Immortal Mortal Chapter 584 - Dao Friend Please Stop

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Chapter 584 - Dao Friend Please Stop

"Brother Mo, what's not right?" Min Zhi looked at Mo Wuji, confused.

Mo Wuji pointed towards the distant Morning Flame Star and said, "Dao Friend Min, you just said that the Fire Elemental Bead formed not long ago. That means it wasn't there from the start?"

When Min Zhi heard this, he said with certainty, "Yes, that Fire Elemental Bead formed not more than 5,000 years ago. Is anything the matter?"

Mo Wuji answered, "Of course. The Fire Elemental Bead is formed from the pure fire essence when the Heavens and Earths open. It's something which can only form after countless ages. How could it form on a few thousand years?"

After knowing that his Undying World required the five Elemental Beads, Mo Wuji began researching on their formation. Before doing research, he really wouldn't know it. But after specially learning about the five Elemental Beads, he came to know about the extreme difficulty in their formation. Moreover, it could only be formed with primordial elemental essence; it definitely wouldn't form in a few thousand years.

Min Zhi was able to cultivate to such a level on an ordinary mortal planet, so he naturally wasn't a fool. The moment Mo Wuji said those words, he immediately came to an understanding. He said in shock, "Brother Mo, you're saying that nearby…"

Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right. There should be a source of primordial fire elemental energy nearby. That fire elemental energy was originally going to condense a Fire Elemental Bead, but with Morning Flame Star in the proximity, the Fire Elemental Bead condensed fully by itself."

Mo Wuji's words were very clear: near this Morning Flame Star, there was a Heaven and Earth opening. The Xiantian fire merged with the Morning Flame Star, forming the Fire Elemental Bead. Wouldn't that mean that there might be leftover energy?

However, according to logic, there shouldn't be much remnants.

"Dao Friend Min, you've been here for many years. You've even know of the condensation of the Fire Elemental Bead. Do you know of any other peculiarities in this area?" Mo Wuji asked urgently. Min Zhi had stayed in the region for thousands of years; Min Zhi's understanding towards this s.p.a.ce would definitely be more than his.

Hearing Mo Wuji’s words, Min Zhi immediately thought of something and he said, "Brother Mo, there's really a matter. Before the Fire Elemental Bead appeared, I researched on the Morning Flame Star System. In Morning Flame Star System, there were originally 37 planets. But all of a sudden, one of the planets exploded and moved away, leaving behind 36 planets. During that time, I didn't care too much about it. After all, 36 corresponded with the number of Heavenly Generals. [1] If what Brother Mo says is true, then it might really be that planet."

"Then Dao Friend Min, can you tell me what happened to that exploded planet?" Mo Wuji asked anxiously.

"Brother Mo, you're going to chase after that planet? It has already been gone for several thousands of years…" Min Zhi exclaimed in shock; Mo Wuji's words were slightly absurd.

What was cultivation? Besides innate talent, one required opportunity.

The so called opportunity, to many people, is the bit of chance to obtain some cultivation resources. In the cultivation world, if cultivators met the opportunity to get treasures, they called it fate.

To a cultivator, the greatness of their fate would possibly affect their future accomplishments.

Mo Wuji came from Earth. He was a greater believer of hard work. Some times, his opportunities of great fate was a result of his hard work. Through hard work, he created that opportunity. If one didn't work hard, then he would never have the opportunity.

Just like that planet that exploded and moved away, an average person would give up all hope after hearing that it was gone for thousands of years. Mo Wuji, however, still wanted to take a look. Even though there were cultivators in s.p.a.ce, they were in small amounts. Perhaps after these thousands of years, the remnants of that planet might not have been discovered. Perhaps he might be the one to get it?

Mo Wuji laughed, "Dao Friend Min, I'm already lost in s.p.a.ce with no clue on how I can return to the Immortal World. While I'm searching for a way back, I don't have anything much to do. So I might as well try my luck."

Min Zhi immediately bowed to Mo Wuji and said, "Brother Mo is principled and farsighted. You will always be my, Min Zhi's, role model. Brother Mo, please take out that positioning ball, I will point the position to Brother Mo."

These words of Min Zhi were truly out of respect. From Mo Wuji's words, he knew that Mo Wuji was extremely persistent in his pursuit for cultivation and opportunities. He could also tell that the Fire Elemental Bead was very important to Mo Wuji. Even so, Mo Wuji still had his principles which he adhered to.

He was willing to go search for a destroyed planet that had already moved off thousands of years ago, for a primordial fire essence which might not exist, instead of directly taking the one right at Morning Flame Star. This was even after he knew clearly that another expert might destroy Morning Flame Star for it anyway.

Moreover, Min Zhi could also feel Mo Wuji's respect for him, and Mo Wuji was not a single bit petty, giving him, a stranger, so many precious things.

Only such a person was worth responding. Why did he, Min Zhi, stay to protect Morning Flame Star for? It's because Morning Flame Star is the light for Planet Green; it's the star that sustains life on Planet Green. As a person from Planet Green, it was natural for him to protect Morning Flame Star.

However, Mo Wuji had completely no relations to Planet Green, but he still wasn't willing to lay his hands on Morning Flame Star. That's because of Mo Wuji's principles.

