing much.

"Morning Flame Star?" Mo Wuji kept his saber and looked at this man in confusion. This really wasn't the Sun? He soon came to an understanding that even if it was the Sun, different people might have different ways of calling it.

The man clasped his fists and said in a sincere tone, "That's right. This planet is called Morning Flame Star. A few hundred billion meters from here, there's Planet Green which has hundreds of billions of human lives, and that's because of this Morning Flame Star. I also know this planet has a Fire Elemental Bead, but that bead really cannot be taken away. The moment it gets removed, Morning Flame Star will gradually wither. At the same time, Planet Green will fall into darkness and life will cease to exist."

"Planet Green?" Mo Wuji muttered to himself. This really isn't the Sun?

Seeing Mo Wuji's silence, this man continued, "I was from Planet Green, my name is Min Zhi, and I have been here for over two thousand years."

"Could it be that you're staying here to protect Morning Flame Star?" Mo Wuji cried in exclamation.

Min Zhi nodded, "Yes. Recently, there have been people eyeing Morning Flame Star. As a cultivator from Planet Green, I definitely cannot allow people to destroy Morning Flame Star."

"Is that Planet Green a cultivation planet?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

Min Zhi shook his head, "No, Planet Green is an ordinary mortal planet. The reason why I could become a Golden Immortal was due to an opportunity I obtained by fate, which set me on the path to cultivation. Because I'm the only cultivator in Planet Green, I'm the only one who can protect Morning Flame Star."

Min Zhi’s voice was sincere and filled with resolution.

When Mo Wuji heard all this, he was filled with respect. Whether it was the cultivation world or the Immortal World, people like Min Zhi were simply too rare. Even Lin Gu's willingness to sacrifice herself was because she wanted to save her mother. A person who was willing to dedicate himself to protecting his planet was a completely different concept.

Moreover, the people of Planet Green might not know of his self-sacrifice; he's the silent light s.h.i.+ning over all of them.

At the same time, Mo Wuji also guessed that he was wrong; this star was similar but it wasn't the Sun. However, its function was roughly the same as the Sun.

"Dao Friend Min Zhi, I am called Mo Wuji. I wonder whether dao friend has a spatial map that you can show me. I seem to be lost," Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said in an extremely courteous manner.

Seemingly not noticing Mo Wuji's astonishment, Min Zhi handed a positioning ball to Mo Wuji and said, "Dao Friend Mo, I created this myself. It's a little crude."

Mo Wuji hurriedly expressed his thanks and accepted the positioning ball. After seeing the positioning ball, he was sure that he was wrong. This wasn't the Sun. Around this Morning Flame Star, there were 36 other planets. This definitely wasn't the Solar System.

What left Mo Wuji pleasantly surprised was that this spatial positioning ball also had the positions of nearby systems. Clearly, this Min Zhi had been put some effort into this.

"Dao Friend Min Zhi, fan you sell this positioning ball to me? I'm exactly lacking this kind of positioning ball," Mo Wuji asked, feeling rather awkward.

He was lost in s.p.a.ce. With this positioning ball, at least he wouldn't be wondering around this galaxy aimlessly.

Min Zhi could feel that Mo Wuji wasn't a person who coveted the Fire Elemental Bead, so he promptly replied, "A mete positioning ball means nothing. Dao Friend Mo, feel free to take it."

Mo Wuji still retrieved a storage ring and handed it to Min Zhi, "Dao Friend Min, there's some cultivation resources that I managed to obtain. I'm giving them to you."

Min Zhi had always thought that Mo Wuji's cultivation was not comparable to his, probably at the Earthly Immortal Stage at the most. The reason why he was so courteous to Mo Wuji was because of his humble character. He had never felt that he wouldn't be able to beat Mo Wuji. The cultivation resources that Mo Wuji gave him were basically useless. He didn't even take a look inside the ring as he returned it to Mo Wuji, "Many thanks Dao Friend Mo, but I really don't need this."

Mo Wuji could tell what was on Min Zhi's mind. He laughed, "Perhaps it might be of use to you. Since we're all friends, now that I took your item, it's normal for me to give you something in return."

If it was purely to befriend him, Mo Wuji wouldn't have given Min Zhi so many things. He was moved by Min Zhi's spirit. At this instant, he even wanted to go back to the Sun and see if anyone was protecting it. Unfortunately, he didn't have the ability to go back.

"Then, alright…" Min Zhi could feel Mo Wuji's sincerity, so he accepted the ring. He also casually sent his spiritual will inside.

When he saw the huge pile of immortal crystals and immortal pills, his hand started trembling. He almost dropped the jade vase in his hands.

Immediately, he returned the ring back to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo, this is truly too much. I can't accept this."

A thin layer of cold sweat seeped out the back of his neck. The reason why he had been so calm previously was because he knew that his power was vastly more than Mo Wuji’s and that he could defend against Mo Wuji if need be. But when he saw the things that Mo Wuji gave him, he knew that he was wrong.

His power wasn't vastly more than Mo Wuji's, but Mo Wuji's power was vastly more than his.

The reason why he had cold sweat wasn't because he was worried that Mo Wuji could have killed him, but because Mo Wuji was handing these stuff over in exchange for the Fire Elemental Bead.

Mo Wuji pa.s.sed the storage ring back to Min Zhi and said, "Dao Friend Min, we're all friends here. These things are just a little token of my appreciation. There's no need to talk about how Morning Flame Star is being protected by you. It is the life star of Planet Green, so even if you weren't here, I, Mo Wuji, wouldn't touch it."

Min Zhi took a deep breath and bowed deeply towards Mo Wuji, "Many thanks for Brother Mo's magnanimity. I always thought that my ability was enough to defend Morning Flame Star, but today when Brother Mo arrived, I came to know that my ability is far from enough."

Previously, Min Zhi's thoughts were really true. It was entire out of coincidence that Mo Wuji was able to come to this place. Usually, the cultivators in the region were people from the cultivation world. There were extremely few immortals from the Immortal World.

As a Golden Immortal, he had no need to few any cultivators from the cultivation world. Moreover, the temperature of Morning Flame Star was too high; average cultivators wouldn't even be able to approach it. He stayed here to stop people who intend to use malicious methods to extinguish Morning Flame Star.

Mo Wujj waved his hand and said, "It's also due to coincidence that I came here. Don't mind me speaking too much, but Brother Min Zhi, when you have good intentions, there would occasionally be powerful experts entering this s.p.a.ce. If there are experts that are roughly the same cultivation as me, then I'm afraid you might not be able to defend it."

Min Zhi sighed, "I know that too. It's just that this Fire Elemental Bead was formed naturally. You know it too, when a fire type planet gives birth to a Fire Elemental Bead, the two will merge completely. If no one covets it, Morning Flame Star having a Fire Elemental Bead would be a great thing for Planet Green. Unfortunately, it seems like it is now a calamity."

Mo Wuji sighed as well, he really couldn't help with this kind of thing. Moreover, he was sure that eventually, Morning Flame Star would be destroyed and the Fire Elemental Bead robbed. He could only say, "Min Zhi, I don't know what I can advise you. But if anything happens, you can find my store. I opened a pill house in Sharphorn Immortal Ruins called Tian Ji Pill Court… Eh, that's not right…"

Immortal Mortal Chapter 583 - The Person Protecting The Planet

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