Immortal Mortal Chapter 607 - Zhuo Pingan

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Chapter 607 - Zhuo Pingan

"What is it?" Mo Wuji was slightly anxious as he stood up and asked.

Han Long answered, "The Moon Seeking Mountain of the Devil Moon Immortal School was razed by someone. I’ve heard that when the Devil Moon Immortal School tried to stop it, they even lost a few Immortal Reverent and a Quasi Emperor."

"Who was it?" Mo Wuji questioned immediately because there was a fire raging wildly in his heart. If he wanted to know the whereabouts of Cen Shuyin, he should first find out about Lin Gu. Mo Wuji was aware that Lin Gu was from the Moon Seeking Mountain of the Devil Moon Immortal School and if Cen Shuyin was really saved, she would definitely be brought back to the Moon Seeking Mountain by Lin Gu. If the Moon Seeking Mountain was razed, there was a high chance that Cen Shuyin would be implicated.

"It was Grand Emperor Lun Cai. Grand Emperor Lun Cai often had mood swings and because he believed that it was the Devil Moon Immortal School’s Moon Seeking Palace who helped you get your slot to enter the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond which eventually led to your death. My guess was that he was not strong enough to exterminate the Devil Moon Immortal School, otherwise, it wouldn’t be spared as well," Han Long answered promptly.

It was indeed this b*stard with the odd temper. He didn’t even know this b*stard Lun Cai yet Lun Cai was so angry that he would think that razing the Moon Seeking Mountain was logical and a natural thing for him to do.

There was a sharp killing intent in Mo Wuji’s heart and after staying silent for a while, Mo Wuji said, " It wasn’t because Lun Cai was unable to exterminate the Devil Moon Immortal School but probably because he managed to strike some deal with the Devil Moon Immortal School. Moreover, the Devil Moon Immortal School was so afraid of Lun Cai so they allowed him to do whatever he want to the Moon Seeking Mountain. If this was true, there wouldn’t be any purpose or meaning for the existence of this sect anymore."

In Mo Wuji’s eyes, if a sect would allow others to kill any of their disciples freely just to protect their self interest, this sect would be exterminated sooner or later. What was the point of having a sect without any souls? This was also the very reason why Mo Wuji admired the origins of the Tian Ji Sect. It was simply because the Tian Ji Sect would never sacrifice its disciples to preserve the sect.

At this moment, the communication bead of Han Long lit up.

Han Long shouted out, "Pill Master Mo, someone is asking around about you."

Mo Wuji nodded because now that he had no backers, it was only natural that someone would covet for the Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit. In fact, even if he still had his backers, there would still be people who would be interested in him and his possessions.

"So when will we be heading to the Great Desolate Sea Domain?" Han Long asked enthusiastically.

The truth was that Mo Wuji was actually not that worried because these experts who got the news would not appear straightaway in the Cape of Peace.

Just as he was about to check the items in Wan Ping’s storage ring, he suddenly thought of something. His face turned pale before saying, "Let’s go, we will leave now. To the Great Desolate Sea Domain, hurry."

The hurried tone revealed Mo Wuji’s anxiety and impatience.

Han Long was hoping that Mo Wuji would leave now because Mo Wuji was considered to be her only hope. Even if she had the Draining Immortal King Dao Fruit, she wouldn’t be able to invite a Pill Emperor to concoct the Draining Immortal King Pill for her. Now that she had found an insanely talented Mo Wuji in terms of his knowledge on pill dao, how could she miss her chance?

Mo Wuji was very decisive as he simply bade goodbye to Gai Guangyi and co. before heading straight out of the Cape of Peace with Han Long towards the Great Desolate Sea Domain in the shortest possible time.

At almost the same instance Mo Wuji and Han Long left, several experts in the ranks of the Great Circle of the Grand Luo Stage arrived at the Peace Hotel. The moment these few people entered the lobby on the level 1 of the hotel, they started shouting, "Which room does Mo Wuji live in?"

"Get Mo Wuji down to leave with me," A gentle voice was heard from behind these shouting men.

Following the gentle voice was a pale face scholar as his skin was as white as a white paper which made the veins on his skin visible. His eyes were half opened as if he had yet to wake up completely from his nap. The most impressionable part of him was his pair of hands as they were long and clean.

"Senior Zhuo…" When these shouting Grand Luo Immortals turned and saw this pale face scholar, they started stammering as one of their legs even started to s.h.i.+ver.

This scholar appeared to have not seen these few Grand Luo Immortals as he maintained his composure and looked politely at the front desk clerk of the Peace Hotel.

The clerk bowed nervously as his tone was trembling slightly, "Sen, senior… Mo Wuji had left for the Great Desolate Sea Domain not too long ago. He said he will be back very soon…"

The pale skin scholar furrowed his brows before saying, "Then you let him know when he is back. Get him to find me straightaway."

"Yes, yes, junior knows what to do…" The clerk lowered his head throughout the entire conversation.

"Senior…" A round human ball came tumbling down from the second level with a terrified tone. The speed at which he descended from the second level was slightly comical.

However, n.o.body dared to laugh at this human ball because as the owner of the Peace Hotel, how could he not be nervous upon the arrival of the number one figure in the Cape of Peace.

The scholar merely nodded his head before walking out of the hotel emotionlessly.

When he observed that the scholar was far away, the round, obese man wiped his cold sweat and heaved a sigh of relief.

Once he entered the Great Desolate Sea Domain, Mo Wuji could smell the smell of fish. This was not the normal fish smell but a type of fishy blood energy.