Min Zhi had also met with some cultivators from the Immortal World. He knew that to those cultivators, there was no need to talk about hundred billion mortals, even if it was ten times that amount, they still wouldn't place the planet in their regard because of the Fire Elemental Bead.

Mo Wuji immediately retrieved the positioning ball that Min Zhi gave him.

The positions on the positioning ball were very clear. On it, there was the position of Morning Flame Star, as well as the 36 planets. That included Planet Green.

Min Zhi's spiritual will quickly entered into the positioning ball and he soon pointed to an empty patch of s.p.a.ce and said, "This is where the planet exploded and this is the path that the planet took according to its trajectory after the explosion. This planet should already be out of the Morning Flame Star System."

As he spoke, Min Zhi had already drawn the rough direction taken by the planet on the positioning ball.

Mo Wuji kept the positioning ball, then clasped his fists towards Min Zhi and said, "Many thanks Dao Friend Min for your help. In the future, if you have the chance to go to the Immortal World, remember to find me if you need any help. I will take my leave now, we will meet again in the future."

When Mo Wuji finished speaking, he brought out his flying shuttle and he soon disappeared into the empty s.p.a.ce.

Looking at the direction that Mo Wuji disappeared in, Min Zhi muttered to himself, "Truly a peculiar person. If I do have a chance to go to the Immortal World again, I must definitely pay a visit to Brother Mo."

Mo Wuji's flying shuttle moved extremely quickly. In less than half a half, he exited Morning Flame Star System and entered a completely new s.p.a.ce.

His time in s.p.a.ce was indefinite, so Mo Wuji naturally wouldn't spend all his time rus.h.i.+ng. According to the direction that the planet remnants moved in, he installed an array which allowed his flying shuttle to move by itself. He, himself, focused on his recovery.

He wanted to know whether recovering his cultivation would incite the pressure from the Heaven and Earth. The moment he felt the great pressure, he would immediately restrain his cultivation. If not for the pressure of the Heaven and Earth, it would definitely be a good thing to recover his cultivation.

In just a few days, Mo Wuji managed to recover his cultivation back to the Xuan Immortal Stage.

What left Mo Wuji pleasantly surprised was that after he recovered his cultivation, he still didn't feel any sort of pressure.

There was only two possibilities why this happened. One, this place was on the same level as the Immortal World and his power wouldn't even need to be suppressed. Two, because of his meridian cultivation method, he wouldn't even feel any sort of Heaven and Earth pressure.

If it was really the latter, then it was simply a startling piece of news.

Mo Wuji allowed the flying shuttle to continue flying as he entered his Undying World.

Every since he was brought away from the spatial tear at the bottom of the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond, this was Mo Wuji's first time in his Undying World.

"Dao Friend, please spare my life." The moment Mo Wuji entered, Zhu Cai’s soul cried out.

Mo Wuji removed his Scholar's Heart and began to size up this discarnate soul.

To be honest, a soul was able to condense itself to such a degree was amazing; even Mo Wuji was impressed with this soul's ability.

"You wanted to devour my dao companion, and you even got me to this place. If not because of my methods, I would already have been screwed by you. It's impossible for me to spare you. I'm contemplating on whether I should use my fire to slowly burn you to ash, or use a soul refining method to bring you to eternal death," Mo Wuji's tone was not kind as he said this.

In reality, Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't do that. He hated troublesome things. To kill this soul, he only needed a ball of flame to solve the problem. Why would he go through so much trouble. The reason why he said that was because he knew this old thing definitely had some secrets.

A soul without secrets definitely wouldn't get so strong.

"I can pa.s.s you a soul forging art. I am able to leave to this day because of that soul forging art," Zhu Cai said hurriedly.

"Inscribe it for me to see…" Mo Wuji threw an empty jade letter to Zhu Cai. One look at Zhu Cai and he knew that there was nothing on that soul.

Zhu Cai did not have a bit of hesitation as he immediately inscribed on that jade letter.

After Mo Wuji saw the jade letter, his heart was shaking in shock. It is truly a huge world, and there are definitely countless geniuses. To be able to think of this soul forging technique, this person must definitely be a genius. He was also a genius, otherwise, he wouldn't have created the meridian cultivation method. However, he was still shocked still by this soul tempering method. It was definitely a priceless treasure.

Zhu Cai clearly believed that this method was enough for him to escape with his life. Because he had only inscribed the introduction of the soul forging art. There were no further descriptions.

From the looks of it, Zhu Cai was very self confident. He was sure that Mo Wuji would be tempted with he revealed this soul tempering technique.

If it was an average person, they could indeed be tempted. Because this was definitely a supreme soul tempering technique. The moment one was successful with it, then he would never die.

Unfortunately, he met Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji directly kept the jade letter and he didn't even ask anything about the exact details at the back. He only said indifferently, "On account of this jade letter, I will not slowly burn you to death. You can die peacefully."

Seeing Mo Wuji lift his hand, Zhu Cai cried out shrilly, "Dao friend, please stop."

[1] The 36 Heavenly Generals are the deities that vanquish demons from Chinese myth.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 584 - Dao Friend Please Stop

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