The sea water underneath him was all red and Mo Wuji suspected if he was standing on a piece of b.l.o.o.d.y sea.

"Pill Master Mo, your flying shuttle should be a Grade 7 immortal equipment right?" Han Long exclaimed while standing on it.

If they were to use her flying treasure, they would probably need at least a year. However, with Mo Wuji’s flying shuttle, they would only require two months to reach their destination.

"Yes, even though I am no longer a member of the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance, I would still owe the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance Nong Yong a favour," Mo Wuji said appreciatively.

Nong Yong had given him this flying shuttle which had saved his life many times so Mo Wuji would definitely find opportunities to repay him someday.

"Pill Master Mo, what did you recall previously? Why did you rush us out so suddenly?" Han Long was curious because Mo Wuji was previously not in a hurry but when he seemed to have thought of something, he suddenly insisted that they left as soon as possible. This made her extremely confused.

Mo Wuji clasped his fist and said, "Many thanks to Dao Friend Han because if you didn’t inform me that Zhuo Pingan would be needing a new Pill Emperor after settling down, I would have been taken away by Zhuo Pingan right now."

Mo Wuji thought about this and let out a body of cold sweat. He had always neglected his own worth and that he was a Honoured Grade Tier 5 Pill King. It wouldn’t be too difficult for a Honoured Grade Tier 5 Pill King to advance to become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor. The reason Han Long looked for him was also because she was certain that he could become a Tier 7 Pill Emperor.

If Zhuo Pingan was able to sustain the Cape of Peace single handedly and even act like an overlord here who even some Immortal Emperors dare not act against, how could he be a simple man? He wouldn’t be able to attain what he had attained throughout the years if he didn’t remember how useful Mo Wuji would be to him. Even Han Long was able to tell that Mo Wuji could become a Pill Emperor in the future so why would Zhuo Pingan not be able to do so?

There was nothing much for Zhuo Pingan to do because all he needed to do was to capture Mo Wuji, throw him some Tier 7 immortal herbs to practice and after he became a Tier 7 Pill Emperor, he would have him refine equipments.

This was also why Mo Wuji had to thank Han Long because if Han Long had not told him about how Zhuo Pingan needed a Pill Emperor to concoct vitality pills, he would have no idea even when he was captured by Zhuo Pingan.

Han Long also understood Mo Wuji’s words and became slightly worried. If Mo Wuji was captured, her only hope would be dashed. Fortunately, Mo Wuji reacted fast.

"Dao Friend Han, could you take the helm for me. I would like to make use of this time to a.n.a.lyse the concoction of Tier 7 immortal pills," After Mo Wuji knew that Zhuo Pingan wanted a Pill Emperor, he knew that this was his only lifeline. If he had no other ways, he would sit down for a chat with Zhuo Pingan.

Since Mo Wuji wanted to advance into a Tier 7 Pill Emperor, Han Long would naturally not question or delay his progress as she instantly took over the helms. She had travelled through this path once or twice so she knew how to avoid demonic beasts along the way.

After returning to the cabin of the flying shuttle, Mo Wuji took out Wan Ping’s storage ring. Mo Wuji managed to remove the seals on the ring in no time.

Wan Ping’s storage ring really didn’t disappoint because there were over 5 millions high grade immortal crystals in it. Besides this, there was also a huge piles of immortal herbs and materials for forging equipments. As for the rest of the a.s.sorted pills and items, none of them caught Mo Wuji’s eyes.

What caught Mo Wuji’s eyes was a Seven Flowers Fire Heartstone lying within Wan Ping’s storage ring. This was an absolutely priceless treasure which could evolve a flame into a Grade 7 Immortal Flame.

At the thought of flames, Mo Wuji thought of the Scholar’s Heart in his Undying World.

Mo Wuji casually took out a few array flags and sent it straight to his Scholar’s Heart.

The Scholar’s Heart was like a sleeping lotus as it was quietly suspended at the side of his Undying World. There was not much changes to red crystal that fell on the Scholar’s Heart.

Mo Wuji walked over and as he stretched out his hand, the Scholar’s Heart landed on his hand. Mo Wuji could feel the terrifying temperature within the Scholar’s Heart and he could a feeling that if he were to use this Scholar’s Heart to fight against an Immortal Emperor, even the Immortal Emperor would be scrambling for his life.

At the centre of the Scholar’s Heart, seven crystal clear buds appeared.

Could this already be a Grade 7 immortal flame? Mo Wuji was shocked. He quickly picked up the red crystal and noticed that there were still no changes to it.

Mo Wuji took in a breath of cold air because he couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. To allow his Scholar’s Heart to become a Grade 7 Immortal flame without exhausting any part of its physical body, what heaven defying could this red crystal be?

Mo Wuji’s spiritual will seeped into the Scholar’s heart and he soon found out what was happening. The Scholar’s Heart advanced at an unbelievable pace and it needed to absorb the Law of Heaven and Earth from the outside as well as the spiritual energy to be able to continue advancing. Otherwise, this Scholar Heart would not only be advancing into a Grade 7 Immortal flame but of an even higher grade.

He cautiously kept this unused red crystal as Mo Wuji was certain that this would not be any less valuable than a Xiantian treasure. Once he settled things here, he would find ways to find out more about this crystal.

Since his Scholar’s Heart had already advanced into a Grade 7 immortal flame, there was no longer any use for the Seven Flowers Fire Heartstone he got from Wan Ping’s storage ring.

Immortal Mortal Chapter 607 - Zhuo Pingan

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